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Win A Cabin On Rock The Boat For You AND 2 Friends!


We told you about Rock The Boat with Fusion Ice in August (HERE), now we giving YOU the chance to be on Rock The Boat with Fusion Ice… WITH 2 of your friends! (ex flights, port Baggage, insurance, gratuity & transfers)

We giving away a 3 berth outside cabin valued at R 18 000!!!!!

Get to party the day and night away from the 9th – 12th December with the likes of:

– Locnville
– Teargas
– The Arrows
– Goodluck
– Liquideep
– Poppy Ntshongwana
– Fresh
– Euphonik
– Milkshake
– DJ Cli
– Naves
– Leo Large
– Dimplez
– Erica Elle
– Sphectacular
– Conrad Koch
– David Newton
– Tumi Morake
– Rob Vember

What do you have to do to win this baby?

So simple: Tell us in the comment section below, why you and 2 of your friends should go and HOW you 3 will ROCK THE BOAT!

Following @MyCityByNight , @RockTheBoat_tm and @fusionice on Twitter and giving our fanpages a like also never goes amiss 😀

Rock The Boat:
Fusion Ice:!/pages/FUSIONice/164569620294140

Terms and Conditions:

– Competition entries close on at 18:00 on 20th November 2011.
– The winner will be chosen by the events organisers, and we will announce the official winner on 21st November, 2011.
– No employees or family members of employees of Durban Rock The Boat with Fusion Ice organisers, or those brands/companies directly involved in Durban Rock the Boat with Fusion Ice may enter this
– The judge’s decision is final.
– The prize may not be transferred or converted to a cash prize.
– You and the 2 people you want to come with you must be 18 years or older to enter.
– You and the 2 people you want to come with you must have a valid passport.
– Travel to and from the Durban and the Durban port is at your own expense.
– Any additional expenses are at your own cost.
– This prize includes the cost of the cabin ONLY.
– Port, baggage, insurance & gratuity is R 595 per person
– Transfers from Durban Airport to the port R450 per person



  1. Honestly speaking if my 2 Friends and I do not go, there will not be a party – as we are the party. By giving myself and my friends the chance to go on the boat,you are also allowing us to bring the fun times along with us on the BOAT. We young,party animals, and love a good time, so why would u take anyone else onboard. We will rock the boat so much as if a huge wave hit the boat. We will rock the boat in such a way that we dont party alone,we love to interact with others making them all have a good time. Rocking the boat would not only be just the name of thee event, It will be our motto for the trip as to make the trip on we shall never forgot!!!! Ill be waiting to hear from the crew…

  2. My two friends and I deserve to win this because we have just completed a year working in advertising together and to say we are rundown and underpaid is an understatement!! We will let our hair down and party the time time listening to amazing SA music and meeting awesome new people! Pick me!!!

  3. To say we would rock the boat would be a massive understatement.. and as for winning a cabin, i mean thats awesome and all but with the amount of rocking we will be doing who the f@#$ has enough time to sleep. My mates ad i would start this party and it would only end once our sorry asses were on the plane back to Cape Town.. Come on MYCITYBYNIGHT, Rock The Boat and your esteemed panel of judges please make a bunch of poor ass students dream come true.. we would love to sail the seven sees with a drink in hand and the wonderful beats of SA’s best to serenade us on our journey to a Mozambican paradise and back!

    We love you and we hope you love us.

    Hopefully see you in December

  4. What an awesome birthday party it will be!!! I am known to be called Crazy Monkey, coz i party like a crazy monkey on that dancefloor.
    If i get the chance to win and go, i will be taking my Gorilla friend to film this and how we partied. We will then be partying in My City By Night t-shirts that can be made for us.

    Peace guys!

  5. Like Ke$ha said “The Party don’t start til I walk in” and that’s pretty much how it goes with myself and my 2 homegirls! Brand Marketing is our forte and if you want everyone to know how we ROCK THE BOAT, we’d be happy to make a couple fun videos and take photos to promote @MyCityByNight, @RockTheBoat_tm and @VodkaFusion, whilst we’re cruising on the ship. We’ve done it before and Brands such as Brutal Fruit have loved it. Actually we rocked the boat for our party, so we have proof that we’re not all talk. We’re young, trendy and enjoy a good time and we will show you guys, if we win this trip! Or should I say when haha. And if you want to bring people to the dance floor, we’ll be happy to battle the boys! We’ll get the party started!!! Cause that how we roll and that’s how “WE” ROCK THE BOAT! I’m following you all on twitter 🙂 I want this bad!

  6. Me and my two friends deserve to win this trip on Rock The Boat because we are the craziest people around 🙂 We will Rock The Boat just by being there! When you mix 3 extrovert, party animals with Rock The Boat, you WILL get one CRAZY party that will probably Rock The Boat in the wrong direction!

  7. If given / gifted with this amazing adventure I am positively certain that myself and my two sidekicks would manage to achieve the following
    A) Biggest celebration before even getting anywhere near the boat
    B)printed t-shirts that would enlist things such as ‘free hugs’ or ‘rocking this raft’
    C)gadgets, crazy hat and or wigs ,bubble guns, toys all to enhance the experience for not only ourselves but also fellow passengers
    D) a “Boat Bucket List” detailing various activities to be performed whilst on the adventure eg: high 5 a random, bomb drop a pool, have a titanic moment, sing some kareoke, get a sunglasses tan
    E) have a blog that details each and every moment experience whilst on board and off, so that we can share photos, stories and memories with our friends
    And that is not where it ends… A large amount of time would be devoted by not only myself but also my two buddies to ensure that we gather up all our resources, our one-liners, our smiles, our batteries for cameras, our bikinis as well as our gees to ensure this boat rocking expereince is one to never forget
    As a three man team we have conqoured many of SA’s most popular events and jols, almost evry concert, festival and party has been attended, documneted and enjoyed.
    Moving our energy and enthusiasm on to the oceans would with out a doubt ensure that the party is not one to be missed.
    And as a side-note apart from being avid high5 givers and joke tellers, we are also qualified lifeguards, therefore safey and security around the poolside area is an added bonus to our trio’s appearance
    So with that I finish up on my quest to get myself and my other two muskateers on board
    May you view this entry with as much enthusiasm as I currently have whilst typing it
    And on a parting note : I ask you… How many times has the offer to win a cruise been posted around the world.. You could practically win a cruise just by buying an american lottery ticket or by following a kellogs cornflake map to the last remaining unicorn..
    I therefore thank you for the oppurtunity to enter with no frills and no fuss
    I really hope u see what pebbles and stones we can bring to ensure that any rock-age of the boat is something out of this world with me and my team on board 🙂

  8. Rock the Boat is the ultimate experience to welcome in the South African Summer Festivities by adding my entourage and myself to the cruise it will make it that more memorable and enjoyable for everybody aboard the ship.

    Whoever said “Life is Beach” clearly has never experience the Rock the Boat Cruise, so allow me and my entourage the opportunity to prove them wrong, its not where you go but how you get there!

  9. Im just gonna get the entire boat fking hammered, thats how me and 2 of my mates are going to rock the party.

  10. This would be cool to win. I’m from Durbs and would dig to take couple good mates from Cape Town along, Recently went down to Rocking the Daisies and had the maddest jol ever. slept for 2 hours the whole weekend.Cape town showed me a good time and i’d like to return the favour by showing Durb’s has got some fun to offer. Hmmm telling you how hard we will jol, well, thats hard to covey without sounding fake and cliche’ed, but with parties such as RTD,Splashy,Vortex,Equinox,Synergy,The Village and Earthdance under the belt its not our first time around the dance floor. Once we have our pirates hats and swords alike we will board the ship and equip ourselves with many a cold cocktail and servey the scene poolside, soaking up the sun and sights of beautiful ocean and woman,until evening falls and one is feeling festive,and tropical. Then its on to ROCKING out on the D-floor and showing the BOAT who the Captain is. If i win this trip, prepare to get seasick cos that Boat is going to be ROCKING HARD. PEACE.

  11. Myself and 2 friends should go to Rock The Boat because we are low maintenance, down to earth and are prepared to rough it all in the name of a good party.

    This is an opportunity and experience of a lifetime and we would do ANYTHING to be able to party the day and night away at Rock The Boat! We are always up for a laugh, have a self-deprecating sense of humour and we won’t drink your beer. We are where individualism meets cliché (in a good way) and won’t let you down! What you see is likely to only be half of what you get. We do not take anything for granted and would definitely be the three who “Rock the Boat”. We will even have MyCityByNight, Rock The Boat and Fusion Ice Vodka written on our body to let everyone know how we were able to attend this Party To Paradise.

    Short and sweet; we are always smiling, laughing and struggle to even fathom the idea of a 3 berth outside cabin valued at an incredible R18 000 at Rock The Boat cruise.

    Pretty please give us the chance to Rock The Boat with a large MyCityByNight and Fusion Ice Vodka cherry on the top 🙂

  12. Simple, we will dilute the high jock concentration bound to flood the boat.

  13. *Sympathy Vote: I burst both my eardrums before RTD’s and had to give that a miss.
    By December I’ll be able to hear bass properly again…until then, party-life is pretty quiet. I’d like to prove it and celebrate by party-rocking that boat while I’m shouting
    louder than most. My two best mates have been pretty bleak about it too while I’ve been MIA so this would totally make up for it.

  14. Well! my two AWESOMETASTIC friends, Kirsten and Justine and i NEED this prize because we want to end off our high school career with a BAAAANG! We are three of the craziest chickitas you’ll ever meet and we intend to ROCK THE BOAT by simply being ourselves! 😛 ofcourse theres the partying it up with all the maaaaaaad DJs aswell as all the maaaaad new peeps we’re excited to meet!

    Cruise + Mozam + eeeeeepic music + us =
    Rock the Boat 2011… MADE!

    you KNOW you wanna give this to us!!! ;P

  15. We should go because we are awesome and we can swim. my one friend Shannon is really good at fixing stuff, so if you have a wardrobe malfunction in the pool and ur boob has popped out, she’ll sort you out you. I on the other hand am awesome at taking pictures, so before Shannon stitches up your broken bikini, I’ll get a lovely photo taken (incl. free photoshop). Julz is a med student, and if you suspect any lumps in the boob that has popped out, he’d be more than happy to feel them for you (you can never be too sure). in other word, nothing can go wrong with us around, we’ll be there when shit pops off!

  16. Firstly we won’t sleep.We will dance like there no tomorrow.Drink Fusion Caramel Vodka like we drinking it from the ocean.We will rock the boat like it at Rocking the daisies.

  17. Well i can see there is a lot of guys punting that they are the best party people ever…i reckon we have shooter show down. no holds barred huh….i bet my grannys old grey cat i can run with all of you haha. if i start pulling my justin timberlabe wannebee dance moves please get securty to remove me from the building.

    **cough cough** ok ok ok how can me and my super awesome party peeps rock the boat…well simply but make sure the cargo hold of the boat is stocked with enough jagger and red bull. if the ship is to small chuck out the beds because there wont be any sleeping done mate. i hope the boat has some heavy nudity rules because i like to roll without my shirt on. party dancing singing and just general awesomeness follows us everywhere we go. we party like rockstars and sing like middle age sailors. i have photos to prove it too haha. all and all we are the life of any party that we are at. its not just words its a life style. PLEASE PLEASE choose me and i will wash all your cars and maybe if its a nice day i might throw in a vacuum too. my electrolux sucks really well. as they say nothing sucks like electrolux.

