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Win Tickets To 49M Rocking The Daisies (CT) – COMP CLOSED!



We have been given 2 FULL weekend passes to give away to you guys and girls. Two of you lucky people will be Rocking it with the Crazies in Darling  at the Cloof Wine Estate to over 100 acts. Sounds like a good weekend to me!

To get your hands on those two tickets, we need you to do the following, if you haven’t already 😉

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Then comment below with the following and FINISH the sentence:

“I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…”

Two best answers will win a ticket each… So get creative!

Winners announced on the 28th of October!


p.s No Twitter, no Facebook, no problem… Just comment 😀


  1. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I love Bloc Party so much that i want to have their babies. Which is weird because they aren’t a single person but a band, but we could have metaphorical babies. It doesn’t make sense. But love makes you say crazy things.

  2. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because the Thuto is an animal of good friendship that comes to humans only with awesomeness in their hearts. It’s appearance can be interpreted as a sign of good times (reckless bahaviour) or something else (reckless flirting). It will appear once again when the time is right (Rocking The Daisies) and when goodness reigns (music is funky).

  3. ..Rocking a daisy takes skill. Seeing that are so many types of daisies, carefully crafted party skills are required; when rocking a daisy.

    A Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. It can also symbolize new beginnings. The flower meaning of daisy is ‘loyal’, ‘love’ and ‘I will never tell’. (FACT)

    Seems to me like the perfect recipe for Rocking a Daisy!

  4. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I miss the Red Bull stage at OppiKoppi!

  5. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because everything needs to be experienced at least once! And this is still on my bucket list to do”

  6. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I have never been before, heard it is quite a vibe and thus really keen to experience it! It was my birthday a few days ago and would be really cool if I could have a belated birthday celebration up in Darling!

    Rocking the Daisies is one of SA’s most prestigious festivals and it would be a crime to miss out on yet another one! PLUS Koan Sound are playing and Jim Bastow and Will Weeks are some of my biggest musical Idols, would be insane being able to see them play live!

    Pleeaase don’t forget about me when making this big decision, for I am the first (I think :D) to comment and I’m sure there will be THOUSANDS of other posts above mine. So in spirit of the under dog, it would make my year if i were to win a ticket!

    Peace, love and respect.

  7. I want to go to rocking the daisies because , well I’ve entered every other RTD comp and failed, and wasted all my petrol on that ticket hunt thing aswell, I need to see KOAN Sound end of story!

  8. I want to go to rocking the daisies because all my life I’ve got the Shortstraw.Its that time in my life where I need a sign such as winning to be Moving House out of the Shadow Club. I think winning a ticket will allow me to unlock my inner Beast and take that first step. If I don’t get these tickets I guess I’ll just be with all the other Sleepers- maybe throw a Beach Party to make you jealous? But all I want is to be at the Bloc Party with you!

  9. …because there is nothing better than 4 days with sun, dust, water, good friends, good tunes and daisy vibes!!! RTD fever all over!!!

  10. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it is going to be AMAZING!

  11. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because i want to break my Rocking The Daisies Virginity and get a first hand experience of LIVE gigs for the first time. So it will be a bunch of firsts for me.

  12. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because last year at RTD I wrestled in a lumo, striped one-sleeved leotard…without spilling a drop from my box of wine, an achievement of sorts… and nothing since has topped that weekend’s infinite radness and the only thing that might is to go again this year…..also; bands, bling, blow outs, beating the beats, fist-pumping, high-fiving, boobs, thongs and getting it on…

  13. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because i love rocking, and i love daisies. Put the two together, add some camping, awesome lineup and ecofriendliness and i could die happy 🙂
    (plus i don’t have cash for a ticket haha)

  14. I want to go to rocking the daisies because…. I ROCK LIKE NO OTHER DAISY !!

  15. ….. i have never been before. I am ashamed to admit that I am a born and bred Capetonian and I have never attended Rocking the Daisies – I know it’s a sin right! People have raved about it forever but there has always been some work shin-dig or prior (usually boring) engagement that has had to be attended and that has sadly prevented me from attending the infamous Rocking the Daisies. I would love these tickets so I can finally say that I have attended, say that I have listened to some of the most insane bands live and so one day I can proudly turn around and tell my children ‘I was there’. 🙂

  16. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because all my friends are going and I don’t go I’ll be stuck in Cape Town baby-sitting the dog and then I’ll be the sad and lonely dog-lady. Please spare me this embarrassment and let me have an awesome time at RTD.

  17. I want to go to rocking the daisies because… I’ve been listening to Bloc Party since i was 13 – like REALLY listening. The other reason is that my girlfriend, who i really love, has a ticket and i don’t.

  18. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I have only ever been to one other festival before and it was quite a bit of a let down. And the fact that I’m a JP (Jewish Princess) that actually wants to go and spend three days in dirt and sleep in a tent is actually quite impressive. Well I think it is. Apart from all of that I just want to go have fun with my friends and experience something brand new.

  19. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I have never gone before in the 5 years I have been living in cape town and I have heard sooo many good things about it. As a matter of fact my boyfriend asked me about it last night. He says its the best outdoor festival he has gone too. I would love to go this year.

  20. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because if I dont it will be like drinking poison…like eating glass!”

  21. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because RTD is not just a music festival, but a festival of good times. Last year I went and ended up dropping my phone on the floor somewhere. I hadn’t even realised it was missing until I was jamming with a friend and he got a BBM from my phone saying: “Hi there, if you are a friend of Robbie please let him know that I found the phone on the floor and am standing at the front of the stage so he can come collect it.” My friends all told me about this and when I went to the front of the stage there was the dude who had my phone. He said he had been walking and stumbled on it, it was just lying in the dirt. Couldn’t believe this had happened, such decent good-hearted people at Rocking the Daisies. LOVE IT!!!

  22. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because:

    There will be Witches to Hunt and Helicopters to fly; Glass to Eat and Blue Lights to shine. We’ll be a Pioneers, we’ll bring Positive Tension. We’ll be in Uniform and She’ll tell you of the Voices she Hears. I’ll make Plans with Little Thoughts and Compliments will spread across dance floors. We’ll be there no matter the Price of Gasoline.

    So Here We Are, MCBN, I’m sending you This Modern Love… For a Daisy Rocking ticket 🙂

  23. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I would be crazy not to! Unfortunately living the student lifestyle massively inhibits jamming at Rocking The Daisies in such splendour, to win this would make my year and I could die happy after seeing Bloc Party live. And my inner hippie desperately wants to get out and have the sickest jam with Jeremy Loops enlightening my soul. Let my soul jam in the musical Utopia that is Rocking The Daisies, please.

  24. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because it’s the perfect outdoor rock-fuelled festival. It’s clean, fun and absolutely eco-friendly (run completely on bio-diesel.)

    It’s held in the gorgeous flower jammed, dairy filled, Evita run Darling!

    You can rock out in the Mainstay tent, chill in the Beer Garden and buy the most delicious Thai Green Curry from a sweet Asian lady, for that ultimate hangover breakfast. Please let me go, I work hard for little money and I’d completely appreciate the experience – from the road trip from Cape Town to my walk of shame back to the tent. 🙂

  25. I want to goto rocking the daises because this is my last opportunity to win a ticket or buy one 😉

    Id like to goto rocking the daises purely because its one of the best festivals ive gone to in CapeTown and they only getting bigger and better 🙂 This years line-up is incredible an there isn’t just one person i wanna go see its all of you 🙂 Having on big party together as usual, Just good people good times and alot of Dancing and sun to be had!! So Give me a chance to come party with the MCBN boys and ill show you a good time!!! We can document it , for future use 🙂

  26. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because who could possibly pass up a weekend of dancing, sun, fun, dirt, friends and jolling with some of the best bands all in the most beautiful country in the world!

