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Win a R1,000 Tattoo Voucher with MyCityByNight & PALM BLACK Tattoo Co.


We’re giving away a R1,000 voucher to ONE lucky MyCityByNight & PALM BLACK Tattoo Co. fan. Here’s what you need to do to win:

1) Like their page on Facebook: PALM BLACK Tattoo Co.
2) Follow them on Instagram: PALM BLACK Tattoo Co. Instagram
3) Comment on this post with the name of the artist who you’d like to have tattoo you if you were to win this voucher with the hashtag #MCBNxPALMBLACK
4) Follow ALL the artists & the PALM BLACK page on Instagram to increase your chances.

// ARTIST LINKS // (guest artist)


Winners will be announced on the 21st of March



  1. Stefan Draak, No Doubt! His skills are sick!

  2. @raoulgoetze tho. #done

  3. DONE

  4. DONE

  5. Done 👐

  6. Done!!

  7. Done. @raoulgoetze

  8. Ninjabreadboy and DONE

  9. Amazing.

  10. PICK ME M8!

    I’ve been trying to decide when next to get another piece by Raoul for a while and it seems the stars have aligned in this ultimate coincidence! (Got my first tat by him 3 years ago).

    Already liked all of the pages so that’s done and done. Make me a winner MCBN, I never win tings and promise to get a rad piece! #MCBNxPALMBLACK

  11. I want Stefan Draak #MCBNxPALMBLACK. Followed err’body. Liked err’thing 💋

  12. Done!

    Stephen Draak

  14. Would love to be inked by @ninjabreadboy #MCBNxPALMBLACK

  15. D O N E !
    R A O U L !
    Y E S !

  16. DONE, holding thumbs 😈



  18. Done and done

  19. DONE! @ninjabreadboy #MCBNxPALMBLACK Would love him to do my first ever tattoo! 🙂

  20. Done

  21. Done. Ninjabreadboy’s stuff is sick!

  22. NinjaBreadboy scar me!! Done!!

  23. Done 🙂

  24. Done!!

  25. Done!!

  26. DONE!

  27. DONE!!!

  28. Done!!!
    Would love to have a tattoo done by ninjabreadboy 😬

  29. Just liked and followed on both Facebook and Instagram. Would love a tattoo by ninjabreadboy

  30. Dun dun DONE!!! 👐😆 #ninjabreadboyforthewin

  31. Done! #Ninjabreadboy #MCBNxPALMBLACK YHES!!!

  32. Done!✔️

  33. DONE! 🙂

  34. Would love love love one of a piece by Stefan “Die Draak.” Dude can do some SICK trad tattoos! #MCBNxPALMBLACK

  35. Raoulgoetze thanks guys:)

  36. Done ☄️

  37. Done

  38. DONE, if I got a tattoo by Raoul I would cry (maybe from pain, but also from goodness) #MCBNxPALMBLACK

  39. Done.

  40. Done 👊🏽

  41. Done.

  42. Done

  43. DONE 🌞🌞🌸
    it would be a vibe to get another tattoo by Raoul Goetze 😈


    Well done to Meaghan. Please check your email to claim your prize.

    If you haven’t replied within 24 hours we’ll choose another winner.

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