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Win Tickets To Easter Vortex 2012


A Psychedelic Trance Journey over 4 days & 3 nights…

PRE-SOLD TICKETS: R 350 includes booking fee @ Listed Outlets
Online….R 370 includes booking fee

These tickets are valid for full 6 day Camping & Party experience.
From 12 Noon Thurs 5th till 12 Noon Tues 10th April 2012. Shaded camping for every tent, a beautiful swimming river, mountain views & free flush toilets, hot-showers & drinking water.

Ska…161 Long St, Cape Town………………….……………………..…..021 426 5025
Ska….Main Rd, Kalk Bay ……………………..……………………..………..021 788 7437
Ska….Lower Main Rd, Observatory…………………………………..……021 447 6014
Ska… Cavendish Link, Claremont……………..……………………..…….021 671 1367
Gypsy……147 Dorp St, Stellenbosch…………..……………………..…..021 886 7157
Gypsy…….Cnr Wellington & Chenoworth, Durbanville………………021 976 2604
Call-A-Pizza……after 5pm….Sea Point..(Extra booking fee)…….. 021 434 0818
Ashanti Travel Centre…….Hof St, Cape Town………………….……..021 424 4016
Wild Fire Body Piercing Clinic…….Canal Walk………………….…….021 552 8929
Skint….. Long Beach Mall………………….……………………..………….021 785 7777
Crêperie & Coffee Stop….The Boardroom, 37 Victoria Rd………..021 790 8132
Postnet………………Eden on the Bay…………………..………………….021 554 2755
Old Skool Tattoos……..Main Rd, Somerset West………………….…071 3455096
Funky Vibes………..145 Main Rd, Hermanus…………………………..028 312 1446
Other World Tattoo….Oude Fabriek, Knysna………………….……..082 514 7648
ONLINE: - R 370 includes booking fee

WEEKEND TICKET – (From 12pm Thursday) – R 380
THREE DAY TICKET – (From 4pm Saturday) – R 320
TWO DAY TICKET – (From 4pm Sunday) – R 240
MONDAY TICKET – (From 8am Monday) – R 150

The First Stone / Burn in Noise / Swarup’s Brain / Logica / Nevermind / Altruism / Zumbi / Thatha / Creator / Jay OM / Anestetic / Lox / Connecto / K-Jos / Deleriant / Luna / Bruce / Magnus Corona / Mark / Dillan M / Killer B / Rubix Qube / Silo / ConsystemC / ControverC / Tune Raider / Chemogen / Killawatt / REcreate / BnX (Berns vs Xueno) / PsyDstep / Sub + traKt / Wyndham & TanJAH & Special Guests…

THE LOCATION: “Circle of Dreams” Riviersonderend
GPS 34*08’16.27”S 19*59’43.14”E
Nestled between a river and the mountains is a sacred forest which creates a magical festival space, perfect for multiple days of psychedelic adventure. Over the last year we have been growing this trance paradise where our main goal is to provide you with a better & more comfortable place to party.

The unique forest camping allows you to camp with your car and tent in full shade. Our aim is to create a symbiosis of dance, art and psychedelic, unified experiences in an enchanting environment.

DIRECTIONS Venue is 170 km’s from Cape Town & 260 km from George. Take the N2 past Caledon to Riviersonderend. Go through Riviersonderend. Travel 7 km’s out of town & turn left at DR1306

INFO-LINE: (021) 531 2173 EMAIL:

The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings resulting from any cause whatsoever. Due care has been taken to make this event safe & secure. Participation at event is entirely at your own risk. RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED!

THE FIRST STONE…was born out of the joining efforts of producer Gustavo Manfroni (aka Burn in Noise), DJ Swarup (organizer from Universo Paralello Festival), and the DJ and percussionist Zumbi.

The inspiration behind The First Stone lies in the lights and colors of the hippie movement from the late 60s and early 70s and primitive elements of Brazilian culture. Its vigorous and colorful sounds h…ave made The First Stone one of the leading projects in the present Brazilian trance scene and their live presentations are marked by intense response from the dancefloor.