  18. WOW!!!! I think this is the most insane give away you guys have done yet!! its like YOH!!! I would love this one! If i win i will def be taking my girlfriend and havent thought as far as who the other lucky fucker would be but no doubt that we would party our tits off!! We would literally ROCK THAT FUCKER!!! This is the ultimate!! PLEASE MY CITYBYNIGHT, PLEASE!!! I will record the whole thing from beginning to end and i gaurantee you will not be let down! I will even do a full monty on deck! recorded!!

  19. Why do I and 2 friends deserve the cabin?

    Well, effectively no one deserves to yet, you guys know nothing about us. But, given this opportunity, we’ll show you exactly why you made the right decision.

    Firstly, we are students -this means that when given anything for free we go crazy, nevermind an R18 000 cabin(mind-blown). Secondly, because we’re students, we bring the gees! We’ll use your gift to us to its full potential and make sure that we get absolutely everything we can out of it AND put everything we can into it. Lastly, its Rock The Boat! EVERYONE loves Rock the Boat and this will only cause much greater enjoyment for us and in return much more gees from us to you! As an economics professor would say: Max utils.

    Hope to see you soon! Mad respect.

  20. Guys, This is just the perfect trip for the time of my life right now. I am 23 years and I am finally at the end of my studies of my BCOM FINANCE DEGREE and to top it off I squashed the last yr together with my 2nd last year so I could finish quicker AND guess what? I am passing CUM LAUDE!(overall avg of 75%and up) So just take those factors in to account and then imagine all the hard work, sweat, early wakeups, tears, sore back, numb bums, lead pencils, ink, tippexs , papers, and emotional strain I WENT THROUGH! Just on the side too I would yoga or gym every day to keep my body in this hot shape and calm mind and in the evenings I would socialise with my friends. can you talk about a full package!?
    All I need now to reward myself with all this hard work I have been through this year is by taking me and my two best friends on the Rock the Boat and hallelujah will I (we) ROCK THE MOTHA EFFING BOAT!
    Ill have my best face on, best body, best bikini, best friends and I will be QUALM free. . . someone watch out because there about to be BALLS THROWN TO THE WALLS baby!

    And maybe who knows if I win I can throw love back your way MycitiBynight, some hugs, kisses, or some boom chika wah waaah!


    hugs and kisses

    Laura Melanie

  21. Well,why my friends and I should take this!!here’s why,we are the craziest most outgoing creatures alive!we make a party,we complete it(put the Y in party,that’s what)!….this would be just another cherry on top of our lil ‘partyFREAKS’ cake. A good time is all we love to have,any day anytime….we still have
    very strong heads on our shoulders don’t get that wrong!!we’ve heard nothing but good remarks about the Rock The Boat cruise and all we’ve ever wanted to do is check it out!!but as young as we are,we can’t afford to pay for it on our own!!So please consider these wonderful,outgoing not forgetting sexy and feisty young ladies.**CROSSING FINGERS**

  22. We really want go we really want to go…we know we’re going we’re know we’re going…we won the competition we won the competition…we’re on our way to Rock the freakin boat whooopppp!!!!

  23. First of all I would like to say thank you for providing the opportunity to win this absolutely amazing prize. I never really had a proper 21st Birthday Party so for me this would be the ideal event to party up a storm with my friends. We will be the life of the party… I can guarantee you that 🙂

  24. Good day

    Kindly note I have prepared a simple equation to demonstrate the happiness I would experience if I am the lucky winner

    Most awesome line up + rock the boat = happy feet syndrome….wiggle wiggle 😉
    Myself n my bestest friends + cabin for 3 = experience of a life time….party rockers;)
    Happy feet syndrome x experience of a life time = the biggest smile on my dial

    In the event the above equation becomes a reality, MY CITY BY NIGHT will be not only be responsible for the happiest little chappy on the block but also for adding supercalifragalistic flavour to ROCK THE BOAT

    Best regards
    Keep smiling and shining

  25. Cause we are 259 200 second Party People!

  26. If I won a cabin for me and two friends I would be more than ecstatic because this would mean we end the year on a high note and we deserve it because December is the only time in the year we get to see each other because we live so far away from each other. We are hard working young females who actually don’t take breaks during the year, so Rock The Boat party would be ideal for me and my friends.

  27. OMG My girls and I really have to win this, we are gona “bring it” and by it I mean EVRYTHING no restrictions what so ever, I wont even lie and say I dont want this badly, My girls and I work super hard during the year and we just need a little break PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEE. We just wana get down and have some serious, mad,crazy, fun . WE NEED THIS. WE WANT THIS, WE GOTTA HAVE THIS…Please pretty please 🙂

  28. Hi,

    If my two friends and I gets the opportunity to Rock this boat, both sponsors and passenegers would not regret:) We will rock this boat from sunrise to sunset and way beyond that, we reallllllllly wanna go so pleassssssse give us that those tickets, we are the cutiest, fun loving happy go lucky group and Rock the boat will not be same after we done!!!!

    Thank you and please allow us sexc people aboard:)

  29. We the friends who have alwats bin together from 1999 we always had a dream of jetting out of SA n da Cruize will make it more nice. We like partying enjoy house music kwaito n hip hop. Bring it on Menzi, skhumbuzo n Xolani DGFcrew forever

  30. The reason why you guys should swing them tickets to mee-
    There are many ways of partying like an absolute rockstar!!!
    And I ,and my two friends are the party life!!no matter where,when,who and how,sun,rain….the vibes always going,the jolls always happening,and the party always gets better and better!!!!
    Going absolutely bonkers crazy to every tune that’s played,drinking,body shots,cocktails….the lot!!!!the party shall crack when we there…
    It will ONLY get better and better-
    So LET MEee,and my two mate ROCK THE BOAT how it should be done!!!

  31. Why us? Yeah! This is a big yeah for us crazy bunch. Would be a super gift to end a yeah we turned 30 in style. What a way to cross over. Celebrate 30 with us by giving us this fanstic opportunity to have guaranteed FUN, FUN and more FUN.

  32. Wow my 2 friends and I completely deserve this!! we are 3 Girls who have had a HECTIC year of studying (1x law student, 1x psychology student and 1x chiropractic student) And even with all our studies we have found time to ROCK every party possible! even roughing it at Oppi Koppi! so i think we deserve to Rock it in style this time round! Pleeeease! We guarantee to be THE most rocking girls on the entire Boat! will be a DREAM come true!! Keep the party pumping! <3 Monique

  33. Myself and my two homies should go because we would really like to party it up on the indian ocean. We will party all day everyday and make the boat rock like never before

  34. Firstly to be part of Rock the Boats trip has been ma second party of all time I would like to
    on,if I win this it will be the tightest bonding with my two best friends,as they never travel
    outside Cape Town before. Rocking the Boat itself,will be a wild experience,and something we can
    recommend to our friends. What we do we plan trips but they never materialize due to work
    So this would be a life time memories and long over due archivement,and definatly a Rock da Boat experiance.
    For me and my 2 friends we deserve to be part of this life time experiance. Let’s Rock Da Boat babe!!!

  35. Me and my 2 awesum GIRLS should go because we’ve never experienced a 3 DAY PARTY ABOARD A CRUISESHIP EVER B4!!! And I’ve never won anything in my life let alone an R18000 prize, this would be a real blessing from God. And I’ve never travelled out of SA b4,I just received my very first passport this month & I’m so keen to use it. And I can’t remember when I last went on vacation so this will be a welcomed break from work and family life.

    How will we rock the boat?? Simple-we are gonna let our hair down, throw on our bikini’s, get ready 2 get down 2 the sounds coming from some of the hottest DJ’s & live acts and laugh our asses off at the comic acts lined up. Not forgetting a drink in each hand;) Cheers to the freakin weekend – 9 Dec-12 Dec!!!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (and I’m not 1 for begging being an independant woman lol) choose me for this prize as not only am I deserving but I have two very special ladies who will flippin DIE if I had to win this and take them along. And doing that for them coupled with winning this AMAZING prize will make my year & go down as 1 of the BEST things 2 EVA happen for me (& my girlz). PRETTY PLEASE??!!

  36. I NEEEED TO WIN THIS PRIZE… 20 years ago Captain Morgan and his beautiful wife gave birth to a little baby girl. While doing what pirates do out on the ocean they came across a place called Durban. They realized the people of Durban didn’t really know how to PARTY and felt it was their duty to do something about it.. They decided, even though it would break their hearts, they leave their daughter to teach the people of Durban to have a real JOLL… they couldn’t leave her alone so 2 of their most worthy pirates got left with the little girl. Now 20 years later their job is complete and DURBAN DEFINITELY KNOW HOW TO PARTY!!!! She feels she has one more thing to do…. ATTEND ROCK THE BOAT 2011 and hopefully be reunited with her family… but because she is a student and her treasure chest is empty she needs some help…. So help her and her 2 mates get on the boat and rock that shit…. 🙂

  37. whooooohooooooooooooo where the party at??? Well you are looking right at it…. me and my wild friends are ready to unleash ourself’s and show all the rock the boat peeps how it is really done!! We oozzeeee Sex appeal and are the most fun to be around….. we will start of the party before even on the boat by doing a road trip down to Durbz all the way from Jozi and then hit the boat with all the energy we have in us for the ROCK THE BOAT!! LET US ROCK THE BOAT’S WORLD!!! Let me put it like this – if we are not picked rock the boat will miss out on the best party eva!! with out us there is nothing, no fun, no bubbles, no party!! come on I know you wane choose me and my 2 mates!! I just wont take no for a answer! This has been a wild year so let’s end it on a WILD NOTE!!

  38. me gals deserved to win this as its been one long year of trying to achieve our goals, working the whole day and then becoming students at night is hard but we are determined and that has meant putting alot aside like partying and socialising.

    if we win this, we will definitely be putting our hair down and letting all the stress go and go crazy, sleep would be for the dead, it would be about experiencing every moment on the boat. we can sleep when we get home. also it would be myself and my gals birthday right after so this would an early birthday gift. We would be classic sagittareans and party all the way and be centre of the party

  39. We will rock the boat completely! no sleeping, only partying, we wont miss any occasion, or sunrise or sunset… we will rock the boat all night long!!! We would love to be on the cruise… We have had such a tough year, and think we deserve it,,, So i leave you with this thought: “”Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change.”” Thank you

  40. Why me and my 2 girls should be on that boat,firstly we need a new scenary from studies and ups and downs of life and being on this boat is perfect way to do it,secondly from day one until we get back the boat is going experience an experience it has never felt before because me & my girls wil be in the building,lastly appulance is what we carry around everywhere we go,beautiful vibrations is what the boat is going to experience and yes its going to be an EPIC affair…everyday is a special occassion cause u woke up in the morning!

