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The legendary crew over at Synergy have given us 5 LIFETIME PASSES to give away to all you crazy MyCityByNight late night alumni. Now who doesn’t want to get their dirty hands on a LIFETIME PASS to one of South Africa’s sickest festivals? You’d be a fool to pass this opportunity up.

So let’s get right into it!


1.) LIKE the Synergy LIVE page: (CLICK HERE)
2.) Watch the 2013 after movie and let us know which moment was your favourite in the comment box below?
3.) LIKE this post!
4.) Comment below and let us know you have done the following above tasks AND THEN tell us which international act (BAND OR DJ) you’d most like to see at an upcoming Synergy Festival!!

Winners will be announced on the 28th of February



  1. My Best moment has to be 2:38
    OMW! i would love to be jumping and partying next there. :)

  2. My favorite moment was Haezer at the Redbull stage then Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels at the Marshall stage.
    I have done all the above instructions for the competition and would like to see Yves V at the next Synergy!!!!

  3. Synergy Live 2013 is the best festival that have been to in a very long time. It is difficult to choose a favourite part, as everything was beyond amazing. I would have to say the Main Stage and chilling the water during the day.Synergy is flip’n awesome and I will drag more and more people there:)

  4. my favourite part of the video was the scenes during the drop in das kapital’s song.
    - have done the tasks.

    would love for synergy to bring down the black keys and massive attack!

  5. My favourite parts of the video are definately all the crowd shots, really does the actual vibe justice.

    I think the band I would most like to see at Synergy next year is Foo Fighters or the Mars Volta.

    I have done all the tasks.

  6. My favorite moment was aKing, Laudo and the boys rocking it.
    I did all the above instructions for the comp and would like to see Mumford and sons at Synergy 2014!!!!

  7. Wow, MyCityByNight. Id have to say, even from watching all the other previous aftermovies, i don’t think there is ever that ‘favourite’ scene. The aftermovies show so much variety, excitement, versatility and colour, which proves that Synergy is one of a kind, catering for people with all kinds of tastes for many kind of experiences. This kind of versatility is what brings us all together. So overall, loved every bit of it.

    Have done all of the above, most definitely, which leaves me to say i’d love to see Serj Tankien or Tujamo at one of the next, in the near future.

  8. All tasks done :)

    Stage dives, Lilo rides, chill vibes and constant beat droppin’ every part of that vid – brings back some incredible Synergy memories!

    I’d love to see Mototrhead, The Kills or The Dead Weather, Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys and Arcade Fire..this list could go on for days..

  9. It’s always very difficult choosing a favourite part in these aftermovies but the part that made me smile the most, definitely had to be watching everyone party when Shortstraw was playing :)

    I have done all of the above :)

    And I’d LOVE to see M83 \:D/

  10. I really smaak seeing my bek at 1:16 haha.
    Synergy is too good! I have done all the above tasks (as requested) and the acts I would love to see at Synergy are:
    + Phantogram
    + Arctic Monkeys
    + Stateless

    Let me know when I’ve won – thanks ;)

  11. What a great after movie, it is hard to pick one moment but I would have to say the guy running around with beach balls as breasts, it really shows the fun and carefree feel that synergy gives.

    at the next synergy I would def like to see DJ Chuckie or Tommy Trash

  12. My favourite part of this video to be honest is the whole of the do work take over, that night blew my mind and I would KILL for the do work team to make another appearance. Feed me was also incredible!! I would not complain if the line up for this year was identical to last year.

    I have done all of the above instructions!

    Please let me win!!
    The past two synergies have been highlights of my year, it’s the only festival all my friends pull through to make a mission to go to!!

  13. My favorite moment was when the party scene went into the evening and there was the epic lighting on stage, partying and some heavy dancing by everyone. It just made for a great atmosphere!

    All the above completed. Would love to see the Strokes at the next Synergy live

  14. i have done all the above, and i hope to see HAEZER at the next synergy.

    my fave part of watching the video was seeing how all those people get together and share the amazing experience that is synergy. To have memories that you will keep forever, to make new friends, and remember why you loved the old friends so much. To start anew, to find adventure, but most of all, to escape the concrete jungle and have an experience of a life time.

    I couldn’t afford to go last year, wish i had been a part of it, I will do my best to be there this year regardless of if i win this competition or not :)

  15. I love seeing people enjoy themselves outside,dancing and enjoying good music!

  16. I would love to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s!

  17. I have done the task! What a video! I remember suffering from moerse FOMO, coz most of my friends was there! NISKERONE so dope! I would love to see AMINE EDGE, CHVRCHES, Borgore, Young the Giant or Vampire Weekend! Awesome Comp doe!

  18. I have done all above! Please ticket!!

  19. absolutely couch potato from shorstraw, was bouncing my little heart out :) would love to see The Baby sitters circus from NZ

  20. Done and Dusted – Liked and Shared :D :D

    My favorite part is where the Sun goes down and the build up to the crazy times at the Red Bull stage, man that was insane :) good memories!

    I would like to see International Bands such as Kings of Leon, and international DJ’s such as DVBBS, Martin Garrix, Hardwell….

    Either way Synergy is the best organised event I have been to and it would be greatest gift ever to have a lifetime pass.

    Over and out, the Twakkie :D

  21. The best moments at synergy live was watching crash car burn al bairre and shortstraw! Man they were amazing!!! But u I’d like to see that would be mumford and sons :D but synergy is amazing I love it iv been for the past 3 years and do not want to stop! A life time of tickets to one of the best fans of synery would be AMAZING!!! Would be the best gift ever

  22. I don’t even have one favourite moment I have so many, (2:30)LEECHI’s set and FEED ME was amazing! And there’s me at (1:48) chilling in the dam by the mainstay bar :D SO MUCH FUN. This year you should defiantly bring down Danny bird, Diplo or Daft Punk would be sick.
    oh and iv done the above tasks, <3 you synergy.

