Win Tickets To Organik ~ Love Project ~ 2013!

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Make this your LAST party of the season
Buy the ticket, take the ride! Next stop – Utopia…


● Vertical Mode (HOMmega – Israel)

● Xerox (HOMmega – Israel)

● Headroom
● Dave Mac
● Plusminus
● Bruce
● Gandalf
● PsyGuy
● Tune Raider
● Silo
● Static Flow
● Sterealkey
● Streisand Brothers
● Stereotype
● Skarab


Utopia – a beautiful space with trees, dams and green, green grass. 100km from Cape Town and 60km from Somerset West. Venue open from 11am Saturday 11th May 2013.


- Take N2 out of Cape Town
- Go over Sir Lowries Pass
- Stay on N2
- Turn left onto R406 Greyton / Grenadendal turnoff (just before Caledon)
- Drive slowly
- Venue entrance on right

- Google maps:

- Turn off Co-ordinates: 34° 9’53.82″S 19°25’29.77″E


Tree Shaded Dance Floor
Forest Shaded Camping Spaces
Swimming Dams
Food, Craft & Clothing stalls


R220 presold
R250 at the gate


Belle Tent Village
Groovy, spacious and waterproof tents for hire. Sleeps 2 or 4. Contact Philippe on 076 880 3806 to make a booking.


Playing it forward
We are supporting The Overberg Development & Empowerment Centre in Caledon. There are 5000 Caledon school children in desperate need of warm clothes & blankets for this winter. Please bring any spare blankets and clothing you may have. There will be a collection box at the gate.



● Big Bay | Postnet – 021 554 2755
● Canal Walk | Wild Fire Piercing – 021 552 8929
● Cape Town CBD | Global Girl, Gardens Center – 021 461 1756
● Cape Town CBD | SKA Clothing, Long Street – 021 426 5025
● Cavendish Link | SKA Clothing – 021 671 1367
● Durbanville | Zebra Trade Routes – 021 976 2604
● Hermanus | Funky Vibes – 028 312 1446
● Hout Bay | Creperie & Coffee Shop – 021 – 790 8132
● Kalk Bay| SKA Clothing- 021 – 788 7437
● Observatory | SKA Clothing – 021 447 6014
● Sea Point | Call-a-Pizza – 021 434 0818 * Additional booking fee
● Somerset West | Old Skool Tattoos, Main Road – 071 345 5096
● Stellenbosch | Gypsy – 021 886 7157
● Tableview | SKA Clothing, Bayside center – 021 557 2468

♥ WEB ♥

No Glass bottles (decant your drinks into plastic bottles). No under 18′s (ID on request). No Fires. No Fireworks. No Weapons. No Domestic Animals. No Independent sound systems. No Graffiti. No Bad Attitudes. No Illegal substances. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even to negligence of any kind by the promoters, venue and contractors. Due care has been taken to make this event safe and secure. All rights reserved. Right of admission reserved! Do not drink and drive.

 Competition time:

We got two tickets for you. So two single winners will each get a chance to stomp the season away one final time. Here’s what you need to do:

                     1. Like the Organik Facebook page -

2. Join Facebook Event -

3. Leave a comment below with your full name and tell us who or what you love?

4. Bonus points for following them on Twitter -

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  1. Nusrah Ismail says:

    I love people & music :), would it be a crime to say I love My City By Nights’s blog as well? I love the outdoors as well, what best to do in the outdoors than stomp to a psy party?

  2. Annie says:

    All I’ve been thinking about for the past few weeks is this party. I just want to be there and be on that dancefloor, take everything in and feel every beat of the music. That must be love. To be out there in nature, and being around all those amazing people who feel like family, is such an exhilirating feeling. Where there’s no egos, no bullshit, just passion. I can’t believe the outdoor season is almost over and I’d do anything to go to this party. Winning a ticket would be amazing. PLUR <3 xx

  3. Sarah Pearman-White says:

    I love that my life in Cape Town is now complete since I was introduced to Trance, my love for the Psy has become the ultimate experience one could have. Being my first season I would love to finish it off with Love Prodject, nothing would be more perfect and make me happy than stomp with the best Dj’s/Djanes and beautiful people I meet. <3 Please help me spread the Love I have. :)

  4. Brett Eloff says:

    The vibe.
    The music.
    The people.
    The atmosphere.
    All the things that make up a perfect outdoor experience.
    It’s what I love, and its all I ask for.
    That to me, is Love Project.

