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Win a weekend away with #MCBN & #TsogoSale [Giveaway]


Simply put, its #TsogoSale time!

We not going to waste your time with loads of reading as you only have 37 hours to make it rain (not said literally to the Cape Town readers, because we know it already).

Still looking for somewhere to take the mooiness/mooiman for a little sexy santa time? Well now is your chance to book!

The #TsogoSale starts today (well right now at 7am) and you have the chance to salvage your sanity with a selection of sexy holidays HERE, while saving 25%. Pleasure!

Like we said, the sale only lasts 37 hours and finishes at 8pm tomorrow… Need I say the proverbial, Go, go, go!

BUT WAIT, thats not all sports fans! Before you click away to book, you have a chance to win a weekend away for you and a partner at a Tsogo Sun hotels listed in the above link.


In the comments below, tell us your best party story of 2012. The person who rocked out the hardest, and survived, deserves a weekend getaway ;)

Your prize is valid until 01 March 2013!

You never know, you may need a break as soon as after Rocking The Daisies even!

Dont forget, click HERE to book some awesome holidays with 25% off!

T’s and C’s (dont worry, they pretty normal, just get entering and booking yo!)

  • The prize is subject to the following terms and conditions:
  • Your prize is valid until 07 January 2013. The accommodation must be taken up within this period, as the expiry date will not be extended.
  • Your prize is not transferable, may not be converted to cash and, if lost, will not be re-issued by Tsogo Sun hotels.
  • You may take advantage of your prize at any time, subject to availability, convenient to yourself and to the hotel as specified above, with the exception of school holidays, public holidays and certain other peak periods that may be identified by the hotel.
  • To redeem your prize, please contact our Customer Contact Centre in Johannesburg on telephone number 0861 44 77 44 and the Reservations agent will make the booking on your behalf.  Please note that you will be required to fax a copy of this letter to the Reservations agent to secure your booking.
  • You will be required to produce this original prize letter on check in at the hotel – no copies will be accepted.


  1. We had a trance party at a private wedding venue close to Roodeplaat dam… We started the event at 12:00 on the Saturday afternoon… There was a fishing resort across the river and by 14:00, we had people jamming to our music across the river… I played my set at 14:00 and finished at 15:00. We had to move the party indoors because we had too many people outside and the noise was way too much for some of the wedding venues around us…

    At 5:00 in the morning, i had to play again, needless to say people were properly disorderly at this time of the morning… We had to switch off the music at 6:00 due to a wedding that needs to take place at 11:00.

    I almost had a riot on my hands when we switched the music off and asked the people to leave the venue.. Bouncers had to assist in removing the party animals from the parking area…

    Needless to say it was an epic event…

  2. Boys, I’ll get to the story now.. but in the meantime, check the T&Cs yo, write says valid till March 2013 and T&Cs say Jan 2013.

  3. Craziest party this year has to be New Years for me.

    I was house sitting a decent sized house and me and my friends didn’t want to waste our money on a pricey overrated party, and did I mention we’re very indecisive? The day before News Years I hit them up and said hey lets party at the house i’m house sitting and see where the night takes us.

    We stocked up on food and drinks that we would have have spent on at a overrated party. Anyways cut a long story short, I’ve never seen 10 people do so much damage before. We woke up on the main bedrooms duvet on the beach, a bergie (I assume) had stolen my hoddie, one girls shoes and our left over McDonald’s had disappeared. We returned to find the walls and driveway of the house stained with pink champagne, the trampoline was looking sad and missing about 8 springs, a pillow that was originally white was now brown and smelling strongly of chocolate Lovoka, the owner of the houses exquisite brandy collection looking a little low, black sticky floors, wet towels lying in all corners of the house and the dogs that we’re very friendly were now very scared of us.

    I had a bit of explaining to do when the owner returned, but it was all worth it.

  4. Being an ex Cape Tonian who holds my friendships close to my heart, I always try and get back every few months to catch up with old mates. And by catch up I mean a solid skop culminating in a sweaty front right team get together!

    Being a big fan of all the Spin Tiwst Records DJ’s, Love and Light was an event not to be missed. Following on from an all nighter the night before we arrived at the collection point in the morning fully ready to get on the busses taking us to the venue. Held in Feb, the weather was perfect, the faces were smiling and Cape Town was showing what she is good for.

    What a treat to have friends of mine and undoubtebly the finest techno maestero’s worldwide, The Fogwhow, getting everyone warmed up before Gandalf took over and warmed up for Neelix and Symphonix who played out of their skins. It was so good to see so many faces all having the best time and although there will always be haters, I think that love and Light is one of the best festivals (and one of the best venues) that CT has to offer. Heading back to CT and we were off to Trinity for the after party. Broken Toy and Stereotype were the sets that I remember, and before we knew it, daylight was upon us again and a return trip to Durban with what felt like a red hot pick axe through my head.

    So MCBN and Tsogo Sun, please can I have a weekend away so that I can book it in CT to come and do it with you all again!