  41. You must be joking ! Do you really think you can rock the boat with out us on it ? And no the waves won’t rock it either like me and my friend and our hot ladies ! I don’t think the party would be any good with out us ( party rockers ) ! So I recon you can warn all the djs and paying customers that we will be rocking along them ! So send our tickets so we can get packing and prepare our party rocking ! Good luck to all the other entries hope to see you on the boat when we rock it for you !!!!

  42. To tell you the honest truth, rock the boat will be the most wildest party me and my 2 friends will be going to..with an opportunity to win this trip, rock the boat will never be disappointed by us. The most attractive thing is the line-up of all the artist and djs that will be on board of which its a party not to be missed. Secondly the thought of party on a sailing boat is one of the most sophisticated experience that my friends and I will have and cherish for the rest of our lives. There’ll most definitely be no time to sleep, there’ll only be time to take a quick shower and the rest is party all the way, from Durban to Mozambique and back. My 2 friends and I will also have the opportunity to network with others who shares the same interest as us, and who knows…..Rock the Boat, I only have 3 words for you…..wild wild experience!!!!!!

  43. I really think myself and my two mates deserve to win this prize because i reckon the rest of our fellow party animals onboard really deserve to see my mate devo do his insane rubber man dance and show everyone how to really squeak some tekkie on the dance floor get the party pumping!!

  44. I think my friend Greg deserves this far more than I do, his engagement has just been broken off, and lets just say it wasn’t pretty (I doubt he would want the juicy bits about how he caught her messing around). So a second chance at love for him and a whole lot of parting would definitely be on the cards, not only does he need this but he would probably appreciate it more than anybody I know. He also has a killer British accent which would just be terrible to leave off the boat (unfair to the countess number of women going). Thank you for reading about Gregs poor sob story but his loss is definitely our gain, and well Christy a little personal message to you… You are Awesome!

  45. Rockin the Boat will be a dream come true. I’m a music lover, party lover and lover of life. I have a bubbly set of friends. We gonna bring new life/feel to the party and we know how to party. We have unique qualities that set us apart from the masses…We will sure rock the boat hard partyin non stop,having fun with diffrent people. Make my dream come true,allow me to rock the boat with my 2friends in style.

  46. I have been partying for 44 years… so why stop now! Just cos we are older does not mean we do not know the meaning of P A R T Y…just means we have more experience at it! Pick us and we can prove it.

  47. yoh if i won something this huge i’d party like it was the end of the world with my rockstar sis n bro. We are the awesome threesome and we know how to do and im telling you we wouldn even sleep, we would just be sipping on them redbull n fusionice bouncing to em beats,waving our hands and shaking what our mama gave us like theres no tomorrow smiling from here to Tim Buck Too

  48. This is an awsome opportunity and by far the craziest competition i have entered wicked and wild the 2 words that links us together. I would love to win this trip and take my party animals friends with me. I have such great friends and recently with our hectic hours of working and we just cant stop partying 3 of them landed in hospital. We need a break and we want to party again i will be taking my awsome husband who is always the life of any party. We always party together and we do it so well. How we will rock the boat we will do what we do at all our parties drink,dance, laugh,love,cry, and the craziest things that come to mind. My husband I havent been on a cruise before and holiday always seems so far away so if i do win u will be giving my husband and i a holiday and we get to get our grooze on once again. I know it may sound boring a married couple and party together but u got to join us in order to find out if its true that when i say we are crazy ass people i mean we are wicked, wild and crazy and u will never regret rocking the boat with us.

  49. Whats up guys, my 2 friends and i deserve to go as we have always wanted to go on Rock the Boat but have never been able to. We all get along with people of all kinds, and always keep sh*t interesting. We like to party hard! We like to drink hard and we never stop having fun! pick us and we will keep the boat rocking the whole trip. Always wanted to go on a cruise too, so partying on a sick boat is pretty much a dream!

  50. I would LOVE to win this so that I can take my cousin on her matric vacation! She deserves this as she has spent the last 12 years of her life studying so now its time for her to unleash the fun!!! There is a crazy party animal that needs to ROCK THE BOAT! So PLEEEEEEEASE pick me so I can give her the BEST matric vac experience :o)

  51. My mum always says you have to be in it to win it. So when i saw this awsome prize i had to enter. Parties at my house are a weekend thing and saying party animals doesnt even describe my firends. They start on a friday night and stop on sunday night with no sleep just eat drink and dance. I would love to win this trip i know 2 of my fiends would love to rock the boat they love to go to VIP parties but never do and they always dream of partying with the big boys as they It would be my pleasure to take them because i know they will rock the boat VIP style. They are friendly and sweet and everybody just loves them and if they say at 9 lets have a few ciders well by 11 there are more people in the house that can fit so i always say that they are party magnets. I gusess people are compfortable because they can be themselves with them. they always entertain eveybody i know that a boat party would be awsome. so give me the chance to give something back to them and take them on this awsome journey so we can add more happy memories to our party album. If i do get to take them be prepared for them because they will blow your mind away thats how they will rock the boat xavier julianna

  52. Hi My city by Night, Me,my sister and brother have been trying to get a cabin since the beginning of the RTB and i was sure we would go this year but due to constant lack of finanaces we could miss it again. Me and my siblings are the three masketeers,we laugh,cry and we partttty up a storm together, so pleeeeez make this year a memorable year with a boat trip to Paradise. Inseparable is what we are,help us get our dream trip. rock on!

  53. Well my two friends and i should be on the boat because we’re party starters. We’ve been trying to get on the boat since ’09. We deserve this coz we’ve had a rough year and are ready to get loose goose as it’s been a heavy studying year. We are the orginal good time girls thus you want us and need us to be there! plus this is thee party of the year and we’ve hit the gym hard knowin that we just have to be on the boat this year *crosses fingers*!!

  54. If my mates and i could get a Cabin on Rock the Boat, We could join the rest of my family & We could do all of the crazy ideas mentioned above and more, but honestly the main reason we would want to do this is for the memories/photos that we will never forget! What happens on Rock the boat Stays on Rock the boat c:

  55. To rock thats it……………………….

  56. Hey guys..I think my friends and I should go because we’re vibrant party starters, always the life of the party and have been trying to go on this cruise for the past 2years. Due to poor planning, and not winning competitions couldnt go. But this year we really deserve it cause its been a rough year and this cruise is just what we need to unwind. The December bodies are ready, BEEN working out. The cruise has all our favourite acts and would literally give an arm and a leg to go! We’ll rock the boat by making everynight rock on, sleeping is cheating!

  57. Hey 🙂 I have wanted to be a part of RTB since last year and I was determined to either go to all the RTB parties before the big event or save up for a ticket for this year’s RTB. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out. However, my friends and I are planning to go to all the RTB parties if that will still happen for this year’s RTB. And if we win this cabin, we will experience every activity RTB has to offer seeing that we will be graduating on the 14th November 2011. Because graduating = the BEST excuse to party non-stop in December :D!!!

  58. I can picture it now… Stepping onto the crisp, clean and sparkly walkways. The interior furnishings are of superb quality. The sounds of Dj’s spinning in the distance and screams of laughter, excitement and fun makes us realise that we are in for the time of our lives.

    We run our fingertips across the walls and smile at each other: “This is definitely going to be the best party ever,the most amazing 4 days that Rocked our lives and 2011 – We are surely going to Rock The Boat!”

    We are so anxious, the sun is blazing. The amazing beauty still bound in the harbour, but we already hear the electrifying echoes of the party that has begun just further up the enticing stairwells… With great excitement, we find our cabins, drop our bags and become zealously eager to explore this huge vessel.

    As the bright orange sun sets, causing the sky to be lit up by a glistening pink and red glow, the vessel is on the move and we are in awe…………..

    Dear My City By Night, kindly help me complete this magnificently life-changing story by giving myself and two friends tickets to this year’s Rock the Boat Extravaganza…

    Thank you in Advance 🙂

  59. My friends and i should win this competition because Rock the boat is the ultimate party experience and def one of the things on my bucket list that needs to be ticked off! I absolutely love every single one of the bands performing at RTB this year, especially Andrew and Brian from Locnville *scream*!!! I’m studying really hard now so that I can party REALLY hard afterwards!I’ve never been on a cruise ship and I’d totally love to experience this with my amazinggg friends. Please make our year and let us be part of the lucky 2000 people rocking the boat!!! We’ll show everyone how its done yeaaa boiii P.S: we look good in bikini’s 😉

  60. Myself and two other ladies (*Pat & *Res )have been Best of friends for 11 years now and we literally did EVERYTHING for the first time together …. as the years and changes have gone by we are still as close as ever :)Pat left us to do her travels for about 4 years now and we miss her terribly !!She will be down in December for a few months…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we surprise her with this getaway!! Its the perfect vibe for us to get BUCK wild and show her what she is missing from SA as she is wanting to immigrate to LONDON :::( !!
    PLEASE LET US BE 3 and FREE !!

  61. The amount we would have on that cruise with all those other party animals would be phenomenal for dayzzz, wrapping up 2011 with a super bang!! My mates and I would make sure that we are energized enough to stay awake through and not miss a beat of the awesome fun, keeping up with the beats of all those musos on board. I know for a fact that the 5fm crew know how to party it up, together with SA’s top party people and Ricky 

  62. Don’t think you’ve ever experienced a hyped up crazy person like me 🙂 I will probably get very little sleep because I’ll be up, moving and grooving, checking out all the freaking awesome shows etc that’s part of the Rock the Boat experience. That’s why I want to share this experience with my friends. So choose me.

  63. My sisters and I have always been very close. For various reasons we have disconnected over the past year. I recently went for surgery which rendered me dependent for a while, and without asking, my sisters jumped to my aid and have been there for me every step of the way – looking after me, cooking for me, checking in and even so far as to spend my time in hospital with me. The past has been forgotten and written off as water under the bridge. A trip like this would be the perfect opportunity for us to reconnect in better circumstances and reconcile our relationships. I want to be able to thank them for everything with as grand a gesture as all they have done for me has meant to me! PS we’re really fun girls too 🙂

  64. We want/ deserve the tickets because we know how to ROCK and the only sea sickness we get is from over indulging in liquid confidence 😉

  65. Firstly .. I am the Rock Diva .. So when I win this .. and yes I will, my girlfriends and I are gonna go all out (Bikini’s, drinks, and not stop sun and fun) .. and Make This Boat Rock Baby!!! Yeah !!!

  66. This looks like a party not to miss! So my brother that stay’s in Hoedspruit that is in the middle of nowhere and I have not seen each other in about 3 years. We always have awesome parties together. Me the busy one and he the chilling one, my wife the distraction for all. He’s currently also getting divorced from a life of hell. My wife and I recons this is the perfect distraction for him, so the 3 of us will promise to make bigger waves inside than there will be outside.

    My wife has never been on a boat, ship or cruiser, so this will be like taking her to the moon as there will be what we love most “A Party that you wont forget”! It’s one for the history books per say!

    We are not party animals, we are the party! We will rock the boat more than ever!!!!

  67. My life is perfect, I thought! Now that I see there are more awesome fun to have than what I’m currently having, Please let me in!!!! I have awesome friends and lover that would make this a trip to remember. It will not be easy to select the fortunate that will accompany me on this trip but Hey!!! I do believe they will make a plan to proof there worth. They say that if you have a perfect life, nothing can be better, well this is a party that will make it even better!! We will give you something not to forget, and that I promise will ROCK the BOAT!!!