  5. Tarryn O'Brien says:

    I have heard so much hype about Organik from my mates and am so keen to go! I literally feel my heart raise and tap foot when the name is mentioned, as this line up is RIDICULOUS! I’d love to win tickets to Organik as it will be my ONLY chance to go, as times are rough with tins of tuna keeping me going. And if I miss out Dave Mac, Gandalf and PsyGuy, I think I might actually crawl into a hole with my tuna! PLEASE My City By Night, make my dreams come true!!! I was to stop my foot too much and they haven’t had a good stomping in quite some time!

  6. Shelley says:

    Dave Mac

  7. Ilanie Brits says:

    I started stomping a little over a year ago. What a journey it’s been! The psy scene changed everything i am and everything i believe in. My birthday is on the 8th of May and Love Project is my official celebration and also my last party of the season. I’m bringing ALL the troopers with me for a lekkuh birthday stomp :D You would make my birthday so special if you give me this ticket!!

    For me, love is that psy butterfly kicking in before a party, the chills of excitement running up and down your spine when you first walk onto a dancefloor, the goosebumps and the heavenly heartache of pure joy you feel while stomping with all the beautiful smiling faces of your psy family around you.

    I have never felt as much love in my entire life as the love i feel for the psy scene and all the troopers i’ve met during the past year.

    Please MCBN, make me the happiest lil stomper alive and give me a ticket to celebrate my birthday and the end of the most amazing outdoor season?

    One Love ♥

  8. marco borg says:

    I love life love the outdoors & love my gf but I would REALI LOVE 2 make the LOVEproject my last party of the season

  9. Patric Schorn says:

    I have 2 loves in my love!!! The love of my life my girlfriend sarah pearman-white…. But be for I fell for her Trance was my one and only it changed my life! Made me the peace loving, happy go lucky, trance kop stomper I am today! I introduced sarah to my love of trance and we fell in mutual love of trance!! Every party this season has bought us closer together… As love project will be our last this season I can’t wait to fall in love with trance and my girl all over again on the LOVE PROJECT D FLOOR with dj’s pumping out there massive beats. With all the love from all the wonderfil people and good vibes that this party brings!! As this will be our first love project I can not wait!!!! PLUR!!!!;)

  10. Lauren Combrink says:

    I love my boyfriend Greg. The tickets will be for us and I love him dearly! Xxxx

  11. Kina-May Louw says:

    ***THE LOVE EDITION***— this is what i love MyCityByNight:

    M.y my my, is it already the end?
    Y.early season finale, but ive still got so much love to send… we all rewind and live eternally in the summer
    I. dont want outdoors to end this is such a bummer
    T.hink i’ll have to make mean work of this party then
    Y.ou know what i mean, make it a 10/10

    B.eats so crazy i want to already jam
    Y.earning to be out there with my psy fam

    N.ext level saving and a cunning plan
    I.’ll be at LOVE PROJECT as quick as i can
    G.oing to love Headroom, Silo and Stereotype
    H.ave to prepare myself cos im already in a hype :D
    Thank you MyCityByNight for this wicked competition, i love you and you and you… this is the LOVE EDITION!

  12. Neville says:

    I love everything that is pure like nature. For me nothing beats going to partys in the woods, listening to your favourite artists inbetween the lush green forests with dams and good vibes. Aswel everyone around you, there for the exact same reason. One love

  13. Jordan Plaskett says:

    What does happiness feel like?

    “dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum……………… DUM DUM DUM dum dum dum…”

    Please, do not fear. The above does not indicate that I have a speech impediment nor that I have early on-set dementia and that I can only remember one word, that I repeat incessantly – in addition, I would certainly not compare speech impediments and dementia with happiness. This is in fact the name of my formula to happiness…

    Pack your bags. Get a sleeping bag, although you’re probably not going to use it. Make sure you have a tent. One that’s easy to set up, like a 30 second job, not a civil engineering fantasy. Grab some clothes, don’t be fussy, wear what’s comfortable and make sure you have something warm. Shoes? Well, they’re not really necessary. A cooler box! You cannot be happy without some food! (Remember to put food into the cooler box). Juice. A 5 litre water bottle with a bottle of energade – there is nothing more refreshing and thirst quenching!


