Win Tickets To Earthdance Cape Town 2013!


17th annual Earthdance International Event


In support of Earthchild Project, Greenpop and other amazing local causes.

◊◊ NEW VENUE! ◊◊

Yes it’s true we have an amazing new venue and look forward to a reboot and a fresh approach as we grow Earthdance Cape Town to the next level.

◊◊ NEW STAGES ! ◊◊

This year’s theme is “Community”, and with that in mind we are focussing on as many artists and styles as we are able to, and present to you our newly re-modelled stages ::


A psychedelic dream space for you to party and commune with the best Psy beats from around the world.

◊Symbolic (Israel, Iboga / Nano)

◊DJ Beardy (UK, Wildthings)


◊Broken Toy




◊DJ Absynth


◊Gandalf Grey



◊Humerous vs Silo

◊Mad Piper


◊Sad Paradise

◊Sadhu Sensi



◊The Commercial Hippies


Bass and breaks, large and loud on the Redbull Sound System.

Curated by sSHADOWORKSs.

◊RudeOne (Science Frikshun)

◊Mr Green (Science Frikshun)

◊BenSon (Science Frikshun)



◊Bruce Willis??

◊DJ Tempo

◊Einstein Adonis

◊Enough Weapons

◊George Daniel



◊Jumping Back Slash

◊Kamashe vs Alxr


◊Rebel Clef vs Blotchy


◊Seafood ∆∆∆

◊Slab of Misuse

◊Twelv & Thesis

◊White Nite



Techno, Deep House and Wobbly Electronica.


◊Bam Beano





◊Ian Skene

◊Ivan Turanjanin

◊Kanan K7

◊Lady M

◊Michael Lesar

◊Lt Fizzer


◊R & R

◊Ryan Sullivan


◊Terrence Pearce



Empowering minds as we build a better community for all. Featuring workshops, panel discussions, movies, chill DJs, yoga, a healing space, the heart of the festival, where you can enrich your mind in between your dance floor sessions.

*Special Screening* : Electronic Awakening

Workshops, DJs, and Films to be announced in August


The funkiest tree loving chill spot!

All stages run from Friday night!

-◊-  TICKETS -◊- 

Online :


Outlets: R350

Online: R355

Gate: R390

SAT & Sunday

Outlets: R320

Online: R325

Gate: R350


Gate: R200

GreenPop: R450


Buy This ticket and you will be buying a tree from GreenPop. they will mail you your GP co-ordinates of where your tree will be planted.

-◊- OUTLETS -◊-

No credit cards accepted at outlets.

- Canal Walk: Shop 454, Surf Centre 021 -555 4970

- Cape Town CBD:

- Global Girl, Gardens Center 021- 4611756

- Subway, Buitengraght st 021 – 422 4974

- SKA, Long Street – 021 – 426 5025

- Hemporium, Long st – 021 – 4811853

- Claremont: Ska, Cavendish Link – 021 671 1367

- Hout Bay: Tada Creperie, Victoria RD: 021 – 790 8132

- Kalk Bay: Gypsy 021 – 788 6802

- Bayside: SKA 021- 5572468

- Noordhoek: Namaste,Noordhoek farm village: 021 789 1396

- Observatory:  Bohemian Lofts Backpackers, 41 Trill rd –     021 4476204

- Sea Point: Call-a-Pizza (after 5pm) 021 – 434 0818 (additional booking  fee)

- Somerset West: Old Skool Tattoos: 071 -345 5096

- Stellenbosch: Gypsy 021 – 886 7157

- Knysna : Other World Tatoos 082 5147648 (available end august)

- Online :


-◊-  VENUE -◊- 

Pronkies Holiday Farm, Piketberg

Gates open on Friday at 13:00


From Cape Town (150Km)

Take the N7 past Malmesbury.

Turn left at the 2nd Piketberg turn off, into Kerk St.

Follow Kerk St (becomes Kloof St).

At 2nd stop street turn Right onto Long St (R366), and head out of town.

At the end of town, turn right and follow the R366.

Approximately 18km on your right turn onto the dirt road.

**PLEASE SLOW down for the last Km as the turn off is at the bottom of a hill (and we want you to be safe)**

Follow the signs.


Please email us if you have booked accommodation as we are going to try and organise shuttles that can drive you to and from the event but in order to do this we need to know where and how many of you are staying in the surrounding area.


Since its inception in 1997, Earthdance has been held annually in over 500 locations in 80 countries with all events simultaneously joining together in the Prayer for Peace – a powerful moment of coherent intention.  Each public Earthdance events commit 50% of their door profits to charities addressing peace, sustainability, and social justice.

Earthdance Cape Town has donated close to 1.5 Million Rand over it’s existence, lets join together and show the rest of the world what our community is capable of!

-◊-  GET INVOLVED -◊- 

Have ideas, something to offer, want to participate, volunteer ?

Email :


Chill zones, camping, swimming, food stalls, bars, medical facilities, strong and friendly security, craft & clothing market, clean toilets and showers.

STRICTLY : NO GLASS -  NO FIRE – NO PETS – NO U18′s (ID on request), No independent sound systems, No illegal substances, No weapons. The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles, and belongings. This applies even to negligence by the organisers of any kind.