  23. Synergy Live page – [liked!]

    Favorite moment – [1.12 / cause I'm in it. ;) having so much fun on the Round Up. & 1.20, cause my awesome Red Panda Onesie makes another appearance while I was jamming to Al Baiire. <3

    Post - [liked!]

    Acts – I would most like to see Flume or Disclosure come to SA this year. (preferably both ;) )

    RAMfest may be my birthday festival, but SYNERGY is definitely a close contender for my favorite. Always surrounded by the best people, great sound rigs, great artists & carnival rides to make you feel like a kid again. Synergy is for anyone, it doesn't matter if you are a band person, an electro person, or just someone who enjoys camping.. everyone gets along. :)

    This lifetime ticket would be greatly appreciated, & definitely put to use for as long as my body allows a weekend of hard jamming to great music!

  24. Pick me! Pick me :P red jumpsuit apparatus again and again and again :D ok abbbbit obsessive so how about some perfect circle :D

  25. I loved the guy in the tubes haha awesome
    I would love to see vampire weekend / incubus / Vuvuvultures / edward sharp and the magnetic zeros


  26. Awesome! Have done the tasks :)

    I loved those shots of the transition to night – sick niskerone set. Was by far my favourite moment. As for an act I’d love to see happen? Knife Party, fo sho! :)

  27. I done all the above > I liked the Synergy Live page, and I liked the post. Everything was my favourite, I love the Red Bull stage, I love the Main Stage, I love the venue, the people – I LOVE SYNERGY LIVE!!!It doesn’t matter whether the act is international, I would like to see DVBBS & Borgeous, DAS KAPITAL, Martin Garrix, and the main stage Rocks so I am happy to enjoy any band you bring us.

  28. Hey Mycitybynight, Thanks for the amazing opportunity, DIE HARD SYNERGY LIVE FAN right here, I’m more for the EDM so would like to see either Knife, Carnage or the Legendary Dirty Dutch DJ Chuckie, also if i had to choose a band it would have to be Muse or Arctic Monkeys :)

  29. Hey Mycitybynight, Thanks for the amazing opportunity, DIE HARD SYNERGY LIVE FAN right here, I’m more for the EDM so would like to see either Knife, Carnage or the Legendary Dirty Dutch DJ Chuckie, also if i had to choose a band it would have to be Muse or Arctic Monkeys :) Ps” I have done all of the above requirements :)

  30. Done it!

    My favourite moments in the video were at 0.14 when that guy looked around like “WHO’S WATCHING ME”, at 0.26 when another guy took a leap of faith into the crowd with great success, another moment when at 1.04 a girl turned to the camera to pout and at 1.11 when a girl in a magnificent hat gave her head a jolly shake. And of course, at 1.30 when a group of friends just splashed about.

    I loved them because they’re all the little moments that make a festival great, the small bits that people experience alone or with friends that make them look back and remember that moment and go, “That, was fucking AWESOME.”

    I would LOVE to see the Foo Fighters at Synergy, mashed up with a crazy weird double bill of the Arcade Fire and a little bit of Arctic Monkeys mixed in. My heart would pound right out of my chest, and my eyes would keel back as I finally died happy!

    Thanks ^__^

  31. I loved the pan over the beach bar at 0.54.
    Personal Fav moment this year was Friday night with Jack Parow, VCK and Rufio Vegas.

    Next year I would love to see Gogol Bordello as a headliner!

  32. I completed all of the above tasks. Next Synergy Festival Netsky should perform!!!

  33. Favourite was Feed Me

    Would love it if you guys bought Zedd or Kill The Noise :)

  34. Done Done and Done!!
    I loved the pan over the beach bar at 0.54.
    Personal Fav moment this year was Friday night with Jack Parow, VCK and Rufio Vegas.

    Next year I would love to see Gogol Bordello as a headliner!

  35. This was my post on the Synergy Live FB Page:

    The Best memory for me on this video was definitely the Red Bull Live Stage, Light rain from the heavens blessing Niskerone Set, the angels were most definitely listening in as the heavens opened on his epic DnB drop, The Visuals were AMAZE, The energy was ELECTRIC, happy vibes all round, just couldn’t get enough, watching this video just gives me goosebumps and makes me want to go back for more!!! The best part of the video however (great work by AVA) has to be the Perfect timing on the drop of Das Kapital – Do Azid (02:36 – 02:37) Where the trooper blinks and the drop kicks! That was insane, keep rewinding to that point and ofcourse the end of the vid where everyone chants “WE WANT MORE” 10 Months and counting!!! Keep up the Stellar Work Synergy Live, screw the haters and embrace the lovers

  36. Woot done all of these! And shred it too and commented on your YouTube vid on the day it was released and been sharing posts and pics from Synergy Live 2013 :P

    I like so much about the aftermovie! The pan around the main stage, the brief appearance of the Anonymous masked person (I had one too) and lastly the appearances of Grimehouse and Niskerone whose back to back performances gave me Euphoria like non other!

    I’d love to see Headhunterz :P but if Hardstyle is too much bring Last Donosaurs on the live stage.

  37. Have liked the page and this post.

    My favourite part of the video was definitely the whole time Couch Potato was playing firstly because I love the song and secondly because everyone in the crowd looks like they’re having so much fun. Also, come on. Who doesn’t love Al Bairre dancing?

    I’d most like to see Vampire Weekend or The Black Keys or Jake Bugg or, you know, Nirvana except unfortunately the last one’s not going to happen. But if any of the first three happened and I couldn’t afford it, I think I’d cry harder than I did at the end of The Book Thief. So help a girl out?

  38. Everything has been completed! My favorite part of the After Movie was seeing everybody getting down! And seeing the beautiful venue, the best place for a festival!
    I’d love to see THE FOO FIGHTERS at Synergy! Seeing them would make my life! :D

  39. HOW CAN YOU ASK ME TO PICK A FAVOURITE MOMENT?! The whole thing was boss!

    Have liked and all that.