  68. I would crack open a bottle of Fusion Ice as I got on board,after one sip the dazzle,the swagga and the razmataz will come flowing out.
    With that combination Ill be Rocking that boat LIKE THE VIBE MASTER untill we doc back in the mother cities Durban horbour on the 12th……………GOOOD TIMES………

  69. Rock the boat was totally awesome the last time I partied on it. This time around I plan on making it a girls party cruise for my girlfriends and I. Not only will we be rocking summer in our bikinis, we’ll be rocking the boat unleashing our inner party animals.

  70. OMG!!! This sure will be the BIGGEST PARTY in Mzansi, especially seeing it’ll feature myself; life-of-ANY-party and two of my lovely LOVELY friends!

    Make some noise!!! Your girl’ll be Rocking The Boat and most definately the Dance Floor! There shall be NO sleeping! aaaaaaaaaauuwwwWW!

    <–…and this judges, is why we should Rock The Boat!

  71. If I won 3 tickets to rock the boat…I would bring Pascal Ellinas and Kathryn McFaulty with me… Need I say more! With Pascal’s trusting bongo-building capabilities and McFaulty’s overenthusiastic stomp…. I can assure you that my team will rock that boat to new levels!

    Besides, if we get the tickets… I will get Kathy to scarifice the first peroni of the day by pouring it on her head….WHOPA!!!!

  72. Well here is the thing, I really want to go on rock the boat, because let’s face it… December is THE party month, and rock the boat is well… THE party of the year! I’m not exactly sure how to write why I deserve to win this for my friends and I so I wrote a little something that would maybe knock your socks off like Rock the boat would rock my socks off 😉

    What does rock the boat mean to me?
    If rock the boat was a tweet, I would retweet it every day
    If rock the boat was a link I’d share it all the way
    If rock the boat was a rock I would be its roll
    If rock the boat was alive I would be its soul
    If rock the boat was fire it would be the thing that sets my life alight
    If rock the boat was a picture I would smile at every sight

    This is what I’ll do for RTB:
    I’ll be the wind and blow you away!
    I’ll be your favorite song and play all the way.
    I’ll be your personal star and just shine above you
    I’ll be a camera and go all flashy – yup that’s true
    If I was a word, I’d be engraved on your side
    If I was your wave you would never get tired of the ride

    This is what I think of the people competing against me:
    your like a cigarette, about to be smoked! (No offense guys)
    Your like a guitar coz you just got tuned!

    Now a last thought that I don’t wanna think
    If I miss Rock the Boat my heart would go all titanic-like and sink

  73. Ever since the beginning of RTB, my mates and I have always talked about going and well, it was just not possible financially. We all know that if you don’t enter a competition, there’s no way you can win! So, here I am, trying my hand at it!

    The combination of the abovementioned bands, DJ’s and Fusion Ice, sun, and the 3 of us are a perfect cocktail for a stellar cruise and a serious excuse to let loose, and rock the boat!

    Can’t really say I’d look good in a bikini since I’m a dude, but I’ll rock the shit out of that boat in my boardies! Haha

  74. We need to win this cabin becouse we live in a small town called lydenburg here is no girls and no partys all we do is work and sleep we realy need this break and rock the boat will rock our lives and change it forever as hard working young men i think we deserve to win and meet some cool people and have a big jol

  75. Well its pretty simple really, without me and my mates there won’t be a party 🙂 lol.
    But I have always wanted to go on a boat cruise and to have a mad ass party on board would just be a once in a life time experience that I’d love to have, although there is also that fear of boats sinking but for this I could easily get over it 🙂 I rocked the daisies now I want to ROCK THE BOAT 😀

  76. Two days time I finish what us arguably one of the hardest years of studying.
    I got so much party built up inside of me after this post grad year that I’m not even sure the boat will be able to handle it. In desperate need of a sick party to throw down all my moves I’ve been wanting to whilst having to spend my weekends in the library instead.
    Gimme please.

  77. My friends and I wanna ROCK the PARTY at ROCK the BOAT!!

    We wanna ROCK the SEAS, in a FUSION of Caramel Vodka running down our SLEEVES, music pumping on the decks loving the BREEZE!!!!!!!

  78. Ok so here goes. Im not trying to win this for me, im trying to win it for my best friends. Our group consists of us 3 girls. Im a bookkeeper, Courtz is a teacher and Kelz is an insurance broker. 3 very different people who managed to form the CRAZIEST friendship.
    We have the Lady in our group definitely Kelz, the sport freak is Courtz, and well you could say the most beautiful one, me, haha… Just kidding, the nerd of the group is me, Ash :).

    When us three join together in party mode, everything is released, hey dont be fooled by our charm, we will drink and party ANYONE under the table anyday. But that, my friend, you will never know, until you give us the chance to show you how to JOL durban style.

    Not only that BUT its Kelz 21st in December, so we are going BIG….

    Just saying :)…

    **Cheers to the freaken Rock the boat, WE will drink to that, Yeaahhhh**

    • Did i forget to mention our CRAZY dance moves…. With me jamming the sprinkler, Kelz on the trolley and shopping moves and courtz with her ‘under the sea’ moves, we’ll be styling.. hehe…

      Is there somewhere we can post a video/pic to show how we can bring it to ROCK THE BOAT??

  79. Me and 2 of my mates will ROCK the BOAT by each making a new friend… which will know another friend… soon we will possibly get to know half of the BOAT of people… and they will definitely want to know us party starters… through the flow of Fusion Ice Vodka and great music line-up we’ll be dancing and having the time of our lives… and have a major influence on the people around us… getting them in a cha-cha-cha train to go back and forward on the BOAT… surely at some point the BOAT should ROCK… even if it’s slighty ;)therefore ROCKing the BOAT literally and figuratively… Our job will be done 🙂

  80. Very sweet! You can see by my doodilicious crazy fun appearance( on the left) that when I enter any room the crowds cheer!( or scream?). With that super power I’d take Rocking the Boat seriously by bringing that fun to each room.

    It might be a dangerous endeavor but there are some tricks up my sleeve. Apparently if you enter a strange single Gals room and she happens to be on her own and you luckily don’t have clothes on there maybe a 60% chance she kicks you out and a F’ing great chance she thinks your one-of-a-kind and rewards you.If there’s a Bf involved then who else can say they’ve sprinted nude across a whole cruise ship? Yes add it to our list!

    I’ve never been on a cruise ship so hopefully my mates know the standard stuff like where the medical ward is, or if the long island ice tea is really the cheapest hard tack drink available. Maybe this prize would help me forget drink prices? Maybe this prize would change my mind about the fact that I need a women in my life cause the kitchen is empty? Well I wouldn’t be home so the kitchen dsnt need to function! 20 – 0 to being single!

    My 2 mates wanna know if funneling is allowed? if not strawpedo’s it is… in speedo’s? HELLZ NO!

    Shot for the chance of a dream holiday though!
    I will be checking this post hourly to check for better comments and I’ll let you know if I DONT see any. k? Sweet 🙂

  81. I had this sick dream once upon a time about 2 mates and myself having a hectic jol on a ship out at sea, night and day we partied fueling ourselves with fusion vodka and rock vibes, we met the most crazieee of people and made so many memories from shots with the Captain, Ahoy !, to sharing a brewski with the engine crew. Then I woke up to reality and everyday since then kept hoping for the day the boat that rocked happens for real!!

  82. My 2 friends and I will not have to do a thing! We will just have to sit back and enjoy the ride… Have the time of our lives… good people… good tunes… great party! ROCK the BOAT is ROCKing… it doesn’t need anything besides the party people and the extraordinary party people like the 3 of us to be there!

  83. All I want for christmas is to ROCK THE BOAT!!! As beautiful as the land I’ve walked on everday for the last 19 years of my life is this summer, I want to set sail with 2 of the greatest people I’ve ever known. After getting split up this year, which was inevitable but unpleasant nonetheless, we haven’t seen each other that often or had a chance to party together AT ALL since we now live in 3 different provinces. Going on this cruise would give us a chance to more than make up for that. These girls don’t even realise it but they got me through the toughest 2 years of my life and there’s no way I’l ever be able to really thank them for it, at this point they are my sisters and December is a time to make memories with family. If we can find a way to get on the boat we will rock out the only way we know how. There will drinks, laughs, noise, love, dancing, at some point someone will scream “I’M Queen OF THE WORLD!” near the edge (I mean if not on a cruise where else), head banging, hair whipping good times until we hit the ground and PASS OUT!!…in our cabins…manners.

  84. Ok, My City By Night, fellow Rock the Boat party peeps…here is my proposal….im not gonna write a begging email to try convince you that my friends and i are the people you want with us on the boat and trust me, we are…instead i will simply say and promise this..


    Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  85. WOW! after doing my research on Rock The Boat, it sounds like the PERFECT jol for me and my friends! im not going to lie but it will be hard to pick 2 friends to go with me because after picking them im pretty sure they are the only two that are still going to want to be friends with me;)
    Me and my friends have partied on stages, tables, grass, concrete, sand, rubble, glass (lots of glass) but NEVER have we partied on water before! To be able to party on WATER for the first time along with some of my favourite bands & DJs would be absolutely phenomenal!
    I live in Cape Town, but that will not stop me! i will do what i have to do to be able to party on Rock the boat! This sounds better than any party, even Plett Rage && it would be the most perfect delayed birthdat present EVER!

    Please give me a chance to experience this!! 😀 PICK ME 😀

  86. I believe I should win considering I have been stranded on a tiny rock of a country (Malta) for the last 3 and a half years. In that time, myself and my girlfriend (who is one of the people I would take with me) have missed out on so many of the amazing things South Africa has to offer! World Cup, U2, other awesome concerts and Braai Day’s 🙁

    To make up for lost years living abroad, I will bring my dancing shoes (or flip flops), hot girls (my girlfriend and her sister) and a liver that will kick any boozers ass. On top of that, the entire experience will be documented and put on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, all the while, boosting your site higher in the rankings.

    Pick me not because of all of the above, but more for the fact that I have that Awesomeness factor… In fact, I believe I invented the word Awesomeness 😉

  87. i have been wanting to be at this party for the past three years, i suffer from lupus – randomly so me going alone was not an option (from my family) and my friends cannot afford the ticket, for the past 4 years i’ve been home for the holidays never got the chance to go away for the festive season because medical costs has taken over the saving up for my trip. i would love to be on this boat with all my heart because PARTY is all i posess in my soul even if a random illness is breaking my body down my spirit is the thing that prevents my illness from getting me down. i’m sure having the chance to do what i’ve been wanting to do for the past 3 years would send me soring this experience is all i ever wanted out of ever year. everytime i see a advertisment for rtb my heart races please give me a chance …. you won’t regret having me on board – they don’t call me the life of the party for no reason

  88. Once upon a time in a nearby town a terrific holiday awaits almost every sort of traveller on board an extravagant assortment of waterborne craft; welcome Rock the Boat, a new definition in style, entertainment and partying for the South African who loves to live on the edge. Brush shoulders with celebs, meet old and new friends, and just be PREPARED for the party of your life

    5 W’s and an H why I should win:

    I could not get tickets cos the system kept crashing *sad face*
    When? December 2011 BABY, and this will be the ultimate start to the holiday season
    Rock The Boat – best party experience for South Africans, we have been blessed with such great exposure after the World Cup, other countries can now see what we are capable of and what grandeur our country has, I see this as a thank you to all South Africans who make this country ROCK!
    Me and my bestest busds who have had a long year and will love to have an ultimate PARTAY and share this experience with the world…hahaha via twitter and facebook that is 🙂
    Hop on the boat in DURBAN (my hometown) and then embark to the most luscious islands and the best part you don’t have to sleep while you get there you can party, drink and indulge in the food and entertainment until you reach your destination.
    MY CITY BY NIGHT will make me win cos GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT, and I have been on the waiting list for 3 years and there has always been a cock up:(

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity to win, and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!