  5. I was in london visiting friends and took the time to head on out to one of my favourite festivals that was going on over a long weekend there – SW4. Anyone that has been to SW4 (or any of the other major festivals overseas) before will know thats its fucking crazy – there is just no other way to describe the madness of SW4.

    Around 100 000 people all crammed in to see the cream of the crop of the worlds DJ’s. Cellphones just wont work as the carriers block the traffic as so many people make calls all at once so if you lose your mates your screwed. Period. To add to the mess the entire festival had full fairground facilities in it so thinking that this would be fun on a date with Mandy I jumped into the queue. The next 2 minutes can only be described as stomach churning mess. I think I even managed to puke on the person in front of me. I couldnt see, stand up or move so my mate took me backstage for a bit of quiet time as he was involved in the lighting for a load of the top acts.

    I remember bumping into a friend of mine, Charlie and a few minutes later all was well – well better than well. I found myself backstage watching Pendulem (pre break up) rock the socks off 100 000 people as the sun went down on Sat afternoon. The lighting the event What a party!

  6. The best party story of 2012 must have been the full moon party last year – Ko Phan Ghan, Thailand. 1000′s of KM’s from anyone, anywhere in a hedonistic orgy of fun. Anyone who has been before will confirm that with the addition of a few mates, Ko Phan Ghan is probably one of the most perfect places in the world and the full moon was the cumination of a trip of a lifetime.

    And what a party it was. The beach was literally covered with tens of thousands of party revellers from all over the world. The entire island has only one thing on their minds, the party! Too many milkshakes mixed with amphetamine laced red bull meant that one second I was running along the beach emmersed in a sea of grooving gyrating bodies, the next thing I was man down on the beach surrounded by Frenchmen pointing to my foot and telling me to go to the hospital. Thinking that my legs had simply ceased to work for a time (as they often do at festivals) I tried to soldier on but collapsed again.

    Upon closer inspection my entire foot seemed to be out of place and was hanging in what can only be described as an obtuse angle to my leg! 12 hours later and I was back at the party in a wheelchair for the morning closing session – 42 stitches having gone into a foot that got hooked into an old rusty anchor on teh beach and ripped open. Please MCBN and Tsogo Sun, who deserves a getaway more – give this foot some good r&R for the next party!

  7. Normally I dont do the party thing to often seeing I’m a student. I was hitting the books hard one week night when my room mate crawled through my 1 floor window up the gutter followed by a stolen cooler bag loaded with rum. O yes, sweet rum started speaking to me and I decided to take the edge off a bit and had a drink while paging my book. Another one followed and another one of my room mates friends fell through my windows with a bag of ice. Taking no notice I put my headphones back on and had another drink. Round about chapter 3 I decided to take a pee break only to take off my headgear and turning my head with 6 or 7 people standing behind me playing paint the coolbag. Naturally I signed and pained my part and had another drink. The next morning I missed my alarm, found a rasta looking shaggy dog sleeping at my feet and a girl in my arms with paint up to the ceiling. Oja, the dog was also painted, naturally. Running late I ran like the wind to the examination hall sitting down, reeking of rum and uncombed hair with everybody staring at me laughing from their stomachs. Someone went and drew a black colored in penis extending from my chest to my face with bollocks on either side of my chin. Needless to say I passed my test, fairly well I shall say and plan on having another drunken debauchery quite soon and a rope ladder out my window for easy access. For my new girl, naturally. Dont drink and study, you might end up with a dog and a new girl painting your dorm room!

  8. My craziest party, it’s got to be my best friend’s bridal shower that I hosted. Needless to say, thank heavens we took pictures or we would never have remembered half the things we did that night. It was about 15 girls, Hawaiian party.. It started off with games and presents, and ended up with lots of drunk girls. We didn’t leave the complex because none of us could manage the drive, but we did get to know the neighbors and security .. lol. I don’t remember much after the Jageimeister but I know, I almost didn’t recognize the house the next morning .. Let’s just say, we don’t talk about that night, but a picture can paint a thousand words!!

  9. So this is rather embarrassing story to release to the world, but worth a shot..

    It was near the beginning of the year. My best mate was turning 21 so a big celebration was pretty much a necessity. Luckily there was a UCT Ikey’s Tiger match on the day which provided the perfect pre-jol opportunity. Rock up at the game with a Castle Lite quartz and a juice bottle with a 50/50 Vodka/Lemonade split each.. The vibe had begun officially begun.

    After the game some friends rocked up on campus with a boot full of booze to rock a car-bar before hitting Mont which was packed with Ikey’s and Maties charnas. Finished the booze, called the taxi, and hit Dakota to jam a few games of pool before the night picked up. After getting borderline gedronk, we realized we hadn’t gotten the birthday boy a traditional erotic 21st gift – we took a stagger up to Adult World and ended up with a lekker “self-help” tool and a few packs of domes to keep him going as he recently (20 minutes before) rekindled his love with his ex.

