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Win Tickets To The Village!


The time is upon us once again to embark on a journey into the unknown… The Village is proud to re-introduce The Gathering. After the overwhelming success of our 5 year birthday celebration and the conclusion of yet another great outdoor season in the Cape, our aim is to re-unite all walks of like-minded beings to celebrate a collective consciousness and come together as one to delve deeper into the depths of The Land of Wondering Dreams. We have assembled a vast array of talented musical maestro’s to tease and tantalize your senses as we transport you to and from yet another ground breaking production by The Village.



GANEISHA (Portugal)

TICKETS: R180 @ presold outlets
R200 @ the gate


GREEN ELEPHANT BACKPACKERS // 57 Milton Rd Observatory // 021 4486359
CALL-A-PIZZA // Sea Point (after 5pm only) // 021 434 0818
GYPSY // 147 Dorp St, Stellenbosch // 021 886 7157
SPORTS UNLIMITED // Somerset Mall – Somerset West // 021 8511477
SKINT // Longbeach Mall // 021 785 7777
GYPSY // Cnr Wellington & Chenoworth, Durbanville // 021 9762604

ALL INFO EMAIL // (general info & stall bookings):
HOTLINE // 0728075232

On a more serious note…The Village has undertaken to donate R5 per ticket sold for the event to the Raasbekkies Crèche – (endorsed by The Pebbles Project) located in the small farming community as you enter the venue. For a long time now, the children of this area have been in dire need of a school, in order to promote education and a decent guide to their younger years we have undertaken to assist as much as humanly possible. It is through your loyal support that we are asking not for financial donations but trade donations. If anyone who is attending has any old school equipment or stationary, structural (i.e. desks, chairs, carpentry, plumbing, building skills etc) children’s books or anything you think might be of use to the crèche then please feel free to bring it along with you. Any assistance in the matter would be greatly appreciated.


Shaded Dance Floor
Chill Areas
Medical Assistance
Fully Licensed Bar
Clean Toilets
Food, Craft & Clothing stalls

Camping equipment (tent & padlock)
Swimming stuff
Closed shoes
Insect repellent
Shade covering
Sun glasses/hat

STRICTLY NO: Glass bottles – decant your drinks into plastic bottles before you come in, Under 18′s ID on request, Fires, Fireworks, Weapons, Domestic Animals, Independent sound systems, Graffiti, Bad Attitudes, Illegal substances, Don’t Drink and Drive…

The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even to negligence by the organizers of any kind. Entry is entirely at your own risk. Right of admission reserved!!!


We have been given some tickets to give away. Here is how it is going to work.

Simply comment below & stand a chance to win tickets.

First place: 2 tickets
Second place: 1 ticket

Winners announced on the 10th of October.

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  1. T0 be able t0 spend the money 0n some vodka t0 get my feet stomping instead of paying for the ticket would blow my trance titties away :D:D:D I get the hibbidy jibbidies thinking of the music flowing thru my veins :D

  2. Firrrssstttt!!!!!!! Let me be the village idiot ;)

  3. I have never missed a village until this year when i was away for their 5 year birthday party…. im telling you i cried i was sooooo bummed! village is so true to the scene… i am honored to announce that i will be there with or without free tickets to fully wish village a merry born day for the one i missed!


  4. Cannot wait for this, one of my favourite parties of the year,
    Woop Woop!! And summers on its way :)

  5. Most amaaaaaaazing frequencies! Yes PLEASE!!!!

  6. the village is by far one of the best parties the seasons has to offer and i would love more than anything to be stopming my heart on the dancefloor to that sexyass lineup.villages never fail to amaze me!

  7. 4 reasons why I should win a ticket to The Village:

    1. Its my birthday weekend.
    2. I’ve been away for 3 months and haven’t partied since last season.
    3. The Village is the downright dirtiest party which needs the downright dirtiest girl (me).
    4. I big up MyCityByNight!!

    Make me a happy girl! Pick me :)

  8. The Village is always my favourite party. Great venue, great people , great music (AMAZING LINE-UP). I am going abroad in December and am missing the next village therefore THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE. Great website, visit My City By Night all the time.

    You know me, you love me… I’m the girl with the happiest smile and hardest stomp. You want me there. It won’t be the same without me.

    Please please????
    (PS also struggling waitress with no funds to come to this party if this fails :(…

  9. I need to go back to the village and go crazy :D

  10. Hey MBCN,
    It’s the last trance party before exams start so I WILL definately be there!!
    Keep up the good work!
    -P xx

  11. I am the Village Virgin! After not so much deliberation and good advice from a seasoned party go-er, i have chosen this great party to be my first trance party. Would be more than epic to get the free tickets!

  12. please let me win the tickets. come on man, its my birthday month.