  27. I want to goto rocking the daisies because you need me there to show you laughs provide entertainment an not to say that i love the music the least you DJ’s you need me there slamming it to your beats 🙂 Lets do thism The hype is getting bigger and bigger can’t wait to have a good one 🙂

  28. I want to go to Rocking the Daisy’s so that I can get a depraved photo of myself on the “Embarrassing outdoor party photo’s” page on Facebook. Gimme 2 tickets, and I will seriously get out of hand. yes please.

  29. I want to go to ROCKING THE DAISIES because:

    1. I have awesome new Hunter Wellies that need some mud and bloc party magic on the them.
    2. I want to fly Black Handed Kites
    3. I think Bloc Party are one of the all time greats, it would be sick to see them on our home turf
    4. SHADOW CLUB – yessss please
    5. I promised friends I’d drive us there.. if I don’t go, they may be a little stuck
    6. Did I mention the Hunter wellies? (stand back Kate Moss)
    7. Amped for Beach Party on the Sunday
    8. I’ve never been to Daisies before; just heard stories (awesome ones)
    9. Live music is my thing
    10. Come on,BLOC PARTY is headlining!!!

  30. I want to go to rocking the Daisies because I’m an undergraduate accounting student in my final year, I have no job, consequently no money and basically no life.the only break I have is the ones which consist of coffee.Please save me from complete insanity and let me join in on the craziest weekend festivities and great music that I’ve heard so much about.

  31. I WANT TO GO TO ROCKING THE DAISIES BECAUSE…I’ve never actually been before.I have heard only great things about and this years lineup is just tooo good! All my friends have tickets and I am broke as.

  32. Mine is very simple – I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I haven’t gone since the first one and I’d love to join all my friends!

  33. I wanna goto rocking the daises because i need it, want it, and love it! This is what i live for, This is what i do 😉 This is the only place in Ct where a love to part! RTD MCBN please help me help you and throw me up there into a winner circle 🙂

  34. I want to go to rocking the daisies because I am AWESOME.
    A – Always wanted to go to rocking the daisies.
    W – Would love a full weekend pass.
    E – Everyone else is going.
    S – Summer is coming. The best way to celebrate.
    O – October.
    M – MyCityByNight is awesome!
    E – End of story.


  35. I WANT to go to rocking the daisies because ive NEVER been and its now my time to shine! My City By Night – show me some Daisy luuuuuuurve!

  36. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies, because I have a huge obsession with daisies, Darling!

  37. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because..

    (1) I consider every party a costume party..
    (2) I need to recover from seeing Minki vd W’huisen on Comedy Central..
    (3) Because after this I’ll be awesome enough to own my own lion..and
    (4) I really want to bask in the glory of the Bloc Paaaatie madness!

    And also cause I know how to get there, So I wont need you guys to give me the tickets and then ask for a lift there as well.

  38. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it’s my birthday weekend and it sounds like the best way to spend it!

  39. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I would like to spoil my special man who alsways spoils me and he loves Rocking The Daisies.

  40. I WANT to go to Rocking the Daisies because…It will be my first time ever going to RTD!! Give me the tickets to make my first time an unforgettable one. Its also my birthday in October and this would be a TOTALLY AMAZING 20th birthday prezzi!! I’ll Rock all weekend long. and i am Wanting to See Bloc Party ever so badly, and i wont forget Kongo’s and all the other fantastic bands playing that i’ll see for the first time live!! Please make my birthday a good one, starting with giving my those Tickets, They will make me and my sister EXTREMELY Happy!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE PICK ME 😀 😀
    AHHHHHHh I reaally want them!!!

  41. “I want to go to rocking the daises,
    because” missing out AGAIN will be as unfortunate as a dog catching rabies.
    Every year it comes around I’m either broke our busy studying for my tests,.its timeI give this absence from rocking the daises a rest

    what’s better than a weekend away with live music underneath the open sky,
    nothing, its a rhetorical question dummy, are you high?(not rhetorical)

    I’d be lying if you asked me the line up for the weekend,
    It really does not matter,I’ll still jam to it with everybody else perhaps even start a new trend.

    Give me a ten for creativity, and a zero for logistics,
    give me this free ticket,I’ll show you what it means to go ballistic.

  42. DO the right thing 😉

  43. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it will undoubtedly be the best party of the year!! Every year I deliver countless pizzas in the hope that one day I can afford to make my first Daisies mission and yet again I have fallen short. To experience Bloc Party live, one of my favourite international bands, as well as all the unbelievable local talent such as the Kongos and Beatenberg, would be aaaaabsolutely mind blowing and a once in a lifetime opportunity. From chilling out at the beach bar with good mates and good music to losing all inhibitions and worries at the Red Bull electro stage, this weekend would be one I’d never forget… or never even remember if the wine tasting tent stays open late. I have a lift, I have a tent and I have a great group of friends ready to make some memories. All I need now is a ticket… and hopefully My City By Night can help me with that one.

  44. I want to go to rocking the daisies because RTD is an experience of a lifetime that, lucky for us, happens annually. It is a festival that not only celebrates South Africa’s talent but also the beauty that South Africa, specifically Cape Town holds. A festival filled with the spirited youth of South Africa, celebrating the start of summer with good music and good company. And all of this achieved in the greenest way possible. HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO GO? Oh AND that’s not even including the ridiculously incredible line up set for this year!! So that is why I WANT to go to ROCKING THE DAISIES 2012 😀

  45. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because, well because I have constantly, and for years, had this deep MACHINERI driven feeling inside me to pack my car and tell everyone I know that I am on my way to RTD. THE SLEEPERS that lie around lethargically moaning about the complete mundaneness of the mundane, this is my chance to get away and join in with all other like minded individuals speaking the KONGOS.

    I wanna arrive at the remarkable Cloof Wine Estate in complete awe of what is happening around me, all THE DESMONDs leading their packs of TUTUS around the festival showing them the wonders that surround them. Making sure not to draw the SHORTSTRAW of setting up our tented abode. Off to the main stage I shall wonder finally letting loose the BEAST that has been growing inside me for all the years I have know that this amazing RTD exists. The DIRTY BOUNCE that’ll be weaving itself between the feet of all the merry pranksters will cause them to consider MOVING HOUSE and never leaving!! We all shall let these ISOCHRONOUS events turn this amazement into a formidable BLOC PARTY to rival none!

    And one more thing, what ever you do no matter what it is, always and I mean always let the SHADOWCLUB dance.

  46. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because.. wait, let me rephrase that… I NEED TO GO TO ROCKING THE DAISES because I cannot think of a better way to celebrate my friends birthday and experience something completely new! For years, all I’ve heard as it comes to this time of the year “RTD is going to be amazing this year.. AGAIN!”, and as I have never experienced this festival before, please be so kind as to make me another statistic of positive energy towards RTD! I don’t want that bitter feeling, when everyone comes back and I realize I’ve single handedly missed out on an incredible festival. I was about to make the same mistake this year, but then – when I checked out the line up, my eyes felt like they were melting with excitement! I could already start to hear the melodies of the guitars, the banging baselines of the DJ’s and I could feel the amazing energy from the crowd! If it wasn’t for the issue of money, I’d already have the money for my ticket – but I had to quit my job to focus on studies. And if there wasn’t a car issue – I’d be running around like a chicken without a head on that ticket hunt!

    Please make me the most ecstatic chick in Cape Town – in fact, the most ecstatic chick in South Africa! I’m already frothing for this festival 😀


  48. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it will be the absolute best way for me to celebrate after finishing matric prelim exams and the best way to start my holiday before having to get ready for Finals. And the fact that Bloc Party (my favourite band since 2005) is playing is just a cherry on top! I have never experienced a music festival like this and would love to indulge in music from so many amazing artists!