BURN IN NOISE…Gustavo Manfroni was brought up dedicating his time and interest completely to music. He’s been playing the guitar since his early days. He played in 2 rock bands, up to the day when, during a trip to London, got in touch with the psychedelic trance music. The interest in electronic music grew fast and, in the end of 1999, started buying softwares for producing music.

He has gained recognition as one of the top live acts over the past few years. With performances at festivals across the globe, (e.g. Goa (India), Ozora Festival (Hungary), Boom Festival (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Ultramusic Festival (Russia), Fusion Festival (Germany), Vuuv Festival (Germany), Sonica Festival (Italy), FullMoon Festival (Germany), Aurora Festival (Greece), Paradise Festival (Austria), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival (Germany), Glade Festival (UK), Maitreya Festival (Australia) etc…), and more than 100 releases on labels worldwide, Gustavo has honed his style into dancefloor perfection.

With an individual style focusing on strong warm basslines and textured, psychedelic leads that demand your attention, it breaks away from the standard full-on, representing a new, fresh direction in dancefloor music. Already with two acclaimed albums, ‘Broken MP3’, released on Brazilian label Vagalume Records in 2005, and his storming second album, ‘Passing Clouds’, released on Alchemy Records in 2008, Burn in Noise is working on his new Album, to be released in 2012.

In 2009 he had 2 nominations (best artist and best track) on the biggest selling music portal, Beatport Awards. The track “Transparent” of his “Passing Clouds” Album was one of the 3 most selling tracks in the whole year of 2008 at Psytrance Section on Beatport. Gustavo together with Swarup and Zumbi, released the self-titled artist album “The First Stone” in January 2006 and their second album early 2010.

In 2009 He joined forces with Dickster (Green Nuns of the Revolution, AMD), to form a new live act called “Circuit Breakers”. With already 2 top selling EPs “Brazinglish” “Overload” on Nano Records, you can expect for 2011 much more to come from the duo.
Burn in Noise 2011 World Tour included countries like: Brazil, India, Australia, USA, México, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Argentina, Chile, Montenegro, Greece etc…

ALTRUISM LIVE / DJ THATHA…had her first contact with Psytrance in 2000, which made her very interested in working as a Dj. At the end of 2002, she began her career mixing vinyl records, and attending the alternative scene in Brazil, has identified herself even more with Psytrance and decided to turn into a professional Dj.

Thatha has a psychedelic and sophisticated style, adapting herself perfectly to the dancefloor, never losing her concise base in the underground. With an outstanding technique, her music is full of rhythm, lightness and charm.

She produced tracks with renowned Brazilian artist Burn in Noise. Two are in his second artist album “Passing Clouds”, one released at Utopia Records and the much acclaimed track “Pink Noise” released on an EP by Vagalume Records. With this experience, Thatha dedicated herself in her own productions and now makes her solo live act called “Altruism.”

In July 2010 Thatha launched her first compilation, Magic Mirror, by Vagalume Records, which includes three Tracks of her Altruism project. Magic Mirror was one of the most selling CDs, staying in the Top 10 BeatPort for consecutive weeks.

Thatha has performed at many partys, clubs and festivals around the world such as Vuuv Festival (Germany), Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Sonica Festival (Montenegro), Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Ultra Music Festival (Russia), Universo Paralello (Brasil), Monte Mapu Festival (Chile), Trancendence Festival (Brasil), etc

With a great feeling and very psychedelic music, Thamara Cruz, has become a highlight in the Psytrance World scene.

Jay OM — Journey (Jay OM / Omsphere / Crocodile Rangers / Star~Trip) is the psychedelic solo project of, Milan born but now London based, Giampiero ‘Jay’ Mastino, label manager of Free-Spirit Records. Jay forged his earliest psychedelic-rock influences playing guitar in local bars in Milan.

