Win VIP tickets to 49M Rocking The Daisies with Savanna & MCBN [COMP]

The time for carefree fun and abandon is upon us- 49M Rocking the Daisies is almost here. Unfortunately, it’s also the start of October meaning all of your debit orders have come off your bank account and you’re not exactly feeling like the richest soul. No worries- that’s where this little competition from Savanna and us here at MyCityByNight comes in.

Savanna is always good for a chuckle and this year they’re making sure that everyone at 49M Rocking The Daisies stays in a fantastic mood by enlisting a solid group of comics and entertainers as part of the Savanna Lemon Tree Theatre. You can look forward to names like Rob van Vuuren, Angel Campy, Dylan Skews, Martin Evans and Siv Ngesi to name a few. Check out the full line-up here.It’s the perfect spot to get your party started or help you recover from the night before.

Okay- so that’s laughter checked off the list… hmm- now if only we could get you there for free. Wait a second- we’ve got 2 double VIP tickets to giveaway that would make it possible for you to catch all these awesome acts along with everything else that Rocking The Daisies brings. And while we’re at it we may as well throw in access to Savanna’s VIP camp area and some drink vouchers to keep you refreshed.

Keen? Well just drop @mycitybynight a tweet that reads like this:

Hey @MyCityByNight Please can I have 2 tickets to #RTD2012 with @savannacider because I want to be at the Savanna Lemon Tree Theatre

Winners will be chosen at random (using a random number generator) and announced on Thursday at 10am! Just as an extra note: You get access to the Savanna VIP camp area but need to bring your own camping gear. Go Go Go!

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  1. KelzAmber says:

    I have entered every comp for tickets. These would literally make my year. I may do naked flick flacks down long street for these tickets. PLEASE!

  2. Candice Lee Thompson says:

    Ok lets see if this baby works, I gotta have the luck today to get my hands on these awesome tickets :)

  3. Eldavinn says:

    Rocking the Daisies is a music festival!? I thought it was about a flower with insomnia. ;)

  4. Sarah says:

    this would mean the world to me if won these

  5. Johan du Toit says:

    I’m going I’m going!!

  6. Andrea says:

    Tweeted!!! hoping I win! crossing fingers toes, arms, legs…bring on VIP tickets to Daisy’s Please!!

  7. Ryan says:

    This is my last hope:-)

  8. Nolene Brown says:

    whew! Hopefully made it in time, oh please please please let this be the one! I cant take the heartache of not having tickets anymore :.(

  9. lexi says:

    All my luck has run out… I need it back! PLEASE may I have the tickets???? *tweet* *tweet*

  10. Kat says:


  11. I am crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, ears, my best friend’s fingers, her eyes, her ears – and trying to figure out how to hold a Savanna at the same time. That’s how real this situation is. Let’s go go go to Daisies in Darling. :)

  12. Dean says:

    I want to ROCK the Savanna Lemon Tree theatre,not just ‘be’ there!!

  13. aries Lotter says:

    just been to earthdance (1st festival) and its addictive, all my mates are going to rocking the daisies, wouldve gone if it had not been for aids conference, but now they moved it, and now i will be all alone while my mates rocks at rocking the daisies, PLEASE help a sista out to go play between the daisies

  14. Michelle Sequeira says:

    Awesome Competition :D! Holding thumbs!

  15. Bianca Moksha says:

    I’ve entered. Wish me luck :)

  16. Bev Coles says:


  17. Chris says:

    Entered and Really hoping to win these tickets as I have never experience RTD and cannot miss it! Thanks guys!

  18. Jet Black says:

    Ok, fingers crossed and let’s see what happens!

  19. werner says:

    Fingers crossed, hopefully my luck improves soon!

    Would really appreciate these tickets, please can I have them!!

  20. Sibani Mnguni says:

    i’m currently writing exams (HELL WEEK: 1-5 October)
    and ALL i can think about is having that cold crisp brut Savannah, one after the other… causing a cold-chain reaction for my china’s and their china’s- at RTD’12
    and i wanna be a part of that :D so so badly!

  21. werner says:

    Hopefully I win :-)

  22. kylie says:

    Last chance to win. Eeeek hope i win this time :)

  23. Francesca says:

    A Daisy walks into a bar……BANG….

    she then asks for a savanna…the man gives her a drink and daisy downs it…she hears a track from Bloc Party and starts to rock her chair, saying “theres no place like home, theres no place like home,”

    the barman, a tad embarrased asks the daisy “why are you doing that?”

    daisy replies: “I’m trying to use the savanna super powers to get me home”

    the barman asks: “where’s home?”

    daisy replies: “the Cloof Wine Estate…but I only have until this track is ended to get there, otherwise I will be EATING GLASS off this disgusting floor.

    The barman replies: “let me help you, heres a savanna on the house”

    Daisy downs it like a boss, rocks on her chair, saying: “theres no place like home, theres no place like home”

    As Daisy rocks and rocks she vanishes….and finds herself not staring at a rugged man handing her a drink but a really cool dude handing her a rocking the daisies ticket at the gate of her home- Cloof wine estate.

    the barman: shit…I want to go too.

    The barman downs his drink… he does it a few times, but shame he just passes out.

    PLEASE guys I WANT to be DAISY …NOT the rugged barman.

    REALLY want to experience #RTD2012

  24. Latrobian says:

    I created a twitter account to get in on this.

    Come on lady luck, mamma needs a new pair of dusty shoes

  25. Nix says:

    Seriously, I subscribed to twitter this morning. Just to stand a chance to win these tickets.
    Now its just a matter of figuring out how the heck to post a tweet! This could take a while! SHOCK
    Please just give me the RTD 2013 tickets… Shucks

  26. Nix says:

    Only I would realize now I’m a year too late 4 these tickets. SHOCK!

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