  89. i looooooooove to party and so do my friends. ive always dreamt of goin on rock the boat but cud neva afford to. pleeeeeez pick me,it will be a dream cum true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. R emember this, It’s pretty dam cool… 1)
    O ctober is over Movember is here
    C ocktails and ocean is what we wanna be near!!
    K icking back,chilling hard, catching some sun,

    T hat would be Soooo much FUN!
    H ey Judges please pick me,
    E pic times on the RTB!

    B eautiful people Bands and dj’s, the best in SA
    O wning the boat, what more can I say?
    A ll thes awesome muso’s,
    T his trip would be Legit!
    2011 is almost over, liked, followed and tweated, tell me when to quit!

    2 is chilled company,
    3 is when its loud.
    We’r 3 party Freaks
    And always Proud.
    ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █Sure by now, we’ve gotta be considered so here is 1 last QUOTE…
    PLEEEEEEASE…. Let us ROCK THE BOAT!█ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

    • the 13th of december is going to be reminiscent of The Hangover for us… i can picture us waking up on some foreign island nation, or possibly even mexico, with no means of communication or escape, only an epic 3-day party rock SAGA to be entered into the chronicles of awesomeness! next year RTB will be bgging us to come back as guests of honour!

    • i also entered and i also am desperate to join………..but i must say well done for your creativity! i couldn’t sit and think it out properly like you did because i’m stealing work time to submit my request, but RTB i think this person deserves a prize for her response! well done cairly

  91. your poem is brilliant ! hope you win

  92. Going on Rock the Boat would be an absolute dream come true!
    I want to go so badly that I’ve had dreams of going on RTB too.
    I’m a stressed out student from UCT,
    this prize would be the ultimate de-stressor for me.
    The Rock the Boat experience would be one like no other,
    I’ve been begging to go, but “No money!” says my mother.
    Being a varsity student, My friends and I know how to jol
    throwing back those shots and breaking it down on the d-floor.
    Please send me on Rock the Boat, it would mean the world to me,
    I can’t think of anything more amazing than partying at sea! 🙂

  93. My friends and I are the biggest fans of South African music, its all we listen to! We have always wanted to go on the ROCK THE BOAT cruise (lack of funds always stopped us). This would be the most awesome experience ever! This cruise would be a perfect way of celebrating obtaining my honours degreee! I would love the opportunity to attend rock the boat and feel I truely deserve it! Every year I miss it, I am depressed on the weekend it occurs!
    How would we rock the boat? Simple: we wont sleep! Every aspect, band, comedy and activity will be fully utilized! We will party hard! Allowing us to go will give a new meaning to ROCK THE BOAT!!!!! btw: fusion ice, my city by night and rock the boat = epic!

  94. If i had to win
    O wat sin
    my gf, best freind and i
    will be like on high
    a natural one that is
    coz rock the boat is
    a party that gives you wings
    yasis i cant even explain these things
    its like it sets you free
    and makes you wana be
    the most awesome rock star
    in the universe by far
    i’d be smiling and shining
    humming and rapping
    throwing my hands in the air
    and waving it like we just don’t care
    sipping on fusion ice
    and all things nice
    my city by night
    you are like my light
    that can let me shine
    and wine and dine
    on the best party cruise
    o I so don’t wana lose
    coz it would be a dream come true
    and only you 3 can help it come true
    thank you for this awesome competition
    im hoping i win
    Rock the boat, my city by night and fusion ice
    You guys are too nice
    All the best to the rest

  95. My name is Courtz
    I have two best friends
    They’ll have my back till the world ends.
    It’ll be summer time, what a great vibe
    The best thing is we get to watch all those bands live.
    One of us is bubbly, one wild and one cool
    If you cant keep up with us you’ll look like the tool.
    You asked us why so read above
    You’ll be CRAZY not to pick us… one love.

    Now read below we’ll tell you HOW
    Im sure you’ve already picked us by now.
    We’ll dance and party and sing and play
    Theres never enough time for jolling in a day.
    Its awesome cos that weekend is our friends 21st
    If she spends it on RTB it’ll be FAR from the worst.
    With us three there we’ll bring you something new
    Three days of fun all the way through.
    Stop reading this now and forget the rest
    Picking us, will only mean your’ve chosen the BEST.

  96. So my tow best friends have posted and now its my turn:

    MyCityByNight hope you listen up close
    Cause Fusion ice Vodka will give us our dose.
    I wish i get to spend my 21st on Rock the Boat
    With all that partying i hope it stays afloat.
    Us three are crazy, we know how to entertain
    Durban girls represent can you maintain?
    It takes more than a pretty face, we have the wit
    We’ll experience it all, we’ll never quit.
    You asked us how we’ll ROCK THE BOAT
    I hope you’ve taken in ALL that i wrote.
    Why dont YOU let us show you for real
    Come on guys, take us up on that deal.
    We’ll show you how to party hard
    And we’ll be sure to send everyone back a post card!!

  97. Hi 🙂

    I really want to win this competition..please!

    This year I turned 21 and my ex bf and I got back together after a three year split…I am also going to my first outdoor this year and would love to go on the Rock the Boat..Ive never been on holiday without my family and would like to take my bf and best friend to rock the boat!!!!

    Supporting local talent and enjoying an awesome cruise is what Im in for…Im also a huge fan of 5fm and it makes me excited to know Rob Vember will be there and Fresh cause they are my all time fav!!

    SOOOOOoooo please. please give me the opportunity to enjoy myself at an amazing party…. 🙂


  98. im loving the first poem, the second one isnt that bad either but the first one rocks, hes a poet and he knows it hope muri wins

  99. Ok My Big City Night,
    Best you listen up tight…
    This year was rather blue,
    if it werent for 5fm I dont know how we’d get through!
    Its time to celebrate and forget about 2011,
    join in the PARTY TO PARADISE, and get a taste of heaven.
    Three days sipping on FUSHION sounds like bliss,
    But if you dont choose us it will sure be a miss.
    Couldnt think of a better way to have SO much fun,
    Than to support the BEST talent while rocking in the sun!
    We HOT, we SASSY, we can rev anyones SHASSY,
    So pick us now…and we’ll show you HOW!!!!

  100. Oh my f-bomb…I nearly forgot to enter this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think I need to win this A-MAZ-ING prize because this will be the last time I get to spend time with my bestest friends before I go overseas to work (sniff sniff) for at least a year. I’ve been wanting to rock this boat since I finished matric in 2009 BUT I havn’t won a competition giving it as a prize or had the money to buy a cabin…

    I promise that, if I win this, I will partytjie with all the mooiness (my friends included in that category) all day and night (with a maximum of 2hrs sleep a night)…I will physically sign a document stating that and u can attach an alarm clock to me to make sure I keep to it (alternatively employ some (sexy) sleep police to watch me).


    ps. I will bake everyone at MCBN brownies if I win, and I make goooood brownies 🙂

  101. I’m a party animal and know how to party hard!!! My friends are worse, lol. We’ll have Rock the Boat Rocking!!! A non stop party.. Let’s do this!

  102. I have like, I have loved, I have followed and even commented twice! Haha.. Let’s do this maaaaannnnnn… #LetsRockTheBoat.

  103. Hi,

    My name is Jill. I am, in fact, a time traveller by profession.
    I only mention what I do for a living because I think that it is relevant to winning the competition.
    I have travelled to different times, past and future, and am looking for the ultimate party. I, of course, bring along my own experiences from previous parties in order to rock the current party even more. One party my friends and I attended, ended up going down in the history books. We rocked that boat so hard that when I flashed my boobs at the captain, he steered off course and ended up hitting an iceberg. Only we can party so hard that it could sink an unsinkable ship.
    So now I think that we should win the tickets because we’ve told our superiors about Rocking The Boat and they have sent us to the year 2011 to prove to them that it is, in fact, the ultimate party! Don’t worry, I’ll bring my fellow time travellers along and believe me, they can rock the boat harder than anyone.

    Senior Time Travel Lieutenant

  104. My sister (31), my brother (19) and I (25) would really love to Rock The Boat.

    Firstly, my brother is writing his matric exams so it would be a great gift for him after the finals, secondly my sister is my pillar of support – always helping me out selflessly so I’d love to rock out with her as a early birthday prezzie (31st Dec) & lastly it the best bonding experience I could wish for since I’m the middle child (6up, 6down), I’m pretty much the wild-child in the family so I need to teach my siblings a thing or two to see if they can keep up with my pace.

    The POA (Plan Of Action) is mainly to survive the midday music, swimming and crapulence marathons 🙂 and then get busy with all the crazy “unwind” parties that prevail from evenings to wee morning hours. All in all, we gonna bring the gees!

    We gonna kick the first and last letter from DEPICT!!!

  105. Millers Rock the boat?? Uh NAH .. DURBAN Rock the boat!!!!! I have been dreaming of this 3 day Non-stop Party Boat FOREVER!
    This will be the perfect REUNION for me and 2 of my close friends I haven’t seen in 2 years !! I am a Matie (studying at Stellenbosch)but my home is in Umhlanga ( This means no transport or any other extra problems!!!) . This is ONCE the perfect plan for us 2 get together again!!!! My 2 close friends; Ilze(in durbs) + Lize(in Jhb), + ME (cAPE tOWN)…. Yes that means we are living in 3 TOTALLY different parts of SA!!
    3 energetic/fun 20 year olds who will make the BEST use of this cabin(even if just to get clean +dressed)!! We won’t be sleeping much though- PartY pArty Party!!!!!!
    We will (with help of FUSION ICE VODKA) ROCK THIS BOAT!!!!
    Twitter : SAsuzi

  106. I have just turned 21 and my brother/best firnd is coming to visit from Berlin where he now lives, exactly over that time. I havent seen him in 7 months and he is leaving again before Christmas and New Years, because he has to get back to work. My best friend is also on board (punny) as we all love doing new things and enjoy each others company too much!!. Partying, Millers, Fusion and MyCityByNigh and a boat… all things that would reciprocally be enjoyed if we were to join the crew. We all love music and live for the entertainment/media world, Alas there is also something such as the cashmoney world and we lack in that department. This would be the best Christmas, Birthday and ‘sommer’ News Years Present ever!!! Please Lets get this ship sailing!!!!!