His romance with the decks began in the late 80′s whilst working for a local radio station where he was given the opportunity to spin his first record. This love firmly in place the move to London followed in 1998. Soon thereafter he started djing professionally as Jay OM and in 2003 he studied Sound Engineering and Music Technology and began a solo production project under the name Journey and another collaborative project called Star~Trip. In 2004, Jay conceived the vision of a network of like-minded artists in the psy-trance, progressive and ambient genres, all working to promote themselves and each other under one banner.

Thus the Free-Spirit label was born… originally intended to focus on artist management, the label’s skyrocketing success combined with the enthusiasm of Jay, the artists and fans enabled Free-Spirit to outgrow its horizons. Following several successful compilation releases, Journey released his first EP in 2008 and his first solo album, The Man who Sold the Time, on Free-Spirit Records in January 2009, followed by a teaser EP, The Ripple Effect Part I, in July 2010 and has recently completed working on his second album, Through the Mirror, to be released in September 2011. Journey has also released numerous tracks on several other international labels and also has numerous releases under his other projects.

Jay has been rocking the crowds at many of the biggest venues internationally as well as outdoor parties and festivals in the UK, Europe, Brazil and South Africa under his various projects including Boom Festival, Universo Paralello, Origin Festival, Fora do Tempo Festival, Aurora Festival, Vortex Festival, Boomerang Festival, Psionic Visions Festival, Sonica Festival, Samsara Festival, Life Celebration Festival and many more… Jay also began producing progressive under the name Omsphere in 2009 and has a further psychedelic collaborative project with Ralph K (Braincell/Solar Spectrum/Rastaliens) called Crocodile Rangers.

Today, Jay’s reputation as an active, involved, and hard working individual in the global trance circuit precedes him. His commitment and enthusiasm for trance music has left an indelible impression on the world scene already and Jay’s future has never looked brighter, from his burgeoningly successful record label to his organized events to his upcoming solo releases. Jay works tirelessly at his art and trade and the music he brings to the masses exemplifies the fruits of his labour and energy.

Spend the Weekend in comfort & style in The Healing Holidays Tipi’s @ Easter Festival. Cost…R350 p/p for couples or R200 p/p sharing Per night, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. The Tipi’s are also available all year round for a truly exotic & unique private camping experience on the Riviersonderend River at the Circle of Dreams. Bookings: Phillipe: Tel;0236142901

The venue is open throughout the year for camping & small functions, birthdays, etc. When there is a festival, should you wish to arrive before or stay longer, you may camp @ R50 per person per day. Bookings & full festival tickets required: tel. 021 531 2173

A totally private Western Cape Natural Wild-life Sanctuary. A tranquil hideaway in an environment of unsurpassed natural beauty, where breathtaking vistas and a sense of openness are achieved in an uncompromised environment. This bush camp allows you the opportunity to reconnect with nature and embrace a lifestyle in harmony with the natural environment. Comfortable self-catering, wooden tented camp on the banks of Jongenskloof River. Natural water pool at the house.

Bookings: Tel. 021 531 2173 Cell: +27 (0) 72 200 1077

WEEKEND TICKET – (From 12pm Thursday) – R 380
THREE DAY TICKET – (From 4pm Saturday) – R 320
TWO DAY TICKET – (From 4pm Sunday) – R 240
MONDAY TICKET – (From 8am Monday) – R 150

 Competition Time:

We have been given one ticket to give away to the Vortex Easter Weekend…

Comment below and tell us why you deserve to go to Easter Vortex courtesy of MyCityBynight

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Winners announced on the  3rd of April.



  1. Because i will be the first one on the dance floor StOMPING and the last to be dragged off.

  2. becauseeeeee it was my birthday on human rights day and i have never been to a trance party before! Hells yes! I want to stomp it out!

  3. I deserve it because I will be the one wearing a Stormtroopers helmet :) All hail the EmPIRE!

  4. Iv Never been to any form of trance weekend getaway and think its about time i did! :D From what iv heard Vortex is one of the and if not THE best party to be at…what better way to experience trance for the first time!? I cant think of any!! Help a broke oke out here please MCBN!!