  49. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because this would be my 5th Daisies in a row and every single time that I have gone it has got progressively better! this year is gonna be absolutely outrageous with some Bloc Party action and then I’m literally gonna jol my face off in the Electro Stage! boom! P.S I’m flying down from jhb just for it 🙂

  50. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because 2012 would be incomplete without this epic festival in my life and I would have the FOMO of all FOMO’s.. Bloc Party live, a stomp here and a boogie there… some refreshing alcoholic beverages out of my virgin active squeezy bottle (love the irony) 🙂 rekindling that summer vibe with long lost friends who have been hibernating due to the fact that temperatures have been less that desirable.. Would simply be awesome to go to this festival thanks to MCBN!!!!!

  51. …its a place where all beatifull people come to together and enjoy awesome music and great vibes and party there socks off! That’s why Rocking the Daisy is so Awesome! LOVE IT!!!

  52. I want to go to RTD as last year I worked in the Man Zone so I think I deserve one weekend of just partying and listening to some amazing music.
    Even bringing some walkie talkies along just for those moments I lose my favourite in the crowd and of course cannot go to rtd without an animal shaped lilo 🙂
    I need some rtd, to create some excitement in my mediocre life.

  53. I want to go to rocking the daisies because I’m amazing, BROKE and it wouldn’t be a party without me and my crew! BOOM BITCHES

  54. …….My name is Ricky and I like to PARTY!! BOOM!

  55. I want to go to rocking the daisies because I have never been before… I have never been before because I am a preschool teacher and I might as well work for free… I would never be able to afford a ticket and as part of the dedicated working class, I think I really really desreve to go… Bar the fact that I actaully really love bloc party, and its not just a band that I have strated listening to just because the are coming to RTD! Big P needs a ticket real bad… So if u wanna see a few a ous get body slammed or judo flipped, pls choose teach, she desrves to win 🙂

  56. I want to go to Rocking The Daises because:

    * I have just moved from Durban and have heard that Rocking the Daises is 1 MILLION TIMES more rocking than Splashy Fen. I can tell just by the line up 🙂 Bands, camping, music, drinks, fun people! What more could you ask for?

    Please send me to this awesome festival!

  57. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because….its*SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPEALADOSHUS*”

  58. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies, because:

    Bloc Party

  59. i want to go to RTD because someone needs to look after Craig Stack

  60. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I am a die heart BLOC PARTY fan!! I need to be gooing it @ RTD seeing that this is possibly the only time I will have the opportunity to see them live eeeevvvveeeeerrrrr!

    & with so many dope local acts why wouldn’t I want to go. This will be my first ROCKING THE DAISIES but surely not the last one! So – please!! please!! please!! (yes, that’s right I am begging and pleading – this being my last resort) make me a winner! :p

  61. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies so I can help the cops find the Tokoloshe 🙂

  62. due to an accident last time I went I ended up having to wear an eye-patch for the weekend which meant I only got to see half haha! And it’s international speak like a pirate day today – what a coinkedinky! Arrr!

  63. The last time I wanted to go I was heavily pregnant and was scared I would pop there! 🙂 Mamma could do with a weekend away 😉

  64. I really really really really really want to go.
    pleeese. 🙂

  65. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… having the opportunity to watch Bloc Party live, Hyde Park, whilst living in the UK 5 years ago, I had to unfortunately give my tickets away due to unforeseen circumstances, work related of course which got the better of me. #MyCityByNight will you like every other contestant give me the opportunity to watch one of, if not my favourite bands perform at the Daisies. The *price of gas* to fly a *helicopter* whilst having a *banquet* is *like eating grass* and taking *one month off work*. You are the *pioneers* the *blue light* the *Mercury* of my daily *flux*. *I still remember* *on* *Sunday* *waiting for the 7.18* in my *uniform*…*where is home* whilst eating an *3×3* *octopus*

  66. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I wanna document the MyCityByBight crew during the day AND the night!! Watch their every move and drunken moment so that they get to remember all the crazy and awesome things they will do, but inevitably forget.

    I mean, who wants to go 90% at a party like RTD’s just to remember the good parts when you can go full retard with someone there to document it all!?

  67. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it is the best festival that South Africa has to offer. It has been an annual weekend of happiness for me and my friends for the last 5 years and the ritual cannot be broken here. It is fun and happy, who wouldn’t want that?

  68. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because i want to experience some of the best musicians in the world in the best way one could imagine. I want to be covered in a layer of dirt by the end, i want to not be able to work for the three days after. I want to go because, i want those amazing stories you tell your friends to start with “Remember that time at Rocking the Daisies 2012..”

  69. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because….

    1 I am broke, I know most people will say the same, but really I have a R40 000 student loan to pay and I work in a tattoo shop, didn’t graduate my degree AND im not the tattoo artist.
    2. I live with my parents.
    3. I have no car.
    4. I have boobs.
    5. I have been to every rocking the dasies since the festival began.
    6. I will have to sacrifice finishing my half sleeve tattoo if I have to buy a ticket.
    7. My friends will hate me.
    8. Bloc party has been in my blood since they started, I used to bounce on my bed as a teenager when they first started.
    9. Who the eff doesn’t like camping.
    10. I need to get laid.
    11. My liver will hate me if I don’t give into the drinking fixes.
    12. I will literally live in the same clothes for 3 days.
    13. I work 6days a week and if I can get an extra few days off to party I will take them.
    14. My father is threatening to send me to darling to work, I might as well go there to party.
    15. If I don’t win tickets, all my friends will be there and I will be sulking at home like a strange person.
    16. My life will be incomplete and I will become so depressed I will have to start an all girl emo band.
    17. Who stays in Cape Town when there is a festival on? NONE how am I supposed to be here alone?
    18. ALL my friends are going.
    19. I will declare my love to Megan Fox on every strange creepy forum out there.
    20. If the Megan Fox thing didn’t impress you, then FINE I choose Justin Bieber.
    21. I own a pair of shorts that look like a picnic blanket.
    22. I do not own a pair of crocs.
    23. Did I mention boobs? Just in case you need a reminder:
    24. I’m leaving for Ethiopia in a month, okay I’m not really but I might be if I don’t go to Rocking the Daisies.
    25. I have not seen The Kongos live.
    26. I have not bought tickets to any of the International live bands coming to South Africa.
    27. This is the age I will be next year and possibly still in debit.
    28. I have sacrificed my lunch break at work writing this.
    29. I have hay fever and I have already started taking my medication to prepare for rocking the daisies.
    30. I may possibly be the only girl that DOESN’T need to shower for 3 days.
    31. I like girls.
    32. And sometimes boys when I’m drunk.
    33. I cannot stay home alone and have my own festival in my back garden, that’s just sad.
    34. OH, I can drink at least 50 shots in one night, so the bar will have some entertainment.
    35. I need a tan, and the only way to expose the blindness of my winter legs is around other people in dirty shorts and dust covered legs.
    36. I like daises?!?!?
    37. I like cows too.
    38. Last year I got lost on the hills and decided to fall asleep in the daisies, BEST NIGHT I need to do that again.
    39. I don’t sleep with a camping mattress; the ground is all I need.
    40. I never win competitions, I know its really horrible.
    41. If I won the competition I would scream with excitement, and who doesn’t want to hear a grown woman scream.
    42. … did I say I needed to get laid.
    43. I have missed and will probably miss all festival but I cannot miss this one.
    44. I’m getting desperate here I might have to sell my soul to the underworld.
    45. I need to be in that electro tent and dance for 6hours straight.
    46. I made a LIST.
    47. My boss doesn’t love me enough to give me extra money for a ticket.
    48. I will have to beg for a day off from work just so I can go, and begging is hard.
    49. My mother even wants me to get out of the house.