    Would KILL to see letlive. Those guys are absolutely mad on stage

  40. loooove the whole thing especialy the electro stage would loove to see AVICII at synergy

  41. Redbull stage is my favourite moment.Would love to see Placebo next year.

  42. Haezer and Niskerone….. jamming in the rain with my friends…
    my most epic moment of 2013!!!!

  43. i had the time of my life at synergy live!!!!
    well i would like to say the song choice of this movie it top class….
    to me i reeeealy enjoyed stereotype’s mix at the mainstay beach bar…. and i got to meet him….thats at 1:44

    for one of the other moments was when i had to run from basically the other side of the world at the camp site all in order to not miss shortstraw …. :)

    i would like to see Neelix at next years mainstay beach bar

    if you havent been to synergy you are not living….

  44. My best moment on the video came at 2:04 the dude with the V for Vendetta Mask.

    Iv Done all the above.

    The Band id love to see hit our shores would be none other then the “Artic Monkeys” they are truly unreal.

    I have yet to be to a synergy festival due to my funds around that time so im looking forward to this one in 2014 #YesMan

  45. Tasks complete! :)

    My favourite part would have to be the capturing of the sunny day time bliss by the water. Good vibes.

    Band or DJ to bring? Would have to be Hardwell!!

  46. Done, liked and loving it!

    Would be absolutely amazeballs to see System of a Down!!!!!!!

  47. My favourite moment was the Do Work Records Takeover, it was amazing! I have liked the post and Synergy Live and watched the video.
    This year I would like to see Wiwek or Gregor Salto at Synergy Live 2014.

  48. All tasks completed. I enjoyed Grimehouse the most. The floor was packed and everyone was having a good time.
    I would love to see Netsky come to Synergy 2014 :-)

  49. Ah maaaan! Such good memories from this beautiful experience. So hard to choose a favourite part, but love the close up of Niskerone! Such a cheeky smile. His set was so great.

    Done all the tasks!

    Would love to see Black Keys and Zeds Dead at Synergy sometime soon!

  50. My favorite moment was Haezer at the Redbull stage!!! I would love to see Haim at Synergy!!!

  51. Wow what an amazing competition! I have completed all the tasks. The coolest moment at Synergy 2013 was when PH Fat made our bodies vibrate with the opening of their set, their music is sick and they always attract the crowd like flies to light. Pure Love would be a perfect international act for Synergy! PH FAT together with Pure Love will create the synergy needed for an unforgettable festival! :)

  52. Cool Beans! all tasks done! d=)

    Favorite moment was that king attempting a “stage dive”, more like a fence dive but props to that dude for giving it a go! Such a good Vibe with happy people everywhere spreading smiles.

    Bands i would say:
    AFI and/or Dashboard Confessional

    DJ’s i would say:
    DVBBS, he rips and will not disappoint! :D <——-

    Let the count down to Synergy 2014 begin! \:D/

  53. Fav part of the video : all the thumbs ups because thumbs ups = good times & Synergy Live is a good time.

    Your tasks have been completed good Mam’s and Sirs.

    Seeing The Black Keys, The Black Angels or Ty Segall would get my motor runnin’

  54. The best moment was the great shots and cuts on and just after ‘the drop’ from das kapital

  55. The wink at 2:37 pretty much sums up the vibe, best moment of Synergy was the Bruce Willis set that ended just as the sun peeked over the horizon. Had the craziest adventures :)

  56. I love the overall vibe and excitement that everyone has. Whether its day or night or on the last day after a weekend of partying everyone is in such an awesome mood and loving life.

    Local Bands:
    I know they have played there a few times before, but my favourite will always be Prime Circle. I wish I could also see Seether there, Matthew Mole, Jack Parrow, Goldfish…

    International Bands:
    I missed them last year so would be awesome to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers play.

  57. The best part has to be the entire video. The memories it brings back of such an incredible weekend! I just want to go back!

    Also, 2:39. Dat ass.

  58. The parts where that dome shaped stage comes up, looks too sic for words!

  59. =D been there done that, i’ve had the Synergy page liked for ages!
    with regards to the video, i would say my favourite part is where you see the purple all-star shoes dancing and jumping up and down (because i’m fairly certain they are my feet). and in terms of up coming artists, i only have one word: FLUME!!!!!!!! but if you are looking for a local Niskerone was such a hit and i would love to jam out to his music in the rain again next year =D loved this festival, so keep the good times coming!

  60. The parts where that dome shaped stage comes up, looks too sic for words!

    Would love to see DJ Blend there in the future.

  61. Done the above tasks!

    Best Moment – 0:25 my friend stage diving.

    International Act I’d most like to see – The Strokes.

  62. Best part for me in that Synergy Aftermath Movie was at 2:04 when a guy in the “V for Vendetta” mask waves at the camera :P Did all you asked and the next international band I would LOVE to see at Synergy would be Whitey! Thanks!

  63. My fav part of the after movie is when Shortshtraw’s Couch Potato plays and you see everyone having some “fun in the sun” which is what I love most about weekend festivals.

    I have done all the above mentioned things.

    If I could choose to see anyone it would most likely be Avicii, followed by others such as Krewella, Alesso, Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, etc.

  64. Yoh! What a prize!!!

    I did all those things that I had to before commenting…

    I really enjoyed the clip – your team on it did a sweet job. Between chilling in the water after a sticky and slimy wake up (for whatever reason that may be) and building up to the massive partying in the crowds after midnight… it’s all INSANE!

    Great new location too. I thought the 2011 festival was some of the most fun I’ve had in my life and now you’ve added extra smash juice to the punch!

    Would really love to see Justice play at one of the upcoming Synergy Fests. It seems as though Synergy likes to choose from the ‘bad ass cult legends’ category of acts to fly in and think Justice could add to that team.

    Rock n roll!