    I don’t think any elaboration is needed on the above word. You can’t live without them, let alone be happy without them.

    Now it’s time to go! Drive safely – if you want to come close to experiencing happiness at all. Good tunes and good mates will always make a road trip memorable. Knowing where you’re supposed to be going and how to get there also helps – driving deeper into a township is not really going to aid your endorphin explosion.

    Arrive. Alive.

    May your world now be changed forever.

    Set up that tent and throw your stuff down. Don’t place them down, you won’t want to. Throw them – you’ll be rushing. Grab a bite to eat; you will need sustenance. Wear what’s comfortable. By this time, you’ve decided that shoes aren’t really your thing. Then begin to take a stroll.

    The setting is desolate. Your scenery is made up of plants and earth. There is usually some sort of dam that one needs to ‘trek’ to. There are stalls everywhere. Spiritual healing centres, chill out spots, mattresses hiding the earth upon which you stand, tents categorising the genres of the stalls, clothing being sold that you’ve never seen before – never imagined before, accessories that make you laugh – glasses with an attached moustache, optical illusions printed onto hats and gloves and flags and parasols.. Walking through a Marrakesh of items that you’ve never seen before.

    The people. The tall, the dark, the short, the blonde, lean, pale, built, dreadlocked, flower wearing, hippie, free spirited, bushy haired, dancing, bouncing, fist pumping, colourful, loving, peaceful, natural, tattooed, coupled, single, outgoing, outspoken, pierced, stomping… array and spectrum of beings sharing the experience you are. Smiling all the time. Firing the same energy to the crowds around you.

    The music. The only music that you don’t listen to. The music that you feel! The music that you experience. The constant beat. The fast beat. Beat. Beat. Beat. The stomping that is automatically induced when feeling the vibrations around you. The movement in any direction and manner in order to try and become one with the sounds. The build up, your heart beating faster, your hands moving quicker, your body is bouncing, your fingers flicking, feet stomping, head banging…

    …The pause

    DUM. Gooseflesh. A united jump and an eternal repetition of this soul releasing, divine festival.

    An enormous endorphin explosion.


  14. Kerry says:

    I love… mud on my feet, friends at my side, and joy in my heart! p.s. happy earth day fellow earthlings <3 :)

  15. Debbie says:

    To spend the last & ultimate party with guy & beautiful friends, what more can I ask for???

  16. Esti Strydom says:

    What i love is plain and simple:

    You don’t listen to trance….. YOU FEEL TRANCE!!!!!!!!!!

    One love xxxx

  17. Dirk says:

    last outdoor for the season……hmmmmm…..i just luv the rumble in the jungle GOOD PEOPLE !!! EXTREMELY GOOD MUSIC !!!! and of course love all around…… these are the makings of a epic party !!!

    Just love stompin the days away !!!!

    One LoVe !!!!

  18. cristelle Davison says:

    OH YESS!! celebrating the big 2 1!! with the last endorphin explosion of the season! :D <3 and most importantly experiencing this festival with the ones I LOVE..Imagining the world without them seems so dull, added with the life changing event of trance! <3
    "Trance=The formula to happiness" :D – Jordan Panda Plaskett my inspiration!

  19. wilbur says:

    I love psytrance!

  20. Loving nature and the feeling of free expressionism and acceptance of all.
    Experiencing and enjoying the festivities and moments of relief and ample humbleness.
    Love feeling the earth beneath my feet.
    Love the feeling of the music settling in every being present.

    Would love to share this experience with my boyfriend, and just enjoy the entire ambience!

    Stay elevated:)

  21. Nina says:

    I love love. Love is a feeling you get when the bass is about to drop and your whole body feels like it is about to explode. Love is the intensity you feel deep within your chest when you watch the smiles on peoples faces, mud on their feel, not caring about being judged because they know they are in a loving environment. Love is that feeling that creeps over your whole body when you look into the eyes of the person that keeps your heart safe. I love trance, I love people, I love and respect the earth we are so blessed to live in, I love my family and my friends. There are so many more things I love but I’m trying to keep it short. Spread the love and happiness<3

  22. Tarryn says:

    I haven’t told someone I love them and I am not sure how, because in other words I have been wanting to for quite some time, but am too scared!

