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Who Wants Synergy Tickets?



We have got THREE FULL WEEKEND PASSES to give away. If you haven’t seen the prices yet take a look below:


Full Weekend R 440.00 Webtickets
Full Weekend R 410.00 Outlets

Sat / Sun R 395.00 Webtickets
Sat / Sun R 380.00 Outlets

Competition Time:

These tickets are almost worth gold for some people, so we want you to take the time to make sure you deserve these tickets. No getting friends to like shit, no forcing people to vote for your shit!

Comment below and tell us why you DESERVE to go Synergy Live this year! (we know you have no money, so get creative)

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Winners announced on the 21st of November. Good luck ya’ll.


  1. I think I am deserving of winning Synergy tickets cause I have to sit next to you everyday! And because I am the party queen of Cape Town!!

  2. Ok, so I am a blogger and I am starting to expand my blog from not just being a fashion blog but a lifestyle blog. So it would incredible if I could launch the lifestyle section having gone to synergy! That would just make my life. Furthermore, I’m going into my last few moments in CT and going to Synergy is on my bucket list of things to do before I jump over to the states. This would just be the best thing to have happened in a while… plus I never win anything. PICK ME PICK ME!!! 🙂

  3. Ummm. because some girl beat me with the playlisted competition because she had more friends of friends than i did. That bruised my ego a little.haha, so now i’m hoping you remember me and feel sorry for me and maaaybe i get to go to synergy at the end anyways. BRMC have been my all time favorites since high school – have uploaded it on my ipod so that i can jealously listen to them #dontknowwhyidothattomyself.

  4. I should win because I have been working and studying hard all year and I need to party and this looks like a sick party! I love local music and it would be amazing to see and support all the local bands playing at Synergy. I also dig the Black Label Motorcycle Club and I have to see them!! And lastly I bring the vibe!

  5. I’ve entered basically every competition there is for Synergy tickets and just my luck…..nothing 🙁 The last one I entered was SABRETOOTH’s comp and at first I had the most likes and comments but because I only had about 300 Facebook friends…..they all got ahead of me because there’s were the 1000s 🙁 So I reckon I should win of those tickets 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  6. I would definitely want a ticket! As I have no money and my payday falls on the last day of the effing month (go figure) I am in dying need of ticket so I can party with all my friends! Being a chef I don’t get to see much sun so I think a weekend away to drink and party in the sun would be awesome! So pleeeaaasssee give me a ticket:p

  7. I think i deserve the tickets because yes ofcourse, im broke ass!! A friend of mine is coming down from Aussie land on the 18th of November and i reeeeally want to take her to Synergy, we’ve both never been and ive always heard people talk such wonderful things about this festi! Pick me!!! Pick me!!! Aaaand because…that line up is pretty epic!!! Bruce Willis??, Double adapter, Hyphen, P.H. fat, Niskerone, Jam Jarr, Goodluck, aKing (to name a few) WTF are you joking me!!!!!! I will make moerse missions for this party!!!! unts unts 😛

  8. My mates are too stingy to buy tickets, but I learnt last year that Synergy IS the best weekend of the year, so if I give them tickets, then I’ll have the bragging rights to literally making their holiday! It is the CRAzIEST festival and no one should have any reason to miss it!

  9. I should win cos I am fucking awesome!

  10. I feel that I deserve these tickets because music and festivals like Synergy are pretty much the reason for my existance. I’m a DJ/Producer and radio host at Mutha FM so for me to be able to witness what i’m sure will be the festival of the season keeps my reason for existance going inspires me to achieve bigger and better things enables me to review and comment on the fest on my show and will allow me to give many blessings to My City by Night on my show : )!!! I also have never been to Synergy before and this year I promised myself I have to go and would never be able to forgive myself for not making it this year. With bands like Black rebel Motorcycle club, Taxi Violence and Aking not to mention the electro side of things with guys like F.O.O.L and Dirtyloud who are the guys that inspires me everyday with their epic beats paired with our local DJ/Producers, all I can say it this is my walk to freedon my Mecca my destiny. Please dear friends at My City by Night I’ll quote Mark Wahlberg in the Other Guys ” I’m a peacock and you gotta let me fly” : )

  11. I believe I am a deserved winner of a golden ticket because just like charlie wanted to enter the giant gates of the Chocolate factory I too would love to enter the blessed gates of the Synergy festival where I will indulge in the fine musical talents on showcase just as Charlie got to enjoy all the fine sugary delights locked within the gates of his beloved chocolate factory.