  70. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… I want to make side boob a thing again, and because this is Bloc Party’s latest setlist:

    So He Begins to Lie
    Trojan Horse
    Hunting for Witches
    Positive Tension
    Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
    Blue Light
    Team A
    One More Chance
    The Prayer
    We Are Not Good People

    (“We Found Love” Intro)

    Encore 2:
    This Modern Love
    Like Eating Glass

    I literally know every song and this is just so full of jizz.

  71. i want to go to rocking the daisies because i desperately need to loose my face in a stylish way 😉 last year i decided to be a big girl and work that weekend. this year i down right refuse! i must be at the daisies with all the wonderful boys and girls <3 i will turn my body inside out and upside down to win and dance through all of it 😀 x big love

  72. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I have very obviously lived in a basement my whole live as that is the only plausible reason as to why I have NEVER attended this amazing phenomenon called Rocking the Daisies. My heart and body yearn to see these Daisies Rock and flit around to the amazing bands I was lucky enough to hear during my life in the basement. Rocking the Daisies will be my opportunity to leave the basement and have a true experience of what life is. In the basement there is none of this money available to use for things like’tickets’. If I go to Rocking the Daisies my dark life (yes there is no sunlight in the basement) will be complete. Rocking the Daisies will allow me to have my first wild experience sunlight and fresh air and the beats of the amazing music.
    This may be the only chance I’ll have to experience these things before I have to go back to the basement. And that is why I want to go to Rocking the Daisies so desperately.

  73. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because my best friend is going and I think it’s totally unfair that she gets to go whilst i sit around with sweet FA to do without her. Plus she’s going with this guy and what better way to keep tabs on her then by being the 3rd wheel!
    However on the other hand were I to win tickets we would have a friggin awesome time suiping and dancing and squeaking takkie all night long!!! There’s no party like the T(trouble) Party that you can have with you PIC (partner in Crime) !!! Bring it on Rocking the Daisies…we’re ready for you!!! Woo Ahh

  74. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because:
    _______ ________ ________
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    |_______| | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    |_______| |______ |_______| |________

    _________ ________ _________ ___________
    | | | | | | | \ /
    | | | | | | | \ /
    | | | | | | | \ /
    |________| |________| |________| | \ /
    | | | |\\ | |
    | | | | \\ | |
    | | | | \\ | |
    | | | | \\ | |

  75. do you even need to ask? two words…GRANDMASTER. FLASH.

  76. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…Rocking The Daisies wants me there!

  77. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because….Im sexy and I know it 🙂

  78. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because the world might end this year and i have never been to rocking the daisies. Rocking the daisies is definitely on my to do list! I hope i can do it this year!

  79. I want to go to Rocking z Daisies because it will be my first tiiime *blush* I haven’t been able to go beacuse I am a broke student working weekends and babsitting cray 5 year olds to pay for driving lessons, University, and saving for my future travels. I really need this ticket, I’ve been working so hard for so long, I don’t know what a good time is. please help me out? and as one of the x-men (shh) I will always have your back 😉

  80. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I lost my dignity there last year and I’d like the opportunity to drop off my mind aswell so my dignity doesn’t get lonely…how generous? 🙂

  81. …because where in the world can you party with a bunch of crazy people, enjoy the best local (and international) music and still be environmentally friendly? Only at Rocking The Daisies! Please give me a chance to be part of this mind-blowing experience. I will love you forever.

  82. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because… I got retrenched a month ago, and the Daisies ticket I did have, I had to sell so I could put the money towards paying rent at the end of this month.

    I really really really want to go, with every single fibre of my being, but I can’t afford the ticket, so pleeeeease MCBN, PLEASE give me a ticket!!!

    It would make everything better, it would be the intro to my summer, the start of a new page, a chance to let it all go for 4 days, and just enjoy being young and carefree, and not have to worry about jobs and rent and all the tedious aspects of life!


  83. I want to go to RTD 2012 because
    a. The electro dome lineup alone is enough to make my heart stop
    b. I definitely can’t afford to buy a ticket, but I can afford to buy the MCBN guys a tequila in thanks
    c. I really don’t want to be the only person left in Cape Town next weekend, it could get pretty lonely and I would much rather be with you guys
    d. I can’t think of any other festival I would rather attend this year.
    e. I have created a special concoction that should last us all weekend, that is if you boys are man enough to drink it with me.
    f. I will be bringing enough glowsticks to turn that Rave Cave into my own little wonderland.
    g. I have 5 inflatable animals specially for the dam so we can chill sipping drinks while enjoying the sun and the sounds of the Mainstay floor. What more could you ask for, a beach bar. I know, right!
    h. Walking The Daisies would get me in for free but then I’d probably moan for the rest of the weekend while trying to get pampered in the Daisy Den.

    PLEASE MCBN, make my season and send me to RTD!

  84. … Because we live in a world where we spend most of our time studying, working, pushing to be better, do better – succeed- and in return we give up our freedom. I went to my first Rocking the Daisies last year and it completely changed my perspective on what living your life means. When I think of Rocking the Daisies now one word comes to mind : FREEDOM. Freedom to put on your Ray Bans, drive to the middle of nowhere and get lost in a haze of sunshine, beer, good friends and great music. Add Grand Master Flash and Bloc Party to that and you’re winning 🙂

  85. If not why not go rock out while the cocks out! @DeneBothaSA #ifnotwhynot

  86. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I’ve never been before and my cousin is one of the acts this year! Pretty please 😀

  87. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… I finish my Law degree this year and after this I’m selling my soul to the Bar. I need to spend some quality time at the bar, the good kind, whether under it or on top of it (hopefully not) before I have to think of my reputation and the effects partying will have on my career! I do think after this my weight will escalate because of the stress of the Bar Exams so I will never again have the chance to take one of those super cool photos of me on someone’s shoulders and make it my cover photo! I doubt I’ll ever again have the opportunity or the energy to party for an entire weekend because adding to the aforementioned (note the effects of my studies) I am also nearing menopause. Mid-twenties means halfway there and half way is pretty close! I also risked losing all of my Twitter followers for these tickets, not many though: a few Law firms, an Ultra Liquors and some random ppl who I don’t really speak to because they secretly hate my life (blame the awesome *doubts*). My timeline is evidence (no, Law students, not the subject *rolls eyes*) enough that RTD2012 will be the highlight of my existence, it is filled with philosophical quotes and episodes of reckless escapades where nobody calls me Darling *cough* and let me add, very weak attempts at puns 😀 in an attempt to win tickets I have now BC’d various handles and hashtagged everything that remotely resembles “rocking the daisies” and I now feel like I’m defeating my cause. What if the various competitions think I’m cheating on them and that I don’t want *their* RTD2012 tickets? Feels like I’m between a rock and a daisy 🙁 Truth is I want *any* RTD tickets! Even if @RTDCOmpOne and @RTDCompTwo wants me to advertise for them and probly won’t give me the tickets *advertises* (nb. Not real handles… yet!) I have considered creating fake competitions to distract my competitors because I want to go to RTD2012 so badly! Alas, I remember the famous words of a Mr. Daisy Rock, that “if ye wantith to go to the valley of my Darling, thou shall enter competitions abundantly and with as much verbosity as tolerable to the eye so that by the time the eyes reach the full stop, My City by Night-th will have no option but to award thee with a weekend pass-th for you to live an epic-th weekend after a horribad-th four years of Law”. Unquote. I swear when I read those words I was convinced that it was written just for me! I knew instantly that I shouldn’t create fake handles and mislead the masses and that this awfully long comment that completely lost its point is only the beginning of the annoyance, I mean harassment, My City by Night will face *wink* I want the tickets! I’m going to bomb you with Tweets, retweets and everything RTD2012 because I am winning this competition, even if I have to buy tickets to go! 😀 oh wait, no, that argument dint go my way! *reconsiders which Bar she’s going to* #RTD2012 yeeeah

  88. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because Quetzalcoatl is about to come take a TC all over the world thus ending human existence, but I have a solution prevent this: to Rock the hell out of the Daisies thus creating such a huge uproar that good old flying feathered snake god will think that these bitches be crazy and he will bugger off for another couple thousand years. The fate of world rests upon my shoulders! Get me to Rocking the Daisies or the world will indeed end this year.

