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Win VIP tickets to the Style Lounge at L’Ormarin’s Queens Plate & a R60 000 voucher (if you’re really lucky) with Skyy Vodka


Qenns Plate 2010.  Photo by Michael Walker

The event that everyone who considers themselves to be fancy needs to be at to kick off 2014, has to be the L’Ormarin’s Queen Plate, which is taking place on the 11th of January at the Kenilworth Race course. The celebration of the 152nd annual royal Queens Plate horserace is going to be yet another gathering of South Africa’s elite, garbed only in Blue & White under the African sun and is by far one of our favourite events of the year – especially because of the extra care put in by purveyors of high quality vodka and good times, SKYY Vodka with their Style Lounge, which has become a fixture synonymous with the event.

The Queens Plate has distinguished itself as a prestigious occasion celebrating elegant art, fashion and sophisticated culinary offerings, which is why the SKYY Vodka Style Lounge is such a good fit for the event. In preparation for next year’s Queens Plate horserace taking place in early January in Kenilworth, SKYY Vodka is offering the public a chance of winning an exclusive VIP Skyy Vodka Experience worth R 60, 000 to anyone who becomes the member of the SKYY Vodka Owner’s Circle, a digital portal to a virtual horserace. All you have to do is create a profile on the, enter the virtual 5 000m horserace and the more you tweet, using unique #hashtags, the more you stand a chance of winning one of the two Skyy Vodka Experiences on offer.

skyy vodka

The site is live until the 5th of January and you’ll be playing for an exclusive once in a lifetime SKYY Vodka Queens Plate Experience for you and 3 friends. All you have to do is join the SKYY Vodka Owner Circle which launched earlier today.  The SKYY Vodka Owner Circle is a 2000m virtual horserace where each Tweet gets you 400m closer to the finish line and a chance to win this amazing experience.

How to enter:

  1. Set up your profile on the SKYY Vodka Owner Circle site here
  2. Keep an eye on the SKYY Vodka social networks
  3. Tweet using the daily unique #hastag to gain a 400m distance for your virtual horse


The SKKY Vodka Queens Plate Experience is valued at R 60,000.00 and gives you and 3 friends exclusive experience to the year’s most prestigious occasion.

  1. Return Flights + Accommodation
  2. Sundowners and Dinner at the Grand Beach & Table Service at Coco Nightclub (Friday)
  3. Limo Ride to Queens Plate plus access to STUD Club & Style Lounge (Saturday)
  4. SPA Day at the hotel (Sunday)

Competition runs from the 20th December – 5th January

SKYY Vodka competition image

Competition Time:

But that’s not all… SKYY Vodka has been kind enough to make sure you, the MyCityByNight Alumni are sorted for the event (before even getting your horse going and standing a chance at nailing the big experience in the SKYY Vodka Owner’s Circle). We’re giving away 2 VIP double tickets to the Style Lounge at the Queen’s Plate. If you’re keen to win simply leave us a comment below, letting us know your favourite way to drink SKYY Vodka (neat, with cranberry etc) – Winners will be announced on Monday the 6th of January 2014.

Keep up to date with the latest SKYY Vodka news and drinks recipes at



Twitter: @skyyvodkasa


  1. SKYY Vodka with passion fruit and red bull #yummy #delicious

  2. SKYY VOKDA with a splash of Snapple’s Kiwi Strawberry <3 ! Garnish with a slice of either!

  3. Simple – Passion Fruit x Lemonade x Sky Vodka . As with Queen’s Plate it’s all about the beauty that comes with simplicity same applies with the cocktail!

  4. Anything with berry’s and ice would be berry flippen nice.

  5. My favourite way to drink Sky vodka is in a tall glass with grapefruit juice and lots of ice!! Although sky vodka with any drink is delicious, this is my best way to cool off in the summer sun or get the night started!! Would be perfect for a day at the Queen’s Plate!!

  6. I prefer to drink my SKYY Vodka straight up as is generally done in Russia (I received this info from a reliable source ;-))

  7. Skyy Vodka, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, champagne and an umbrella ;-)

  8. Oooh SKYY Vodka & Appletiser #yumdelish :D

  9. Skyy in a tall glass with ice, lime cordial and sodawater

  10. Well! Cocktails are meant to be fun, so let’s crush ice, & add strawberry smoothie, garnish with Pineapple or a Lime

  11. Rasberry infused Skyy Vodka with strawberries and lemonade or redbull! Preferred choice of vodka is Skyy without a doubt and enjoying it at Queens Plate would only bring more happiness and memories to Skyy fans whoop!

  12. SKYY vodka with a splash of lime and lemonade over ice, ice-cold, summer perfection!

  13. With Red Bull!

  14. SKYY Vodka & with Red Bull! :)

  15. SKYY vodka with ice.

  16. SKYY vodka mixed with lemonade and a dash of freshly squeezed limes. Fresh and subLIMEly delicious. What more could a girl ask for

  17. I prefer fruity mixer and make my own simplified sex on the beach cocktail: SKYY Vodka, Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice. Served with ice in a tall glass

  18. The only way to the Skyy is to have yourself a double Skyy Vodka mixed with a Redbull Blue & Creamsoda on crushed ice! If you don’t believe me , try one and you will be converted!

  19. SKYY VODKA & red bull… :) having some now #delish

  20. Sky Vodka with lemonade and a dash of passion fruit. The ultimate TRIFECTA!

  21. My favourite way to drink Skyy Vodka is on a rooftop deck looking out over the Mother City at dusk, wearing a sexy summer dress & enjoying good company..


  23. SKYY Vodka & power play :) tastes gorgeous lol

  24. SKYY Vodka infusions #cherry ;) lol with soda water loads of crushed ice *licking lips*

  25. Lazing on the beach with a Pineapple-Mint SKY Vodka Cocktail and my beautiful new fiancé.

  26. I love my SKYY vodka drank best among the elite in the SKYY vodka owners circle at the 151st LO’marines Queens Plate, ofcourse on ice and Cranberry juice

  27. SKYY Vodka, with cranberry, crushed ice and a splash of lime. Perfection #yesplease

  28. Skyy Vodka with Ginger Ale or sometimes with Red Bull #LQP2014

  29. Skyy Vodka with Lipton raspberry ice tea with a lemon slice tastes devine #LQP2014

  30. Skyy Vodka with Raspberry Lipton ice tea with a slice of lemon/lime tastess devine #LQP2014

  31. S is for SOCIAL
    K is for KIND of drink to share with friends
    Y is for YUMMY with every mixer
    V is for VICTORIOUS their can only be one
    O is for OUTRAGEOUS good times are to be had
    D is for DELICIOUS to drink
    K is for KEEN for a good time
    A is for pure AWESOME

  32. Definitely straight with an ice block or two. Quality deserves to be appreciated

  33. It would have to be SKY vodka with freshly juiced apple and mint….!

  34. The winners of the comp are: Brown Sugar & Busi Mabeqa – you’ll be receiving a mail with further details shortly :) See you peeps there (please come say hi to us, we’d love to meet you)!

  35. SKYY vodka must only be sipped neat off the cuff as it smooth taste is perfect enough as it is. If you looking for a twist add some crushed ice and a dash of fresh lime juice.

  36. SKYY vodka and SKYY vodka, why pollute perfection?

  37. Damn! I can drink SKYY Vodka with anything! But with Redbull it is the best!

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