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Win a Soul Candi DJ101 course with MyCityByNight


soul candi institute of music

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be on the other side of the decks, then best you pay attention to this competition brought to you by the Soul Candi Institute of Music and us at MyCityByNight. Yes, now it’s your chance to get the crowd pulsating with your amazing tunes, track progression and seamless mixing as you learn the basics of djing in the Soul Candi DJ 101 course.

The Soul Candi Institute of Music’s (SCIM) DJ101 course runs for two months and students can start at any time, space permitting. Class is twice a week with one practical and one theory lecture per week. Upon successful completion of the course the student will receive a certificate, allowing them to take on the World and start plying their trade at venues around the country.

From turntables to laptops and beyond, the array of technology at the disposal of the modern DJ is almost endless – the SCIM DJ facilities are both a tribute to the classic and vintage gear that has defined the history of the profession and a glimpse into the technologies that will shape its future – rest assured that once you complete the course you’ll be pretty well-versed in all of the necessary areas.

Since 2004 the SCIM has been THE place to go for the most up to date training in music production and DJ skills. SCIM’s mission is to educate, train and shape students to excel in music as a career, whilst optimising the opportunities for the students and the industry alike, through partnerships and interaction with brands like MyCityByNight and of course through leveraging the strength of the Soul Candi Record Label (Africa’s biggest independent record label).

Visit for more info on the DJ101 and other courses.

DJ 101 course details:

Where: Soul Candi Institute of Music, Cape Town or Johannesburg

Address: Cape Town -  Somerset Square  Somerset Rd, Cape Town 8001

Johannesburg – Shop No. 2, Reithmrere, 81 Corlett Drive, Melrose

When: Start anytime, space permitting.

Duration: 10 weeks

Lectures: 2 lessons per week (1 hour theory and 2 hours practical)

Costs: R3 500 (Payment in full)

For more information contact:

Cape Town:

Emile Oudejans

021 418 0972


011 440 1795

Competition Time:

We’re giving away a DJ101 course to one lucky winner from Cape Town. To win simply leave us a comment below telling us why you need this course, follow us on Twitter and let us know you’re there & keen to win! : MyCityByNight – (click here) @Craig_Stack – (click here) @RickyByNight – (click here)


  1. Hey guys,

    My older brother was always a DJ when I was growing up, so I had a love for music from the beginning and he always used to take me behind the DJ box and show me whats what. This started me playing house parties and things like that, but now I’m older and he’s older and we kind of let that fade away from us.

    My best friend is trying to make his name as a DJ in the US. Together we’ve tried to play a set or two when he is down but its a total catch 22 situation. To get back into it, I need to get on some decks…….but the only way to do that is to play a set somewhere. I have been trying to save up to buy a controller or a mixer or something just so that I can practice at home, but DJ equipment is just too expensive.

    I am passionate about this and I would love to be able to get back into it any way I can.

  2. My music journey started like most others (with a free DL of Virtual DJ) at an early age. I’ve recently been playing on controllers and have manage a couple of bookings whilst constantly learning from those around me. I would love this opportunity to learn about the in’s and out’s of mixing beyond the sync button and really understand more about the music I’m playing not only for myself but for those i hope to play in front of in the future.

    So PLEASE MyCityByNight take my passion for music to the next level!

  3. Hey

    Ive always had a passion for music. From classical all the way through to the hardest, heaviest rock. I’ll listen to Richard Clayderman and Metallica right after each other. Ive fallen in love with EDM and the whole digital DJ era, so much so that I’ve bought myself a controller this past Christmas and teaching myself to DJ on my laptop. So no more mouse and Keyboard. I think this would be perfect opportunity for me to learn and hone the skills that i do have and hopefully tap into something I never knew I had and experienced DJs can see.

    A few of my mates are DJs in Town and Claremont and just watching them do their thing and move the crowd is awesome and I want to be a part of that. I have played at house parties but I’d really like to learn more about the music, structure of tracks and the many different ways to manipulate music and put them together to make bangers! If I could do this everyday of my life Id do it in an instant and I’m sure this would be the first step!

    So please choose me! I’m Keen as!