  13. I love you’s

    Yours sincerely

  14. Its about that time of the year when we get to go home to the villiage :-). Amped

  15. this is sure to be an amazing adventure into the land of epicness!
    for years i have strived for the goal of going to my 1st outdoor gathering of greatness, i believe that the time is near for me to experience, for the first time, what an outdoor trance gathering is all about!
    i shall embrace the dancefloor with all i am and make the adventure worth taking!
    hope to see you all there!

  16. So like, really keen to come! Just got home from Earthdance 2011… Can Village beat that awesome vibe that Earthdance had this weekend?
    Send some free tickies and I’ll definitely go see for myself :)
    Peace <3

  17. The village is so dope, introduced me to so many new things. It always inspires me and i love it.

  18. Wooosah!!! Tick Tock Tick Tock. Lets Paaarty! ;)

  19. Sweet baby jesus, I’d love me a ticket to Village.
    s’il vous plait
    per favore
    пожалуйста (russian, had to google search this one)
    and finally

    Please :)

  20. the villiage is sure to be an amazing experience that i wish to be attending, i have to be gone for a year and sad to say that i shall missing out on some of the most epic nights of the year for the last half of the trance season, but sending me off with the villiage would make that night even more memorable.
    i shall absorb the entire experience transforming my sense to new hights

  21. Gna be stomping hard with mah free ticket because of this lineup!
    So amped! <3

    P.S Jesus would get a free ticket.

  22. I’ve never been to The Village before…it’s said to be one of the best real-time Trance parties in line with Vortex and Groovy Troopers…

    I’d be extatic if I were to win some tickets and attend this awesome event with some friends!!!

  23. Die Village pappa beer!! my voete is sommer al klaar seer!!

  24. Such a descent line up :) gonna give it horns and more :D

  25. This is the one party that I vow on the holy bible of doof NOT to miss… I’ve created a life times worth of memories at the Village parties and am more than amped to create a life time more!!! I’ll take photies of the party for you guys to oggle over afterwards, and provide you dehydrated souls with plenty of much needed smiles. MyCityByNight, asseblief? Make my year :) Its the one party that all of my friends gather at and have a merry old time once a year :)

  26. The Village will become my ‘village’ for the weekend. I will be in my element. I can not wait… The excitement, yes :) <3 xx

  27. Also…i am broke and have no job…my father beats me and my mom molests me…if you were to give me those tickets i would be very gratefulll. thank you mycitybynight….i know you will do the right thing.

  28. Keen for village, first party of the season! Let’s start it off with a bang ;)

  29. Pleeeease choose me! Its my birthday weekend, and it will be my first village experience. I’ve been saving myself for this one! Those tickets would be amazeballs. Just saying ;)

  30. Village was the first party I had ever been to, and it was such an experience that i have been to every village since (2 years), but after the recent semester, many subjects failed and allowance cuts, i cannot afford it this one. please let me carry on with the tradition!! :)

  31. On the cheerful village green,
    Skirted round with houses small,
    All the boys and girls are seen,
    Playing there with hoop and ball.

    Now they frolic hand in hand,
    Making many a merry chain;
    Then they form a warlike band,
    Marching o’er the level plain.

    Now ascends the worsted ball,
    High it rises in the air,
    Or against the cottage wall,
    Up and down it bounces there.

    Then the hoop, with even pace,
    Runs before the merry throngs;
    Joy is seen in every face,
    Joy is heard in cheerful songs.

    Rich array, and mansions proud,
    Gilded toys, and costly fare,
    Would not make the little crowd
    Half so happy as they are.

    Then, contented with my state,
    Where true pleasure may be seen,
    Let me envy not the great,
    On a cheerful village green.

  32. Over the weekend of the village its my 21st…… I thought of planning a big party but how can I do better than an event such as village….. Crazy music beautiful people and great place…. Will definitly be one to remember( sorry parents u have to give this one a miss ;)

  33. Dude would love to win these tickets its my bithday a few days before and my mates on the 16th of october so please and the fact that it is my first time going to the village i would appreciate it so much please please please i really wanna go i will even stick a giant sign on my car saying im going to village :)

  34. Village is my ultimate outdoor by far its just how the environment and the surroundings come together and make the Village like an actual village just filled with glow stick and beats and stomping feet…One not to miss on my trance calendar


  35. One ticket to rule them all, one ticket to find them,
    One ticket to bring them all and in the village bind them……give me my precious…. :)
    Cause I’ve got a golden ticket
    I’ve got a golden chance to make my way
    And with a golden ticket, it’s a golden day……why not throw in a bit of charlie and the chocolate factory….seems applicable!!!

  36. I haven’t had the chance to go to a trance party this season, and its killing me!! I HAVE to go to the village! Its been the only trance party i always go to and I can stop now!

  37. can’t not can!!! sorry!

  38. This would be the best anniversary gift ever. My husband loves all the village parties and for me to surprise him with these tickets would be so great. We will be the ones who never leave the dancefloor just stomping away all night long and the line-up is just awesome. Thank you for giving me the chance to enter for such a great party. Enjoy your day everyone!!!