  107. My friends and I are students putting ourselves through varsity. This unfortunately has never left much money for amazing jols like Rock the Boat. To join 2 000 of South Africa’s biggest partiers on what is undoubtedly the best cruise of the year would be a dream come true. Numerous friends have been on the cruise and bragged about the party and I would love to be a part of the legendary Rock the Boat vibe.

    My friends and I would rock the boat by taking full advantage of the 10 bars and 3 clubs, partying the night away. Spending the day by the pool and sun deck. We would ensure we meet as many of our fellow rock-the-boaters as possible and of course party to the fantastic South African talent in the entertainment line up!

    Please choose me to be a part of Rock the Boat, it would be a dream come true to come party and experience Mozambique!

  108. Miler Rock the boat!!! yea that is insane but #Durbans best homies are going to #rock the boat till it tilts sideways! There is no party animal like a Durban party animal and i have been trying all ways to get the money to buy a ticket for this ive even sold my xbox and im still well short! i wana rock the boat is to finally experience the to say i partied on the ocean waves in the only grand style to do it i even wrote a peom…

    Solid Ground always Sound
    im off to the ocean floor for more banger Sound
    With the smell of ocean breeze,
    a cold beer in my hand,
    and a hot shot down my throat
    no other boat with this greatest float!
    my ear so close to the base stand
    rock the boat my base to party where i stand
    Living to the end
    Rocking that boat will be the thing i do till the end
    ROCK the boat, and let the ocean water keep you afloat

  109. My friends and I should go because we come from Kimberley (enough
    said!). Yes, that place in the middle of nowhere located right next to
    the Groot Gat (and its not my “Groot Gat” I am referring to here – it’s the Big Hole that all the diamonds came out of). Well we are very
    deprived of entertainment here in Kimberley added to the fact that water is a scarce commodity in Kimberley too (especially with all our ancient water pipes that break continuously- having a Portuguese shower is the in thing) so having the 3 of us, a boat on a huge span of water and a “boat load” of entertainment is like adding fuel to the fire – we will unleash all our devilish party ways that we have had to contain and keep under wraps in this little town of ours. We will ROCK that boat that even Davey Jones’s Locker will be rocking to the beat!

  110. Hi There followers and organisers of R.T.B.

    My name Is sibulele nickname Slinky. hehehe!! I have the best friends ever who i party with in Johannesburg all the time. In Johannesburg we go to Clapham, Manhattan, Nicci beach and truth. I think we need this three day trip to rock than boat till it sinks like the titanic. We are the biggest party animals on earth. Normally we dont remember nights but i will definitely remember Rock The Boat. I haven’t seen the ocean in almost two years. Please make me your winner. You wont regret have a great time with myself and 2 other friends…

    Party All the Time

  111. Rock the boat!
    This party is for those that know how to rock a party.
    My friends and I are from JHB… party central of South Africa. We came, saw and conquered the night life this side. It is time to now venture out onto international waters where wee can teach the rest of the country how to rock a party.
    Whether it be on sea, dry land, in the air, by day or by night, the mission is still the same. Party until it is physically not possible to party anymore.
    So why do we deserve this cabin? Because it shall not be wasted. The potential held by this party will be maximised and the world shall know that history was created over 3 nights of pure AWESOMENESS!

  112. me and my friends deserve this cause we are the party, wherever we are, thats were the party is. So basically Rock the Boat was created with us in mind, but seeing as we all are students, money is a bit short and the only way we’ll be going is if u guys decide to give us this awesome prize and allow us to show everyone how to party…so please take pity on us and let me win so we can go on a well deserved party holiday after our grueling exams and an even more grueling year…

  113. i neeed to get this on boat!!!!like literally need!!!ive been on this earth for 21 years !!! and has never take my foot off the dry ground!whether its by air(flying)never has, boat (never been)!!or been to a live concert of any big celeb in this way!!so 4 me to survive 2011 and start a better 2012!! I leverne Need to rock this boat and this boat needs to rock me!! it would be a chance of a lifetime!!I love to party but my party ability has alway been limited and here I(we) have the chance to break borders and go beyond!!so choose us and the following people = the bestgroup of peole togather wondering the wide oceans ever
    – Locnville- Teargas- The Arrows- Goodluck Liquideep- Poppy Ntshongwana- Fresh Euphonik- Milkshake- DJ Cli- Naves- Leo Large
    – Dimplez Erica Elle- Sphectacular- Conrad Koch- David Newton

  114. OMG OMG OMG I will certainly Rock the Boat! I will make sure that not only I party, but I will make my 2 friends and the entire deck party and dance like no one is watching. You guys make Rocking the Boat easy because you provide the best entertainment under the sun! DJ Fresh is an Icon and so is Euphonic! I will dance in my stilleto’s till they wear away and then I will dance some more, just because I can! I will Rock the Boat again with Locnville and the Arrows because we all know that they are super Awesome! I will ROCK ON and continue to ROCK ON, because it is “MyCityByNight” Legacy and I will continue the legacy all through the cruise! I will make you guys proud to have chosen me as the winner!

  115. I will Rock the boat like it has never been rocked before! It will make the Titanic look like a childrens movie with a happily ever after once my friends and I finished the cruise! With awesome entertainment like you guys have put through, you cannot fail to rock the party like kings!

  116. Dear Rock the boat, fusion ice and the legendary mycitybynight

    Me and my 2 fav cuzies should be there because we are freakn supercalifragilistic, crazy, happy, smiley dancy, awesome junkies just like you guys and awesomeness should shine together
    For a no regret winner choose me and i promise to out do myself on the most spectacular event known to all party animals.
    We keep it real even with pink drinks

  117. Hi,I’m Jayde and I like to party! If I had a rand for every time someone asked me “do u ever NOT party?” I’d be rich enough to buy a ticket for rock the boat right now! The docters haven’t diagnosed me with ADHD but my friends could tell stories about me that would make the energiser bunny look like a drowned rat. So let’s cut to the chase,my friends and I are 3 young,single,hot party animals!! Thinking to yourself,”vain girl?” We’ll be glad to show A LOT of proof by simply giving us the cabin!! :). You ask HOW we will rock your boat?? Well how won’t we should be the question 😉 but in short,we are sun loving music freaks so we WILL definitely be DANCING in the SUN from the time it comes up till it comes up again coz we DON’T sleep! We’ll be best friends with the bar staff of all 10 bars and the DJ’s biggest fans and dancers of all 3 clubs not to mention the South African artist who we practically stalk across the country. A little taste of what we’re about – we’ll rock the boat so hard that LOCNVILLE will have to give us TEARGAS and follow THE ARROWS to a GOOD LUCK bar where LIQUIDEEP cocktails we’ll share with POPPY NTSHONGWANA feeling so FRESH while listening to EUPHONIK tunes sipping on a MILKSHAKE screaming for DJ CLI while NAVES and LEO LARGE make our DIMPLEZ come out with huge smiles they put on our and ERICA ELL’s faces,it will be SPHECTACULAR! CONRAD KOCH and DAVID NEWTON’s asses will shake with tunes from TUMI MORAKE, and ROB VEMBER amongst all the other rockers will make this a 2011 joll to remember!!! 🙂

  118. pls lord i need to get on this boat, if i stay in cape town whilst this party is taking place…. I’d have more reason to feel crap for being dumped! I so need to away and what better way to GET OVER IT, then stepping onto the ultimate annual party of za…

  119. i know there isnt alot of cape town passangers…..i need to get down and dirty we need to put me on this boat whoop whoop , i swear party animal, releasing your beast?…. Ain’t got nothing on what i wanna be

  120. eff man i’ll drink a entire bottle of fusion vodka without my top on! (i don’t even consume alcohol) i’m willing to do it for a ticket! Give me a task i’ll show u i’ll complete it, i have a big mouth i’d be able to market that vodka without the internet, i would sell that by word of mouth to be on this boat . I WANNNNA PARTY

  121. send me ! I won’t pee! Send me , i won’t pee! I’m protesting…. I’m already underweight so i can’t go on hunger strike . Will that do? Please before its to late and its something i missed when i get older. I promise unlike everyone claiming they want to do this party I REALLY WANT TO!!! I would leave now and wait at the port with my bikini on till that beauty departs and the only time i’ll be off, is if the captin were to knock the sinfonia into drive and we hit a speed bump on shore!

  122. The party boat is coming and everybody’s drowning, new york to san francisco and inner CITY disco! We like to party..we like to we like to party! I refuse to calm down and sulky I just realised I must do this I’ve let it get away before and that’s what y today I am craving that party

  123. don’t stop me now….. I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball! If u wanna have a good time just gimme a call…i mean ticket! If I’m getting this excited for the competition… Can u imagine what I fire cracker I’m going to be on board? Please please tell me what I need to do to get b1 (miche) and b2 (gaynor) to get us on that boat…. I just thought about it and realised the three of us with vodka… LADIES AND GENTLEMAN YOU ARE NOW LOOKING AT THE MOST FLY MOST SEXY MOST EXCITING CRUISE DIRECTORS (of the party scene) ever! Don’t say I didn’t warn U! If I can make me down a bottle of vodka………. You don’t want to know what I’ll make u do to make that party the MOST memorable one of the century ( oh my hat I can’t believe my ideas, I wish I were this adventurous everyday)

  124. I’m such a fun person, a lover of life, a socialite & I define the words living your life in the spirit of happiness, always. I have never won anything let alone traveled outside the country as yet but this would be so cool & a chance to meet new like minded people who are in high spirit. Allow me and my crazy friends to rock the boat with our Zulu swag, dance & party like it’s 1999, Y2K babe!! Following you guys on twitter, follow me back @ayandamak & let the journey begin before we rock the boat *does the Mick Jagger dance*

  125. Its poooza thursday, I’m not worried all I can think of is this particular page, I don’t feel like working today just to stay home and beg to get that ticket….i need it, it’s the only thing that is keeping me from falling apart, I’ve been hurt and what better way to be happy again ? Well besides that I’ve been trying to get onto this boat in every way that I can please help me I need to go

  126. i’m trying to scrape together whatever i can find, begging for help. i dont care which cabin it is- i just want to be on this boat please fusion please help me, i’m making this my mission for this year! it is the only thing that would make this year the most memorable
    SEND ME I NEED THIS PARTY, i’d even split it with cairly ( i thought her comment was brilliant) please i just want to mingle with the best ppl there is fusion ice vodka, mycitybynight & msc you are the ppl make it happen for me. do it do it! yeah thats funky

  127. Hey Party people well, ill just get straight to the point! i think we all deserving of this break, im always up for a good time and i luv proper party events like this one! im getting married next year so would love to rock this boat before i get married lol. i would take my fiance and my cousin with because they my favourite party people! i luv the line up and i cant wait for the competition draw date!!!! good luck everybody!