Entry is entirely at your own risk. Right of admission is reserved.


GoodTimes Events, Nano Records, Shadoworks, Earthchild, Greenpop, Redbull Studio


We have got 2 single FULL WEEKEND tickets for you awesome MyCityByNight fans.

Simply, we want you to comment below with your favourite Earthdance memory.
(If you have not been to Earthdance, tell us what you are most excited for this year?)

Like this post, share it on your wall on Facebook and tweet it to all your friends!

Winners will be announced on the 18th of September.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I have never been to Earth Dance, I want to take my boyfriend for his birthday and really excited to go to my first earthdance with him.

  2. Pippa says:

    This would be my firat earthdance.
    I am excited, just wanna stomp and have a jol with my mates

  3. christine Mentz says:

    I have never been to EarthDance before and I am desperado for tickets! I am most keen for the aqua flow dancefloor because deep house is my jam! The DJs are going to blow my mind.

  4. Simone Gerber says:

    This would be my very first Earthdance :)
    Most excited to be supporting the one and only Grimehouse as he makes his debut at Earthdance 2013!
    Would be the happiest girl alive if i won those tickets! ♡

    Please please!

    • Jodie Kallis says:

      The year was 2011…The place was the beautiful festival grounds at the Earthdance Festival, Saturday evening. Dusk was upon us and the light was fading fast, everything bathed in twilight. There was a crowd of people infront of the trance stage, stomping and dancing to the pulsating beats being spun by the dj on stage. Myself and my fiance needed a quick break from all the sweet craziness. We searched for a place to sit near the stage…and there it was.A field of flowers stretching as far as the eye could see. We ran toward it and as we approached, we could see the Stage strobe lights bouncing off the petals of the flowers. Pretty soon, we were sitting in the middle of the field, the sun setting in the distance, flowers in full bloom under the multicoloured lights all around us, with the bass and beats from the stage at full force, next to us. The moment was serene, magical and euphoric :)

  5. Earl Mulligan says:

    I’ve only ever been to one Earth Dance festival in 09…but it was so much fun,everything about the weekend from start to finish was epic…I remember dancing in the rain at 3am in the morning till the sun rose the sunday morning…was sick for dayz following but it was all worth it :D…dead keen to go back this year.

  6. Robbie Evans says:

    I haven’t been able to go the past few years as I’ve always had something on that I couldn’t get out of, however all my friends went and after seeing all the photos I couldn’t have been more jelous!

  7. Jade says:

    My favourite Earthdance memory is laying in the open field next to the main dance floor and just watching the phenomena that is Earthdance, people having the time of their lives coming together as one and just when you think you’re alone five other heads pop out of the grass all to witness the same thing hahahaha!!! Amazing, can’t wait for this year! Here’s to the new venue and new adventures! \\(“,)//

  8. amy taylor says:

    My first earthdance was last year… I will never forget the dust, the music, the magic and the people who were there with me (you know who you are)! So looking forward to this new venue, plus my birthday weekend – winning!

  9. Kathryn McSeveney says:

    Earthdance 2010:
    Having a laugh at two specialists (who I won’t name) sleeping on a path for most of Sunday, only to realise towards the end of the party that they are my friends…
    Looking forward to this one!! :)

  10. Kyle says:

    Far too many amazing memories have been made at this spectacular event. I will always remember the opening ceremony at ED 2011. It was my first party and it made an ever lasting impression on me.
    What is the value of that moment when you wake up from a couple of hours of sleep in the early hours of the morning to the sun peeking through the back drop of the main stage with Broken Toy shredding Nekkies to pieces! Priceless!
    Regan and Monique really know how to put something special together! Sad Paradise, Headroom, Broken Toy, Feedback, Gandalf Grey…the list goes on and on! Bring it on ED 2013! I think the whole of Cape Town will vouch for me when i say that we are waiting in great anticipation!

  11. Matt Towers says:

    Last year it was so cold my friend and i went and got warm in the car. when we finally got the courage to emerge we saw the fire poi happening and just sat down for 2 hours watching. Definitely made my first Earthdance awesome!

  12. Hishaam says:

    Walking towards the main dance floor and I get that feeling of euphoria, seeing all the happy stompers doing their thing and knowing that in a short few moments I’m going to be a part of that!

  13. Marijke says:

    At Earthdance 2010 my friend and I had had enough of the music they were playing at the electro stage. We were about halfway back to our tent when I heard my favorite song ever. I grabbed her hand and started sprinting back to the stage. While I was running down to get as close as possible to the stage I was suddenly stopped and thrown back by a mysterious force. Upon further inspection the “mysterious force” turned out to be a cable pegging down one of the marquee’s.

    Later that night as I tried to reenact what happened, under the influence, I ended up losing my glasses (spectacles) in the field. My friends and I got down on all fours patting the ground and using the on and off strobe light to find them. When my glasses finally appeared they seemed to be missing an arm. This all happened on the Friday night. I spent the rest of that weekend walking, more like skipping and dancing, around with a large stripe-like bruise on my stomach and glasses that were held together by stickytape and plasters.

    It was the most amazing weekend ever and I still start crying from laughter every time I think about what happened.