    A lot of drinks later, the horniness built up from being in Adult World kicked in – and human instinct took charge. We needed to put those domes to use. The two couples headed to source a couple of open cubicles, but unlucky for my meisie and I… ours didn’t lock. We were too drunk to care and found a way where she could hold the door closed why managing to get some business done. Not even 5 minutes pass before a massive bouncer slams through the door… Awkies.

    Steps on my pants so I can’t pull them up, pushes me against the wall and rather aggressively says: “What the fuck you think you doing?”… obviously my girlfriend comes up with the not-so-witty response of “He was just helping me make a wee”.. Really? This prompted him check out her panties chilling on the floor and then swiftly take out his cellphone and say he’s calling the cops to come pick us up – and this whole time my johnson’s just chilling in the open. I say to the guy.. “Listen bro, there has to be some way we can work this out?”.. Typical response: “How much you got?” 100 bucks whipped out the bra of my lovely lady made the guy happy.. happy enough to even laugh when I said to him: “So I’ve paid you now, the least you can do is let me finish off.”

    So.. MCBN and Tsoga, this was a traumatic experience that disturbs us to this day. Please help us out with a romantic weekend away to become innocent again and create some happy, beautiful and special memories that aren’t drunken and stupid? We’d super love that.

    Much love and thanks,

    The Embarrassed Couple

  10. Alright, so where to start, where to start.

    Oh yes that’s right, Ibiza 2012, Skrillex, Annie Mac, Madion, Knife party, breakage, Zedd, and Dillon Francis, all on the same night, in what can only be described as the most ridiculous club in the world.

    Needless to say we were beyond excited the morning of this party and so decided to get a decent crack on with the pre-drinks, somewhere around 12 noon. This decent crack on dissolved into a round of kings played with grappa (stupid idea, whoever came up with it), which then dissolved into something of a slightly wilder notion – This being, Me falling overboard 3 times while attempting a titanic sort of move (and obviously failing miserably), a friend taking swinging off the boat, but somehow forgetting to let go of it (the swing that is) and smashing his stupid face into the side of the boat (a pretty tasty bruise/bump was to follow), somewhere along the line someone got stung by a jellyfish and yes, someone did try and hold him down to pee on him, as all mature adults tend to do when faced with a friend who has been viciously attacked by a jelly – (un)fortunately he got away. After realizing we were smashed already and we still had about 8 hours before we could think of leaving for club, someone thought up the “brilliant” idea of bringing out one of the many bankies of weed we had and having some quiet(ish) time. This bud we had acquired was through the accidental finding out of where the dealers stored their goods (in a tree along the jetty), and a true “paying with courage” incident where a semi-mentally challenged friend took a quick look around saw no one too dodgy, snatched the sunglasses case out of the hiding place and sprinted off, all of us (me with a limp and half) in his wake.

    So after chillacking for a bit we got ready, (anything goes and it did) and got back on it. A couple hours later, a very different type of drunk driving occurred – that of the tender to the jetty, no straight lines came close to being made, though there’s nothing like starting out your night semi drenched. Arriving at a local bar to wait for the party bus to take us to the club we realized we were at the wrong place, along the way I stopped to get cash and so the group split up – Long story short 7 of the group got on the bus, while the 8th member was looking for us, Of course we had the 8th guys ticket so he was properly screwed. It was a sad sight driving past our 8th crew member and catching his (could have been teary) eye… The bus driver took immense heckling from the crowd to eventually stop about 3 km’s from the bus stop, where his faithful girlfriend leapt off and started to run back towards where we started, having no phones it was hit and miss. And when we arrived we waited a good hour at the gate (our drunkenness quickly starting to ebb) before low and behold the other 2 jumped off the bus and it was back on with a vengeance.

    The actual party was properly crazy, but this time in a good way not a laugh about how crazy it was in the morning kinda way. Madion – possibly better than skrillex live, had the most ridiculous amount of energy the crowd just ah it was almost too much. Everyone played a massive set and it was certainly a night to remember – which somehow I do.

    So I could go on forever and ever, and you could read this and say she’s just been to Ibiza why does she need a weekend away, but you shouldn’t because of a few reasons, which I’ll let you think of yourself, but Namely that I came back sans Phone and brand new Ray-bans, missed my flight, had to buy another, walked 10 km’s back from a party one night, broke a toe (x-rays can be supplied), was covered in at least 15 bruises everyday from the start (we counted) got lost for over 10 hours – not as funny as it sounds, and a myriad of other events. SO please can we have this lovely weekend away, mainly cause it would mean I won the competition with my story, but then again also cause it would mean a lovely weekend away with not too many injuries likely to occur.

    Please and Thanks

  11. The winner has been chosen:

    Well done Anonymous

    You will be contacted shortly!

  12. AHHHHH! How exciting!

    And such perfect timing to book my December weekend away :)

    Thanks MCBN! And yes, I realise this gives away my anonymity. Fuck it.

    Waiting on that email so I can get booking. Much love.

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