Would You Like To Meet Hardwell? #DareToMeetHardwell

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With only 1 week to go until Hardwell touches down on South African shores for the very first time… We have the opportunity for one of our readers in JHB and one of our readers in Cape Town to stand the chance of meeting Hardwell in their respective cities!

We’re giving you guys the lucky chance, of a live time… The competition will be a play on his latest song: Dare You. What we  are going to do is  “dare” you & the rest of SA to meet Hardwell… ONLY if you think you got what it takes?


We DARE YOU to show us why you deserve to meet Hardwell. The 1 HARDWELL fan will come face-to-face with the World’s #1DJ #IWantToMeetHardwell

Comment below and let us know why you deserve to meet Hardwell, including the hashtags below. Make sure you tweet and Facebook your answer as well so that we can see that you are the biggest Hardwell fan.

If you think you are worthy of meeting Hardwell, here is the tags and handles you need to use:

The winner of this competition really needs to show us that he/she is worthy and has to be a real Hardwell fan. We need to see that you would do what ever it takes to see him live and in the flesh!

NB: Entries are only valid to IAmHardwell SA Tour ticket holders. 

Winners will be announced on the 4th of December! Go on… Show us you’re the biggest Hardwell fan out there! 


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  1. Mishenka says:

    This would be an amazing opportunity to be in the presence of such a huge icon in the EDM scene.

    A group of my friends (& I) gave up the opportunity to party up a storm in Plett as we recently finished high school! We decided this as soon as we heard Hardwell was Cape Town bound! #IAmHardwellTourSA

    Hardwell’s producing & dj’ing skills make him an extreamly talented individual & his passion encourages me to pursue my dreams. I always say that it isn’t what I have (material wise – albums/merchandise) from the man, but rather what I have learnt from his work. I am an avid supporter of anyone who has drive to achieve their dreams and Hardwell is one of those people. There’s literally not a day that goes by without me informing my friends on Hardwell’s music or tour activities (yeah I might be a tiny bit obsessed). It would be an honour meeting the great Hardwell! I can provide you with details of people who can emphasise my obsession with him & his work ;) I listen to his podcasts, download his sets & watch his shenanigans on Youtube and that’s just scratching the surface!

    I really can’t think of a better way than to meet one’s idol at the end of my schooling career – my life would be complete. For future reference, I don’t think my wedding would top this day <3
    Another thank you to #Electric for bringing life back to my life with the #IAmHardwellTourSA! #ElectricFamily

    Thank you for your time :)

  2. Michelle says:

    WHY i want to win and deserve to meet @hardwell, well first i will always support him in everything he does, he is my insperation and it would only make me the most lucky and appreciative girl in the world to meet my insperation, the first time i heard he is coming to SA i could not believe it, i almost died. I actualy can’t even explain how much i want to meet hardwell, even just for a minute i would literally like sell my suster just to meet him. #DareToMeetHardwell #IAmHardwellTourSA #ElectricFamily

  3. Nusrah Ismail says:

    I #DareToMeetHardwell because I believe I’m one of his biggest fans! I’ve been following his radio show since episode 75, listening to his live gigs and podcasts every chance I get! All I ever wanted was for him to grace the mother city and share his gift with us.To thank him in person for all the incredible music he has brought to the #ElectricFamily and music lovers around the globe. I can’t explain how ecstatic i’ll be if I get to meet @Hardwell at #IAmHardwellSATour with him being #1dj in the WORLD!!!!

  4. Nusrah Ismail says:

    I dare to kiss his feet, if he allows me to, if I do meet this iconic dj, if not I’ll ask him to sign his name on my forehead and not wash it off for an entire month!!!!

  5. Bhavin Daya says:

    I once met a ‘spaceman’ at h2o who told me, ‘show me love, call me a spaceman’. His dream was to go to space to be a space ‘jumper’ in his ‘apollo fifteen’ spaceship, which had ‘three triangles’ painted on the side. I asked him what do the triangles mean; he ‘revealed’ it was an artwork he came up with while at home in the area ‘zero 76′, breda, netherlands. He wanted to take his pet ‘cobra’ with to share the experience. He promised to return, as he ‘encoded’ his spaceship to avoid an ‘asteroid’ and ‘never say goodbye’ to ‘the world’ he called home. He then told me, i ‘dare you’ to live your dream. His ‘count down’ then began. His last words were, ‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’ (this is where Hardwell walks onto the stage come saturday 7 december 2013)


  6. Jayde Pillay says:

    So its pretty obvious that everyone wants to meet Hardwell. But I just can’t seem to explain to you in words how much i want to meet this man so… I decided to make a video instead seeing that writing ‘essays’ have become pretty mainstream in these comments and I wanted to be original. A lot of time, effort and creative thinking went into making this so i hope that you enjoy it. So check me out yo, ‘i dare you’ ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM4K-8DuviM #IWantToMeetHardwell #IAmHardwellTourSA #DareToMeetHardwell

  7. Mishenka says:


    My attempt at trying to win you over. Hardwell has been life changing to say the least & I hope my video shows a little piece of my enthusiasm. It’s an amazing occurrence that the tour is heading our way but meeting him would be next level shit!
    Thank you :)

  8. Kreg says:

    Well done to both our winners:

    Mishenka (CT)
    Bhavin Daya (JHB)

    Please check your emails ASAP!

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