  65. My favourite part was when the chick nicknamed herself whiplash coz she ‘jols so hard’ hahah ps…it’s true I have seen her in action :/ ;)
    International band:daughtry would be awesome!
    Pps done the above tasks

  66. I love the whole thing really but i gotta say that the end was the best with do azid playing in the backround. Too, Too sick :)

    I really want you guys to bring the Local Natives probably my favourite band for the last 3 years. they are absolutly amazing. im sure people will love to see them live. Never have i heard a band with that much feeling and soul.

  67. Okay the whole video is just the best.

    But if you want to have a specific moment its when that Carnival Ride spins you around, its like how Synergy feels this amazing whirlwind that goes by, and when it ends you feel a little sick and cant wait for the next one!

    The next International band I’d love to see is Queens of the Stone Age !

    Done every thing you asked :D

  68. My favourite moment of the video is at the 2 minute mark when the ride goes up. It’s representative of the bass/treble switch being moved up and that triggers the epic build up and drop at the Red Bull Stage! I thought that was very creative and a faithful homage to what was an unforgettable experience last year.

    I have now done all required tasks.

    I would most like to see the international act Rudimental at an upcoming Synergy LIVE Festival!

  69. Favorite parts. Dad Kapital Track and favorite scene in probably the round a bout
    With the guy and his sponge bob teddy bear’
    I would die if basement jaxx or Martin solveig came down
    Maybe even Ed Sheeran ooooh It just the love of the music really

  70. 1:09 – when the dudes duck! LOL!
    Liked the post
    Now as for the band – Either the Kooks or Trapt…

  71. m favourite was the guy standing there with his fishing rod!

  72. my favourite moment was the guy busy fishing

    i have done all the tasks to win a lifetime synergy pass.

    i would like to see avicci and/or the lumineers at a synergy festival


  73. Done aaaand DONE! There are only two bands at my hearts desire, Vampire Weekend or Phoenix.. You wouldn’t even have to give me a lifetime pass, I’d worship the ground you walk on if you make that happen.. I’d obviously love a lifetime ticket though. Word.

  74. Liked, watched and all those vibes!

    The dudes jolling it out in their sambrero’s and multi coloured tubes was for sure the best part of this video. Aerial shots were sick as well (ah, drone madness).

    International Acts: Black Keys. Or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Or both..

  75. All of the above has been done, my favourite part of the after movie is when “Do Azid” starts playing – it’s one of the few songs that can emphasise how unbelievably crazy the event actually was. I’d love to see The 1975 at this years festival :D

  76. Best moment was the crowd surfing at 1:18. Such a vibe! One international act that I think everyone would LOVE to see is the one and only Imagine Dragons <3!

  77. Favourite part of the video definitely the aerial shots.

    My favourite moment from synergy HAS to be when Niskerone played in the rain, followed by Haezer. best music of my life.

    I would love to see the Black Keys, however i would kill to see a band like The Muse play. they rock my socks anyday.

  78. Ok i have completed the tasks!

    The best part in the video is definately the drop at the part with Dad Kapital! Pure joy!

    As for the artist i would like to see at an upcoming synergy live, it would have to be foo fighters or paramore

    • All tasks done and dusted :D

      My favourite part of the vid is seeing my friends’ happy, jamming faces. Hey, guys, you’re FAMOUS!

      I would lurrrv to see the Arctic Monkey or the Black Keys at the next Synery. Oh please won’t you make my LIFE?!

  79. I loved the whole video. Most definitely my fav is the flames at the stage where Feed Me performed!!! This is how I normally celebrate my birthday and it would mean the world to me to win, that would be my best birthday present every year!! I would really like to see Avicii, Lorde, Foo Fighters or Imagine dragons…It will be legendary! ♡

  80. Oh yes and I completed all the tasks!!!! Please pick me!!!

  81. Everything done :)
    All time fav part of the vid was defs all the crazy rides,Sickest jol eva!!! The das kapital drop literally pumps every bone in my bod!!

    I’d love to see Martin Garrix OR Jamie Saint

    PLS send my crazy ass there ;D

  82. All the required steps have been completed! WOW- this must be the best prize you are giving away thus far- i def would love this! I went to Synergy for the first time last year and what a jol!! My favourite part of the movie is the end where the crowd screams :’WE WANT MORE’- i was there screaming with them and it was such a vibe! The international act i would love to see this year at Synergy live: The Kooks :) SYNERGY 2014 and a lifetime Synergy pass- come to momma ;)

  83. All the steps required have been completed :)
    Favourite moment in the video is when it gets into the 2 minutes and it is night time on the Red Bull Studio Live Stage. Brings back the best of memories of the two nights that I was jamming on the dancefloor with my favourites.

    I really would love Synergy to bring Paramore, Imagine Dragon aaannnddd Ellie Goulding.

  84. Done and done!

    My favorite part of the video was the guy in the Anonymous mask and red hoodie waving at the camera. It kinda embodied what I love most about festivals — going to lose your identity in a distant location, by letting the fun consume you.

    As far as bands are concerned, I would love to see Queens of the Stone Age, Cage the Elephant, Lost Prophets or The National.

    I haven’t missed a Synergy since you guys started, I would like to continue this tradition with a life-time pass ;)

  85. The whole video is my favourite. It shows you exactly what synergy is all about,how different ethics groups come together as one and love one thing and that’s the music. Pure happiness!

    The Dj’s I would like to see is Blasterjaxx and Hardwell

  86. So I have completed all the required steps above.

    My favourite moment in the vid was the tiny clip of aKing’s Laudo rocking it out on the main stage (takes me straight back to that exact moment at Synergy Live 2013)

    No SA music fest could EVER beat a festival that brings INCUBUS down to South Africa as their headliner. DO IT SYNERGY LIVE!

  87. I have unfortunately never had the opportunity of going to Synergy. I have heard nothing but absolutely amazing things about it, and the youtube videos and stories I’ve heard make me want to go more than anything. Sounds like the absolute jol, and exactly my kind of vibe! I would absolutely love and be forever grateful for something like a lifetime pass – what a dream! The whole event looks absolutely amazeballs, and I look forward to finally experiencing it!

