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The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be in South Africa next year, thank goodness for that! Our readers will be happy to know that we have one General Admission ticket to give away to a LUCKY MyCityByNight fan.

Here’s what we need you to do:

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Once you have done the above, comment below with your favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers song and your FULL NAME. Simple hey?

Winners will be announced on the 1st of November.


  1. Under the Bridge
    Kai Linder


    Full Name: Chris Edington
    Song: Otherside

    Ill kiss you.

  3. Otherside!! Remember listening to it all the time as a spud :P

  4. Give it Away – Harm Albert Burger

  5. Give It Away (to me please!)

  6. Favorite song by RHCP….where do i start! :)
    1. Wet Sand
    2. Slow Cheetah
    3. Strip my mind

  7. By the Way:)

  8. Dani California

  9. Californication!! Alistair Withers

  10. Scar tissue –> old but awesome. :)

  11. Funky Monks
    Alexander Pankiv-Greene

  12. Under the Bridge
    Jade Thomas

  13. Otherside :)

  14. Soul to squeeze <3
    Bianca Els


    I don’t have a favourite RHCP song, for realsies, but I have an RHCP song for many different moods…

    Favourite RHCP song for when I’m feeling:
    Bouncy – Sir Psycho Sexy
    Melancholy – Under the Bridge
    In need of a pick me up – Coffee Shop
    Bored – Aeroplane
    Frisky – Hump de bump
    Stoned – If

    I could continue. I can should you so desire.

    My full name is Cara Leanne Morris a.k.a. the girl who is going to miss the BEST BAND EVER because she was goddam broke.
    Please help me not have to sit in the far right ass-end corner to see a band I have loved since I was 8…

  16. By The Way
    Peter Fenyves

  17. Scar Tissue. MATT DAMON. No, Pravir Satyapal.

  18. By The Way
    Lily Bovim

  19. Can’t Stop

    Anya Klaassen

  20. Under the Bridge
    Jared van Eck

  21. Dani California

    Patricia Sanders

  22. Favourite RHCP song: Otherside
    Full name: Stephanie Reynolds

  23. Californication
    Storm Barry

  24. Definitely Under The Bridge, from their 1992 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Early days!

    Emma Faye Follett-Botha

    I have Liked your page, this post, and follow you on Twitter.

    Winning this ticket would make my entire year.

  25. Scar Tissue
    Colin Austin

    RHCP = G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)

  26. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
    Emily Hellens

  27. Californication

    Kylie Wilson
    :D :D :D !!!

  28. Under the Bridge
    Amber Hoffman.

  29. coffee shop, Chistopher John Trethowan

  30. Can’t Stop

    I would cry if I heard it live.

    Megan Phillipson

  31. Robert Buchanan


  32. Hey guys

    Full name: Courtnay Paige Thalrose
    Favorite song: suck my kiss
    Or: under the bridge

    (if I have to choose, which is HARD)

    I’m currently stuck in Victoria, Canada but am back in CPT 2 weeks before the most amazing band EVER hits SA! I wld love so badly to get to go!!!!

  33. Give it away
    Name : Luanne Michelle Long

  34. Favourite RHCP song? Teenager in love :D
    Full Name? Melissa Nel

    Make me a happy girl, please, MCBN :D

  35. torture me, Mpumi Sibiya

  36. My field of work is so hard to crack into i’ve just been doing (unpaid) internships, therefore I’m a bit low on Zim Dollars. Please grant me the opportunity to join my mates.

    Venice Queen

    Jonathan Garisch

  37. Road trippin!!!

    Janine Reimann

  38. Suck My Kiss
    Alessandra Sarah Griffin

    You and me;
    and the Are Eight-ch See Pea-
    Kickin’ it at the stadium next February.
    It may not be some dingy club in Los Angeles
    but i’m sure it’ll be a party,
    where ever we may be.
    We’ll forget about the kids recording it on their Blackberries
    and we’ll dance to the raddest beats by Ant and Flea.
    It may not be ideal but at least it’ll be
    the prettiest music we ever did see.