  89. I want to go to rocking the daisies because its a place and periode of time where anything goes!

    This culminates, with the 100 acts, at the main stage, new world beats barn, red bull electro stage, lemon tree theatre, swap shop, mainstay beach bar(my personal favourite for day time debauchery.),wine tasting and schnit bar. Oh! and the kids playground should you forget your name and become disorientated, or if your just looking for some cheap thrills.

    The camping area is rife with intoxicating warm ups, which leads me to believe that its a great area to start your experience or recharge should you make it to your tent(craig).

    The diversity and nature of the experience is difficult to describe, and attending the event is the only way to truely understand daisies and reveal the true nature of what I have described, which is why I need this ticket so I can stop fantasising and bite a chunk of flesh out of it.

  90. It my BIRTHDAY (the week before 😉 ) _________ and I’m just awesome like that!

  91. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I want to see loads of hipsters and people dance like they’re on FIRE!!!”

  92. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because i want to see people ironically doing GANGHAM STYLE

  93. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because its fun and I have serious fomo going on! Plus my friend got a free ticket for doing promotions,but I would rather lick the road from here to the gig before I do promotions in panties and slet toppie,so free ticket is hopefully the way in for me! I’m a waitress and because its start of season I haven’t had cash to saaave. Please help a little lady out? Yay 🙂

  94. I already have my ticket 😀 SO keen! But I want to win this ticket to Rocking The Daisies because… my bestest friend is flying down from Germany JUST for my birthday and which is on the 4th 😀 but seeing as airline tickets are so expensieve we think she deserves this Rocking the Daisies ticket!!! A 12 hour flight.THAT is comitment! 😀

  95. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because… If you have ever been, you don’t need to be told.

    If you haven’t been, then you haven’t lived and you’ve probably been told.

    If you haven’t been told then watch this:

    Also, if you didn’t know; Bloc Party is playing.

    If you did know, but don’t know them, then watch this:

    If you didn’t know, and you don’t know them, again, watch this:

    Do you really need more reasons for why I want to go?
    Have you seen the overall line up? Have you seen how many people have been talking about it? Have you seen the venue?
    Have you ever been? Have you lived?

    I could do this all day…

  96. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…well I already have my ticket! Haha. But whatI really want is to take my sister along with me! She LOVES Bloc Party, Das Kapital and soooo many other acts I might aswell copy and paste the entire line-up in here!
    I just don’t have the cash to buy her a ticket, but I know she is DYING to go. So please please PLEASE make help me make her wish come true 😀

  97. I want to go to rocking the daisies because i love being kaalgat.
    Where better to be kaalgat than tussen die daisies?
    I wanna be kaalgat tussen die daisies please!

  98. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies…
    Because I always feel like running –
    Not away, because there is no such place;
    Because, if there was I would have found it by now…
    Because it’s easier to run,
    Easier than staying and finding out you’re the only one…who didn’t run…
    Because running will be the way your life and mine will be defined
    As in “the long run”
    Or as in having given someone a “run for his money”
    Or as in “running out of time”;
    Because running makes me look like everyone else, though I hope there will never be cause for that
    Because I will be running in the other direction, not running for cover, because if I knew where cover was, I would stay there and never have to run for it…
    Not running for my life, because I have to be running for something of more value to be running and not in fear;
    because the thing I fear cannot be escaped, eluded, avoided, hidden from, protected from, gotten away from;
    Not without showing the fear as I see it now
    Because closer, clearer, no sir, nearer
    Because of you and because of that nice that you quietly, quickly be causing
    And because you’re going to see me run soon and because you’re going to know why I’m running then;
    You’ll know then,
    because I’m not going to tell you now.

  99. The probability of winning this competition,i have a greater shot with the S.A lottery.

    So here’s my Winning Pick-6 Combination

    11 – The number of Grandmaster Flash albums in my possession
    1 – Walking to Daisies,as a result,not enjoying it to full,my feet failed me
    4 – Hippies found outside my tent last year
    25 – minutes spent asleep in the Shnit Cinema
    47 – attempts to finding my tent,after a night in the “Rave-Cave”
    (and your Bonus Ball)
    8- litre’s consumed over the Festival weekend

    I am Tata’ing my chance ,Tata me a Million MCBN

  100. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because, …..
    It will be the last party i am able to go to before i become enslaved to thesis and final project hand in. I wish to get Absolutely happy with the rocking sounds of bloc party making sweet sweet love to my ears, the relieved feeling of the cold river water on my feet after strolling around like a naked barefoot animal on the hot sand, enjoying the burning sun beating down on my face and regretting it the next day, appreciating the tasteless yet majestic feeling of the water from the water pit stops to keep me hydrated and revive me from all anticipating hangovers, laughing at jokes i never thought i would have in the comedy tents and not being afraid to let my hair down without brushing it. But most importantly, HAVING the TIME of my Life, as I do at Every Rocking The Daisies.

  101. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I have only had the luxury of attending one outdoor festival and it absolutely blew my mind! It literally takes me months to save up for these things and last year when I was all set to buy a RTD ticket, my brother passed away in a car accident. I don’t want to be playing on heart strings but seriously I could not think of a better way to celebrate the life of the most awesome person I know than to be at Rocking The Daisies! I will make a plan to be there no matter what because his favourite band was Bloc Party but this ticket will enable me to have a much better experience! Rock on forever and always!

  102. I really want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it’s the best music festival in SA and has the most amazing line up of musicians I really want to see live! Only the daisies brings Bloc Party because they are the best. It will be such an amazing weekend of fun, fun, and more fun!
    I cannot wait! 😀

  103. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because my girlfriend went without me last year and had the party of her life, and I had to fetch her and saw how awesome it was, I havent had a good camping party since new years four years ago! help me to go with my girlfriend this year :)”

  104. I’m a black young and gifted, I grew up in the streets of Soweto and my father used to always tell me that ROCK Festivals are for Satanists and I will die if I were to go to 1 of them ,so all my life I have been listening to the same type of music, kwaito, house and hiphop!!! My only white friend at varsity called Jammy took me RTD last year, I was clueless of what I was about to experience, I thought we just going to her uncles farm called “the Darling wine farm”!! Yooooooooooh when my feet touched those purple flowers , my nose smelt fun and games!! I was pulled in by this new sound that got everyone so pumped up!! I loved it, It was the coolest camping experience ever!! Everyone was sweet and kind, I sat with strangers and felt welcomed by there ways of living and what they call having a good time,it wasn’t scary like my Dad described it when I was young!! It was a life changing experience, I felt like I miSsed out on so many cool new creative sounds,stages,food ect!! I want to ROCK the daises again and this time bring a friend that will appreciate and enjoy this festival called ROCKING THE DAISiES!! Only for the pleasure seekers!

  105. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I can’t wait to party like its the first big festival of the year! (which it is). I have been going to RTD longer than any other festival and for obvious reasons! The loving people, the mind-blowing effort that goes into making the festival beautiful and the amazing bands that never disappoint the crowds. My boyfriend and I met at RTD 2010 and have been happy chappie ever since. What better way to celebrate than going back to where it all began at the festival. Otherwise we would probably just go for a waffle at Wimpy for our anniversary… Which would suck. Please 🙂

  106. I’m seduced by high-end multi-dimensional experiences. Key dimensions – duration (longer than an adrenaline rush), time (a sense of history), space (geography, architecture), people (building relationship) and of course defining essence and artifacts (music, art, pilgrimage). RTD is right up there with climbing an active volcano (Villarrica, Pucon, Chile) and walking 700km across Spain (Camino de Santiago). It’s a must do for the never done.