  88. Last year at Synergy was one of my absolute bests!! Favorite moments were the massive crowd for Al Bairre and Leechi killing it on the electro stage :) :)

    I’ve completed all the tasks, for next years Synergy i would love to see Amity Affliction or Blink 182 or Two Door Cinema Club (i know they have been here before but i wasn’t one of the lucky ones to see them) gracing us with their presence <3

  89. The best part for me was the local artist…not that the international acts was bad…but they could’ve done better…redbull stage drained me….those Dj’s just know how to brake you down and out of nowhere build you up and drop you ten stories till you are dangling from beats that must not exist…but most of all i enjoyed the way it brings people together and friends even closer!

  90. Between 0:00 minutes – 2:58 minutes. sick little clip, brilliant editing. Captured the space, the vibe perfectly..
    On a band front I reckon “linkin Park or Foo Fighters” and on the electro stage maybe “Mr. 50 or Justice”
    Hit me with that life time pass…

  91. This is like the best competition ive seen so far. Id love to rock out Synergy Style forever. Ive completed all that needs to be done and I had a choice I would wanna see NERO live… he has some of the most amazing drops…

  92. The whole video was brilliant, the music the people and the atmosphere… Wish i was there

  93. all tasks done :)

    i’d have to say that niskerone was a great show, haezer was brilliant, feedme dropped some tit-ripping bangers and by far had the best show overall, but my greatest moment was watching my friend going absolutely ape-shit crazy when foreign beggars finished off with Shellshock- you should have SEEN the chicks face who was standing next to him when he went mental…lol. anywho i would like to see noisia, figure, zedds dead, the qemists or urban assualt if at all possible :)

    good luck to all who enter, this is a rad competition and i’ll be calling one of the winners to bribe him/her if i dont win ;)

  94. Favourite moment in the aftermovie is at 2:12.

    When Niskerone was playing on the Friday night and we finally got to the dancefloor for the first time it was POURING! But the vibe in that crowd was unlike something I have ever experienced and it set the tone for the rest of the event. Rain, snow, hail or sunshine it proved that Synergy will always be the number one outdoor festival in South Africa.

    The international act I would really like to see at Synergy is KILL THE NOISE.

    That would be ONCE in a lifetime. Hopefully I can win this ticket and then Synergy won’t have to be.


  95. All done. I love all the inbetween moments which truly make a festival. The guys running around with the tubes around them. The two disappearing guys standing in front of the slushy machine. The music is important but the experience is just as important. I would LOVE to see The Chemical Brothers play at Synergy. I think the venue would be very conducive to one of their legendary shows. I live in hope…

  96. Task completed :)

    Pretty hard to pick one precise moment that was my favourite… But one of the best was Kennedy dropping some of the sickest tunes. Also the people were amazing, got to meet some incredible new people.

    I’d like to see Milky Chance change things up a little, would definitely be insane to see them live.


  97. All Tasks done :D

    My favorite moment is just seeing everyone loving it which is soo Synergy. Ive alwasy had a blast at Synergy and that video just encapsulates that vibe the best!
    I would totally take a pool to synergy haha even if its in Joburg!

    Bands and DJs I’d love to see at future Synergy would be:
    Flostradamus and Kai Wachi
    bands wise, Brand New and Iron and Wine

  98. I did all the tasks :)

    The 2013 after movie is just a glimpse of how amazing this festival really was. My favorite part of the after movie was seeing my friend in his straw hat jamming his heart out. my favorite moments on synergy 2013 was jamming till I couldn’t feel my feet to Feed Me’s set, feeling the beats of Dj Vava move through our bodies. Sipping on ice cold rosé slushies from the truth or dare tent. Singing along to PH fats set & spending the night jamming to das kapital igniting set. From the Lipton ice tea hammock memories , watching my hair frizz in the raining weather but refusing to stop dancing , to the crazy dares we did to chilling in the sand at the mainstay tent. Synergy has got to be one the craziest most amazing festivals I have ever attended. I look forward to redoing it all again at synergy 2014.

    I hope I could win this amazing opportunity to make many more memories with crazy people at a world class event like synergy. I would love to have boyznoize down at the next synergy. His talent is out of this world amazing. Will make you dance till your feet go numb.

    Win or lose I’m looking forward to synergy 2014
    Make my year please :D :D :D

  99. Everything done.

    Best moment was the main stage bands. Gangs of Ballet, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, CrashCarBurn. especially the night time sets with the crazy lighting. That made it for me.

    I’d kill to see All Time Low, You Me At Six or Story of the Year.
    Any of those would make the world a better place.

  100. Hey SYNERGY LIVE!
    I’ve done all the the necessary things!

    It was awesome to see some of our great local DJs such as HAEZER and Grimehouse literally burning it up in the vid. Those flames are sick! I remember the heat that came off them when I was there!

    The international DJs that I would like to see are NERO!
    The international band that I would like to see is SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!!

    Please guys a lifetime ticket to SYNERGY LIVE would be phenomenal. I would be there every year in the moshpit at the main stage and stomping at the Electro stage!

  101. My favorite moment it’s the blonde girl that is losing her shit at the bass beat, guessing it’s was at the electro stage. It was around 2:42.

    Synergy Live Cape Town was amazing! Thank you again so much.

  102. My favorite moment it’s the blonde girl that is losing her shit at the bass beat, guessing it’s was at the electro stage. It was around 2:42.

    My favorite moment of Synergy Live Cape Town was captured in this video ( It’s around 1:55 and I’m the one with the belt.

    This year I’d like to see Plants and Animals or Arcade Fire at the main stage. And the Redbull electro stage Dillion Francis, Justice or Digitalism.

  103. Done all the tasks!

    I digged the part where the guy in the duck costume (i think?) was crowd surfing. that guy is a proper legend.