  128. beudine… i’d get married next year too… if i go on this party i’d have to find me a husband lol that y i need to be on it! (fyi i’ve never been interested in getting married) but we’ll call it a leap year of my life and if getting a ticket to this party would cost that…..i now pronounce me available to get married

    • lols tarryn you know mos after marriage is after marriage, hehe tarryn im thinking if u win u take me with and vice versa *tongue out*. lets go find ur man giggles

  129. friday night after the sun has set ….at the pool side we would be implementing our new range of drinking games …for the (non drinkers like me ) we making exotic alcohol free coktails that will mentally do the same thing , i have 30 sky lanterns in various coulrs i think on a windless evening that can be realised, all the entertainment that will be there would be a must to join in and enjoy yet……… i’d need a 5 mins on stage to get the crowd riled up! if only i could get a break .. i think sat 4 pm till 4h05 should be enought to sleep eat and geet changed to start it again! i love swimming so a 8pm dip including all other ” party animals ” only should do to wake us up ( yes i sterotyped because we a crowd on our own) and then sunday morning pray because wwe should be thankful for an experience of a lifetime ! and then chill out to the house grooves as we approach the shore only wanting to come back for more knowingthat exact experience can never be endured because pefect happens once and this december its my chance to create it1!

  130. beudine…. SOUNDS LIK A PLAN ! pinky swear hey ? and fyi we’ll just have to make this your kitchen tea if we go ( i’m like that) and my scouting trip for a kitchen tea lol – only if its going to cost me that to win a ticket lol if i hitch a ride with u …. it’ll just b ya kitchen tea and i’ll stick to guns on being single forever lol good luck

  131. i can’t let you go and you won’t let me know, i can’t let this go and you won’t say….. Boy i dont know wwhatt to do you speak a foreign language when you put me through they enemies I know you hiding one or two but I just can’t say no to U, Whohoo now Whohoo, can u take me there mozambique on that boat I just won’t care! The party will happen with fusion ice and make me wear, an itsy binsy teeney weeney yellow polka dot bikini!

  132. My friends and I will party on each dance floor across the ship all night every night, jumping from one DJ to the next performer so much the ship will start moving to our rhythm.

    We not the party nor the center of attention but we a class room example of spectacular celebrations!! After this trip, google awesome time and our faces will appear before the web links.

  133. I’m going I’m going, I mean want to go, want to go! Please lemme win a ticket Omg this comment is the one where I’m sure someone is going to say stfu TARRYN, but can u imagine how destitute I am by nagging like this? I can feel this party burning in my soul, I’m sitting in my office awaiting someone to walk in and say Wtf r u doing? U fired ! – this for sitting begging for a ticket, if I win a ticket I’d go what we call in cape town ‘bos’ I need this boat for me to PARTY

  134. Hi to be quite honest this year in early January 6 of my college friends who do travel and tourism went on the MSC cruise that went from durban to Mozambique i still remember the thrill and excitement that surrounded that time and since i am am an LLB student i unfortunatley could not go.I was both happy for them and envyous at the same time but it was a fact of life while they were off to this fabulous cruise i was stuck in lectures.To add salt to my wounds they returnd with amazing stories of the time they had experienced.from that day on i just got inspired to also get to experience what they had experienced.Upon hearing of this fabulous rock the the boat cruise i immidietly knew that this was my chance it was the opportunity that i had been waiting for.This cruise was not only a whole lot of fun but it was perfectly planned as it coincided with my birthday which is on the 11th of december.I would get to have fun celebrating my birthday in the true miller rock the boat style seing that ive never been on a cruise.Every time i think about the cruise im just filled with great excitment just thinking of all the good memories that will be created with my gals by my side.Me and my gals love love love to party up a storm we like having fun together while solidizing our freindship i mean hey ”siyabuthanda ubumnandi” and judging from the entertainment its clear to see that this is just one non stop party as we will party till the sun comes up and when it goes down.WE will rock this boat hard just like it will rock our worlds and we shall be the party rockers on this cruise as we just wana have a good time.Besides after a long year it would only be fit to end it off with a bang this would be the highlight of my year and the best birhday present anyone can give.PARTY HARD AND PLAY HARD ON THE MILLER ROCK THE BOAT AYOBA. YOURS Nqobile Ntshangase

  135. nobile, u lucky fish u been on this boat before and u going to be traveling in the future, man … WHY DID U NOT PURCHASE A TICKET LIKE THE REST OF THE RICH FOLKS DID ? i don’t know but i’ve seen a few comments calling the ” rock the boat party” the ” millers rock the boat party ” which is understandable they were the previous sponsors ………. BUT AM I THE ONLY PERSON ACTUALLY TAKING NOTE BECAUSE I AM DYING TO GO! fusion ice vodka is sponsoring tickets……..and this competition, mycity by night is also contributing, how come no one kissing their behinds ? come on summer, they the ones offering this opportunity at least give ’em some credit – i know if i make it on board THEY WILL MAKE IT EVEN MORE OF A PARTY, If u going to brown nose to win …. make sure who u brown nosing, duh?

  136. Hi my name is salona and im an addict
    Since the end of my schooling career I have been addicted to partying non stop, shaking it like jagger, n drinking it till i feel it.
    My sis and bro suffer from the same syndrome, we just cant stop, no matter where we are the fun will find us we, we are where the magic lives
    Thanks to FUSION ICE, MYCITYBYNIGHT and ROCK THE BOAT we have the opportunity to rock ROCK THE BOAT
    Come on you rockstars help a sister out you know you wana . Feed the party animal in me

  137. My mates and I make a party what it is, we party hard and make memories everytime we go out. I’ma party addict and no I dont want to be cured:) The animal in me wants to Rage but I can make this Boat Roack in no time at all, Il’ll turn it into MYCITYBYNIGHT and make sure verybody remembers Mamz and his crew. I’v partied on rooftops, on farms, underwater clubs and I’v toured Jozi’z clubs painting the town RED at every opportunity I get, give me this opportunity and the Boat wont stop rocking till it docks in for the final time and trust me the dancefloors will be calling my name long after I have alighted. Im not hectic at all but my mates are;) we’ll be the ambassadors that Fusion ICE and Rock the Boat are looking for…we will provide the memories…let us party, let us Rock that Boat, let us transform it into MYBOATBYDAYANDNIGHT:) Keep rocking and keep partying:)

  138. i’m back and i’m bad! Laying in my bed wondering if anyone believes how sincere I am when I say I need need need to be at this party, I been reading comments right and seeing everyone proclaim they are the party animals, lets clarify what I mean when I say I’m the life of the party, I am not the drink till you drop Dronkie that ends up laying in the bathroom I’m the pretty one distributing to EVERYONE so there isn’t enough to individually drop and spoil my party by being a eyesore, I am the one who has to go to the front of the ship to scream ‘I’m on top of the world’ I’m the one in woolworths that was sitting in a trolley because my mom wouldn’t buy me coco pops (fyi she let go of the trolley left me alone and got another trolley, and the manager decided to cart me around and buy my pops and have a photo) I’m 26 and when I’ve separated from who I’m with and can’t find them , I stand dead still and start hollaring their names till I see them come running on saying shut up are u crazy? I’m the one on a saturday afternoon just as the latest animation has been released to be sitting in a cinema filled with kids and their parents and I’m the biggest kid there without a mommy , I’m the one who has a photo of every passed out person I know with a cigarette in their nose, I was the first person to have superbikes escort me to my matric dance! When I was diagnosed with Lupus the world superbike championship came to south africa I used my life savings and went straight to book me tickets to go, I needed wheel chair assistance at the time, and that never stopped me, I have a autograph’d tshirt from the kings of leon! I went to a costume party one year as ‘charlie’s angels’ with wings on as well, when I was asked where the rest of the team was seeing that I’m alone I told them ‘on vacation I’m working alone till tomorrow ‘i have a giant winnie the pooh teddy on my bed because when I saw it in the shop I sat on the floor and wouldn’t move until someone bought me it, I was bored waiting on despicable me 3d to start at a cinema so I had a tattoo done, I didn’t really want a particular tattoo I was just bored so I had my mom’s name tattoo’d in my waist (it hurt like hell) I can recite the entire movie ‘friday’ from start to finish, I got squashed into a gate when basement jaxx came to cape town, because I wouldn’t move from the front I still have bruises to prove it, I have multicolored straws next to my bed because I like drinking cold drink in a cool manner, I have a personalized glass at work that reads ‘TARRYN’s effing glass’. I was asked to do night club promotions professionally full time because of my personality. are you getting some understanding of what I mean when I say I’m the eccentric life of the party? Ask anyone and if u want photo’s to prove the half of the things I do I can provide it, fusion ice vodka u know what to do

  139. My friends and I will rock the boat by partying until dawn, (with Dawn :-)). We need this trip as we all need a good break, away from the stresses of everyday life, away from the worries, away from the work, away from mundane everyday life, and most of all to be together and have a good time!!!

  140. My name is Jocelyn 1st of all… I am in the middle of writing my final exams and when they are done I’m going to need a way to get rid of the stress of this past month… Next year I will be studying law and so I won’t have much time to go out and enjoy myself. My best friend and I will also be seperated as we are going to different universities… I just want the opportunity to party and enjoy myself with my best friend and my rock before we have to adjust to not seeing eachother everyday…

  141. my city… Help me claim my party, i need to get my party on i can only see this as one hell of a party nothing coming close to it, i need to be a part of it…. I’ll let u baby sit my kittens for a weekend!

  142. i am a party animal and i am from Cape Town where there are lots of boats to rock but it will be a huge opportunity to rock the boat with all these awesome please give me the opportunity to win a rocking experience of a life time for me and my friends 🙂 🙂 🙂

  143. This is she – Mish the Dish ready to rock the Miller Boat. Accompanied by the slickest E-man (Ehren) and Miss V (Viola). I’m not here to chitter or be bitter, I’m here to have a party that won’t stop on the bestest boat everrrrrr!!! Miller… if you rock my dock and I’ll lock and pop until the beat don’t stop to drop! Let Miller be my party starter the I’ll be the party crasher and shuffle my way onto the dance floor until them wooden floors are buffed while superfly Fresh and sexy Black Coffee will be looking all chuffed putting a smile on their dial.

    Why pick me – I’m just here to start and end the party, never been on a cruise ship/ Miller Rock the Boat before, so rocking that Miller boat I mean who wants to be on the sea shore and gloat, when you can leka be on the Wick-est Miller Rock boat.. but obviously afloat. – well you can imagine the crazy fun in that … need I say more…

    Okay ..I’ll leave you with these words from DJ Kents Mix: All Gods children got Rhythm… not just black ones, or the tall ones, not just the white ones or the short ones,not just the privileged few who think they cooler than you,NO…all Gods children got Rhythm – Whoohooo lets get this party rocking Baaybeeee (100 x bbm excited face’s)

    Ciao Bella 🙂

  144. again with the mgd, am i missing something here ? fusion ice is supposed to be hosting this competition ? or am i very very very worng ?

    • Yes you are correct and the ladies have asked for it to be removed!