  14. Tess says:

    I work 9-5 my life is hectic and my world is silent, I want, no I need this trip to escape the real world……..Help me!

  15. Bianca Moksha Boshoff says:

    Earthdance was how I was introduced to outdoor festival and trance and I haven’t looked back.
    From me dancing away the day and night away, twisting my ankle, getting lost in the crowd, hugging the bunny decorations, new friends, bubble wrap jacket,laughter and smiles for days.
    Always have had the best memories and cannot wait to create more.PLUS finally have my birthday on a Sunday Funday.

  16. Mario says:

    As you can see at 2:19 in the video, I drunkenly raged pretty hard in my white hoodie. It was awesome. I don’t know what my favourite memory of it was, because I can’t remember much.

  17. Daniel Mellor says:

    I have been to two Earthdance events before, and both times I have had the best party experience yet, there is always awesome vibes and people! My favourite memory of Earthdance would have to be last year, sitting around the tents in the evening and one of my mates came out of no where with a bottle of vodka being very drunk and gullable a group of us managed to convince him that it was raining by squirting water on him, he still beleives to this day it was raining!:D good times:) and I used to go camping when I was younger to this new venue, its amazing! would love to experience Earthdance here so pleease pick me!!:D

  18. Amber says:

    There are so many favourite memories from Earthdance.
    But I think two of my absolute favourites would have to be
    1) The Hyphen vs. SFR set in 2010 , which is still to this day the best set I have ever heard – and was playing just before the sun set on the saturday and it was all too beautiful.

    and 2) Would have to be about my dear friend Francis who decided to bring a 14 man tent up for himself. He then told a lot of people they could sleep in his tent. And us girls being girls and not wanting to set up our own tents jumped on the bandwagon. Let’s just say he woke up on the Sunday to at least 16 girls , many of them who he didnt even know , just piled in his tent. And it was brilliant.

  19. Rachel Cummins says:

    Earthdance happens to hold a pretty special place in my heart.
    Being the very first trance party I had ever been to, it was the perfect introduction to the incredible community of the outdoor scene. That weekend at Earthdance, back in 2011, was filled with so many new experiences for me. The venue and décor absolutely blew my mind! All those glowing trees and tall creatures that emerged from the crowd. The peace prayer which I had heard so much about, was so beautifully done. The incredible music, a genre I had previously judged, made me bounce non-stop. I ended up running around a muddy marsh land, with flowers in my hair, getting soaking wet but filling my heart with so much joy. I met so many new, crazy, interesting, inspiring people; and made the most incredible memories with some of my closest friends.
    It truly was a magical experience for me. Just as last year’s party was. And just as this year’s party will be :)

  20. liza says:

    Memorable moment at the first Cape Town Earthdance:

    When my now husband was stopped by 3 cops in the venue to search his pockets.

    It was dark, raining and muddy. The cop found what at first glance looked like a cut off finger, rolled up in a slightly bloody serviette. Things became quite tense as everyone formed a circle and the cops shone their torches on the suspicious looking object. BF in the middle. We all stood back as the main cop carefully unrolled it…

    It was the last crust of the falafel that he didn’t want to chuck on the ground, so put it nicely back in his pocket. We all, cops included, had a little giggle and continued to have the best outdoor party.

  21. Jan Binder says:

    Well this could be quite embarrassing but here it goes . Earthdance 2012 , after a night of not sleeping i found myself in a tent , decided to close my eyes for a bit . A few of my mates were standing around the Tent , One of them opened the tent cover after a few hours of me being in their and shouted ‘Wtf’ are you doing ! Turns out i thought i was getting lucky with some girl , meanwhile it was the sleep deprivation that took control of me , and yes indeed , it was just me and a pillow inside the tent . Haha hope this story will let me win these 2 tickets , so i can go on yet another mind-blowing experience . haha

  22. Cameron says:

    Last year earthdance was my first trance party ever. All it took was that earthdance to get me hooked on this crazy, insane, lovable genre of music! Haven’t stopped listening to and downloading and on the odd occasion play a few sets here and there. Swing the ticjets this way please. Im keen as a bean for another!!!!

  23. Tarryn says:

    My most memorable moment was when earthdance was hit by gale force winds and i had to dismantle my 8 man tent by myself, shoving everything into my car. in the end only the drivers seat was open.

    after all that, i sat in the safety of my car where nothing was moving and watched as other tents blew away in the distance.

    Awesome earthdance.

  24. Justin says:

    This will be my first Earthdance. The theme this year is awesome i.e. Community. Its not just a trance party, but rather an event to bring together the community of electronic music lovers.

    There’s a bit of everything for everyone, so it’s going to be awesome to be able to stomp for a few hours, then go jam to some bass music, then go stomp again etc. all the while interacting with the people from the various “subcultures” (for lack of a better term) in electronica.

    I know its going to be one love, good vibes and happy people all around and I really really really need to be there to experience it and to contribute to it.