  5. ive heard rumours of a rare Trance type pokemon by the name of STOMPER lurking around the dancefloor of the river without end.
    so i really deserve this ticket to finally have a dance battle with this rare pokemon and catch it!
    then ill obtain the Prestige level of POKEMON MASTER!
    courtesy of MYCITYBYNIGHT :)


  6. It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND :) 04/04

  7. Cause after a shit year with min cash i could use a sick non stop stomp that will leave a trail of dust on the dance floor that will still be there well after my presence has left the dance floor

  8. Firstly it’s my best friends birthday. secondly my other best friend is here from Scotland just for the event and i think cape town needs to show her a dandy time. thirdly i am a student and will be eating out of bins for the remainder of the month if you don’t spare me this ticket. fourthly EASTER VORTEX was my first party and it got me hooked -definitely the most loyal customer they have ;) and lastly everybody knows that i will be front right for the 3 days straight having the most epic time of my life at the most ridiculous party of the season. CAPE TOWN. PEACE, LOVE, TRANCE.

  9. BECAUSE i have never been to a vortex party and am desperate to go lose my mind and soul stomping on the dancefloor and having a blast!!pleeease i want it too badly !

  10. I just want to meet and be around people that are at an awesome mini get away, away from reality and that aren’t pretencious. In todays society there are so many stuck up people. At least at vortex you’re there for the love of the music and the vibe! Bring on happiness!!

  11. it would make my trip to mecca somewhat cheaper :)

  12. Because Psy is my life! and there is nothing better than a priceless trip through the VoiD!

  13. Okay so not gonna lie I really wanna go.. Like in beg borrow steal and what not to go to thos epic weekend of stomping madness. But.. No cash so please choose me cuz I will so appreciate it. I will even have “mycitybynight got me here” painted on my body/t-shirt/anything or stand on my head or anything. And its better than anything I actually have to do that weekend.

    (Stare at you uncomfortably until you give in and announce me the winner)

  14. Okay so not gonna lie I really wanna go.. Like in beg borrow steal and what not to go to thos epic weekend of stomping madness. But.. No cash so please choose me cuz I will so appreciate it. I will even have “mycitybynight got me here” painted on my body/t-shirt or stand on my head or anything. And its better than any plans I actually have that weekend or ever!

    (Stare at you uncomfortably until you give in and announce me the winner)

  15. we are all deserving, each one of us.
    But i want it more.

  16. I need to let me hair down and put my arms up and dance like there is no tomorrow!

  17. Well considering how much fun and how FUCKED UP I was last year, I would like to do it all over again! Oh and if i recall i represented mycitybynight last year so give me another T-shirt and ill do it again!

  18. The ritual takes place annually (donations to the cause are welcome): I will cruxify myself on friday, submerging my spirit within the vortex…where I will greet the pagan delights of bunny stomping madness and tomfoolery, following the white rabbit into a weekend of debauchery in a wonderland that would put Carroll’s imagination to shame. Then, like all good easter vortex devotees, I shall resurrect that unholy spirit on the third day, back into the world of order and routine…ready to stock up reserves to do it all again next year. YES, u know u want to give me that ticket!

  19. I should get that ticket because I want to Burn in Noise, stop myself from being Logica(l)for a weekend and be a Creator in making this festival insanely epic! People will be trying to REcreate this festival for years after but obviously won’t succeed… but Nevermind about them, let’s create ControverC! (Please)Give me the ticket and Mark my words, I will join everyone in letting the music take over and moving on the dance floor, Thatha for now ;)

  20. its my friends birthday and she is one of my best friends and she really wants all of us friends to be there so im really trying to get there to make her happy and enjoy her birthday with her. also i have never been to a trance party and i have always wanted to go really badly and i really want easter vortex to be my first :) please please please this will mean so so much to me :) xx

  21. I deserve this madness, because I’m a creature from another dimension and if I find no proof that there is a real dance culture on this planet, then I’ll destroy Earth in 2012; as the Mayans predicted.

    So save the planet and give me the ticket.