    I would seriously love to see Mr Carmack, Cashmere Cat and SBTRKT at the Synergy festivals in the near future.

  104. Sickest competition yet! I have done all of the above mentioned and would have to say that loosing my mind to Foreign Beggers was one of the best feelings! This year(or possibly the near future) I would KILL to see Flosstradamus live with a sound setup like last years synergy live!

  105. Tasks done, done and done!

    My favourite moment(s) was where the guys and girls were breaking it down and jamming it out without a care in the world!

    I would love to see Paramore and Ellie Goulding!

  106. Liked the page (loooong time ago)Done, Watched the clip….done and commented….done :)
    Love the part in the clip where Das kapital starts playing and it switches to the night scenes where everyone is just rocking out to awesome tunes.It would be sooooo freaking rad to see The Black Keys or Imagine Dragons blowing my mind on stage.

  107. Where do u begin? Firstly. The best moment is an understatement. So I have to choose a unique moment that no other festival has – CARNIVAL RIDES. For once, my enjoyment, as a kid again was not cut shortly. I got 3 days to jump on the scariest rides ever (for me) and have the best laughs surrounded by awesome music, and a huge amount of stalls. My first Synergy made me realise its not my last synergy!

  108. My favourite part of the video is the Crowd-flying Superhero Chicken and the guy jamming out to his own music. It’s such an awesome festival! I havn’t missed 1 for the past 5years.

  109. And I would like to add – bring FEED ME back! My mind has not been blown since :D


  110. All tasks done!!! Never gone but have been liking synergy for 2 years already Love this music and would love to experience this definitely like the the drop the most makes you wana go crazy instantly. Will definately be going to 2014 if i win or not after seeing the vid.Will be epic.
    Bring any DJ or band im up for anything

  111. Done and done!

    Every festival needs at A) least one super-relevant act, B) one or two classics and then a great up comer / something a little less mainstream:

    A: Arctic Monkeys
    Arcade Fire
    Vampire Weekend

    B: Radiohead
    Frans Ferdinand

    C: Mac Demarco
    Surfer Blood


  112. Sweet done :)

    Have liked the Synergy page for a long time anyway.
    Best part of the video was seeing Al Bairre rocking out to The Plastics (1:23).
    This post liked!!
    The band that has to be at Synergy 2014 is Queens of the Stone Age. Seriously. Get them. Or you could try something different and bring someone like Tenacious D?

  113. My favorite part of this video, is definitely around 0:55 when Shortstraw Couch Potato starts playing. They were my absolute highlight of Synergy 2013, because they are just the bees knees and quite easily my favorite band at the moment. What im trying to get at is Shortstraw takes the cake.
    But what would be equally as exciting as Shortstraw would be Vampire Weekend at the next Synergy. I’ve been dying to see them ever since i was a youngling. I feel like theyve secretly always wanted to come to CT, and what better time and place than SYNERGY 2014

  114. My favorite moment every one in their splash pools and blowing bubbles !!!!!!! SO COOL

  115. What an awesome competition!! I’ve done everything I need to :)
    My favorite moment of Synergy 2013 (which shows up for half a second in this video) was when some oke played solitaire on the big screen behind Short Straw and was REALLY good at it! :) :) :)

    I would LOVE to see Avicii at Synergy

  116. Favourite part of that aftermovie has to be the music, every track is a banger! I would most like to see 3lau at Synergy, would be epic! And yes, I’ve done all the above tasks.

  117. My favourite part of the video is the rides. Because they were my favourite part of synergy haha.
    (You probably will) But have Shortstraw there again next year.
    Kind sirs?
    They were by far my favourite act of the whole weekend.
    Oh my god it was be so cool to see Blink 182 live.
    Just do it.

  118. Everything’s done!

    My favourite moment of the after-movie is the part where ShortStraw mouth “Cheer up!” while it plays because I honestly think that if that was my alarm every morning I could never have a bad day ever. Not even on a Monday.

    I think Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would go down grrrreat at Synergy 2014.

  119. Favorite moment has got to be shouting “Steve” & “Allen” around camps all-night, throat was so sore on Sunday.

    Favorite moment of the Aftermovie was definitely the fun in the water under the sun with all my friends and the revelry at the dancefloor under the stars!

    All above – CHECKED!

    I would most like to see (in no order of importance);
    Berg (ISR)
    Drumsound and Bassline Smith
    Simple Plan

  120. Definitely the black guy in the pink shirt losing his shit…would love to party with him haha, or the entire section at the electro stage!
    All checked!

    i would kill to see either Datsik, Excision or Parkway DRive!!!!

  121. I have successfully completed the tasks! :) and would love to see Hadouken! Live anyday, infact i would stab people with spoons to see them live! and dj would be awesome to see flume! :)

  122. Oh and my favorite part was the little grime house finger wobble at 2:32 XD

  123. My Favorite part about this past Synergy was the Saturday jol at the Mainstay bar with the 2 for 1 coupons that never ended. So the overview of the Beach/Bar at 0:54 on the movie gave me such great memories. Best Competition I have seen in ages, The last 3 Synergies have been mad.

    All Above Tasks are complete:)

    Would love so much if Fred V & Grafix (DnB) could make an appearance, Their amazing sounds would make that Red Bull Stage Bounce.

  124. Favourite is the jammin’ jammin’ sick sweet lalala everywhere but especially… red bull stage to the maxxxxz!:O

  125. Best part for me was 2:39, watch it and you will see why hahah :P. No but seriously from the 2minute mark with the electro vibe starting. Best moment for me has to be Feed Me Now opening the doors to the unbelievable electro music. Would freaking love to get a lifetime pass to synergy!

  126. From around 0:54 to 1:55 is my favouriiiite. All the day time fun at Synergy always makes my heart happy and the Aftermovie captured everything perfectly.

    I have done ALL the above tasks.