    Peace :D

  25. Bianca says:

    It is quiet sad to admit but yes I have never been to Earthdance! In fact I have never been to an outdoor trans festival :( so I’m desperately hoping Eartdance will not only be my first trans festival but also be my first festival I have won tickets to hehe :) I’m most exited for the memories people make because I have some crazy ass stories but I’m also keen for the insane props, stage design and location, there’s something trans festivals get right about this that no other event can :) please make my day :)

  26. benjamin says:

    i have never been to a earthdance i have been to every other event and this one happens to be next on my list. what am i most excited to experience is the amazballs line up for a start and the gees of earthdance i heer its like no other event so i would like to go and loose my mind for a weekend(not to badly tho,got to be some what responsible)… I REALLY WANT TO GO like seriously want to creat a new experience…..

  27. Conor Slemon says:

    Super amped for this years Earthdance solely for the RedBull stage! It’s my dream to go to a festival where the likes of SEAFOOD, Das Kapital, Sibot, Hawkword & Leechi – not to mention some of my favorite local DnB acts are playing through the night! Would be a dream come true to win some ticks!

    #localislekker #supporttheindustry

  28. Roy Oakley says:

    Ahhh let me see….
    Earthdance 2008 was my first Earthdance.
    I can’t really pick one of them to bring up!!
    But i can think of my favourite time in all of them, and that is the Prayer.. To be honest, I missed the first one :( but ever since then i have been witness to the beautiful feeling you get when you are one with every person at an Earthdance event! All 500 or so of them, linking together with the Earth.. The beauty that you witness in that time is probably the most memorable sight and feeling that someone could ever witness and be a part of!!
    Please allow me to fell this feeling once again, haven’t missed an Earthdance since ’08! But since this year it is right after my girlfriends birthday and our anniversary, I am starting to realise that i might miss my favourite time/festival of the year…

  29. Caitlyn says:

    Scrolling through the posts and I can’t believe this memory has not been told because earth dance 2011 was to be the “MESSIEST” party ever. Unlike earth dance 2012 that brought weather conditions of Alaska , 2011 was on the opposite side of mother natures temperature gauge. 35 degrees on the Sunday, the grass already stomped flat enough that the foot prints of all the lovely souls that celebrated earth dance that weekend.
    As many boytjies decide on Sundays , a plathora of water was brought to the floor in hope of cooling us down. The water came in big black bins and the ground become more and more muddy. By 1 o clock the vibe was kicking and so was the mud pool. This was no little mud pool that got your little twinkle toes wet or safe enough for the poppies to pose and pout for a photo with hash tag #OMGtrance . No this was mud that took the soul of every stomper. Come 5 o’clock we were all brown animals from face to feet . Some had dried brown marks in places that weren’t too pleasing for the tired eye.
    Honestly that memory of everyone being the same colour brown plus sun burnt lips was priceless. Brown avatar land . And never mind the look on people’s faces when the troops of people made their way in and out of the steers on the way home!

    So excited ❤

  30. Gadi says:

    I have had to miss Earthdance for like the lsat 3 or 4 years and unfortunately can’t pin-point an exact highlight of my last one :/ with that being said, if i win these tickets, i will make sure to create a new Earthdance memory that will beat every other earthdance memory you can possibly think of, and im not joking. haha let’s make this the party of the year! :)

  31. Matt Niemann says:

    Lighting up a fat doobie in the GreenPop tent around the craziest, most interesting people; one of whom accidentally sat on a passed-out-girl’s head!

  32. Kelly Carelse says:

    This is the 2nd earthdance I will be attending since 5years ago!
    Ill never forget my first earthdance in 2008, my older brother took me.. now in 2013 he will be playing at Earthdance!
    Better known as GRIMEHOUSE :)
    pick meee so I can show my support and go crazy on the dancefloor :)

  33. Monique Jooste says:

    Last year was my first Earthdance experience; a blissful one it was indeed!! I spent a year in Holland and this was my first reunion after I returned with two of my closest friends (practically family members) Wolfie and Hein. Expsytedly we packed the car – a tent, a sleeping bag, custom made ‘Urfdance’ caps, Brannewyn and Boerworsrolls; and hit the road. Well, hard to explain what exactly happened that weekend, but it was the most intense, content, nextlevel experience I’ve ever had in my life.
    MY LIFE.
    My feet couldn’t stop stomping and my mouth was curled up in a permanent grin. It was pure happiness.

    It built a solid beautiful friendship and I would appreciate it SO much if you would grant me the AMAZING oppurtunity to re-live that weekend with my familia. I just wanna jammmmmmm!!

    yespleasethankyousir!!!! ♥♥

  34. tremaine says:

    I’ve never been to Earthdance before so I’m literally looking forward to everything. The different stages, the music, the venue, camping, the general atmosphere, not sleeping for 3 days or at least waking up drunk, stomping till my feet bleed but most importantly I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with my mates. AMEN!

  35. Courtney says:

    Hey, I have never been to earthdance before but I would do anything to be at this one!
    I think I would be your best choice of a ticket winner! All my friends are planning to go (all because of me) and I would die if I had to watch them live my dream by going to EARTHDANCE 2013!! I’ve been on crutches for a while and I’m just looking for a great way to have some fun as soon as I get off! Since I’ve been on for quite a while I will be going all out, and what better way to have the time of my life at the best outdoor festival of the year!! Pick meeee!!! I need to be at this one, I know it will be one for the books <3 I love earthdance #EDCT2013 look out for my tweets @CourtneySRaoult

  36. Jade says:

    My fav memory is me n my friend decided to sit down in the middle of a whole mass of people in the middle of the night to just soak up everything. I will never forget this. All my senses were open n I fell inlove. ‘I want to live here” was all I kept saying to everyone I met. Euphoria is the best word to explain how I felt. A moment in my lifetime I’ll never forget.

