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Win Tickets To MMD RECORDS presents THE ANCIENTS 19/ 01/ 2013!


The 19th January 2013, MMD Records celebrates 7 years of rocking the Body, and bending the Mind, and this year we bring you THE ANCIENTS!!

{{{{ THE BREAK DOWN }}}}:

For over 7 years and over 25 worldwide releases, the Mind Manipulation Device machine has been turning out cutting edge beats, debuting & showcasing some of the freshest talent to come out of South Africa, and pushing listeners to their mental limits. And this year of 2013, being the year the Mayan’s foresaw a global change, we plan to continue our tradition by assembling a clean cut jam-packed lineup full of friends, fresh faces and like-minded manipulators, guaranteed to get the synaptic nerves in the brain firing and the knee joints burning, in an event we are simply calling “The Ancients”.

Keeping in the vein of fresh frequencies, we are proud to host the official return of the legendary Hydraglyph (who will be performing a completely fresh live set full of re-edits & new audio constructions)…you don’t want to miss this! An added treat for all the daytime twisters, we welcome Chilean producers, Psydeva to the feeding frenzy, and we’re sure they’re going to bring just the right balance of that euphoric deep groove & uplifting energy to the dancefloor.
We will also be featuring some explosive debut sets, including a huge never-seen-before full live Terror Sekt mashup between Mexican nighttime fullon psychopath, Succubus and Iron Assault (aka Iron Lotus & Sonic Assault), which will be accompanied by an intense morning DJ set by the owner of Terror Lab Industries (Mexico), DJ Transgenic. Two other highlights featured include the debut of Hellbent, which is the brain child of local slammers Hysteria & Glitch, as well as the morning DJ project debut of Archain (aka Archive & Strain).

This is truly shaping up to be an historic event, and on the 19th January 2013, we look forward to taking all of you once again through a journey of erratic distortions all generated through the minds of the twilight children.

The “Mayans” predicted the end; the Mayan Manipulation Device predicts the beginning!



<<<LIVE PredatorS>>>:

* Terror Sekt/Succubus (Terror Lab – Mexico)
Feat Iron Assault aka Iron Lotus & Sonic Assault
(Full Live Terror Set) DEBUT…1st Time EVER!!
* Hydraglyph (Nexus Media)
* Super Evil (MMD/ Push)
* Zion Linguist (MMD)
* Rubix Qube (Spectral/Village)
* EMP (MMD/Alien Safari)
* Deliriant (Nexus Media)
* Critical Mass (MMD/Terror Lab)
* Hellbent (aka Hysteria & Glitch) DEBUT

<<<(D)is(J)ointed Mind BenderS>>>:

* Transgenic (Terror Lab/MMD) Mexico
* Psydeva (Psynopticz) Chile
* Archain (aka Archive & Strain) DEBUT
* SwiTcHcaChe (Psynopticz/ Fractal/ MMD)
* Psyqlopz vs. Mr Jack (Disasterpeace)
* Distorted Culture (Ultranoize/MMD)
* Sway (Beartrap)
* Sonic (Alien Safari/ 1Ft Groove) Special Closing Set
* Terrorbyte (Psynopticz/ Organik)
* PsyGuy (Organik)
* Psymatix (MMD)
* Phatgressive aka Kineticz & Psy-Anomic (Psycho Stompers)
* Unplugged Noise (1Ft Groove)
* Never (Left Off Centre)



RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED. Entry is entirely at your own risk. The
promoters accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss
or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings. This
applies even to negligence of any kind by the promoters, venue and
contractors. We have taken every care to make this event safe & secure
for you. All rights reserved.

STRICTLY NO: Under18’s (ID on request), Glass bottles (please decant
your drinks into plastic bottles), Littering, Fires or Fireworks,
Domestic animals, Bad attitudes & Frowns, Weapons, Independent sound
systems, Illegal substances.
Don’t drink & drive. Party Responsibly!

 Competition Time:

Want to win 1 of 2 tickets to the MMD Records – The Ancients by commenting below and telling us which artist you most keen to see and why?

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 16th.

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  1. MMD!! We’re back to the grind and our souls are still on vacation! Help us remember the great times with one of SA’s favourite’s, let us be entertained and fulfilled with Deliriant’s best!

  2. With empty pockets but still an itch for a stomp, nothing would put a bigger smile on my face than to watch one of SA’s best – Deliriant. Because I want to dance and smile and support good artists, that’s why!