    I would LOVE to see some Chinese Missy up in the hizzaaaay ;)

  127. I did everything and really enjoyed watching the aftermovie of Synergy Live 2013. My favourite moment is at about 1:55 in when the dude in the yellow bird costume crowdsurfs -sickest thing ever! My friends and I were lucky enough to be surrounded by the most awesome neighbours at Synergy (some of whom became our good friends) and this guy popped by our mini-village of camping friends and didn’t want to leave! Check it out here :)

  128. COMPLETED all the tasks :D !!! My fav part is when the song Couch Potato by the AMAZING ShortStraw! I love that band and watched their first ever gig ever since then I a hooked :D They were the highlight of my Synergy 2013 experience :P hence why thats my fav part of the vid and the quick sinpit of him singing :P

    I would love either “Foster the People, Artic Monkeys or Vampire Weekend” to be the International act for 2014 :D have always wanted to see them live!




  129. All tasks completed!

    As for my favourite after movie moment, it has to be that ridiculous Matrix-style panoramic bullet time shot of the stage at about 1:06. That’s some amazing cinematography.

    As for artists I’d love to see at Synerby in the future, I wouldn’t mind seeing The Lumineers, Band Of Horses or Rudimental. A bit of both worlds!

  130. All done!

    Everything Everything dropping the bass was my favourite moment!

    Do us a favour and bring out mumford and suns!

    Hell yeah!

  131. My favourite part of the clip is from 2.22 sec in where Heazer lifts his hands to the crowd till the end of the video. It’s always the best when you end your nights and start your mornings at the electro stage!

    Liked Synergy Live page years ago :) and Liked the Post!

    The international act I would most like to see would definitely be Arctic Monkeys! Would make my year!

    Other than the Arctic Monkeys – The Black Keys!

    Would be so cool the go to this awesome fest year in and year out.

    Going to do it anyway ;)

  132. Job well done on the video! My personal favourite moment has to be the girl shaking her hair @ 2:24, she’s literally doing what festivals are all about = letting your hair loose and having some FUN!

    Please bring NERO (dj) or TWENTY ONE PILOTS (band).

    PS there has been some awesome requests, hope you listen to all of them and don’t just judge on the acts popularity.

  133. Done all the above!

    My favourite part has to have been the Do Work Records Takeover! (2:06 in the video) Das Kapital, Leechi and RVWR all dropped INSANE sets – been such a privilege to watch Das go from strength to strength and see how far Leechi and RVWR’s productions and performances have matured over the passed two years. If I would have to pick one performance though, RVWR’s definitely stood out and completely wowed the crowd with his international level mixing and track selection!

    Now for the difficult question, who would I like to see perform? I’m going to split this into two categories, bands and DJs. I’ve grown in love with Lauren Mayberry’s voice after the passed few months, so CHVRCHES definitely get my vote as a band I’d love to see come down and perform. DJ wise; so many, but the one artist that really stood out the passed year is definitely Disclosure. Those two know what good music is and exactly how to make it! :D

    Help me keep my festival attendance going… I need this!

  134. Best moment has to be 2:05. The music in that moment just gives that feeling of “night-time at Synergy is here.” and that’s a feeling I want more of.

    I’ve completed all the task you’ve set.

    And who I really wanna see is ZEDD. Clarity is just such an epic track.

  135. I have done what you have asked of me.

    If you could get The National or Arctic Monkeys to perform that would be amazing. Peace out

  136. Done all of the above.

    We are so lucky to be living in a time where amazing international acts are coming to our shores to jam it up with the epic talent that already exists here. No matter what festival you go to, you are guaranteed great music. The difference between festivals lies in the experience. For this reason, my favourite part of the video is the roller coasters – they just add such an awesome dimension to the festival!

    There are a million artists I would still love to see in SA, but the thought of Knife Party dropping Bonfire on that crowd just gets me overly excited. They would absolutely light it up!

  137. Synergy.Synergistic YES.

    The most amazing thing about Synergy Live must be the crowd interaction. Watching this video gave me goosebumps, turkeybumps and dinobumps- Just knowing that I could be in that crowd on the 29th November 2014 excites me beyond awesomeness!! Bands bands bands, how could we ever choose our favourite live act? This is THE amazing Synergy Live, I would be happy if you throw a puppet show =P

    (I would buy my ticket now.. but.. Student budgets..) =D =D =D

  138. The best part of the video is the Niskerone smile! Top RSA DnB dj at the moment. Nevermind the international acts, I wana see Niskerone!

    I have done all the above tasks! I would Love to see ANDY C at Synergy CPT! I start camping there on the Wednesday! As for the band, Yellowcard would be mental! Do IT!

    Awesome comp, the 5 winners are gonna be stoked! Thanks

  139. OH.. and to add to my previous comment. I did everything required =D =D

  140. I’ve done all the necessary things.

    My favorite part in the after movie is where I almost broke my neck at synergy last year, while a guy filmed me and still didn’t make any part of that video. How rad? SO RAD!

    Oh and it’d be really cool to see Arctic Monkeys.

  141. Shortstraw was one of my favourite bands, with couch patato @1:20sec!
    I was jamming from morning till morning, my ultimate music festivals! Helping local bands!

    International bands i would love to see: Ben Howard, the Black Keys, Dead Weather and modest mouse!

  142. Alright so I’ve done all of the incredibly tortuous tasks required of me to enter this absolutely magical competition. Ok honestly you guys should have made this a whole lot harder given the awesomness value of the prize. Anyway, back to the point. My first ever music festival was Synergy 2011 – mindblowing stuff. And watching that after movie reminded me of going on that roundabout during PH Fat’s set, drunk as all hell, loving life and metaphorically kicking myself for not engaging in the music festival lifestyle sooner.

    Music-wise, Cape Town has been doing pretty well lately but there are certainly a few artists who need to make their way to our shores ASAFP. Dada Life, Daft Punk and Porter Robinson – step right up and onto the Synergy train. It’ll be the ride of our lives!