  22. It’s been 4 years since my last outdoor party and before that you could get me away from one, let alone easter or new years vortex.
    Life happens and you have new priorities. Now the obligations are through its time to revive the psycho stomper, so PLEASE HOOK ME UP!!!

  23. I have no clue why I deserve this ticket. But i write here in hope that you have a clue? haha! eish I deserve this ticket ok dammit :)

  24. I need to feel the mud in my toes
    the sun on my face
    the music in my soul
    the beautiful energies in my heart
    and the love run through my veins.
    I NEED this as my first trance party of the year!

    Your cell phone
    Your wallet
    Your time
    Your ideas
    No barcode
    No party
    No id
    No beers
    Your bankcard
    Your license
    … Your thoughts
    Your fears
    No simcard
    No disco
    No photo
    Not here
    Your blood
    Your sweat
    Your passions
    Your regrets
    Your office
    Your time off
    Your fashion
    Your sex
    Your pills
    Your grass
    Your tits
    Your ass.
    Your laughs
    Your bones
    We want it all
    WE WANT YOUR SOUL MyCityByNnight

  25. HELLS YEA!

  26. I read a few of these motivational requests, they’re pretty good. I honestly doubt i’m gonna win this thing – especially on the basis of a motivation that tops these others. The truth is, i just really want to go to this party. So, please can i have a free ticket :) Hey, at least my reasoning was honest.

  27. PLEASE PLEASE !!!! i have never won anything in my life and if i get a free ticket i can use my money to buy my mom her own ticket so we can rock the part together :) ! i will even make and wear a rabbit suit .


  28. ahhhhhh so my first term of college ends on friday and i’ve been working so effing hard and i’ve been so broke that i haven’t been able to go to any trance parties since new years rezonance which is ABNORMAL for me because stomping is my happy place that i need to keep me sane so one can imagine how insane I’m going and if i go insane i might just start running around cape town like a crazy person so to spare yourselves the disturbance i think it would be wise to gift me with the ticket and i will also gift all of you by sharing my love, positive vibes and pap sack down your throats :) i never win anything and would really appreciate winning this ticket. PLEASE :D thank youu.

  29. I deserve this ticket ….. because last time i went to a Vortex I was 18yrs old…. I arrived as a conservative school girl and left as a free love hippy …. I need to get back to find my mind ;P

  30. i should win this ticket as i only leave foot prints behind and big holes from hard stomping :) as well as stomp to the fullest and also because i just really want to go :):)

  31. I would like to take this opportunity if i win to give my ticket to my best friend who introduced me trance parties many moons ago.It was Earthdance 09 and since then we’ve stomped many a late night,many a sunrise ,meeting strangers who became friends on this journey to the stars.And as she embarks on a new life in London,where an avid earth child and stomper she is will not get to enjoy the mud between her toes while waking up to the sounds of trance in majestic locations,instead be confined to cramped tubes,cold & rainy days.So MCBN ,help me,help a friend to ensure its a send off party of note.

  32. Easter vortex was my first trance party 2 years ago and it was so amazing that I was hooked! I’ve just started studying engineering and have NO time! this will be my last chance for the season to have a well deserved STOMP! I’d really appreciate these tickets, you have no idea!

  33. Would be a awesome break over the easter weekend to get away and seeing that it’s uni’s one week holiday, it would just top off my week holiday by ending it off with a GREAT trance party before workload gets too hectic again! It will be my third Vortex, absolutely loving it! All my friends are going and amped to be spending time in nature! MyCityBynight would be my cherry on top :D

  34. Why i deserve to go?
    Because i love to trance,
    And if i get this ticket, my happiness shall enhance.
    Please mycitybynight help me to advance,
    So that i can go to vortex, and then around can prance :)

  35. Because I grew up in washington dc listening to nothing minor threat and black flag and really have no idea what trance parties are about, but im tryin to figure it out!

  36. because Easter aint complete without a stomping bunny throwing around delectable Easter treats…….

