We are starting the year off in FINE fashion. The legend, El Gordo is back in town so we decided we had to make use of his exceptional skills for the #MCBNxDSCTHQv5 event along with Cape Town’s favourites, Dean Fuel, Tommy Gun, Stone Age Citizen and for the first time, Khoza Culture vs Plaigarhythm. Expect madness, expect mayhem, expect only the best music.

Come join us for another wild night at The Assembly.

Line Up:

- Dean Fuel
- El Gordo
- Tommy Gun
- Stone-Age Citizens
- Khoza Culture vs Plaigarhythm

Date: 18th January, 2013

Venue: The Assembly, Harrington Street.

 Competition Time:

We have got 100 spots on the guest list as we do. Comment below with your FULL name and the first 100 to comment will each recieve a spot on the guest list.

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Guest list closes at 12 midday on Friday!


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  1. Reo Elliott says:

    So Rad to be living in one of the coolest city’s in cape town!!!!

  2. amy taylor says:

    Amy Taylor

  3. Dominique Rollino says:

    Dominique Rollino

  4. Jade Abbott says:

    Jade Abbott

  5. Shelley Van Der Ross says:

    Shelley Van Der Ross

  6. Ian says:

    Sooooo much excitement on the cards. This party is gona be hotter than raging fire…

  7. Mikaela Gabriels says:

    Mikaela Gabriels

  8. Reo Elliott says:

    Reo Elliott

  9. Louken says:

    I heart My City by Night.

    Louken Poggenpoel

  10. Stef says:

    Stefanie Marent :) muchos gracias

  11. Georgie Cole says:

    Georgie Cole

  12. Jen says:

    Jen Searle :) here we go again haha

  13. kyle says:

    Kyle van der Westhuizen

  14. jason wright says:

    Jason Wright

  15. Mario says:

    So looking forward to this party. Cape Town’s the place to be…

  16. dave stack says:

    Fuck yeah ill be there :) Boom

  17. Nicholas Baxter says:

    Nicholas Baxter

    …Switching to social mode.

  18. would love to be here!

  19. Adam Heynes says:

    Tooooooooo rad! Adam Heynes

  20. This would be so awesome!

  21. Mario January says:

    gonna be an awesome party….cant wait!!

  22. Matty W says:

    Matty Wise

  23. Wilfred America says:

    Assembly…. thee spot to be at…..yea

  24. Busisiwe Mabeqa says:

    Busisiwe Mabeqa

  25. Mishkah says:

    Mishkah Abrahams

  26. Lev Rushforth says:

    Lev Rushforth

  27. Chris Gara says:

    Chris Gara

  28. Vinko Tomasic says:

    Vinko Tomasic

  29. Lindsay Paton says:

    Lindsay Paton

  30. Jess McCleland says:

    Jess McCleland

  31. Kerry Makowem says:

    Kerry Makowem

  32. Thomas Maree says:

    Thomas Maree – studio touching

  33. Manuel says:

    Manuel Mota

  34. Luke Leyland says:

    Luke Leyland

  35. laura slabber says:

    Please can I win tickets :)

  36. Lindy Taylor says:

    Lindy Taylor

  37. Luke Lockhart-Ross says:

    Luke Lockhart-Ross

  38. Kaylee Wheeler says:

    Kaylee Wheeler

  39. laura slabber says:

    Laura slabber

  40. Kaylee Skarupke says:

    Kaylee Skarupke

  41. Madniah Brown says:

    AWESOMENESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I hope I win so that i can experience the awesomeness :)

  42. Matt Niemann says:

    Matt Niemann

  43. Lindy Alison Taylor says:

    Lindy Taylor

  44. james mac says:

    james mac

  45. gareth says:

    gareth novello

  46. adrian says:

    Adrian Berrill

  47. Angelique Fredericks says:

    Angelique Fredericks

  48. Angelique says:

    Angelique Fredericks


    Paula Marcelino

  50. Shannon Smth says:

    Shannon Smith

  51. DK says:

    Dean Roberts

  52. wesley travill says:

    Wesley travill

  53. svenja schuler says:

    Svenja schuler

  54. Ricardo Dudley says:

    Ricardo Dudley

  55. James Oosterbaan says:

    James Oosterbaan :)

  56. Amy Biggs says:

    Amy Biggs… I want to win!

  57. Mark Macnab says:

    So amped!

  58. Vince says:

    Vince Abendanon

  59. Ella Blake says:

    Ella Blake

  60. Leila Seris says:

    Leila Seris

  61. Ross Veldsman says:

    Ross Veldsman

  62. Dani says:

    Dani Swanepoel :D

  63. Janine says:

    Janine Caboz

  64. Grant says:

    Grant Birch

  65. Charlie Thornton says:

    Charlie Thornton
    :D I want to have another crazy wild My City By Night party!

  66. Bruce Tissington says:

    Bruce Tissington

  67. Ricardo says:

    cannot wait to win

  68. Ella Rushforth says:

    Ella Rushforth , back in CTN!!

  69. Nicole Swart says:

    Whoop whoop

  70. Waydon weber says:

    Cannot wait to feel the beat through my body if i win

  71. Salome Smith says:

    Salome Smith

  72. Louken Poggenpoel says:

    I heart My City By Night – Louken

  73. Nicole Swart says:

    Nicole Swart

  74. Keagan Exsteen says:

    Keagan Exsteen

  75. Candice Abrahamse says:

    Candice Abrahamse

  76. Christopher Van Blerk says:

    Christopher Van Blerk

  77. storm says:

    storm tomlinson

  78. Marietheres Waibel says:

    Marietheres Waibel

  79. Kirst says:

    Kirsten Dreyer

  80. Kirst says:

    Kirsten dreyer

  81. Eve McKerchar says:

    Eve McKerchar

  82. Kirsten Dreyer says:


  83. Mousy says:

    Mousy Waibel

  84. warren says:

    Warren Ferreira

  85. Alicia Williams says:

    Alicia Williams

  86. Derek Rossa says:

    Derek Rossa

  87. Dylan Moore says:

    Dylan Moore, Shelby Bosman, Craig Kinnear, Emma Jane Truter, Sam Taylor, Kerri Taylor.

  88. Alex says:

    Alex Bain

  89. Justsaying says:

    ^^That guy is a fucking moron. Can you not read?!?! ONE NAME PER PERSON. Get your lazy fucking friends to put their own names down. You’re not special, you little midget.

  90. kelly rae duploy says:

    Kelly Rae Duploy

  91. Warwick Nel says:

    Warwick Nel

  92. Sarah Hugo-Hamman says:

    Sarah Hugo-Hamman

  93. Andrew Gardiner says:

    Andrew Gardiner

  94. Roxy Kaczmarek says:

    Roxy Kaczmarek

  95. James Conradie says:

    James Conradie

  96. Paige Hunter says:

    Paige Hunter

  97. Raven says:

    Raven Swart

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