    Music is to me what chocolate was to Charlie.

    Help a brother out 🙂

  12. I think I Deserve these tickets because I have never had the chance or opportunity to go to anything like SYNERGY

  13. I need Synergy tickets because I’ve never experienced the awesomeness of this event before! Plus the line up rocks my socks 😀

  14. Ok so I am def going to give this a shot! It has come that time of year again for Synergy to grace us with its glorious presence! Firstly, why it is so crucial that I some how obtain these tickets from MyCityByNight is because this is the first year I will actually be able to attend this event, I have always missed it due to an exam on the exact dates or just after (after much contemplation of actually skipping my exams), or been away on some adventure beyond my grasp. Hence, I have had to endure agonising tales from all my mates about how epic this event is, giving me the worst case of fomo imaginable! Secondly, as MCBN already knows, I never enter competitions, except once when my dear messages were not coming through and I only received any news the following day after the event that I was so eager to go to, epic fail! MCBN, Having these tickets and finally getting to go to Synergy will just top off what has already been an epic year, and without being able to go next weekend would mean not only more torment from mates, levels of fomo to extreme circumstances and possibly end up in me being extremely depressed! Sooooo, pick me, pick me, pick me PLEASE!

  15. I DESERVE to go to synergy this year BECAUSE Iv been dieing to go since the beggining of the year and I will be on that dancefloor 24/7 🙂 and I just really really want to GO and I went last year so I cannot break the tradition …the line up this year is KILLER!!!! And I would really shmaaak a ticket so PLEASE pick me 🙂 I am prepared to sell 1 of my kidneys for this jol 🙂 please make my year and PICK ME :D. ……..

  16. Give me the f_cking tickets please. Cant afford to wait another full year for this madness. Do the right thing. Give them to me.

  17. My boyfriend is leaving the country to study while I start Medical school next year. It would be one of the last opportunities for us to attend Synergy together for years. If I could surprise him with tickets as a goodbye for now present he would be as overjoyed as I would. Please, please, please, with a cherry on top and chocolate sprinkles. 🙂 XXX

  18. Well i think i deserve these tickets cause i support SA talent regardless of the prices of tickets, SA bands and DJs are world class… for the past year ive spent 1oo’s oof rands in “SUPPORT”…. these shows are a two way street…. they perform and so do i (LOL)…. i show love and thats what they need to entertain the crowd. so if you ask me, its time for the talent in SA to reward me…. thanks, let me know where to pick up my ticket

  19. I deserve synergy tickets because this has been my first year of working (in advertising mind you) I am burnt out and so in need of some fun and entertainment (for free)!!!!! The wallet isn’t so big! Please pick me! I will make sure they go to good use!!!

  20. I write the final qualifying exam before becoming a CA on the Thursday, the day before Synergy. This has been the culmination of 20 years of education and I could not think of anything better than celebrating the end of this monster by winning tickets to this competition 🙂

  21. Hey City 🙂 Would really dig a ticket to go support those dubious Brazilian dudes Dirtyloud. I’ve been supporting Dirtyloud since the day of their very first beatport release and have purchased almost the entire collection legally since. They even inspired my track “BrazILL” and I know Marcus and Eduardo are just dying to meet me 😉 Okay, maybe not- in which case I will steal their powers like in that movie Space Jam.

  22. I think i deserve the tickets to Synergy because i have the joy of finishing my matric final exams 2 days before Synergy starts and it will be the maddest joll ever if i get them! you see sadly enough my wallet is not on my side so i wont even be staying in a house for plett rage, i will be camping there!! so i feel this will be a brillint opportunity to brush up on my camping skills for plett! and have the weekend of my life jaming out to PHFat, Audiophile 021 and Niskerone to name a few!! so please MyCityByNight PICK ME!!!

  23. I’m like a virgin who has never been and all I want is to get a good @#$%^& from Synergy.

  24. Hello

    Should I win i will give it to a buddy of mine, last year he got retrenched from his job just before synergy & he had to bail out. This year he had a job but it did not last long enough for him to buy a ticket. it would be a really cool surprise.


  25. I’ve never been to Synergy before and I’d really like to start now!
    The reason I’m broke is because I spent my last dollar on buying a Synergy ticket for my brother for his birthday, the reason he’s broke is because he’s spent the last 6 months traveling around the world with his lady (a dream they’ve been working towards for a really long time).. I haven’t seen him since July and he gets back just in time for Synergy which he told me that he reeeeeally wants to go to (hence why i was awesome and bought him a ticket). I thought I might be able to afford another ticket by now but since I can’t pleeeeeease help me party with my long lost brother for a full weekend of awesomeness. I will be forever grateful!