  37. Simone Gerber says:

    Am I allowed to enter this competition twice? Haha
    This would be my second post – cause the truth is, im just that excited!
    Grimehouse tshirts and caps – check!

    This is my main excitement! GRIMEHOUSE debut at Earthdance – biggest smiles.

    Pick me MCBN! ♡

  38. Batman says:

    This would be me losing my EARTH DANCE VIRGINITY

  39. Shiv says:

    I have never been to Earthdance as every year something has been stopping me from going, whether it was boarding school in the eastern cape or in the most recent years-university tests. I have only heard beautiful things from the people who have been to Earthdance: the decor, the atmosphere, the music and the people. I would absolutely love a ticket that will be used to fully enjoy every single minute of the party! I am most excited to just have heaps of fun! and of course listen to mad piper :P

  40. Louise says:

    This is the year that i DONt want to miss!!! It is my amazing friends birthday the Sunday aNd i would LOOoOvE to stomp*relax*gocray*catchup*showlove* after a LOOOnG time of Being in an EARThDaNCe-LEsS SOUTH KOREA!!! Would be Insane <3 <3

  41. Juanita says:

    Ah best memory has to be losing my tent on the second night, spent hours looking for it. I ended up giving up and found the nearest big tent, crawled under it a little for warmth and slept like a baby. Woke up the next morning with a lovely human looking and me and offering me some breakfast. Ended up meeting one of my best friends. :) Please help a girl out with a ticket :)

  42. Megan says:

    I have never been to an Earthdance before but I’m dying to go! I want to experience my favourite music (trance) with the amazingly beautiful peope that are going. I most look forward to the music and meeting awesome new people and making lifelong friends! PLUS I want to plant a treeee and help Mother Nature out:) peace and love<3

  43. Julia Menezes says:

    I would love this opportunity as it serves as a platform of engagement and unity. Allowing the winner *hopefully me* to endure the adventure of EARTHDANCE.
    I have never been to Earthdance before but it feels like this is thee festival where i belong (but dont we all?).

    The concept of Earthdance is humbling and submissive. Henceforth, like me- a flawed human trying my utmost best to partake in union-like experiences. inviting others to glorify the majestic wonders on this planet Earth (fellow humans, fellow animals, mother nature) as we celebrate in an expression of dance, that being the Earthdance.
    PLEASE let this be my chance to share the love.

    Lets radiate together :)
    Love & Light xx

  44. Julia Joy says:

    I would love this opportunity as it serves as a platform of engagement and unity. Allowing the winner *hopefully me* to endure the adventure of EARTHDANCE. I have never been to Earthdance before but it feels like this is thee festival where i belong (but dont we all?). The concept of Earthdance is humbling and submissive. Henceforth, like me- a flawed human trying my utmost best to partake in union-like experiences. inviting others to glorify the majestic wonders on this planet Earth (fellow humans, fellow animals, mother nature) as we celebrate in an expression of dance, that being the Earthdance.

    PLEASE let this be my chance to share the love.

    Love & Light to all :) xx

  45. Nicola says:

    I have never been to Earthdance before and would love this opportunity to jam and stomp with my fellow stompers for a whole weekend!! I have only recently been to my first trance party ever #Sprung2013 and is was amazing!!! The way you just connect with everyone around you and just feel free!!

    I would love it if i could win this tickets and experience even more love in the air, feeling the beats just take over my body and becoming one with everything around me and just enjoying life to the fullest. This would be my first whole weekend of stomping and it would be amazing if you could make me the lucky winner of this amazing prize and give me the opportunity to become one with nature it self and feeling the ground move beneath my feet!!

    Give me the chance that I can say what was my best part of Earthdance 2013!!

    Peace and Love :)

  46. Firdoze Lane says:

    I have never been to an outdoor trance festival . I’d like Earthdance to be my first,where I can embrace the earth that I love and the beautiful magical people who are happy to be a part of her. I’d live to let loose and be free. :)

  47. eARThdancer* says:

    I have never had the opportunity to stomp to my hearts content at Earthdance before but having been to the first of the season, I cannot wait to attend Earthdance as it will be the best outdoor of the season.

    I cannot wait to chill on the Friday night on the red bull stage and listen to the deepest of deep house and have a sneaky little Funday Sunday in the psy floor from sunrise to sunset on Sunday.


  48. Annabel Short says:

    I’m most looking forward to arriving with all my friends as a family and then making my way to the trance floor where you are completely overwhelmed with euphoria as you feel the happy, loving energy. My best memory was last year when my friend Alistair’s tent blew away and the people in the meditation zone were so nice and let him sleep there, they also made him tea and soup; perfect thing for the munchies, what babes! :D

  49. Hayley says:

    It is simply imposibble to mention one good memory about Earthdance.
    Beautiful music, beautiful decor, beautiful environment with beautiful people. What more could you want?
    There is no way I can miss Earthdance this year but it seems as though that’s the way it’s going. Winning this ticket would make me the happiest girl there!