  39. Village again, would be stoked to have the opportunity to take my mate there for his 21st and show him how to trance away!! Either way, gonna be there to have the best break from varsity

  40. I want to get messy with the villagers…. hehe…

  41. Village was my first outdoor party – it’s what pulled me into the psy-scene and I’ve been addicted ever since. Im always the most excited for this party – and im HOPING I can be there and that Plusminus brings us into Sunday like they did at Sprung, because that was just… fucking amazing!

  42. I havent missed a single village event since my first one in oct`09!
    I cant let the trend stop now. We bring the geeeeeeeees :D

  43. OMW OMW OMW GANEISHA!!!!!!! Cant wait to stomp the grass out until only the raw earth is beneath me :)

  44. the village!!!! i have NEVER been to the village before! and have never won anything from my city by night but i am always entering!! i really want to go to the village.. all my friends say that is amazing so now i reeeeally want to go!! i want to be in the Land if The Wondering Dreams!! and i want MCBN to take me there… i want to feel the ground beneath my bare stomping feet and hear nothing but the amazing bats of the village! please MCBN give it horns and give me these 2 tickets so me and my boy friend can be together in the Land of the Wandering Dreams..

  45. i need this ticket to enter the world of dream, to run free in the fields, dance in the daisies, to sway with the wind and stomp in the mud

  46. Yo mycitybynight, please let it be myvillagebynight.


    PLEASE :)

  47. Missed the first village of the year! :( Very keen for this one but having to put time into the books now and less into the graft so a free ticket would be so MOOOOOI! Also it would be the last party till after exams! another :( for that!


  48. The winners of the tickets are:

    1st place: Tam
    2nd place: Steve

    See you on the trance floor.

    Check your emails!

  49. In my village, we’re those filled with hope, kindness and caring
    Anyone can join us, no matter what they’re wearing.

    We’d all gather together with like-minded aim –
    To party, free spirits, one and the same;
    And embark on a journey of the utmost unknown,
    To find our place in that inner-peace zone.

    We’re so happy and know it
    And really want you to show it -
    So join us this weekend and stomp your feet
    To a million crazy electronic-trance beats

    Forget all your cares and aims in life,
    Come party with this lot and forget your strife.
    Come join us, our village, we’re happy and true
    And we want to make friends with the whole lot of you!

  50. village is my life i havent missed one villge my hole trance career. i am trying to raise money 4 th next one doesnt look very postive. but with out a doubt il be ther:) to keen

  51. My bestie is leaving Cape Town for Johannesburg soon but before she goes I want to open her up to what Village and this beautiful city has to provide!! Village is more than a festival for me it is a connection to this worlds beauties and love and I want to share that with her!! Please give me the opportunity to take her to her first village and open her up to the magic that this festival has to provide so that she can leave this place knowing what it means to be truly happy, free, to know what it means to have music flow through your body, and how to get down and dirty with the earth :)

  52. Cant afford it & dont wanna miss my fav boi Deep filth’s Bday simple as that

  53. Kk Pele would MOST DEF be the Mayor of My Village!

    He is the one person who completely lives trance and what trance stands for!!

    He showed me and proved to me that.. Trance isn’t just about the beat, it’s about the movement of the beat, the sound, the life behind the music you are listening to. Its about the clear blue sky above you, its about the feet stompin to the sounds around you. Its about the colours that encapture the movement.

    Listen to it the wrong way and you’ll miss everything….

    Please let me come stomp to the beat at THE Village 2011, at THE GATHERING alongside Kk ♥

  54. Did you guys choose yet cause im a day late :/ know what will be awesome? Me! going to the Village 2011 THE GATHERING <3 ^_^ everyone enjoy your time at the Village hopefully ill be able to afford it eek! PEACE!

    Marty Party

  55. If i win these tickets i’ll:

    - bake cookies for the mycitybynight crew
    - let you taste my delicious HURRYCANE concoction of cane and melon game
    - give you my gopro footage and pics
    - so many high hives
    - so many hugs when the sun goes down
    - charming smiles
    - puppy dog eyes
    - winks
    - BIG kisses
    - booty bash mid-stomp
    - more smiles
    - laugh at your jokes
    - be soooo happy
    - wear revealing clothing
    - and grant you 3 wishes

  56. I have never been,sad face, would love to go!!

  57. Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder, how bloody amazing The Village is going to be this year.

  58. I would love to win, i dont seem to have the luck of the draw with these types of things hopefully you will change that ;) i need to be at village it is by far the best venue for any trance party in cape town. And the lineup is insane!!!!

  59. ok ive got like no cash after sprung + earthdance and i just can not simply miss The Village ! its my favourite one hands down and it happens to be after my varsity final exam (what better way to celebrate!) I really want this to happen but i need this ticket please! I cant miss this lineup


  60. A free ticket may actually change my life. going to be the best weekend in history.

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