  107. Ahhh, I will attempt to mask my aggravation towards this brand of questions, simply because it forces me to reveal my birth-given brilliance …making most assume me to be a obnoxious and extremely good looking , they are half right. 😉
    With the aid of my credentials (genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist) and professional opinion I vote Callum Batman Cryans as the most deserving of the above candidates who are eligible for such a prize. Deserving meaning worthy of meritorious assistance and support- undoubtedly free tickets is a form of support.
    In an attempt to be unconventional i will desist from revealing my universally shared, third world problems such as a lack of money, fuel, electricity, brain cells, eye patches and shoes for diabetic cats…what? Instead I will tell you that I’m batman and I need to protect Bloc Party from the evils that lurk in the grass below the daisies.
    It’s evident from my obvious desperation which triggered the confession of my true identity that I (armed with the cat woman) warrant ownership of those bad boy tickets.

  108. Vermin is the only way I can politely describe it…Okay I suppose I cannot, it’s far too harsh to refer to one self in such a manner so I will opt for saying classy vermin. I DO have to apologize but I must place all of this in context.
    No dear, before you lose interest let me briefly explain my intention and the terrible, weak’ 50 shades of grey’ writing style.
    I will find away to rocking the daises as I could be described as soul sucking vermin. 😉 A way will be made, a path divorced, stings pulled and special connections unearthed. Despite my selfishness and utter obliviousness to the human race I must confess that this isn’t about me, not today.
    I could tell you about all the things that make me a worthy candidate for this lovely prize, list all my merits. Rant somewhat about my economical, social, political, demographical, physiological, pathological situations. Mention all the charity work I have done in all sphere of my life just to paint myself as a humanitarian. Discuss environmental issues and how this free ticket will aid me in my goals, but unfortunately I have to be frank…this time it’s not about that.
    I cringe just to type this but I suppose at this point it is all that’s remaining. Recently I have been mixed a in a foreign and somewhat byzantine bond, called monogamy. Yes, I am very inexperienced in such a sphere partly because I have never had the time. This will appear utterly clichéd but it’s the only way i can angle it. I have entered over 2 dozen Rocking the Daises competitions (between you and I, sometimes several times on numerous e-mail addresses) participated in radio shows, dressed as a full grown daisy, even participated in the ticket hunt…only to lose despondently. I am close to giving up as I feel that these tickets are a man that I am attempting to seduce who can see that I am simply trying too hard.
    Truthfully speaking I just want my silly, poor significant other to attend with me. I cannot bear to go without his sloppy lips. That’s why losing all these competitions has killed me. I really have searched and tryed everything only to admit that’s purely for someone else, a hard thing to comprehend. I really would like this ticket so i can avoid being single for summer: P

    • I do apologize for not quite answering your question ….
      Well I WANT TO GO TO ROCKING THE DAISES ( armed with a boyfriend)
      Because you know it’s utterly amazing.

  109. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I have been a big fan of Bloc Party since the days of Tony Hawk – American Wasteland, where they played Like Eating Glass.

  110. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…I am gonna Instagram the whole event. My camera phone will flash more than one of them strobe lights on the stage! My Instagram feed will basically be a stop frame animation of the entire event, only with different effects and shiii- on each frame. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…I am the peoples camera man.

  111. I want to go to Rocking the daisies
    because I need to be one of the crazies
    laughing and jumping and shouting everywhere
    with paint on my face and beads in my hair.
    Make my dream come true
    So I can do what I do
    All thanks to my citi by night
    Because thanks to them my life’ll have light.

  112. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I am the only one with the Rock for the Daisy…

  113. ………. all my friends have tickets and so far the budget is seeing me stay at home that weekend! Aaaaand it’s also a week after my bday and would make the best pressie EVA!

  114. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… this is my one and only chance as this will be my final year in Cape Town and being my last year of studies before I go abroad I can’t see how this wouldn’t be the perfect way to leave Cape Town. One final jol with the most insane music, vibes and people to be around!

    …and I have already invested in a pool lilo to rock in but no ticket to go! So think of a lonely sad little girl lying on the road with her lilo and no where to! I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, I would also give her a ticket now!

    Sad, last chance for Cape Town girl – soon to be ex, sitting on her lilo girl


  115. I want to go to Rocking the daisies because…
    my dog ate my ticket, so now I don’t have one

  116. I want to go to daisies this year cos i’d like to party with my recently single, disease free, friend who desperately needs a good time and a great party in a beautiful place.

    He needs this ticket.


  117. I really want to go to rocking the daisies because I left my wallet there last time and it contained the only good driver’s licence photo I will ever have in this lifetime

  118. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because, its an experience that Namibia unfortunately hasn’t offered yet, new memories, amazing bands, a weekend where we can literally set fire to the mic, and ignite the crowd! an experience the rest of Africa should experience! i wanna go to the daises (singing.

  119. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because iv’e never been before and figured if i can save on a ticket ill have extra cash to make it an even insaner weekend

  120. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I want to be Rocking with My City on a Daisies Night!!!

  121. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… I will be losing my RTD virginity, as I’ve never been there before. I will have a great time with all my awesome friends, drink awesome drinks, and have an awesome time being just awesome cause that’s how awesome we roll. Awe to some!

  122. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because,I need to connect 2Loves in 1fluid movement.Namely the Music+the causes I support.
    Getting me hands on these tickets would mean that myself and a friend could skate to the Daisies.

    Raise the Silent alarm,that abuse against women & children is not cool and the AWEHness of our ladies skate crew.The experience would be so surreal..getting amped on the tunes of Bloc Party blasting through our headsets whilst kick pushing through till we reach Rocking the Daisies.It would be the ultimate Weekend in the city one that the Four of us wouldn’t want to miss so please give us One more chance.Please, begging might be indecent#grovelling

  123. I want/have to go to Rocking The Daisies because I have never been before and all my mates are going! Unfortunately due to college I havnt been able to work much so I cannot afford a ticket but I know that if I was to win 2 tickets it would literally complete my life until 13 october 2013!I didn’t go last year which I regret because it was the topic of the conversation for many months after and always got mentioned in a convo now and again! It will be an unforgettable experience to be honoured with tickets! And as it may be the special someone I would take with me is turning 21 on the 13th october! Please 49m and MyCityByNight make me one happy human being!

  124. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because its not “op” any “koppi”: No dirt. Actual awesome bands. Clean girls (with straight hair). A beach and wine = +ONE MILLION BONUS $$$$$$ And it’s not called Rocking the Daffodil, which would have been pretty lame. Wahhhoooo.. im coming either way.. even if I have to sell my kidney!!

  125. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because local music is the shizz and should be supported to the max! I’ve never ever been to RTD and, being a poor little student, have no monies of my own to go, but I HAVE to check out Bloc Party in SA!! 🙂 PLUS, all my friends are going – some are even performing!! I’d love to head down to the Cape and rock out to some local tunes with blommetjies in my hair and a huge smile on my face 🙂 It would make my heart so verrrray very glad if you could pick me. Pretty please with a daisy on top!! I promise not to behave 😀

  126. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because due to my job, I spend a lot of my time at my desk. and I mean A LOT. Long work days, many work weekends and all nighters all over the place. Daisies is the highlight of my year, 3 days where I can kick back and relax. Put all the stress of winning business and deciphering crap briefs can all melt away into the sunshine. This year, I simply can not afford the tickets so if I could win, it would make my year. Literally.