    If I won these tickets, I’d take the person I want to tell with me, and let them know how I truly feel.

    Please My City By Night, let me spread my love.

  23. Dewald van Staden says:

    I come from a small town and since I’ve been in Stellenbosch and cape areas had the chance to be introduced to trance parties. Since then I haven’t been looking back. So as a beginner I would like these tickets to gain some experience, and join the happy people in a non-judgemental vibe, people to meet and blazing, what can be better…

  24. Dean Huppert says:

    Love is the internal feeling you get when the thought of someone or something makes you crack a smile for absolutely no reason. One of my loves is trance!

  25. Byron Nichols says:

    The gateway to a new dimension. Love Project is not just an outdoor trance party, it’s the equivalent to an alternative universe. A much preferred universe over our current, judgemental, violent, stressful universe in which we exist. In this alternative universe there is no judgement. All are equal, there are no superiors to report to, no instructions to follow, only a beat. A beat that allows your body to move in which ever motion it wishes. There is Peace, no fighting, no arguments, no aggression. This is an environment in which everyone minds their own business and says nothing unless there’s something nice to say. Unity. In this universe, your friends become my friends and my friends become your friends. Grudges are forgotten, Enemies forgiven. There is a mutual respect amongst everyone. everyone is equal. Private space is respected, if someone bumps you by accident, they are sure to apologise, no one is around to harsh your mellow. Love. To be loved, one must love. Love is something there is no shortage of at Love Project. Its every where! Love for the music which we feel in our bones, Love for the ground upon which we stomp, Love for the people of whom we stomp with. Love for the atmosphere. Love for the GEES! it is a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of this alternative universe in which we can all be free to be ourselves. One thing’s for sure, you can count me in. <3

  26. Esti Robbertze says:

    I LOVE those crazy psyguys that shake, stomp and groove to almost every beat left right and center! We all become children again and are delighted by everything around us! Think I shud trick my dad into a camping trip and surprise him with an outta this world experience, he’d love it if he only knew=]

  27. Genevieve says:

    Love Trance parties
    Love Organik
    Love My City By Night
    Love Cape Town

  28. Carla Voorn (Carla Cross) says:

    I LOVE LIFE, life is filled with mystery and magic you just need to open your eyes and look for it… It’s found in creation, natures landscapes, music and the simplest of relationships! The best place to see this mystery and magic come alive is at an outdoor gathering like Organics Love Project! I am no more deserving of these tickets than the rest of our Trance Family but I am asking you to please take me home one last time before winter kicks in… ~PLUR

  29. Jaime-Lee Walther says:

    I Love how I lose and find myself at Trance outdoors. I Love the beautiful music , genuine people, harmony and unity that us stompers share. The outdoors, from dancing on the beach, to in the dust, to in between trees. The neon lights, psychedelic environment and the crazy outfits.


  30. Carla Voorn says:

    What do I love? I LOVE LIFE, life is filled with mystery and magic you just need to open your eyes and look for it… It’s found in creation, natures landscapes, music and the simplest of relationships! The best place to see this mystery and magic come alive is at an outdoor gathering like Organics Love Project! I am no more deserving of these tickets than the rest of our Trance Family but I am asking you to please take me home one last time before winter kicks in… ~PLUR

  31. Leila Rossouw says:

    I love my family, friends, the outdoors, food and music !!!
    I love the psychedelic vibe and would love a ticket for this party :)
    I love the amazing feeling when you arrive to a party, set up your tent, pack all your things ready, head off to the dancefloor.
    I love the smiles on all the happy stompers, I love how everyone is friendly and shares the love. I LOVE the feeling of being loved too :)

    Please love me too with a ticket LOL :)

  32. Madison says:

    I love life – it is so full of joy and surprises, so giving, and all it wants in return is for you to enjoy it. I love the people in my life, and the huge smile they bring to my face. :)
    And I love Organik, because it’s so filled with love :P
    And I would love to be apart of it, and be surrounded by happiness <3

  33. chanel hurlin says:

    i love to do new things and go on adventures. i have never been to a trance party before and would love to experience a whole new world with tickets to organik. organik will be something new for me and an adventure! bonus!