  37. I deserve this ticket because my family is Jewish (ish) and there will be no Easter celebrations for me. :(


  38. I neeeeeeeeed this ticket. Coming all the way from Jozi (saved up for this trip) to experience some Cape Town vibes. No better way than to stomp the ground to it’s last breath.

  39. Send me to this thing! Coz once you throw me in the middle of that floor in the height of the party- it will just catch fire and level up straight away! I am amazing at putting smiles on faces and getting people to let loose like theres no tomorrow! Party! Throw me in – i’ll show you! See you there ;)

  40. I would love to go and surprise my son at this event.
    I have only been to outdoors when i was younger, and all this hype of the splendid Vortex is getting my bones feeling young. Please give me a ticket as i will then take it as a symbol from above that i was meant to loose it that weekend!

    Even the eccentric tagline gets me so intrigued:


  41. I feel like driving my feet into that ground until i get blisters.
    Im no hippie but I sure am a trooper!
    Hook me up MyCityByNight! make my day (or night)

    ^^^^ *a feint lonely laugh giggles in the background at his corny jokes (or should i say, suck up)

  42. I deserve to win a ticket to Easter Vortex because I am a new Trance bunny who loves to stomp! I flew to Cape Town purposefully to attend my first ever Trance party a month ago, which was the amazing and wonderful Masqued Ball experience :) since then I have longed for the vibe of a Trance party, in which every element gathers for the purpose of having fun! The people are always smiling, the music vibrates in every person, tree and in the very ground upon which we all stomp! I can think of no better way of continueing my journey into the world of Cape Town trance parties than to attend the epic Easter Vortex! :) I’ve already flown down, and sit with baited breath, the announcement of the very lucky fishy who wins the ticket! Please, oh please, be me! :) I’d be forever grateful, and wear the biggest grin that you ever did see!

  43. what better way to spend the long weekend than at the biggest, craziest festival out!
    I’m so keen to let loose and lose my mind
    I’m so excited to joll with whom ever i can find.
    i need rebix Qube to lift my spirit
    their music makes me happy when ever i hear it
    please MyCityByNight take me to this place of magic
    if I don’t win, it will be just tragic

  44. pleeeease pick me!

  45. -I don’t wear any Storm Troopers Helmets
    -I haven’t checked my bank balance
    -My year hasn’t been particularly shit
    -I’m not a Pokemon fan
    -It’s not my or my friend’s birthday weekend
    -I’m not a creature from another planet
    I’m not a bunny

    But, what I am is: super, super excited to experience this monumental party with my best mates, at one of the best outdoor-party venues (Circle of Dreams – let’s be honest…) listening to some of the best psy South Africa and Brazil have to offer!
    And you, MyCityByNight, are the ones that can fulfil my simple, but nevertheless heartfelt, desires!

  46. I believe that I deserve tickets to the VORT because i am HIGHLY UNEMPLOYED and SUPER BROKE but SERIOUSLY AMPED TO JOL!!!!!PLEEAASSEEE!!!

  47. 3 reasons why i deserve this golden prize :
    * Im going if i win this or not!
    * Been looking forward to a good psychedelic experience since..groovies:)
    * I would take pictures of my adventures throughout the easter weekend and then send them to you guys, would be rather amusing.

    Make my day??

  48. Gosh,I almost dont wanto say after all these great answers I see..

    I say because sometimes in life you get a free ride,not because you particularly deserve it,but because life is gracious and lends a hand to make sure you get exactly where u meant to be.On the weekend with lovely luscious lunar looming,witnessing our hopes and dreams expressed in a whirl of pulsing vibrations,someone will be looking up at her with a heart saying thankyou life for making this all possible.All in perfect ways and time,how do you get it so right..And then someone will feel led to inflict excess love on everyone in the vicinity..happy Easter weekend! x)

  49. Coz I’m really hot and I like to dance topless ;) but most of all i would really like to take my sister to experience the epic trance party vibez for the very first time as a gift for her b-day, i just know shes gona luv it!!