  127. simply put i love the idea of camping under the stars with my friends and getting to know crazy people in the middle of the night, while connecting to some chooons that just dig into your soul and rewrite your very essence. it will be my first time going and i cannot wait to set foot on that glorious land

  128. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because
    “The crowds are waiting
    [BLOC PARTY] takes the stage

    Cross his heart, hand on heart, open heart
    That he’s gone legit
    [BIANCA IS’NT] there, [YET]

    Oh, it grows and grows and grows
    There’s [NO TICKETS HERE]
    There’s [NO TICKETS HERE]”

    P.S. I’m broke….

  129. I WANT TO GO TO ROCKING THE DAISIES BECAUSE – i have not wanted anything more evaaaaaa in my life! I hav not been to a festival like THE Epic RTD!!! can’t wait to experience everything of this event!!! I am a Fine art student at Michaelis – so busy alll the time and use all my monies on art supplies and this would be such a reward 😀 ! all my friends are lucky enough to go – some lucky devils got their tickets for free and i love free stuff ( its crazy) !!! also i am so so sooooooooooo EXCITED for the line up mainly for ALLLL of the bands not only Bloc Party (which i can not wait for ) ! And i know everyone obviously wants free tickets but i know i will have more fun than anyone else eva has !!!! I’m 100% indie awesomeness ness and will be a rocking daisy at this event if i get tickets or even if i have to camp outside the event! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  130. I WANT TO GO TO ROCKING THE DAISIES BECAUSE – i have not wanted anything more evaaaaaa in my life! I hav not been to a festival like THE Epic RTD!!! can’t wait to experience everything of this event!!! I am a Fine art student at Michaelis – so busy alll the time and use all my monies on art supplies and this would be such a reward 😀 ! all my friends are lucky enough to go – some lucky devils got their tickets for free and i love free stuff ( its crazy) !!! also i am so so sooooooooooo EXCITED for the line up mainly for ALLLL of the bands not only Bloc Party (which i can not wait for ) ! And i know everyone obviously wants free tickets but i know i will have more fun than anyone else eva has !!!! I’m 100% indie awesomeness ness and will be a rocking daisy at this event if i get tickets or even if i have to camp outside the event! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 yay xxx

    • I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because last year I threw my name away and I think this year I need to go back and find it.. I think its somewhere on the dance floor in the Electro tent…

  131. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I can’t think of anything else I would want to do more in the whole world on the 4th October. Because I want to dance so much that my legs get weak. Because I want to swim in the sun while sipping on a G&T. Because I want to wander around in a haze of happiness and I want my cheeks to hurt from smiling so much. I want to feel overwhelmed by how awesome our local bands are and I want to beam with the happiness that’s all around me. Because I want to have the most super-frikkin-fantastic weekend I’ve had in years and because I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the start of the most fantastic summer I’ve had so far. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because it exists and my life would feel incomplete if I were never to experience such awesomeness in this beautiful province.

  132. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I want to turn Kele Okereke straight.

  133. I want to go to rocking the daisies because find myself with a haircut that puts the fear in most people, a mohawk that hasn’t quite made it up yet, shaved on the sides, and is slowly depreciating into a mullet. If this isn’t bad enough, I recently came out of a 2 and a half year relationship. These reasons aside, if I buy a ticket to this party there is a high chance that I won’t make it through October because I will not be able to purchase the materials I need to make a living, bread and paint. mycitybynight, your assitance would be greatly appreciated.

  134. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… I moved to Cape Town recently and this would be a great way to immerse myself in the Cape festival culture! Send me and let me rock to the Daisies!! 😉

  135. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because… I want to SEE all the beautiful people, HEAR all the magical music, SMELL the fresh air, FEEL the party vibes and TASTE the best party I have yet to discover!

  136. I want to go to Rocking the daisies because the artists thats going to perform will need my energy to make great show but without me there its only goin to be a good show lol T.R.U

  137. i want to go to Rocking the Daisies because my year would not be complete if i missed the chance to skip around barefoot in the daisy fields to the epic line – up that is to be this year !! pick me !! peace and love ;o)

  138. I want to go to rocking the daisies because …. I AM JUST THAT AWESOME AND JUST TOO POOR TO BUY MY OWN TICKET ! ! ! 🙂

  139. i want to go to Rocking the Daisies because… i suffer from FOMO!! and i do not want to miss out on the biggest jol Cape Town has seeen!

    dont listen to all these lunchboxes !! listen to meee!! pick me!!

    no soppy story needed!


  140. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I’ve been dying for the chance to see Bloc Party perform live and seeing Kongos perform too will be the sweet cherry on top!

  141. I want to go to rocking the daisies because… I have never been before and all I ever hear from people is amazing,exciting,fun and a dam right experience it is. But I cannot afford the tickets… I would love to be able to be the one who is saying did u got to rocking the daisies 2012 was an awsam time is was!! Please please let be. Join in on that experience and have the time of my life !!!

  142. I REALLY want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…

    1.) I am the only one of my friends who does not have a ticket (because I can’t afford it)
    2.) I am the only one of my friends who is single (because I’m not very good at life)
    3.) I am feeling really depressed about #1 and #2 (because… well, who wouldn’t be?)
    4.) I AM A HUGE BLOC PARTY FAN (and would give anything to see Kele in person!!!!)
    5.) I have entered EVERY competition possible, and this is my last hope…

    Please help me!? PLZZZZZ? pleeeeeeease? pretty PlssZZ$$$$$$??????????????????????

    Thanks <3

  143. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I’ve had an extremely shit year. Between losing a family member to being dirt poor, to giving everything I have to make my dreams come true and having nothing left. I really need one weekend away from reality to see one of my favourite bands with my best friend. Call it a soppy story if you wish, but it’s the honest truth. No gimmicks.

  144. Yeah so I REALLY NEED to go to Rocking The Daisies this year because of one important life mission that I have been meaning to accomplish:

    The front man of my favourite band since 2004 has the same name as me. You guessed it : Bloc Party’s front guy is Kele. They are awesome, he is awesome and what would be even more awesome is if I had a ticket to Rocking the Daisies so I can at least try and fulfill this dream of mine.

    So please guys, be your awesome selves and gimme the damn ticket!

  145. I WANT to go to Rocking The Daisies because I can’t bear the thought of missing the best festival of the year especially after last years amazing experience. Festivals are the only place I get to completely go crazy and be free and rebellious with my friends and RTD is just the perfect place to do it.

    I NEED to go to Rocking The Daisies because I can’t imagine missing Bloc Party who is a vital part of my taste in music growing up and I had always dreamt of seeing them live and now BOOM! They’re coming to RTD along with over 100 acts. It’s just too good to be true. (but not if I win tickets and get to go :P) I also need to go because I’m stressed to hell and back at the moment and Rocking The Daisies just happens to fall perfectly in the middle of a massive project but just in the right space for me to have a bit of fun and let loose and forget about it all for a weekend. 🙂

    I would LOVE to go to Rocking the Daisies because I have really missed seeing some friends this year and this is the perfect opportunity for me to see all of them at the same time all in one place, which also happens to be the best possible place.

    want, need and love. what else is there to say? 🙂

  146. i want to go to rocking the daisies because my year would not be made without attending the ultimate outdoor festival in south africa, as well as the fact that my scarf(most important item for a festival) is dying to go, to keep me warm, to keep me cool, to keep my hair out of my face, to act as a blanket, to act as a pillow and to join me in every activity of the weekend!!! 🙂 daisies respect!