  4. My voice sucks, so my dreams of being a singer have been dashed ;) Music is my life-blood. In 2012 I went to my first outdoor party and I am DYING to learn how to dj. Unfortunately I definitely can’t afford to pay for a course, so if you pick me, I will play at all your future MCBN events for FREE ;)

  5. Oh man…this would be SO awesome. Music is my world…I eat, sleep and breathe music. If I have to beg I’ll beg…lol….an amazing prize!

  6. I am 16 years old,started Dj’ing at age of 13 last ehn I was 15 years old I have played with Donald(artist) Revolutions,Clock,Complexion and other SA popular Djs at Mahwelereng stadium,nowadays I am playing at Mogalakwena Beach Pub(Recently recommended as Mkp Pub that’s got the Vibe) the most interesting thing is the Talent I have at this age,I had an advise from Nteeze of the Dowa entertainment to go for this Course which is in my heart,I have choosen this course because I have passion,commitment,and love for music and I dream to go places as Dj Shimza who is from the hands of Soul Candy.

  7. I need this course, I’ve got love for deejaying and there are few female than male dj’s.

    Given this opportunity I would make sure I carry the Soul Candi name high, please give it to a female :) and that is ME.

  8. I would not be entering this competition if I did not have an extreme passion for music, so trying to convince you that I have more passion would be wasting my time and yours.

    I have tried to learn to mix for a few years now but have been let down every time I got an opportunity. I am fortunate enough to have friends who have the equipment but on the numerous times that I have asked them to teach me ‘something’ always comes up.

    So now I stumbled across this competition, which I am not sure if it is finished yet or not and I thought that I had to try at least one more time. I have a music collection which holds all the space on my 250GB macbook pro. If I could get compensated for all the time I search for and download music I would be a very rich man. All my friends always tell me DJing is something I should pursue and trust me, I have tried. This will be my last attempt so please please please lets make this happen. Teach me how to mix some groovy deep tunes and break some harder progressive…

  9. I have always been so eager to learn how DJ equipment etc works,i am super dedicated and would use this course to my full advantage. I have done a small 3 months sound engineering course, so this course would really help me develop my skills and aid in increasing my ability to perform and produce sick beats. I really need this opportunity.

  10. i am so passionate about producing music. I have a MAC, i have a few producing programmes and i have the pure dedication, please give me this opportunity to change a hobby into a lifestyle

    • Big ups to Marcel, You really do deserve this, Ever since we have known you, you have been so flippen passionate about music and producing. This course will be a step in the right direction for you ! BEST OF LUCK

  11. i am at my late 20s from khayelitsha one of the rough community in the western cape.i have been dreaming of becoming a dj since the eraly age but did not know hwere to go, but for me to get this soul candi will show young people at my community no matter which back ground you coming you can do what ever you dreamt of doing. this will give an opportunity to meet the soul candi own label dj’s such as Blanka and Adzey,Thibo Tazz and many more in Cpt.

  12. Working in a club, I watch DJs for a living, but I never know what they’re doing back there! I would love the opportunity to learn and even get up there one day!

  13. Working in a club, I watch DJs for a living, but I never know what they’re doing back there! I would love the opportunity to learn and even get up there one day!

  14. Holding both thumbs man ! would absolutely dig to do a DJ101 course!

  15. After a bit of decision making from the client we can finally announce that Theophil Ningiza is the winner of the DJ 101 course. Expect us to be in touch soon!

    • i would like to thank you MyCitybyNight and Soul Candi for the opportunity they granted me. i will make the best out of this. i can not wait for 29 June to start my first class.

      • Hi I’m mandisa I’m really into being. DJ because this thing is really into me its I cnt really explain the feeling but what I can say is that I really wanna be a next person/DJ that people will up to.I really wanna turn out this world around by building a school of learning to be a DJ

  16. i want to turn my hobby into a career cause i live to do music so i figured that music n dj are part of my life

  17. Hy gu

    I love house music,its only music that I listen and my dream was to become a club dj bt it did nt come true becous where I come frm bt I still trying to make it come true,my frnd have laptop I always using it to mix music and am good to it,now I wish to have some decks to show people how talented I am and am sure that I can be a best club dj in the world,only I need is certifacate and decks so dat I can play around the world

  18. Dear all
    i always wondered what it must feel like to be on the other side of the DJ,spinning turntables and watching people dance to a vibe i created.controlling the energy of the growd.To be a DJ is my dream and my dreams can come true with the aid of you SOUL candi Institute of Music.

