Win Guestlist To Discotheque & Eristoff Present: MyCityByNight


We return to Discotheque this Friday with SA electro heavyweights Pascal & Pearce and friends!

Presented by Eristoff – Vodka From The Land Of The Wolf


- Pascal & Pearce
- Bteam
- Riot Squad
- Blotchy
- DJ Shambles (UK)

- Lineups TBA

#REVERB is a space for the real newcomers to the DJ scene to step up! If you feel like you got what it takes, send your mix to We like it, you play. Easy.


Competition Time:

As usual, we have 100 spots on the guest list available for the #MCBNxDSCTHQv8 event. We also thought we’d throw in a R250 bar tab for one lucky person.

Winners will be announced next Friday: The 24th of May.





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  1. Stef Marent says:

    Stefanie Marent :D

  2. Garth says:

    Garth Wareley

  3. Jen Searle says:

    Jen Searle =) Here’s to round 8…

  4. Chad says:

    Chad Rutter

  5. Shaldene Wissing says:

    Shaldene Wissing :)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie Purser :)

  7. Amber Capra says:

    Amber Capra :)

  8. Ashleigh Fish says:

    Ashleigh Fish! :)

  9. Chanel Greig says:

    Chanel Greig! :)

  10. Matt Niemann says:

    Matt Niemann

  11. Nus Ismail says:

    Nus Ismail, this is going to be one sick gig!

  12. Danni Panton says:

    Danni Panton

  13. Ella Blake says:

    Ella Blake (not May)

  14. Amy Frankie Taylor says:

    Amy Taylor

  15. Mari-Lise says:

    Mari-Lise Franken

  16. Ayushi Sewraj says:

    Ayushi Sewraj

  17. Georgie Cole says:

    Georgie Cole

  18. Jennifer says:

    Jennifer Wilkinson

  19. Cameron Clark says:

    Ive never won anything ever ;”( help a brother win something! :D

  20. Matty Wise says:

    Matty Wise :)

  21. Jonathan Piercu

    Yeah baby! Lets go!

  22. Jonathan Leyvin Denys says:

    Jonathan Denys

  23. Jonathan Piercy

    Yeah baby! Lets go!

  24. Clare Townsend says:

    Clare Townsend

  25. Simone Gerber says:


  26. Warren Ferreira says:

    Warren Ferreira

  27. Thomas Maree says:

    Thomas Maree

  28. kirsty van niekerk says:

    Kirsty van Niekerk

  29. Jonathan Rauch says:

    Jono Rauch!

  30. Lindy Taylor says:

    Judge Lindy Alison Taylor… to you… :)

  31. Shuabe Jacobs says:

    Shuabe Jacobs :P

  32. Gregory de Mink says:

    Gregory de Mink

  33. Nicholas Shewan says:

    Nicholas Shewan

  34. tremaine says:

    Tremaine robin julies

  35. Tanya says:

    Tanya Dreyer – Looking forward to another cracker of a night with all the peeps :)

  36. Caelyn Amy Woolward :)

  37. Jesse-Lee says:

    I am miss Jesse-Lee Rowe & I will rock the party and get millions of hip-ass kids to attend ;) :P

  38. Peter says:

    Saw DJ Shambles at afrikaburn AMPED to see him throw it down at assembly discothecque on Friday!!! Stoked!!!!

  39. Brandon Cooper says:

    Brandon Cooper – At assembly pretty much every week! would love to finally win something out of it :D going to be madness!!!!!!!

  40. Brandon Cooper says:

    Brandon Cooper – At Assembly every week, would love to finally win something out of it :D going to be madness!

  41. Sean Streak says:

    Sean Streak

  42. Sean Streak says:

    assembly is my home!! i think i have more assembly pics than family photo’s! here is too another round of complete debauchery!!

  43. Shannon says:

    Shannon Nicole Smith. :)

  44. Stuart Sargent says:

    Stuart Sargent! Time to throw down! Amped for a good night out!

  45. Rosàlia Mendes says:

    Rosàlia Mendes, liked :) attending ;) now to sit back till Friday :D

  46. Olivia says:

    Olivia Jane

  47. Taariq Adamms says:

    Taariq Adams ,With Pascal & Pearce you know its going to be a sick noght

  48. Jarrin Zaal says:

    Jarrin Zaal

  49. Benjamin van Heerden says:

    Benjamin van Heerden

    • Cydney Chambers says:

      Cydney Chambers is from the Kingdom of Swaziland and wants to show her friends a good South African time!!!! (I am a friend of Maurits)

  50. Maurits Laane: I want to see, listen and dance on Pascal&Pierce!!!

  51. Cydney Chambers says:

    Cydney Chambers is from the Kingdom of Swaziland and wants to show her friends a good South African time!!!!