  147. on the 7th of october is my very best friend bday and we have been planning on celebrating it at RTD for the last 7 months, we are a crew of 25 peeps and we are setting up a massive communal chilling area to celebrate Emma’s bday all together. I so badly wanna go, especially because I hate breaking promises and I did promised to her that I will be there, but bad luck has followed me this past week, making my wallet too empty. now my friends are trying to put their money together to get me there and they have created a fb group by making me win you will make all these peeps happy not just me, and RTD is about happiness, friendship and love, so let’s share the love, please help us be happy, pretty please!

    just for the fun of it, un detto italiano: Se l’arcivescovo di Costantinopoli si arcivescovocostantinopolizzasse vi arcivescovocostantinopolizzereste voi per arcivescovocostantinopolizzare lui?

    😀 ridi che ti passa

  148. I want to go to rocking the daisies because… I’m wanted by the cops for rocking some pansy outside their station and the only place I can be incognito is at the festival where everyone rocks daisies. Please, I have the rest of my life to think of and the last thing I want is a criminal record.

  149. I want to go to Rocking the daisies because,my bestie is down from Brazil and we are celebrating her engagement plus my newly found singledom! We promise to Rock those dasies till they cant anymore!
    We need this!!!^________^ $$$$<3

  150. I want to go to 49M Rocking The Daisies because I have never been and cannot miss the best music festival in SA.

  151. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because this will be my third Rocking The Daisies and I don’t want to break the daisy chain


  152. I want to go to rocking the daisies because I need somewhere to pitch my tent!!

  153. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because as a proud member of the “African Protection of Daisies Association” I believe that I have the duty to not only respect these flowers but to maintain them (The Daisies that is) in a completely normal and rocking way. I believe these daisies should be not only protected but subjected to the “Rocking” that they deserve 🙂

  154. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because that line-up is going to make my tits fall off! I honestly haven’t seen anything in SA that even comes close to this event… and I need to be there! International acts from Bloc Party to Koan Sound to the biggest legend in hip-hop Grand Master Flash to local acts such as Das Kapital, Gold Fish, Pascal & Pearce, Dank, CTS etc… I don’t know how I will find enough time to see them all even in an ENTIRE weekend! This is going to be one the biggest parties to ever hit CT and I need to be there! I support the local music scene as much as I can and I really can’t miss this on! Help a student out here!

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  156. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because… if i don’t i will be miss regretsy 2012 forever! The numerous facebook pics of other people having fun and rocking out will make me filled with sorrow and i shall sink into a deep depression whereby i will lie on the couch and eat slap chips for a full day watching movies that will make me sadder such as green mile.
    Help me not be sad 😛 hand over those tickets!!!

  157. I just wanna rrrrrrrrock!!!!!

  158. I want to go to rocking the daises cause honestly I am gatvol of hearing about Trance Parties! Rock is the only way!!! I wanna get down with the tutus and bloc it all night, waving my hands in the air saying yeah! Make my 2012 please I need this> I already missed Woodstock 🙁 haha

  159. I want to go to rocking the daisies because there are going to be vampires and I am a professional vampire slayer (I have the whole vampire kit with holy water and garlic necklasses). I will be able to protect everyone! :-).

  160. I want to go to RTD because
    As I travel my city by night
    I get this feel-good feeling that claws
    Deep inside, getting me to fight
    For the epically awesome RTD tickets

    With Desmond & the Tutus on Main Stage
    Goldfish, Dank and Toy Toy in Electro Tent
    Its bound to be a mind blowing Rage
    Forcing a comatosed slumber in an overpacked Tent
    I cannot explain my need for this Ticket Please!!

  161. “I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because…”
    I have never been (I know that’s hard to believe, especially with me being a Capetonian student – just had bad luck with finances and work the past 3 years that I knew about Daisies – the closest I came to going was 2011… had a lift but didn’t finish my final undergrad paper in time) and I will not be in South Africa this time next year to experience the awesome, soul soothing and spirit igniting combination of sun, mud, water, people and MUSIC!!! that Daisies brings together! So I really really really want the chance to experience it this year – the 7th RTD that’s supposed to be the best one yet! Can’t imagine there being a better “first time”! =D

  162. I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because I have never been before! I have heard soo much about what happens and the vibe the people bring when they are up in Darling. Rocking the Daisies has developed is own culture which has encouraged people to be free and explore the best versions of themselves in an environment that’s just fresh, funky liberating and accepting of all people from all walks of life. I would love to experience this culture which has formed a great deal of peoples lives and the many memories they carry with them from experiences and times shared there. I am excited, I am hoping to be part of that experience but my poverty stricken lifestyle has deprived me of such a privilege and no human should be denied such an opportunity. The diversity of people, the creativity, the vibe, the environment and the essence of Rocking the Daisies is what I have been craving and longing for and I believe I should be at least given an opportunity to experience such a privilege.

  163. I DON’T want to go to Daisies this year, because it’s probably the worst festival ever. No-one i know has ever had a great time in the history of its existence. People just complain that they suffer continuously from hayfever and complain about the fact they don’t have enough anti-histamines to survive 3 days of debauchery.

    To make matters worse you have to deal with beautifully tanned well groomed females that you never see anywhere else in the world. all competing for the smallest beach in the country ( which isn’t even a real beach ). Plus the weather is so hot all the time that you have walk around half naked sipping cold beverages to stay cool, which is super irresponsible.

    To add to that there is constant International & local Noise blasting from the best quality sound system carrying all the way down to the campsite where too many people are having fun making it impossible to go to sleep before 9pm.

    Please don’t give me a ticket, i really don’t want to go, & can’t imagine a worse way to spend a weekend.

  164. I just really really really want to goooo!

  165. Because…this festival exudes incredible music and people. I yearn to be one of these people, bopping to the sweet sounds of Bloc Party. Rocking the Daisies also has a lovely river. This festival has never judged me for wearing swimming goggles in the river. Let me win. Please?

  166. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I want to party with Bloc Party 😀 😀

  167. I don’t have an insane story and my friends haven’t dedicated a facebook group to me (which is pretty fucking cool though!), and I don’t usually write poetry, but this pretty sums up how badly I would like to go to Rocking the Daisies 2012 and why.

    “I want to go to Rocking the Daisies because…”

    …is actually incorrect.

    I need to go to Rocking the Daisies because…

    I need them to show me that it’s not all bad news when you’re broke
    My City By Night has now given me the possibility of hope!
    If I won a ticket, I’d be there in a second
    However I doubt I’d bother setting it up I reckon!

    Have you ever stopped to look, just stopped to observe
    The looks on peoples faces
    The smile that forms a curve?
    Even though most are strangers, people you don’t know
    For these four days we’re all happy, does it matter who you know?

    These are the feelings the Daises evoke
    These are the things I miss the most
    In six days I hope to be there
    And in nine days I hope to not have a care
    In the world, regarding things that are so small
    I want to feel relaxed, waving goodbye to the daisies swaying tall

    It’s not just the sounds, although those are enchanting
    Forget everything around me, I want memories implanting
    In my mind where things are often so crazy
    Perhaps the one thing that could clear it all…
    …a daisy?

    -Maxine Volker

  168. It is going to be insanely awesome. And it will be my first trance party.. 🙂

  169. We have chosen two winners.

    Well done to Robin & Kate Livesey

    Please check your emails. If you haven’t gotten back to us by tomorrow morning. We’ll choose another winner.

    Well done 🙂


  170. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because I get hayfever

  171. I want to go to rocking the daisies because….. I have my hydration back pack ready for my booze so that I can have a good party all night long!! Never stop, just gotta keep going!! Now thats what I call the perfect endurance for the rocking the daisies weekend 🙂 Pick me 🙂

  172. I want to go to Rocking The Daisies because it’s the BEST music festival in South Africa.
    Plus, my girlfriend is going, I don’t want to be a lonely girl at home and I want to do her in the daisies!
    Come on, I know you all want me to.

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