  39. Under the Bridge
    Anna Kushnir

  40. Can’t stop

    Katya Krat

  41. Throw away your television
    Sean Streak

  42. Lieske Wegelin – Don’t Forget Me

  43. Full name: Elizabeth Vorster
    Fav RHCP song: Animal Bar

  44. Fav song: Otherside
    Full name: Jade Ashton Scully

  45. I dig all the songs I got my ticket whoooop

  46. Mark Mohr
    Give it away

  47. My fave of the moment: raindance maggie – u gotta love the video!!

  48. Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away now.
    One of the greatest songs eveeerrrr!

    Kyle Kurt Jacobs

  49. Californiacation

    Jessica Sandell

  50. Dani California! :D

    Isabel du Toit

  51. Dani California

    Isabel du Toit

  52. Under The Bridge
    Rory Mitchell

  53. Under The Bridge
    Rory Mitchell

  54. Collins Kanhamo can’t stop!!!!!

  55. Californication Rachael Kruyer

    mishkah abrahams

  57. Coffee Shop

    Dean Nathan Jones

  58. Can’t Stop!

    Seanne Less

  59. Scar Tissue

    Zoé Blues

  60. The Zephyr Song (Fly away on my zephyr)
    Adam Heynes

  61. Californication. Alexandra Bath


    Barry Dylan Botha

  63. around the world

  64. Under the Bridge
    Chris Rossouw

  65. Scar Tissue
    -Tara-Lee McNulty

  66. Can’t stop!!!

  67. Suck my Kiss.

  68. Under The Bridge

    Guy Blackhurst

  69. Cabron

    Danel Maree

  70. Can’t Stop

    Nikita Hadfield

  71. Californication

    Nicolaas Jan Bos

  72. Can’t Stop

  73. Under The Bridge

    Dominique Warr

  74. Under the bridge

  75. Around the World. so damn funky

    Alison Stewart

  76. Otherside!

    Victoria Dunbar

  77. Scar Tissue

    Bethany Davies

  78. Road Trippin

    Sickest song!!!

    Ricky Moss

  79. Fortune Faded

    Cit McWilliam

  80. Have LIKED your FB page + followed you on Twitter, loving the latest updates on the PULSE of Cape Town, thanks MCBN team!

    Fav. song: I Could Have lied (BSSM)

    Full name: Lisa Huang

    Thanks! Really hope to make it to RHCP concer!!!!!! Can’t believe tickets sold out so quickly….. >o<

  81. The Zephyr Song

    Bryony van Beek

  82. Under the bridge

  83. Scar Tissue
    Brilliant book, even better song

    Would do just about anything to see RHCP live

  84. Scar Tissue
    Amazing book, even better song

    Would do just about anything to see RHCP live.

  85. Under the Bridge

    Darryn van der Walt

  86. under the bridge!

    Niki Fischer

  87. Californication

  88. Hard to Concentrate

    Ryan Gordon

  89. Scar Tissue
    Justin Joshua

  90. Under the bridge =) best guitar intro

    Jen Searle

  91. Done all of the above.

    Under the Bridge, or Scar Tissue.

    So many amazing songs to decide from.

  92. Under the bridge

    Glen McKnight

  93. Californication :D

    Leigh Newlands

  94. My all time favorite is Californication by far. Good times all round.

  95. My all time favorite is Californication. Good times all round!

  96. My favorite song is Californication
    Full Name: Meagan Brache

  97. Can’t Stop

    Lyle Scritten

  98. Shit, now I really Can’t Stop!

    Lyle Scritten

  99. has to be Under the Bridge – classic !

  100. Colin Sergay – Give It Away

  101. Californication!

  102. Road Tripping!!

  103. Fire

    Nick Gates

  104. Otherside (as in the other side of the entry gate, please!)

    Gareth Woods

  105. Can’t Stop

    Dan Constandse

  106. Hard to Concentrate


  107. I Could Die For You
    Hard to Concentrate

    Jessie Doveton!!!

  108. Dani California – Amy Mead

  109. Californication

    Warren Ferreira

  110. Californication
    Ashley Dalton

  111. Otherside
    Gareth Coleshaw

  112. Scar Tissue

    Anya Klaassen

  113. Give it away
    Emma Black

  114. Calaforniacation -if thats spelt correctly lol

  115. give it away

  116. Can’t stop
    Luc Lenferna de la Motte

  117. Scar tissue

  118. Scar Tissue

  119. Parallel Universe.
    Ashleigh Monique Huntley

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