  3. I’m most excited to see Super Evil, Zion Linguist,Rubix Qube, EMP and Deliriant.
    Each one of them always play the most mind blowing sets that make me unable to leave the dancefloor.
    (I really could not pick one, would be way to hard)

  4. Terror sekt/succubus – it’s all about the full terror mexican skit power!

  5. Its impossible to choose one out of all those MENTAL acts ! So ill choose 3. . . Terror Sekt/Succubus Feat Iron Assault because it sounds completely BRUTAL !!
    And archains debut because archive vs strain rocked my socks at psycho stompers and I’ve been waiting for this duo since I first heard about the idea of archain shortly after that party
    And finally hellbents debut cause hysteria and glitch together could only mean CHAOS and cause its a debut ofcourse, I’m always keen to see an act play for the first time ever !! TOOOOO TOOOOO KEEN FOR MY MIND TO BE MANIPULATED BY A DEVICE !!! PLUR :D

  6. Archain – Because i love archive and strain and want to see what they can do with some sunlight in their set. Very cool and going to be very interesting. Its a debut to blow our faces off :)
    And Zion Linguist – Because i love Laurence and that unique sound of his.

  7. AWESOME line-up:)Hmmm,very difficult one,but would say Archain(Gonna be a AWESOME debut)Cannot wait for a epic party!

  8. Zion Linguist and EMP!
    Having to explain why I am “keen” to see these artists perform, is like having to explain why grass is green and the sky is blue?
    Why you cannot lick your elbow, or why ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain?
    Some things are better left enjoyed and enigmatic, than explained…

  9. He may have been out of sight for a while, but he was most certainly not out of mind! And now he is back! Yes, you guessed it —> Zion Linguist! Not only a much loved friend but also an adored dj who knows how to get my tail-feathers going!! :D

  10. id like to see transgenic and psydeva as they have incredible music and production skill also to note is that transgenic first time in SA as far as i know

  11. Hydraglyph. His remix of “Bite the hand that feeds” is one of my favourite tracks.

  12. Firstly merry new year to you all :) and secondly i would LOVE and am so keen to see ARCHAIN at MMD the combo of strain and archive is no doubt going to be mind blowing :D and its my bestfriends/sisters 21st sooooo AMPED :)

  13. This will be the fist transcending stomp mission that my evil other half and I will participate in together.

    And my oh my :)

    That is exciting, but so is Zion Linguist.

    So mycitybynight
    Christmas gave my wallet a fright

    No moola leftover
    Fund me so I can attend this sleep over

    With the madness and the man in hand
    Stomping hard , music loud , getting tanned :)

  14. his will be the fist transcending stomp mission that my evil other half and I will participate in together.

    And my oh my :)

    That is exciting, but so is Zion Linguist.

    So mycitybynight
    Christmas gave my wallet a fright

    No moola leftover
    Fund me so I can attend this sleep over

    With the madness and the man in hand
    Stomping hard , music loud , getting tanned :)

  15. Ladies, Gents , Fair and wonderful creatures :)
    I am Batman to save the day
    Tell you I am broke
    Tell you I love ARCHAIN!
    That would be all

    Kind regards batman :)

  16. Well given that we’re already 2 weeks into 2013 and I’ve yet to grace a party, I think that this deliciously delightful line up makes it the perfect one to kick the year off… and we all know that a trance party isn’t a trance party without the main man with bass drops so deep your ears are giving your brain a “say whaaaat?” face. Deliriant, as one of SA’s greatest trance talents has NEVER disappointed over the countless times I’ve watched him and come next weekend I’m going to be keen as hell to see him again! And I know it’s an old tune, but I’m patiently waiting for the party where he decides to drop “Chemistry” again… can’t wait!

  17. Simple and sweet, i want to be at this party
    I want to be this party
    I want Archain !!

  18. EMP- yet to see him throw down a set that was shit.

  19. EMP… Blows my mind everytime!!

  20. EMP…Blows my mind everytime!!!

  21. Super Evil cause you can’t go wrong>>> So amped

  22. I am grooving myself up for the psy scence, especially the likes of Sonic, Psymatix, Terrorbyte and Psy Guy. I am a true trooper, and i believe that spending my anniversary with my boyfriend on the trance floor would be purely magical :)

  23. Archain, Deliriant & Sway =)

  24. Mainly Deliriant because I have yet to see him play his remix of Illuchina’s track Pain Reaction at an outdoor, also really hope he’ll drop one of his unreleased tracks like Aliaxa or Hologram.
    Rubix Qube – because its Kieron’s birthday which should be interesting.
    My last party was supposed to be Metamorph this past weekend but I’m cheating a little bit by possibly going to MMD if I win a ticket.

    Aliaxa Preview –

    Hologram Preview –

    Got these tracks from Shane last year August, still waiting to hear them.

  25. Deliriant because he’s a killer!

  26. Deliriant, distorted culture and sway. Love me some SA talent :D

  27. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. About 2 year ago I my partner had misunderstanding, we had both made BIG mistakes in our relationship. He ended up moving away from me to pursue a new life. I knew in my heart that he would be the only one to make me happy. I was relieved when I found your email: on a site about what you have done. I requested 1 to 2 day casting of the reunite us love spell and within 3days frank company had relocated him back to our hometown where I still lived. We immediately reconnected and move in with each other I can’t really thank you enogh Dr Okoja.

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