  34. Kauthar says:

    ONENESS. With people and Earth. There is no other feeling so complete. Namaste

  35. Nas Maliko says:

    wellllll there’s a whole long list as to what I love
    There’s a whole long list as to who I love
    but there is only one pardy that’ll make me full of love
    My dog my flowers my garden of tree’s
    there’s birds and grass and buzzing bee’s
    and a dancing naz who’s singning to the world
    love is in the air… its everywhere!
    I love the mud underneath my feet
    I love the music, the super fast beats
    I love the smiles on every beings face
    I love that when we pardy, its not a race.
    beacuase when it ends… all we want is for the love to start again!

  36. Etienne Van Vuuren says:

    Hi, my name is Etienne and I love my fiance! very, very much!

  37. What i like or love?
    Well, theres a rather large list of things that i love :)

    but when it comes to normal things, i love the smell of rain in the morning; i love the smile of my boyfriend as he wakes; i love to watch my cat chase the butterflies in my garden; i love home food after a good solid outdoor and i love the smell of sweet bud after its been dried.

    .. When it comes to the party however.. :)
    I love the trees as sunrise lights them all up one by one in the early hours of the morning; i love the excitement as a hard beat drops; i love my friends as they reach that peak of happiness; i love to see the older crowd and watch them dance as free spirits should; i love the people who are prepared with hugs after a long night of stomping; i love those people who see your thirsty face and offer their drinks; i love the general feeling of unity that is so strong in everyones eyes but most of all; i love the party (all of it).. its as if its a heart itself – apart of the earth. its my getaway, my small piece of freedom from reality :)

    Whether i get this ticket or not, ill find some way to get to the will be my last for the season and you will have one little fairy waiting in anticipation for the next one!

  38. Ian says:

    I love my Nouveau family!

  39. Chantelle Funcke says:

    I love a lot of things… but my love is overflowing for the most awesome person ever – Stephan Maree…

  40. Josh Gordon says:

    i love lamp.

  41. matthew polly says:

    I love good energy! Positive vibes! Nature! And most of all I’d Love the free ticks so I can come stomp away at organik love project.

    Awe please operate <3 let a ou kno

  42. Timothy Boyce says:

    ● Vertical Mode (HOMmega – Israel)
    ● Xerox (HOMmega – Israel)
    ● Headroom
    ● Dave Mac
    ● Plusminus
    ● Bruce
    ● Gandalf
    ● PsyGuy
    ● Tune Raider
    ● Silo
    ● Static Flow
    ● Sterealkey
    ● Streisand Brothers
    ● Stereotype
    ● Skarab

  43. Bettina Kerber says:

    I love being free, I love the Beach, I love my friends, I love my family, I love my boyfriend, I love food, I love the outdoors, I love meeting new people, I love art, I love design, I love photography, I love wildlife, I love the kruger national park, I love green tea, I love darjeeling tea. I love my music, I love running, I love dancing with my friends to the music I love, I love trance, I love outdoor parties, I love oragnik love project, I love My City By Night, I love you, I love all.
    I’m moving to Germany with my Boyfriend for 2 years so that I can study and we can travel Europe and be with family. This would be our last trance stomp session before we leave. Pleassseeee share the love with us for one night <3<3 would mean the world to us. Organik Love project would be the best time for us to share our love with each other and our friends before we love. Thank you

  44. Tamzi says:

    I LOVE TRANCE <3 Village 2 weeks ago was my first trance party and Jungala was my second and I am so addicted to the parties and music. The people are amazing and beautiful and you meet and make new friends with everyone. Trance is the most amazing thing and it sets my spirit/soul free and makes me feel like I have no worries in the world. I would absolutely LOVE to win a ticket and be able to come to Love Project <3

  45. Sean Thomson says:

    Love is the unconditional and absolute acceptance of everything something has to offer, regardless of its strengths or flaws.

    I love life

  46. Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.

    I love the performing arts and I’m studying at the Cape Academy of Performing arts at the moment – absolutely loving it – although, it does take up 6 days out of my week, excluding the time for assignments and rehearsing. so no time for poor old us, no job, no money :( its the things we sacrifice for the things we love i guess !