  26. I am absolutely CRAZY about BRMC!
    It is also my 1 year with my boy and i would LOVE to suprise him with tickets! (saves so much on a prezzie as well 😉
    Also, I am super povo, at the moment I dont even have a blackboet and or car!
    Like oh my hat! Right!
    Or mabe just cause u wont be the only with a LC on Monday 😉

  27. I have a tale of woe, from not so long ago,
    A treacherous time, led me to this rhyme,
    I had money, and it was sunny,
    Now I don’t, and more I won’t,
    Cash is tight, common MyCityByNight,
    A Synergy ticket, better than the cricket,
    I will get Dirty Loud, and make you proud!
    So at the end of the day, please hear me say,
    Don’t pass me by, and leave me dry,
    Give it to me, everyone can see!
    …It’s time for tea.

  28. if u give me a ticket a WILL rock harder than U and spend MORE time up against the front of the stage. I WILL also stay awake LONGER and take at least 1000 more steps than everyone else at the party. I WILL also dance FASTER, possibly create a blurry sensation and I will SCREAM way louder than even younger stack does whilst being the dying psyradaptil.
    This will probably happen anyway but at least if u give me a ticket it will be at Synergy rather than in my bedroom.

  29. Send me to Synergy because i’ve never been to a big festival like this! I’d love to go – and for no other reason than the fact that I wanna party with all the beautiful people from our gorgeous country!! Let me at it!!

  30. So last year I heard all about the synergy craze and I knew I had to be there this year with such an insane line up! Unfortunately about a month ago I had an operation on my knee. Around the same time I had my opp it was my 19th bday a week… later so I couldn’t party it up properly on crutches or with exams around the corner. So I have been stalking the mycitybynight website, facebook and twitter page for 2 weeks so that I could enter a comp ! Please give me a synergy ticket so that I can celebrate my bday, my recovery and the end of exams with my friends in style at synergy live 2011!!!!

  31. This is my last year in South Africa, I already missed Rocking The Daisies because of exams. Synergy would fulfill my list of must-do’s before I leave. Want to feel S.A.’s top jolling vibe one last time at its best.

  32. I have tigers’ blood bitches! Synergy is 2 times a festival and I’m bi-winning so it only makes sense that I should win this ticket. I wanna go a bit bos at Boschendal! Hook me up brothers

  33. So ikm in matric this year and I have never been allowed to go to full weekend festivals and I LOVE to party, my parents just do not understand but now that I have turned 18 I’m allowed to do what I want 🙂 exciting right? So I would really love to go to Synergy this year as I heard crazy reviews from last year. I would just like to let loose that weekend, I mean I do need some destressing after finals. Make my dream come true :). PLEASE PICK ME x

  34. I would be stating the obvious, saying how much I would love to see the numerous and fantastic bands that are playing at Synergy but lets be honest thats why we all want to go.

    It might seem a bit of an exaggeration to tell you Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, is one of my favourite bands and been following them since the days of Michael Been not just since it was announced that BRMC would be headlining at Synergy.

    In an attempt to win tickets I would like to be able to say, I deserve it as I have some chronic disease and wont be alive to see it next year, and due to the medical costs I cant afford the ticket, HOWEVER the truth is, im happy, healthy and ready to party… especially to BRMC!! 🙂

  35. Oky here I am sitting in JHB checking out this epic event feeling all broken and abused because well im in JHB instead of Cape Town… THEN it hit me like that one tequila too many, IM GONA BE IN CAPE TOWN OVER THAT PERIOD!!! soooooo this is me busy motorboating my laptop over the excitement… I can keep on for ages about how deeply I want and need and deserve those tickets… So yes please pick me so that we can party and melt faces with our awesomenes!!! 😀

  36. If there’s one person who deserves to go to Synergy-
    That person is most definitely the crazy Me.
    Jam at Boschendal Estate into a state of frenzied ecstasy!
    Experience an epic jol that I know its gonna be!
    So many great bands I would love to see
    And with CityByNight’s ticket – that would be my key.
    Even if I have to beg and go on one knee.
    I will, because it would be that much better free 🙂

    I’d like to Panik with aKing,
    With Tasha Baxter have a sing
    Load my Tommy Gun and jump
    As all those electro beats that pump
    Get down like animals with P.H Fat
    Or maybe like vegetables- cheers to that
    Niskerone will Mix n Blend my mind
    Get The Wild Eyes of a different kind
    Then some comedy- which is my best
    With lady guy Van Vuuren and the rest
    Cause we all love The Oliver Booth
    He’s funny – that’s the truth
    Feel like we on Holiday with old Murray
    Watching Zebra and Giraffe as we on a safari
    Just feel everyone’s energy
    As we immerse ourselves in this Synergy!