      • thats great for them, lucky i hope the judges take into consideration how eager they are to have it removed i hope that doesnt count against them ( white lie) it just made me think maybe its because they just randomly entering in hope to win and here i am desperatly yearning to attend this party might be put aside because someone else who randomly entered and doesnt even know who is sponsoring this party will be choosen :(, well i hope the judges will judge fairly in that respect good luck to everyone though … ( oh my hat i think my spirit just got dampened)

  145. i could sit and make up an entire rhyme create a song if i had the time,
    instead i have to slave at work like a jerk, where all i wish is i could be a flirt on the (ladies and gentleman please take note here) DURBAN ROCK THE BOAT PARTY SPONSORED BY FUSION ICE VODKA ( pity there is a underline app here),
    working all year makes me feel like i wanna croke – this ain’t a joke, its driving me to smoke – i quit that crap

    if i win this trip i wouldnt let it slide this is the ride of a lifetime. and this year i want fusion to make that my reality
    because i’m being real – why is no one else taking proper note ?

    u won’t regret it, no other passenger will either i promise the sponsors will be commended on their choice ….AND PROBEBLY MAKE ME THEIR NEW VOICE, i ROCK the party that ROCKS your body, fusion ice and durban rock the boat will be rocking me and everyone on board for the annual party of the year !

  146. i wanna go i need to go i need to party hardy, y ? because i can, if singing this song 18 times doesnt covince you i wanna be on this fusion of dance, entertainment, luxury and fun then i’d have to remind you for a 19th time

    reminder tarryn needs to win this

  147. if entering 32% of comments helps whould i be considered ? its gone beyond entering the competition now i’m begging you! my city by night! fusion ice ! decide now and prove me blessed!

  148. Well to speak for myself if i had to win these tickets myself and two mates i’ll be taking with on RTB. We will take this party to the next level and we will get party all of those POOPERS aboard the RTB vessel in that Party GEES again and then the party will be ROCKING and going OFF THE HOOK. So ladies and gentleman



  151. real nice dipsy…..the message is love! mooiness! two days left 🙁 anticipating sunday at 18h00 ! nervous that i might not live thereafter CAUSE I’LL JUST DIE IF I MISS OUT ON THIS PARTY ! mwah good luck all hope the judges make a excellent decision ( like me) so they can really be ROCKED ON THE BOAT BABY…. ROCK THE BOAT – DON’T ROCK THE BOAT BABY …. SURF IT! please this party is going to be of the hinges and i know i will be off my hinges apon return because of all the rocking, i’d need a rocking chair and my mommy for all the joint pain i’ll have from dancing

    take me on this trip… u wont regret it 🙂

  152. Sure, I’ve entered many competitions on this site, but then again they are generally not worth R18 000, So yes you could safely say that weirdly enough, I’m kind of nervous to enter with an entry nothing short of spectacular. But as you may know, you can’t force brilliance, and so i’ve been deliberating how best to show/describe/beg why I should win for a considerable amount of time. So, without further adieu here are my unfortunately by no means brilliant reasons/pleas about why I should get the Cabin:

    I figured I should try NOT to sound like one of the contestants at the Miss World Pageant when they were describing why they deserved the title (Very Cringe Worthy) Yes, I do finish writing finals this year, yes it has been the most stressful and pressurized period of time in my life and yes this party would be the ultimate way to relax, yes I don’t have the money to afford this if I don’t win, but the point is. Who cares? Everyone has their trials and tribulations, why should I in particular be rewarded for dealing with life? Why indeed, why indeed. I guess “deserve” wouldn’t be the correct word to describe why I should win, no far from it, I don’t in for any particular reason deserve these tickets, But jeepers do I sure want them.

    Okay, but really enough of the boring/serious stuff. How my friends and I would rock the boat. Well, we may have to employ the old method used by the famous Captain Jack Sparrow to overturn the black pearl.
    This involves a lot of running back and forth and the cooperation of the entire population of the ship, eventually with enough running from side to side, the boat should start to rock.. Ok Sheesh even for me that was weak. Well anyway thats one method, Another (co-incidently also used by Mr Sparrow) would be by drinking a copiuous amount of alcohol (in this case Rum would be substituted for Fusion Vodka), the boat should also rock then, although maybe just for the inhebriated. But probably the method that Me Aymi and Chelsea would employ, would be that of just plain enjoying ourselves. You know how it goes, there’s nothing like being surrounded by happy, smiling people (unless you yourself are unhappy, but thats another thing entirely) and I think that if being happy relates to the size of your grins we would probably come across as something of human cheshire cats. Obviously tanning, drinking, partying, music appreciating and friend making would come standard, there is honestly almost nothing more that I enjoy doing than making random friends, and this boat seems to be a rather fitting place to do this.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on and yeah, but if i’m truly honest my main reason for wanting to win this (besides all the above as well as winning the rights to Aymi And Chelsea’s souls for choosing them to accompany me)is…

    So that I could finally have the opportunity to tell people, that why yes, like Andy Samberg, I too am on a boat Mother(insert plural of a synonym for sex here)

    Please And Thank You 🙂

  153. rather late than never 🙂

    WHY me && my mates should go? Because this is one x AMAZING mycitybynight giveaway, and we have been avid fans of the site since it started! Fortunately and also unfortunately it has grown SO big now that its not as easy to win competitions anymore, but i try never the less 🙂

    I would love nothing more than to win this for me and my mates as it would be an EPIC getaway…I live in Cape town so it would be an AMAZING experience to get to go to durban for the first time (YES, i know, 21 years old and have lived in SA my whole life and have not been to Durbs yet, SHOCKING!), as well as to go to the AMAZINGNESS that is MOZAMBIQUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has literally been my dream to go there since i was 12years old…Its like a tropical getaway so close to home 🙂

    Doing it on a CRUISE ship and partying it up the whole way there and whole way back would put the CHERRY on the top! Surrounded by legendary fellow South Africans and listening to some of SA’s best talent whilst laying out on the deck tanning, sipping on a coktail….mmmmmmmm i cant think of ANYTHING better.

    How we’re gonna rock the boat?

    1. Take SOOOOO many photos that we’ll upload to twitter & fb and keep peeps updated as to how AWESOME rock the boat is and keep MCBN up to date so they can make a rad review afterwards
    2. our motto, for the trip, will be SLEEP WHEN YOU DIE! sleep is for the weak. We need to take advantage of EVERY oppurtunity. There will be ZERO “chilled” nights on board.
    3. Make LOADS of new friends 🙂 shouldnt be too difficult, the three of us are quite the social bunnies
    4. Jump up and down on the cabin beds, movie style (you gotsta!)
    5. Mojitos for breakfast
    6. Jack & Lime for supper
    7. Make CRAAAAZY videos of the experience
    8. Soak it all up, on an emotional note 😛 It will be the trip of a lifetime && we will be forever greatful to MCBN, ricky & Craig for giving us this oppurtunity

    thanks guys 🙂 keep rocking my bright pink socks;)

    P.S (some sucking up : South Park me rocking the boat:P )

    PEACE & LOVE guys

  154. Rock the boat with Fusion Ice is like no other party & therefore deserves a competition entry a cut above the rest…

    So please click on the link to see why you should choose us to rock out on rock the boat!

    We know its pretty catchy, so for those who what to rap with…

    *Chorus : We’re on a boat, we’re on a boat, everybody look at us we chilling on a boat X2

    We want this badly so we went the extra mile.. We will bring positive vibes and we’ll bring on the style.
    We are ready to bust a rhyme, to have a good time. We’ll be chilling on the decks… In the sun shine


    We don’t need no fancy pinacolades, all we need is a shot of Fusion Ice vodka.
    We need a break cause a kit kat won’t cut it.. Rather be jamming on the decks listening to the sick set of Euphonik.


    Cause we are single and ready to mingle, we party like we doing karate.
    We don’t care about material things, all we care about opportunities that life brings..


    Having us on board will be worth every cent, you’ll have no regret having us on deck..
    So here a shot of the deliciously nice, Fusion Ice


  155. Since Rock the Boat with Fusion Ice is like no other party, it deserves a competition entry a cut above the rest…

    So please click on the link below to see why we should be rocking it out on Rock the Boat with Fusion Ice 🙂

    We know its pretty catchy, so for those of you who would like to rap off with us…..

    *Chorus : We’re on a boat, we’re on a boat, everybody look at us we chilling on a boat X2

    We want this so badly we went the extra mile.. We will bring positive vibes and we’ll bring on the style.
    We are ready to bust a rhyme, to have a good time. We’ll be chilling on the decks… In the sunshine!


    We don’t need no fancy pinacolades, all we need is a shot of Fusion Vodka.
    We need a break cause a kit kat won’t cut it.. Rather be jamming on the decks listening to the sick set of Euphonik.


    Cause we are single and ready to mingle, we party like we doing karate.
    We don’t care about material things, we care about opportunities that life brings..


    Having us on board will be worth every cent, you’ll have no regret having us on deck..
    So heres a shot to the deliciously nice, Fusion Ice.


    *Dont forget to add you own awesome moves 🙂


    Joe Parow, Lil T & Trashley

  156. excellent jen

  157. for the last time…. My city by night must be glad today is the last time I’ll be pleading to party….. I love a party, life is to gray and I try my utmost to be decent and normal but I can’t help but pull out water colors and spray paint and make sure everything is PINK, BLUE, RED, GREEN, ORANGE, AND PURPLE. There is nothing u can do to stop me because around me u can’t help but absorb the funk! I make rock fun (not that it isn’t) but I mean that boat that party and that fusion I can only but wish… no I LIE i’m determined to do

    I don’t wanna be a freak but I can’t help myself……….

    We don’t really need a crowd so we can boogie just a funky beat to get us up in the groove we’ll dance the night away….well having big fun! Or will be having big fun.

    I know I’m not the best writer I can’t describe how badly I want this, how elaborately the other ppl put it down, but trust my last words to you.

    I really want to be at this party….. Believe me it will not be regretted

  158. Fusion ice our infamous dues
    has brought our @tt to 2 the sickest MSC Cruise

    While Erica n Poppy “HIT THE LIGHTS”
    We will be rockn in our tequila delights ;P

    Fresh, Euphonik, Liquideep n Robvember
    will drop it like it’s hot, aboard, this December

    My City by night, 2nd to none
    You show us the way..we’ll show you how it’s done!

    We’ll be rockn n poppn bottlez in the ice
    as we rock this boat to paradise!

    Karaoke, slot machines, festivities..go on
    While the party will crank its way from dusk to dawn

    5’z most illest beatz getz the best of me
    cos’ music is my ecstasy ♥

    Sarongs..pinataz..bronzing in bikinis
    No better way to celebrate, sippn on Martinis.. 😀

    You know we’ve done it..we’ve put em’ all away
    Bring it on Symphony! know we’re on our way 😉

  159. Tarryn, just to get things straight, the party was sponosered by MGD, and they changed sponors, so if you give our second video post a watch you will see that it has changed to Fushion Ice Vodka. I think everyone has a fair chance to win this. It just depends on what they looking for.

    • sweety we all know that and we all know that its the second year already that millers isnt the party host – not sponser ( just fyi) and i just found it insulting to me who is took enough note to enter FUSION’S COMPETITION. I MEAN HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MARKETING YOUR NAME BY GIVING SUCH AN EXTRAVAGANT PRIZE and people did’nt even take the liberty of making note who is giving the prize ? just saying no hard feelings, and i did commend you on your brilliant entry.

      and yes every entry counts.

      who is actually interested in really having a party instead of winning a prize. the judges will decide 🙂 good luck to u

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