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Win Tickets To Love & Light 2014!


Love & Light Day Party returns on 08 March 2014, bringing you the best in progressive psy-trance. Renowned international acts Ace Ventura by Yoni Oshrat,Rockyaudiomatic & Easy Riders will play alongside a selection of South Africa’s finest underground artists.

The anticipated day party will take place at the breath taking NELSON’s WINE ESTATE, our new venue. A fully licensed bar will be available as well as a selection of great food stalls. There will be a stylish hippie market where you can indulge insome funky fashion to add to your festival flair.

Festivities begin at 11 AM on Saturday morning and continue until midnight, giving you an extra two hours to enjoy this electronic music experience in paradise, so get there nice and early. A bus service will be offered, make use of this to avoid drinking and driving.


Additional Information:

Date/Time: Saturday, 08 March from 11 AM to MIDNIGHT



R44, Agter Paarl, Windmeul, 7630 (

Gates open at 11am on Saturday morning and close at 7pm on Saturday evening

Directions to Nelson’s from Cape Town:

Take the N1 out of Cape Town towards Paarl.
Take the R44 Klapmuts/Wellington turnoff on your left and turn left towards Wellington at the stop.
Continue on the R44 towards Wellington for approximately 18 km. The road will later change from a single to double lane. From there we are approximately 2.5 km onwards on your left hand side. If you reach a 4-way stop, you’ve gone too far.

From Worcester:

Take the N1 out of Worcester towards Paarl.
Go through the tunnel and keep going straight, past Paarl.
Take the R44 turnoff on your left and turn right towards Wellington.
Continue on the R44 towards Wellington for approximately 18 km. The road will later change from a single lane to double road. From there we are approximately 2.5 km on your left hand side. If you reach a 4-way stop, you’ve gone too far.

* Directions from CT: (only 63km)

* Directions from Stellenbosch: (only 35km)

* Directions from Tableview: (only 59km)

Bus Service:

The bus will be departing from the parking lot opposite Giovannis on Somerset Road, Green Point at 9 AM sharp, we’ll have busses leaving at 9am, 10am, 11am and latest 12am. They will be returning to the same place after the party. Return bus tickets are on sale on Webtickets:


Ticketing will be based on a 3 phase approach. Our Early Bird’s will be available through Webticket’s and once those have SOLD OUT, tickets will be R250 at selected outlets & on Webtickets. Once that has sold out, we’ll have a limited amount of ticket’s available at R275 from selected outlets, Webtickets and at the gate:

Phase 1 – R200 : Early Bird – SOLD OUT!
Phase 2 – R250
Phase 3 – R275

1796704_577300185680656_1413118638_n (1)

Webtickets link:

Ticket Outlets:

• Canal Walk – WILDFIRE PIERCING – 021 552 8929
• CBD – 161 Long Street – SKA – 021 426 5025
• CBD – 285 A Long Street – Gypsy – 021 424 2994
• Sea Point – CALL-A-PIZZA – 021 434 0818
• Gardens – GLOBAL GIRL – 021 461 1756
• Hout Bay – TA-DA@THE BOARDROOM – 021 790 8132
• Kalk Bay – GYPSY – 021 788 6802
• Stellenbosch – GYPSY – 021 886 7157
• Buitengracht – SUBWAY – 021 422 4974
• Claremont – SKA – 021 671 1367

Tickets are extremely limited as space at the venue is limited!

See you at #LoveAndLight2014


Win one of two tickets to Love and Light 2014 featuring Ace Ventura, Audiomatic, Easy Riders and our personal favourite, Rocky.

We need you to do 3 simple things for us:

1. Click attending on the event page: (click here)
. Comment below with your full name and tell us which INTERNATIONAL act you want to see at Love and Light 2014.
3. Click LIKE on the Love & Light page and FOLLOW @LoveandLightCT on Twitter

Winners announced on Friday the 21st of February.


  1. Rocky Tilbor!

  2. MIKHAIL SAMPSON Can’t wait to see ACE VENTURA 🙂

  3. Ace Ventura is going to rock!

  4. Bruno Broomfield, Ace Ventura is going to rock!

  5. Ace Ventura for the win 🙂 Corné Swart


  7. Melissa Botha – I can’t wait to see Ace Ventura seen him a couple of times before at other festivals. Always great 🙂

  8. sheww wee what a line up RoCky you beauty 🙂


  10. Harold Durnez – Amped for Rocky !

  11. warren anderson

  12. Ace Ventura & Rocky FTW!

    Going to be another rocking party.

  13. ACE VENTURA – too excited to live!! <3

  14. So damn keen for Ace Ventura! #Luca Tucconi

  15. Tough decision but the prize goes to Audiomatic!

  16. Craig Rhodes-Harrison! Definitely Audiomatic! Progressive Trance for the win!

  17. 8 of March… marks the day
    Who will be gracing the Love & Light decks you say?
    Ace Ventura my favourite all the way!
    With a new location, I’m sure we’ll be swept away,
    By all the wonderful things, human & fay.
    Let the state of complete mental absorption or deep musing lead me astray into the nightlight where we continue to play.
    Such a party as this I am truly willing to pay, but the emptiness in my wallet leaves me grey.
    For this I pray, to win tickets where I shall dray all who follows me to splay the joys of love and light everyday.