  50. Lauren says:

    i have never been to earthdance but wow would i love to! i’m not just saying this because i’d like a free ticket but with out the ticket i wont have the opportunity to experience this amazing environment that i’ve heard everyone rave about! i absolutely love staying up all night and just dancing with the best of people by my side and to be able to get a whole weekend to do so i may just explode from excitement! To be exposed to the most euphoric beats and enjoying every moment in the magical surroundings and to just get away from the real world and enter a world of happiness and peaceful jamming would be the best thing i could think of! You would make me the most ecstatic human being around if i won a ticket!

  51. Emily says:

    The big beautiful trance floor decor above the trance dance floor in 2011 and the amazing parade of magical creatures through the fairy land created there :)

  52. Julia Joy says:

    THE beautiful faces of everyone there. the serene surroundings. the trippy decor. Just wana spread the love, the vibe and the joy. HAve not been but feeling this is IT. MY chance :)

    i just want to #givepeaceadance

    love & light to all :)

  53. chloe says:

    An Earthdance memory for me would be Earthdance Cape Town 2011. As my first outdoor (EVER), the hour and a half wait in the queue at the entrance was unlike anything I’d ever experienced – relaxed and friendly people from all over were so nice and helpful towards me, the ultimate rookie. The music was fantastic and the chill sessions in the Greenpop dome where I made friends who are still close with me today. The decor was out of this world but most of all, the most moving aspect of the jol would have to be the Prayer for Peace. My love affair with outdoor has only grown from there and I would love to be part of it again, this year.
    Rave from Cradle to the grave! Let’s make the world flat; nothing but good wishes.

    • Jaime-Lee Walther says:

      Earthdance….. Where to even begin

      From the venue, to eclectic music genre, to the decor, and over all positive vibe.
      The best part and most special part is forgetting everything thats happening in the world.
      For three days you are transported into a world of magic where anything is possible.
      My best memory is last years earthdance where I lost and found myself in the three days. I discovered myself.

  54. Lauren H. says:

    Dearest dontparty, I – the unfortunate soul that I am – haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend Earthdance Cape Town, but I’m hoping that this year my luck will change.

    Listening to others’ stories and looking through others’ photos (with awe + a definite pang of envy) I’ve been fascinated by the sense of community the organisers at ED have been able to cultivate. Extending this even further to the broader South African community through a percentage of the profits they make, I truly believe ED offers a meaningful experience to all those who dare to engage. Coupled with amazing music (which caters to all EDM tastes) & decor, one can have the ultimate party while contributing to the bigger picture.

    I’d love for you to let me part of this community of which I’ve heard so much :D Please & thanks!

  55. Amber says:

    Sitting in the giant bowl of noodles with all my closest friends, where it was surprisingly warm despite the wind. Just chilling and listening to music

  56. I have never been to Earthdance before. However, I can say that I would be completely humbled to get the opportunity to go. I am constantly admiring the whole concept of the trance/outdoor culture and just see it as a GREAT way to meet people, interact, enjoy music in unity, and just simply be, amongst many other beings, but all are entirely whole.

    This is something that i think is extremely great to be apart of as it reaches beyond barriers. It is the loving, laughing, stomping, dancing and happy moments that make such events so memorable to MANY people who regularly go to these events.
    I am not financially privileged enough [student, lol] to go to numerous outdoors every other weekend, but this can hopefully be my chance :)

    So please could I be apart of this? I want to feel the communal structure, the soil and I just want to dance and feel happy there for the weekend.

    This, I believe, is how the world will know peace. :)

    So pick me please :)
    Love&Light xx

  57. Pretty Super Double Please, with a side serving of please and a double mega special big PLEASE :)

  58. Hoping and praying MyCityByNight grants me this.

  59. I have decided, I would like to do it for the dolphins as its the dolphin massacre in TAIJI. I went to the Cpt protest with signs and everything, I’ll take my signs and pamphlets and educate the peoples. Dance with the peoples. And live in peace with the peoples. And respect our Mother Nature/Earth. :) #give peaceadance

    The link:

    Grant me this chance please?

  60. Samantha says:

    I am most excited too…

    feel the music in me,
    Roam around and be free,
    Get away from the city scene,
    and bounce around like a jelly bean!

    I want to see the pretty art,
    take it all in right from the start,
    have a chilled picnic on the grass,
    and celebrate my third year pass!

    I want to make new friends,
    and hope for the weekend to never end,
    because that’s just the beauty
    of being apart of a rad community

    When the weekends over,
    ill feel like im overs,
    but ill be at peace,
    after a plate full of grease,

    I really want to go to Earthdance,
    instead of just viewing it from a glance,
    so i can do a little smurf dance,
    to the epic line-up of Trance!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  61. Natalie says:

    EARTHDAnce! :) where the budding and blooming of new spring joy encompasses all the life and energy of everyone attending. This I have not yet missed. 5 years in a row. And each one more delightful than the next. This has been mine and my best friends BEST since we went in 2009. The memory that floats the most is getting utterly muddy, head to toe in sludgy earth ins 2011 …. Mud earth love. What more of a memory that one covered in the essence of the event! :) one love x
    Is there any way I can post a picture of proof and ecstasy?