  47. Mardi says:

    I Love life! Simple.


  49. Lindsay says:

    Roses are Red
    My eyes are blue,
    I know you have tickets
    and im looking at you
    so if this is getting awkward
    and a little bit strange
    save yourself the discomfort
    and hand me a free ticket to the rave

    haha okay my rhyming skills are all used up but show some love please <3

  50. Lindsay says:

    LOVE IS BEING AMONGST BEAUTIFUL SOULS STOMPING TO MELODIES THAT MAKE MY HEART SMILE… so please dont make my hearts sad by making me miss this party.. need a ticket please and thank you!!!

  51. Wade Van Der Helde says:

    what is there to like? okay ima be short and sweet about this…
    thers nuttin not too like! so what im saying is that every lil detail from the dam bathrooms to the dance floor to the djs! BREATHLESS!

  52. chantelle says:

    I love the outdoors and the music banging in my ears. I love the people and the love we all share. i love it when headroom drops that beat and the whole crowd stomps with it! I love the smiles and laughter and when im a complete diaster! I love trance <3 I love everything about it .one love

  53. ashleigh says:

    I love the energy, the vibe, the beautiful set-up and everybodies happy moods and smiles! And of course the music! :D

  54. Monique Grobler says:

    i need this. i need to stomp. i haven’t been to a trance party in 5 months, its not good for my health. i love the atmosphere and set up and all the entertaining and amazing people.

  55. Faatimah Dilgee says:

    where do i even begin??? firstly our dj’s are so SICK!! we’re honoured to see the international acts too. i want these tickets so that i can feel the music rushing through my veins and completely get lost in the LOVE and UNITY of the crowd! there is no better experience and i’d like to spend my last weekend before exams stomping my heart out! so help a sister out :) shout out to Plusminus, BRUCE, Tune raider, headroom and Silo! hopefully see you okes front left

  56. Nicola says:

    I love surfing the most in life. When i am out on the ocean i forget about everything and just let go. Surfing is the drug to my soul and keeps me going!

  57. Anna says:

    just love to love. that is all we need. love every person and living thing with the love you want around you. people with caring honest words, real emotions, understanding minds, genuine people, those are the people you want in your life.. just giving to give.i love to love.

  58. Anna says:

    i love to love. love and appreciate the people and living things around you. treat them with the love which you would like to surround yourself with. good, kindhearted, honest caring words, real emotions, understanding minds, this is the type of people we should be. give to actually give away a piece of you. we should all love to love

  59. Nina says:

    Ilove the excellent local jams you get to experience, the love, the outdoors and the complete euphoria, jolts and synergy bursting through me when the beats drop! I love it all♥

  60. Lauren Stein says:

    I LOVE, LUFF, LURV jamming with my friends to some of the BEST tunes from around the world. The laughter, smiles, memories and fun times that we have, become indescribable to friends who weren’t there!!

  61. James Lehmann says:

    I love my parents, I love my girlfriend, I love crossfit, I love my car, my xbox, I love outdoor parties, I LOVE trance.

  62. Cara says:

    I would LOVE to win some tickets! <3 I had the worst week of my life. Crashed my car and writing two tests next week. In desperate need of a insane stomping sesh~ and where better than at Project Love :) x

  63. Ian says:

    I love Entertainment, Nightlife, Stuff, Everyday Life, Lifestyle, Cars and SO much MORE… :P
    Haha but yeah, I love the fact that we live in a age where we can go (almost) anywhere in the world and appreciate what we’re sharing existence with!
    Although I don’t see myself travelling all over the world in the near future, it’s cool to know that it’s possible!

    Vrede :)

  64. Courtney Jade says:

    Because on the 11th day, God said: ‘mmmmmmm DROP’ and everything was hella ill!

  65. Shannon Holcroft says:

    I love that Sunday morning cup of coffee while sitting next to the dancefloor, recharging after stomping away all of the week’s deadlines and stress. I love running into the dam for a mid-morning cool-off and meeting so many friendly faces along the way. I love the atmosphere of pure and utter euphoria when we’re all jamming together, the same despite our differences.