  52. Leah-Helaine Evans says:

    There are 5 of us from Swaziland! We absolutely love Assembly and come everything we’re in Town! Planning to come on Friday and guestist entry would just be the cherry on top of the awesome “My city by night” at Assembly ice cream! <3

  53. Hi guys! My name is Maurits Laane and I (a Dutch guy that lives in Swaziland) would appreciate it if I can see, listen and dance on Pascal & Pearce! Help me and my 4 international friends to put the cherry on the cake :O

  54. Shiraz Amod says:

    Shiraz Amod

  55. Keagan Exsteen says:

    Keagan Exsteen

  56. Andrew Gregory says:

    Andrew Gregory

  57. Adam Heynes says:

    Adam Heynes

  58. james mac says:

    james maclachlan

  59. Othman "Awesomoth" Mathews says:

    Othman “Awesomoth” Mathews.


  60. shane badenhorst says:

    shane badenhorst
    Sarah Houltshousen
    George van de spay
    Kevin Barnard
    Kirsten Baynam
    Andrew Dibden
    Siraya Pandora

  61. Rachel Cummins says:

    Rachel Cummins

  62. Anna van Dyk says:

    Anna van Dyk. Holla.

  63. Roxanne Tyler says:

    Roxanne Tyler

    Yes pls

  64. Tayla Withers says:

    Tayla Withers

  65. Talya Plaatjies says:

    Talya Plaatjies

  66. Caroline Brouckaert says:

    Can’t wait! Caroline Brouckaert. Please give the bar tab to Simon Kennedy – It’ll be his 21st!

  67. Annicq says:

    Annicq Pretorius :) yay!

  68. Kyle says:

    Kyle Stroebel

  69. kristi says:

    Kristi van Staden

  70. Tara says:

    Tara Townsend

  71. alexa says:

    Alexa Townsend

  72. Jonathan Beech says:

    Jonathan Beech

  73. Annicq says:

    Cara mc Gee

  74. Mike says:

    Mike Ledwidge

  75. Yael Ralfe says:

    My Bestie is coming into town for a huge party wknd, I know Pascal & Pearce will show her a great time!! DOUBLE TROUBLE= Tracy-Leigh Rees & (ME) Yael Ralfe! Especially if we score on that bar tab too!! :-)

  76. Kelley Wake says:

    Kelley Wake. Too keen!!

  77. Mikhail Adam Motala says:

    Mikhail Adam Motala, shot boytjie’s, MCBN rocks ekse :D

  78. Jarrett Jordaan says:

    Jarrett Jordaan

  79. Jeffeynore Jordaan says:

    Jeffeynore Jordaan

  80. Jody Jordaan says:

    Jody Jordaan

  81. Tracey Jordaan says:

    Tracey Jordaan

  82. Anje Delport says:

    Pascal and Pearce are one of my favourites and I have never seen them live, it would be so amazing and a dream come true if I won a ticket! ANJE DELPORT :)

  83. Tracy Rees says:

    Can’t wait to hit the 021 for an awesome party!! #Fun festivities for me, Tracy Rees & my best girl, Yael Ralfe. We feeling thirsty too….mmmmm! :-)

  84. Ross Veldsman says:

    Ross Veldsman! Halla! CIty of Squalla!

  85. Rosalia says:

    Rosalia Mendes! time for a raucous night out!!!

  86. roxy says:

    Roxy Kaczmarek

  87. Ali Wacher says:

    Ali Wacher


    CHRISTINE SLABBERT- get lucky pleaaaaaaase

  89. Amy Biggs says:

    Amy Biggs, I want to see Pascal & Pearce

  90. Ricardo Dudley says:

    Ricardo Dudley

  91. Lynn says:

    LYNN ROBERTSON :) peace and love.

  92. Gavin says:

    Gavin Servais

  93. Kei-Ella Loewe says:

    I (Kei-Ella Loewe) am a poor, broke, stressed-out young person who wants, nay NEEDS, a good-old jol at my favorite club in the city. Oh to get silly at Assembly, that is my only wish

  94. Jake Read says:

    Jake Read

  95. Charle says:

    Yes Please!!

  96. Pieter Seyffert says:

    I’d love to go… please!

  97. Anje Delport says:

    Would love to win a ticket! Pascal and Pearce are amazing and to see them live at Assembly would be out of this world :)


  98. Stuart says:

    Stuart Sargent!

  99. Mishkah says:

    Mishkah Abrahams

  100. Supermanuelza says:

    Manuel Mota

  101. Kreg says:





  102. Supermanuelza says:

    any news on bar tab yet or did i just miss the BIG REVEAL

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