  62. Aimee Forrester says:

    Hey guys….Well ive been going to Earthdance for years now , and each year it never seems to disappoint!!!!!One of the main reasons I go is that this party supports such a good cause!!!Given funds to the earthchild project , which teaches the children to grow their own food , practice yoga etc!!!what more of an awesome thing is this????Helping the new generation become and stay responsible!!!50 percent of all the door profits gets donated to charities!This really is such an amazing thing for everyone to share a part of!!!!and even if you don’t buy at the door you can still donate blankets clothes etc to the hope projects!!!This is truly the best party of the year!!!!Not only does it help with the community and charities but it allows us to gather together and promote world peace!!!!A amazing weekend full of happiness , peace , music , laughter and art ALL IN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!All different types of music at each different stage ( Aquaflow stage , Sky Temple and Ignition)!!!!!! Unfortunatly this year I don’t have the funds to attend and It would bring me such joy and greatfullness if you guys can help me out with tickets!!!! Its also my best friends birthday and id love to be able to party with everyone for this memorable occasion!!!!Thanks guys for everything you do , to organise this awesome event!!!lotssa peace , love and light!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Gabriel Hair says:

    The thing i am most excited for is, The Sky temple! being my first Earthdance i am able to attend it would be awesome to see the amazing party they have in store for us!!

    Aswell as the new venue! I’ve heard stories about the old venue and i’m glad that i am able to attend the New Amazing venue!

    This should be a ridiculously fun time! and i am already losing sleep over the exstatic feeling i am having towards this weekend!!


  64. Claudia says:

    I WILL WITHER AND DIE if I am not able to recharge my soul and spirit at the one and only EARTHDANCE! I remember a few years back it was storming and miserable looking outside, but I danced the gloom away. i danced for my life…I danced for love…for the love of trance. I need to experience the spiritual vibes again. PLEASE…I NEED TO WIN!!

  65. wARThdance! says:

    I think it’s pretty simple. Earthdance is the only party that sticks to it’s roots, keeps the primary focus of the love of trance and hasn’t let the commercial and scary world to wipe out the little bit bid peace, love and freedom be wiped away.

    Being at Earthdance is a life changing experience. It’s like nothing you will ever experience anywhere else. It’s an oara you can’t explain.

    The thing I’m most excited for this year is that it’s held on World Peace Day. I cannot wait to be stomping away at the top right knowing its world peace day and that every single person around me is giving off bundles of love and peace.

    Come on fellow Earthdancers, let’s spread the peace, let’s unite this weekend and show the world just how to celebrate world peace day. The future lies in our hands. It’s our Earth.


  66. Jamie Heradien says:

    Stomping with my sleeping bag on in the ice cold weather with snow on the mountains and still having a mental time :D esspecially during pixels set, such good times :)

  67. Jennifer says:

    My best earthdance memory was the first Earthdance I ever went to, as it was my first outdoor festival aswell. After that, I was hooked. That was in 2009 and I still feel it was the best one, as I went to earthdances after that and none of them compared. Just the grass on my feet, sunshine on my back, friends at my side & beats in my ears. Nothing will ever compare :)

    These tickets would be just amazing MCBN <3

    i would be humbled to go to partake in the peace hour #universalpeace
    and also to #givepeaceadance

    MY motivation:

    LOVE and LIGHT

  69. Jade says:

    I really want to win these tickets. Please!

  70. Megan says:

    Since this could be my first year at Earthdance I’m definitely excited to see crazy people just ALL partying together for one crazy ass weekend, the video says it all that the weekend is just pure blissfull vibes. One of my fav Psytrance DJ’s will also be performing Glitch, so would be pretty cool stomping HARD to his music.

  71. Felicity Grace says:

    I would really like to win these tickets along with the others that also want to WIN haha… What I will do if I win, I will bring a good positive energy to the party, filled with lots of smiles and groovy moves!!!

    So please can I win, so I can make smile and groovy moves HAPPEN! As well as to also support EARTHDANCE 2013… LETS HAVE IT…….

    Thank you

  72. lauren says:

    i would loooove to get a tickie ive been going every year without fail since i fell in love with the outdoor parties in 2006!
    nekkies venue will be missed.. but looking forward to expriencing the new venu!!
    super keen to get on that dance floor rain or shine jamming and celebrating with my fellow dancers :)

    so hook a pal up with a tickie PLEEEEASE!!


  73. Sasha says:

    Well this will be my first and last Earthdance in SA as i’ll be leaving for the UK very soon. Going to Earthdance would give me an epic last weekend in this beautiful country of ours.

    I look forward to meeting plenty of new people and seeing the awesome décor at the event. Most of all I can not wait to get my stomp on to the different types of music :D

  74. Kayla says:

    My favourite Earth Dance memory has to be from my very first Earth Dance in 2007. I was on the Electronic Stage and Sweat X was playing with the Real Estate Agents. They were all dressed up as cartoon characters and it may have been due to something I had ingested but I felt like I was inside of a cartoon!

