Cape Town, Competitions, Events — June 12, 2012 at 12:43

WIN Tickets to the FHM Top 100 at Trinity


Does this sound good to you?

Click the picture and enlarge it to get ALL the information you need on this HOT FHM Top 100 Event at Trinity.

IF YOU WANT TO WIN TICKETS (We have 2 VIP tickets to give away), ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:

Tell us your favourite Monday Mooiness in the MyCityByNight archives (click here for a hint or two)

Winners announced on the 14th!



  1. Yolanda Nieman

  2. Tamsyn Maker + Gabriella Demetriades and its my birthday on the 14th ,make it an extra special one MCBN

  3. Without a doubt: Ashleigh Frost.


  4. Monday Mooiness| Yolanda Nieman

  5. Lucy Collett is my first choice which was a tough one concidering all the other contestants…

  6. KATE UPTON Most definitely! YOMAAY! Mycitybynight hook a brother uuuup!

  7. Well done to Kish. You have won yourself two VIP tickets tonight.

    Your name will be on the guestlist +1


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