  18. Definitely Ace Ventura, only heard amazing things about this talent 😀

  19. The act I would really like to see is.. BENJAMIN HALFMANN 😀 aka AUDIOMATIC 😀 not only does he have a super cool name, he’s a super cool DJ too 😀

  20. Lauren Hess 🙂

    And it’s gotta be AUDIOMATIC!

  21. Audiomatic! 🙂

  22. Hamza Jacobs – Ace & Audiomatic!!!

  23. Helllooooo, I’m Jamie -Lee Genade and I CAN NOT WAIT to see Ace Ventura-PLEASE let me win these awesome tickets 🙂

  24. i cant wait to see Ace Ventura & Rocky @ love & light this year <3

  25. I desperately want to see Ace Ventura!! Please can I (Kiran Ramsaroop) have a ticket!?!?!?!? (can’t afford)

  26. Ace Ventura 😀 please pick me

  27. Haven’t seen Audiomatic before, so I guess that would be my pick!
    So bleak that Zyce couldn’t make it though 🙁 They teased us with his name on the March line-up at their last event… I was sooo stoked almost shat myself! But alas, I’ll have to hold thumbs for the next L&L 🙂 No complaints about that current line-up though! DAAAAMN!

  28. Easy Riders!

  29. Andrea Smit – Audiomatic!! 🙂

  30. Since I first heard Audiomatic I have been waiting for the day that he comes to SA to rock my socks, cannot wait for him to rip shit up this years Love & Lights! 😀

  31. Jo-Anne Wells 🙂 Ace Ventura!

  32. Extremely amped to finally see Ace Ventura live!!!!!

  33. Ave Ventura, who else :p trance to make her dance

  34. It would have to be ACE VENTURA! 🙂

  35. Ace ventura “its hot in this Rhino”. let me go to the outdoor of the year! xx

  36. Definitely Ace Ventura!

  37. Daphne Dinur I CANNOT WAIT to see Ace Ventura!

  38. ACE VENTURA!!!!!
    This is going to be such a beautiful party with beautiful people! Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Make my dresm come true? Help me win a ticket? <3 😀

  39. horrAAAAAAAAA it’s that colourful bouncy time again.

    Very keen on Ace Ventura (but seen him a few times) SO am particularly keen to hear Rocky box eargasms into my soul.

    Future great acts could be; Day.Din & Bubble

  40. Ace Venturaaaaaaa:)

  41. Ace Ventura – Cannot wait!

  42. Ace Ventura… the king. He is going to lift the roof off of our heads.

  43. Ace Ventura of course!!!

  44. ROCKY – Without a smidgen of a doubt!

  45. Easy Riders


    What a guy!!

    Please make my b-day the perfect one ever with free b-day tickets :);):)

  47. Most definitely ACE VENTURA!

  48. AUDIOMATIC!!!!!!!

  49. ACE VENTURA, suuuuuurely.

  50. Ace Ventura!! By the way it’s my bday on the 20th, would be an awesome bday gift to win tickets!! Hint hint! 😉

  51. ACE VENTURA rocks my world, i can’t wait to be a part of this magical event.

  52. Ace ventura

  53. Rachel Cummins

    Ace Ventura – yeeeeow!

    Ooh, this party gets me going. Can’t wait! 😀

  54. Audiomatc! First time playing here WOW hew going to show everyone how its done! Dr lupo!!!

  55. I can’t wait too see none other than ACE VENTURA 😀

    Super amped, see ya’ll there 🙂


  57. Ace Ventura

  58. ACE VENTURA ♡♡ this would b the perfect birthday present …love&light 2014…
    Fingers crossed.


  60. I would like to see BERG, but can’t wait for Audiomatic.

  61. ACE VENTURA PSY DETECTIVE! 😀 too keen for a Love and Light, only ever heard good things and am yet to attend one!

  62. Ace Ventura Definitely – waiting in anticipation!!

    PS I don’t use twitter 🙁

  63. Easy riders!

  64. AUDIOMATIC 😀 😀 rock my world <3

  65. ACE VENTURA.. I need to be stomping to his magical sounds <3

  66. I cannot wait to see ace ventura! unfortunately i cant afford love and light this year so winning a ticket would be my only chance to experience such an amazing party 🙂 please pick me

    <3 <3 sending love and light

  67. Ace Ventura baby!!!!
    Can not wait for this party!!

  68. ACE VENTURA PLEASEEE!!! can’t wait to be part of this awesome positive energy. Peace.

  69. I want Ace Ventura #inmymouth

  70. Ace Ventura …
    Welcome back Ace , keen for his beats smack in my face!! X

  71. WOW how can I choose one act? I will be there the entire day for everything, but if I had to choose….. Easy Riders! (2 for 1 :D)

  72. Missed Ace Ventura every time he’s been down in the cape. But not this time!

  73. Ace ventura!

  74. Ace Ventura!

  75. ACE VENTURA! Will be blowing our minds

    Skit Skit 😛

  77. Ace ventura 😀 p.l.u.r.

  78. Ace Ventura 😀

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