  75. Mark Joscelyne says:

    I haven’t been to Eathdance before so what I would really be excited for is to win tickets to it so i can go to one of South Africa’s biggest music festivals. The DJs that I am most excited to see are the internationals of cause, Symbolic and DJ Beardy. However, who can forget about our locals???? Commercial Hippies, Headroom, Grimehouse and Sibot. The rest of the line up is also insane and i would cherish the opportunity to win these tickets and go!!!!!! Please send me

  76. Boudine Cook says:

    This is my second year in a row to go to earthdance, why??? Because it always falls on my birthday weekend & not only that, my favourite earthdance memory would have to be feeling of getting to earthdance for the first time – not only did we have to walk a long distance with a fat matress, blankets & other goods ( me & my best friend – we are girls ) we were so tired, arms were shaking from the overload but all that didn’t mean a thing because we had arrived at EARTHDANCE! Those beautiful flowers that were on the side, how everyone was just chilling there, to the wicked decorations & other pretty things. Yusso how good it looked at night hey! To the friendly security, friendly faces & positive vibes. I was truelly in my happy place! I would so love to experience this again PLEASE My City by Night! Not only will you make my birthday for 10 years but that I could be on that dance floor just thinking how happy it makes me. I’m so excited to see the new venue!!! Eek. LOVES xxx

  77. Jessica Kempen says:

    Earth dance was the first trance party that I ever attended – that in itself is a memory. I was 18 and as I approached colorful gates laden with signs like “tread lightly” and others which brought people’s attention to picking up after themselves – I just thought to myself, “what a beautiful, conscious, alive and, happy place”. And thats exactly what it was. Trance parties 4 years ago were different to how they are now (by large) – less commercial and people were there for all the right reasons. With the raddest, most fun Cape Tonians who I missioned there with , we danced all night under the exquisitely mystifying decor at the beautiful Nekkies resort and met weird and wonderful people. i could not of thought of a better way to experience a trance patynfor the first time. I want to relive this experience at Earthdance this year at the new venue so please please MyCityByNight make me the winner!!!! You’d make my day and more so my long weekend :):):)

  78. Gadi Messinger says:

    Unfortunately the last Earthdance i attended was 3 years ago, and as much as I can remember enjoying it a whole lot, no specific ‘best memory’ stands out :/
    So this unfortunate situation leaves me no choice but to create an abundance of new memories that will hopefully stick with me for a very long time :)
    So obviously what I’m most looking forward to is the entire festival itself, as i haven’t been to one in quite a while. I can’t wait to be knee-deep in one of the most anticipated festivals Cape Town has to offer, spending an entire weekend with nothing but a smile on my face being surrounded by so many different kinds of beautiful people and such amazing beats. FINALLY – EARTHDANCE! :D

  79. Hesterbester says:

    Halla ED pushkins :)

    I’m just gonna hop straight into it,
    my boyfriend and I have been dating for a year, on the 18th of September… and I know it’s not really related to anything that might save the world,
    1. He is moving away (supposed to be packing up his room this weekend :/), so I just might make him the happiest person if I present him with two tickets to Earthdance as a Anniversary gift just before he leaves this area! and happiness is what we’re BOUT RIGHT?
    2. We LURV stompin’! Would jam it out in his car in random daylight in an obvious parking area just to entertain fellow passerby-s.
    3. We absolutely despise ignorant meatheads who throw around un-earthly shitties, such as cigarettes and trash and cans and wrappers and blegh, and so we will make a pact to be pickin up anything at ED which doesn’t allow our dear Earth to BREATHE! (already doin’ it over here)

    Pretty please though…
    It would LITTERALY make our year :) ;)

  80. Hesterbester says:

    also, haven’t ever been to Earthdance and would LOVE LOVE to go!

  81. Elize says:

    I have not been to Earthdance yet . . . looking forward to a new experience, love, happiness, good vbies and some good sets to stomp to!! :) would love to go!

  82. Aimee Forrester says:

    pllllllllllllllllllllleeeease pick me , see my comment above!!!!!:)

  83. Chantelle Hopkins says:

    Nothing like stomping with the earthy people before Heritage day!
    All the right people having a world prayer at the same time!!!
    New venue…new memories!!
    Stomping rules!!

  84. Jenna Merrington says:

    My favourite ED memory was in 2011 and i had had a little bit to much to drink one night and ended up going into a few tents around me and stealing their toilet paper – i then thought it would be a grand idea to wrap the toilet paper around myself – i walked around telling everyone i was a mummy. AND THEN JOLLED. It was THE BEST. hahahaha :) Really would love a ticket (To jol and get my feet muddy and appreciate the beautiful outdoors, not to dress up like a mummy again :P)

  85. stephen meester says:

    The prayer at EARTHDANCE 2012, was amazing, the festival as a whole was a spiritual awakening, can’t wait for this one. Love & Light

  86. aimee forrester says:

    hey guys :) whoooooos the winner?he he

  87. Jenna Merrington says:


  88. Jenna Merrington says:

    Who won ? :)

  89. Kreg says:

    Well done to our winners, please check your email:


    Please respond by 4pm :)

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