  19. When it comes to Dj (I m in the vision of DJ Fresh,Dj Kent,Ralf Gum,Black Coffee,etc).having a chance to be in the line of the biggest Dj’s and Artist’s mentioned above is an Life Time achievement not only for me,but for the South African’sFuture life’s of Dj’s.Being able to have the outstanding quality Lecture’s of SSoul Candi sharing some deck skills ,is a dream coming true for me.So I would be glad and highly appreciate if you accept my comment

  20. I am 18 from the small town of ocean view and have been dj’ing since the age of 15 at several house parties but have not yet had the chance to showcase my talent on the club scene. I have been using controllers with virrual dj but would really love the experience of learning to use cdj’s but can unfortunatelly not afford to pay for the course as i come from a household where money has always prevented me from following my dreams. It would be a dream come true for me to win this course and show the young people of my community that no matter where you come from, you should always follow your dreams and let nothing get in the way of you persueing your dream career

  21. 8ta majita ke papa frm kanana,Orkney…klerksdorp.i’m a resident dj @ pillars pub n i started playin in 2010.@ 2011 28 decemba mangi owner of pillars made me a res,2012 novemba i went to swingless 2 b a resident dj until april n went back 2 pillars till now so i want 2 go out n i donthave any connection,people dont no me n i have a small problem cos no 1 show me how 2 dj i did it myself so can u give me a chance to prove myself in need dis course i wont disapoint u.8ta

  22. When I was young in the age of 10 in 2002,I wanted to be a deejay because I was in love with it.i use to play music with a home theatre telling my self that I’m a deejay.from that time everyone was calling me a said that I have to make my dream to come sure that one day I will get that chance express my dream.thank you (0749001740)

  23. I won’t say much. I love music, I love hiphop. I want to make people dance, see their faces when I play their favourite track, to the point where they come up to me and hey you played a good set today.

    There’s a lot of technicality when it comes to Deejaying but that’s what I love. I love the challenges. I am young, I know what young people are listening to at the moment.

    There’s not many female hipop Deejays in the country and I’d love to add numbers to it. I NEED THIS.

    Thank you.

  24. I won’t say much. I love music, I love hiphop. I want to make people dance, see their faces when I play their favourite track, to the point where they come up to me and hey you played a good set today.

    There’s a lot of technicality when it comes to Deejaying but that’s what I love. I love the challenges. I am young, I know what young people are listening to at the moment.

    There’s not many female hiphop Deejays in the country and I’d love to add numbers to it. I NEED THIS.

    Thank you.

  25. i nd to be a dj cuz thr are nt many dj’s 4rm limpopo n i wnt to put my area in the mp i really ned ths. i believe dat whn i gt ths i wil make my commty prd of me

  26. Am that dj who always look and feel what other djs a doing.that is why their call me dj blackman course I play on the decks when am blackout

  27. Dear Sir/Madam

    Im A Dj Who is based in Newcastle in KwaZuluNatal but travells around City Playing music for Devine Crowd, The reason why im entering the Dj101 Competition is because i want to master my skills as a dj and not only that i also want to Fly a Soul Candy Flag and be the next Soul Candy artist.

    Kind regards

  28. Dear Soulcandi crew I’ve entered this competition because I believe in my self djying is my hobby, I love music because music set me free when ever I’m down, I also bought Euphonik album title For The love of House vol.6……at Musica coz they said that if I can buy The Cd it’l give a chance to Win the competition. …..

  29. hi there i love to play music and it would be great if i can win this competion to upgrade my skill

  30. Hey guys I’m still a young deejay I’m 23 years and I really love music especial house I would love one day to be a well known producer or deejay. At the moment I’m sharing some of my mix on soundcloud I’m still a amateur in music but I’m getting there. I would love and appreciate if mycitybynight and soulcandi to give me this opportunity. I’m hungry to make music

  31. A skill defines who I am. Such opportunities come only once, I for one also declare my com Studio producing beats without any supervision already people are loving my production. Its been almost 2years now using digital softwares mixing and I alredy got 2 air plays on Radio by Alra Park Radio and Pleasures Of Music Sessions hosted by dj Nonjebc on Deepinradio. In Conclusion, I am willing to learn and grow in this music industry.

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