  66. Carah Aiden says:

    Hello :)WHO I LOVE: i absolutely love my family and my chosen family(Best friends) I couldn’t imagine my life without their positive blessings, endless beautiful smiles and love everyday! I Truly am so grateful for them in my life. WHAT I lOVE: is getting filthy at the outdoors & being surrounded by people with constant smiles on their faces! Pleease make me the happiest by rewarding me with that free ticket?? :)

  67. Carah Aiden says:

    Hello :)WHO I LOVE; My family & chosen family(best friends) I couldn’t imagine my life without their endless love,support and blessings i get from them on a daily basis. SO grateful for them. WHAT I LOVE; Being at Cape Towns crazy psychedelic outdoors ofcors, with my chosen family. Being surrounded by people with endless smiles and positive happy energy all day long makes me the happiest! :)

    Would love nothing more than to be granted that free ticket so that i can have the opportunity to be at my happiest once again this weekend :)

    Blessings xx

  68. Richard Delponte says:

    You ask what or who I love. My answer to that is Whats not to love. As an extremely optimistic person Im always loving everyone and everything around me. music, people, outdoors, sun, rain, nature, architecture, Cape Town, parties, competitions ;), family, friends, socializing, my job, my bed, food and much much more! I love appreciating things and living life to the fullest!

  69. Chantelle says:

    The three things I love most in life are:
    1. Music, it was once said “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” -Plato

    2. Dancing because that’s when I’m at my happiest. Nothing else matters when I’m dancing.

    3. People because where would we be without each other – I love dancing and listening to music but it’s so much better when you share your experience.

    Put all three together and add a free ticket to Organik: Love Project to that and you’ll put the biggest smile on my face. Last year’s Love Project was absolutely amazing <3

  70. Chelsea says:

    The sun peeking through the trees, the music beating with your heart, the ground shaking by your feet and the good positive vibrations of the people around you. I love Organik.

  71. Camilla says:

    What do I love?
    So many things spring to mind, but it is easy to pick out the obvious ones.
    My loved ones have always been my top priority, they are the most important thing in my life. I love people, genuine, good people.
    I think that has a lot to do with why I love festivals so much, it’s like entering a different world where amazing, kind people are the majority and it becomes a such familiar little dream family.
    I love music tremendously and can’t go a day without it.
    I love learning new things and acquiring knowledge.
    And I would LOVE to go to Organik. :)

  72. Previn says:

    I’d love to see Vertical Mode LIVE!

  73. Jen S says:

    I love to STOMP. boom.

  74. Courtney Jade says:

    Love? Oh, you mean a tattoo saying ‘Organik’ on my buttcheek?

    <3 can't wait to hit the playground this weekend! Love and LIGHTning for this one ;)

  75. Thomas Maree says:

    I love punishing my feet with relentless stomping until the body squeals for mercy but will receive none! Getting absolutely broken and rolling around in the dirt! Sprinting head first into the speaker because the eargasm that psychedelic prog produces is too much to bear! These are the things that I love!! PLEASE LAWD REEKRIS PICK MEE I LOVE OUTDOORS!! :O :O

  76. Courtney Jade says:


  77. Sian Collins says:

    Vertical Mode is a collaboration force of 2 generations. On one side you have the veteran and much respected Moshe Keinan, better known as Xerox and on the other side the young and explosive Hanan Gorenshtien, aka Volcano. Together they form the ultimate alliance of the old school psychedelic experience blended perfectly with the new blood of progressive trance power.

    I need to experience them front and centre!!!!! I need one last chance to stomp! Give me one last adventure!

  78. Sian Collins says:

    I love music.

    Music unites people.

    It is independent of every facet of society that divides one person from another.

    Trance is the empitimy of music. It has all the elements that make music desirable. There are moments of euphoria, moments of sorrow, moments of power; all sorts of possible moments.

    Technically, trance is a perfect music. It is electronic music, which means it can never lose its beat or ever sound different from the last time you heard it; live or recorded.

    Classically, trance is a monster music. Look back at the classical musicians and their music and you will see that trance and classical music are not so much different. Both have emphasis on melody, flow, and notes.

    May the beat live on and through music, all spread the love!

  79. Kreg says:

    Well done to the following, please check your mails:

    Thomas Maree

    Reply to your mails before 12 midday tomorrow and the tickets are yours!

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