Win Tickets To Goldfish Submerged Sundays Presented by Cell C

The biggest party of the Summer in Cape Town is back! Submerged Sundays launches on the 8th December and runs for 8 Sundays.

Presented by Cell C, Goldfish are proud to announce their residency at the world class Shimmy’s Beach Club. #submergedsundays.

Support Acts:

Shaun Duvet
Anthea Scholtz
Miss Pickett

Advance ticket purchase have direct access – avoid the queues!

Times: 3pm-3am.

Special Guests 7pm

Goldfish Set begins at 8:30 pm with special guest live acts and Top dj’s each week to keep the party rocking til the morning light (or at least 3am…)!

Competition time:

We have got two DOUBLE tickets to give away to Goldfish Submerged Sundays. You don’t want to miss the second last Submerged Sunday of the season do you?

We need you to do the following for us:

1.) Click JOIN on the Facebook event page: (click here)
2.) LIKE this post!
3.) Comment below with your favourite GOLDFISH track.

Winners will be announced tomorrow!


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  1. Lauren says:

    Sold my soul!

  2. luke says:

    Keen to jam to Three second memory!!!! :):):)

  3. Shannon Smith says:

    Fort Knox. <3

  4. Angelique says:

    Get busy living

  5. Xzaan Sias says:

    Get Busy Living!

  6. Katya says:

    All Night ^_^

  7. Gabriella Cerqueira says:

    Three Second Memory

  8. Neil Basson says:

    When WE COME TOGETHER (at Shimmy Beach Club)….No Matter The Weather… We Gonna Love Each Other Till The END OF TIME!!!

  9. Annelize Daniels says:

    One Million Views…..At Shimmy Beach Club you can definetely enjoy enjoy a plethora of views from the Mother City.

    Submerged Sundays ft. Goldfish ROCKS!!!!

  10. Ashlea says:

    One million views

  11. Kirsty Wilkins says:

    Soundtracks and Comebacks

  12. Dylan James says:

    We come together

  13. Mieska Arendorf says:

    <3Get busy living \m/

  14. Cass says:

    Cruising Through, inside my earholes NOW!!!

  15. Jenna Le Mottee says:

    That’s a tough decision! But must be SOUNDTRACKS AND COMEBACKS!

    Such happy vibes and the best music video :D

  16. Logan Appollis says:

    Three Second Memory !!

  17. Michelle Lee says:

    We come together!!!!

  18. Karma says:

    Get Busy Living !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to JOL :)

  19. Alishia says:

    We come together =)

  20. Liesle Brandt says:

    lovelovelove Soundtracks & Comebacks. Definitely my feel good song.

  21. Tendani Mulaudzi says:

    Are You Lulu takes me to my happy place :)

  22. Sarah says:

    One Million Views :D

  23. Christine Speck says:

    Fort Knox!!!!

  24. Ricky Moss says:

    Get Busy Living! This Sunday is gong to be epic!

  25. David Metcalf says:

    Soundtracks and Comebacks!

  26. Treasure Mohoje says:

    One Million Views

  27. Ashlea forgiarini says:

    One million views

  28. Roxanne Botman says:

    All Night – Caught in the Loop. Happy vibes

  29. saskia schubert says:

    Get Busy Living :)

  30. Sach says:

    Get Busy Liiiviiiing!!! Sundays is going to be AMAZE!


    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <

  31. Heidi says:

    Get Busy Living always, and of course 1 million views ;)

  32. Storm Manson says:

    Hold Tight!

    This track gets me started every morning!

  33. Chrisna says:

    One million Views. Such a nice Summer song

  34. Nasim Moosa says:

    three second memory

  35. Kavish Visram says:

    Soundtracks and Comebacks

  36. Hilary Schroder says:

    We come together

  37. Matt Litkie says:

    take back tomorrow its a beastly track

  38. Basheera Hartley says:

    3 second memory!

  39. Andre van Niekerk says:

    We come Together!! …awesome track!!

  40. Amy Dudley says:

    Moonwalk away

  41. Stacy Dale says:

    Get Busy Living :D

  42. Cheryl says:

    3second memory… I totally love that track it’s even my ringtone :D

  43. Candice Lewis says:

    Take back tomorrow :)

  44. Lyle Hendricks says:

    ALL OF THEM…but if forced to choose only one, then it would…umm…be… One million views :)

  45. Abdullah Fakier says:

    We come together!!!

  46. Nusrah Ismail says:

    Get busy living!!

  47. Kreg says:

    Well done to the following for winning the double tickets:

    Ricky Moss
    Matt Litkie

    Please take your ID along.

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