  50. I have never been to a festival before! I want to take my boyfriend and I for our 2 year anniversary! We both have never been to a festival, it would be the most amazing thing in the world if we won tickets for our first festival!

  51. I deserve it because im sad, down and out, please help…

  52. I deserve it because I’m all alone this easter weekend and need to get out to parrrty with some awesome peeps!

  53. I am sooo keen for Vortex, but as a student my budget is tight!
    So instead you give me a ticket and I give two boxes o chocolate Easter Eggs to a Childrens home of your choice :D win win!!! I want to partyyyyy, and the kiddies deserve candy :D

  54. I deserve to win courtesy of mycitybynight because I haven’t had a proper party since Masqued ball and I am itching for another reason to party again. I have also been really sick, as well as broke (student) so I would really love to go big this weekend. All my friends are going too:)

  55. I feel i deserve the ticket this amazing psychedelic extravaganza as i’m a student who puts majority of my time into my studies. It’s not often that a weekend comes around where i get to do what i love most, with the people i love most. I feel i bring a lot to the plate at parties, whether be it good banter, good laughs or ridiculous dance moves. Who needs the Easter bunny when you have Logica ;) Frothing like a rabid dog for this one…

  56. I deserve the ticket because I am the easter bunny. I Have not had a easter holiday in a while, but now that I have showed my son the ways to giving all the easter eggs out to the world, I have this weekend off.

    Help a bunny out.

  57. Last vortex was with my ex husband in 2000 even diconnected then, divorced and 3 kids and looking to reconnect with someone on the same level, party and rediscover things lost and once loved. Much love to whoever wins…xxx

  58. The winner is Sach.

    Please check your inbox!

  59. I think i deserve to win because as i work in the bar industry I dont have weekends off ST ALL and every outdoor party i hear abouts just gets me more down because i cant go! BUT my work has given me the ENTIRE easter weekend off and i cant think of anything better than spending those 4 crazy days with all my mates at easter voretx!!!!! please please pleeeeaaasseee i NEED this!!!!!

  60. Last vortex was with my ex husband in 2000 even diconnected then, divorced and 3 kids and looking to reconnect with someone on the same level, party and rediscover things lost and once loved. Much love to whoever wins…xxx

  61. Hiiiiigh guys – definitely deserve a ticket after last years stint….: arrived late sat evening & helped ‘lift guys’ setup their tent area, i muissioned to the df with 2beers and a box of fags……when i returned to the site where we setup at 03:00 there was NOTHING there, ‘lift guys’ we nowhere to be seen & i had left my booze,clothes,wallet,phone & food in their car – left standing in green construction pants & a wet white wifebeater…..still jolled HARD (random ppl kept supplying drink,smoke & dance offs), slept on the floor underneath the tent on the side of the dancefloor, got woken up by rain, freezing, hungry but still jolled whole of sunday, TILL monday morning…….where at this time I had to go borrow R20 from sum1 i hardly knew, bought 2 borrie rolls and while standing, swaying, starving at the back of the df stuffing my face, one of the ‘lift guys’ just starts laughing and asks “Where have you been?” WTF – go back to their car where my booze has all been drunk & phone dead! Eish…….EVEN after that experience of lone-ranging for almost 3 days I LOVED the CIRCLE of DREAMS – and really, really am keen to go. OH, another random bit of info, i challenged myself to give up alcohol for lent & have not yet had ONE SIP & on sunday morning, at sunrise, during SiLo’s set I imagine myself cracking open a cold one & reFresh my throat on easter sunday! (after pouring the first one all over me obviously) ;) come guys – Beer, at sunrise, after 40 days, during praise&worship, at the circle of dreams, all belongings intact………Ummm Beautiful!!!!!!!

  62. I deserve the tickets cos I am super awesome and am going to bring that super awesome vibe to the dance floor at vortex… Even in the rain and cold. Stomping up a super styling storm and sharing the love:-)

  63. I deserve it because I’m an astronaught and deserve to walk up the stairs to the stars and stomp alond with orion and his belt in the great constellations

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