  143. Done and dusted all of the above!

    Favourite part of the video is 2:43 where the girl absolutely loses her mind.
    Would love to see Skillet (band) or Armin van Buuren (dj) at the next Synergy!

  144. Done as Requested

    My favourite moment was the arriving at the amazing venue! I would really love to see Nero, Zed’s dead or even Placebo. Would be a dream come true moment! <3

  145. Done all the requirements mentioned above, My favourite part was the last minute of the video showing the electrto stage, Always spend my nights at synergy there jolling till the music stops, I would love to see the arctic monkeys and flume or borgore this year at Synergy.

  146. I have done the required tasks as asked.

    My favorite part is definitely the crowd shot(2:36)knowing that I stood right in front to experience the rad line up, accompanied by that epic sound system. Those three days were truly one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had and would totally dig to add Synergy Live to my must attend yearly festivals.

    The DJ I would give a leg or an arm to see preform at Synergy Live this year would definitely be Seven Lions.

  147. Best part 1:15 and I would love to see Marilyn Manson at synergy.

  148. My best part has to be the red bull live stage, really great vid.
    I have done all the above and would love to see placebo.

  149. Synergy Live page Liked!
    Favourite Das Kapital and crowd goes wild
    This post Liked
    I completed all tasks as requested, and would like to see you bring Martin Garixx please:)

  150. The best is the intro and the stop motion through the camp site with gangs of ballet playing. love!

    • oh and I have done everything you have asked :) and would love to see Tiesto or Martin Garixx at SYnergy would be amaze!

  151. I already like the page :D and every time i see an update it makes me more excited!
    I completed all the steps and my fave part of the after movie is experiencing the vibe at the Redbull stage all over again!!

    Its a far request but to see Martin Garrix at Synergy would absolutely complete the experience!

    Either way I cannot wait for Synergy Live 2014

  152. The first moment of watching the letters of ‘Synergy’ fall into place – where you get a smile on your face thinking of the adventures at Synergy – THAT is my favourite!

    If I could ask for any band or dj it would be Paramore for sure! And if it were to be a dj, Infected Mushrooms to switch it up with a kick of psychtrance =D

  153. My favourite part was playing never-have-I-ever with bunch of mates and randoms and all of us going to jam to Gangs!

    I have done all of the above!

    I would love to see Pendulum at SynergyLive!!!

  154. Crowd surfing Superhero…best moment.
    Done the likes and all the rest!
    Ticket for life would be incredible :)
    Oh and Carl Cox would be epicness!

  155. Aaah the whole after movie is so cool so it’s really difficult to choose but it would probably be from 1:44 – 2:00, some Shortstraw summer vibes and them some hectic party vibes with PHFAT and Haezer!I have done all of the above required steps and it would be insanely cool to see Kasabian at the next Synergy live!

  156. 2013 was my first year at Synergy ( after attending Rocking the Daisies two years in a row) and it was by far the best 3 days of my life AND a much better outdoor festival. Every Synergy notification gives my the chills. I CAN NOT wait, already losing my mind thinking about the Nov-Dec. My favourite moments was definitely every second on the Red Bull stage. Bruises, blisters, dirty feet, leaving the dance floor as the sun comes up and not wanting the music to stop was the quintessential experience and craziest adventure!!
    The band id love to see is Bastille ( super disappointed that i couldn’t see them in January), Florence and the Machine,Imagine Dragons and Daft Punk.
    I have done all the above tasks…
    this would be the best 2014 present to last a ‘lifetime’ :-)
    pick me pick me pick me

  157. My favorite moment of the video was from start till finish and my moment of the video was Haezer at the Redbull stage then Dr. Victor and the Rasta Rebels at the Marshall stage. Like to see Yves at Synergy and it will be my first time ever to go if i win. :)

  158. I would have to say that my favourite part is the crowd surfing just because it is on my bucket list. But also seeing people’s expressions, and seeing what a great time everyone is having.
    I have done all of the above.
    I would love to see Arctic Monkeys, now that would be a party.

  159. 2:36 – “The Winking Girl”. That wink says a lot of what Synergy Live is about – beautiful people, great vibes, free spirits, greatest music, awesome organisation and just a general feeling of being CONTENT with life! Summed up my amazing experience. I have done the above tasks. Synergy Live! 2014 should have Vampire Weekend on its line-up!

  160. My Fav part was shortstraw! daaammn they are awesome!

    would love to see greenday xxx :D

  161. This post just made my heart smile. Such phenomenal memories. Best part of the vid is the phfat snippets cause it reminds me of dragging myself out of bed after a tactical nap, being in the freezing cold in wet clothes, jamming on bleeding feet, but not letting anything get in the way of my commitment to the jol. Synergy, bring me Macklemore and i’ll show you what true love is :) (liked everything, obviously) see you in november kids :)

  162. Favourite part of this video was from 0:45 :) There is nothing like seeing the crowd and the full view of the stage in an after movie to remind you of that incredible feeling of being surrounded by like-minded fans and hearing the live music of your favourite musicians.

    I’d love to see Queens of the Stoneage perform at Synergy! They’re amazing, and they have withstood the test of time with their albums and ever-growing fanbase.

  163. Favourite part of this video was from 0:45 :) There is nothing like seeing the crowd and the full view of the stage in an after movie to remind you of that incredible feeling of being surrounded by like-minded fans and hearing the live music of your favourite musicians.

    I’d love to see Queens of the Stoneage perform at Synergy! They’re amazing, and they have withstood the test of time with their albums and ever-growing fanbase.

    I have done all of the above. Fingers crossed.

  164. Hmm, so who won this competition? I may have missed it, but I didn’t see a post anywhere about a winner :)


  165. Good Day MCBN :) Have the winners for this competition been announced yet, reason being, i woke up this morning and remembered a dream, the dream was that i was one of the winners of the Prize :)

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