    (On a more serious note,
    I just got dumped.
    And Synergy would definitely get my life more pumped.
    Because no matter how hard I try.
    Without major distractions I cry.
    So Synergy would be amazing to mingle.
    And let my body live again and tingle.)

  37. Well I believe in karma, if you do good for people, people will do good back to I haven’t been to an outdoor this season yet and it’s very painfully when I see everyone having such a splendid time and I’m stuck in town,so please send me to the place of wonderment and plan awesum ness and I’ll send you all the most epic karma I can summon, and u shall have power over 9000!!!!
    Plus il be untitled to get u hammered 🙂

  38. I think i deserve the ticket beacause earlier this year i moved to JHB yeah you can imagine how sad it is being in a a city where there are no festivals to speak of! i mean vokol, nothing nada zilch! which made it even worse was seeing friend posting pics from rocking the dasies! and seeing how much of a jam they had! this threw me deeper into deprecion and made me miss home like a fat kid misses cake! calls have been coming in thick and fast left right and centre asking if i will be attending this mind blowing festival! the most depresing thing of all is that i will be in cape town over the synergy weeknd! what a way it would be to clebrate being home! having a jam and catching up with friends at my favourite festival!!

  39. I have been out of the country for the past 6 months and would love to see some fucking amazing S.A bands that I have missed so much. I also love photography and think it would be perfect to get some photo’s for my portfolio. I have missed cape town so much and winning one of the 3 tickets would be fucking A. There is nothing more that I want in life than to spend that weekend in the mud and sun with friend.

  40. I deserve to go as I am hopefully done with my degree… So this will be away saying congratulations 🙂 (Just putting it out there)
    PLUS it will be my one year reunion with one of my closest friends (we met at Synergy last year) She is already super bleak with me, as I am probably not going 🙁 So I think I need to create some happiness in my friends life. <3
    When I saw the line-up for Synergy it really made me extremely blew my mind, so I would love to be part of such an amazing weekend and create some more mind-blowing memories this year.

  41. I deserve to win because I am awesome and will bring some awesomeness. That, and because I have friends who have won tickets before and I’d really like to return the favour and let them party for free with me for a change.

  42. (You said creativity, not “cause im awesome, or im done with school”)I deserve to win a ticket because…

    When i was three i was abducted by an invisible clan called the Energelactalia. Everyday they would teach me how to harness my energy and use all this stored up energy to become supernaturally energised when emerging myself fully in music(Especialy THE BASS OF THE DRUM)

    After my training i was released to practice this discharge of energy at training grounds such as Assembly,Fiction, Mercury,Fez and Trinity. BUT the master said to me at the peak of Synergetalia Mountain “Son, only when you have reached the ultimate goal of a discharge at thee almighty SYNERGY, will you become one of us, a TRUE Synergan”

    It has now become time to do my final test and its only this paper ,they call money, that stands in the way.

    So PLEASE release me into SYNERGY and through this let me become a true SYNERGAN!

  43. Why do I DESERVE to go Synergy Live this year!?

    Um, hello? It would be pure MOOINESS and also (maybe) because I’ve never been before. If I am so lucky, I know I would make the best of it by: Merrily rocking out on some random dude’s shoulders with a Black Label in one hand and maybe even a cigarette in the other (because that’s how classy people roll).

    All my LOVE

    PS, I’m very glad I don’t have to get my friends to like this because most of them are as lazy as a shit in a long-drop

  44. i deserve the tickets because although this is a short comment it is meaningful because it is short so that i save you time when reading ALL the other comments! i NEED this so please!!

  45. I’ve never been to Synergy. Right now my dad is overseas working and so money is a bit tight at home. I’ve heard all these rawkus stories about Synergy. The one MAIN reason I want to go is because music is my life and ever since I started listening to Electro and Dubstep a whole new world has happened opened up to me. If I don’t win these tickets I guess next year when maybe my dad is back from Malaysia, he can maybe buy me a ticket. I would be so grateful for these tickets. But to whoever wins, enjoy an amazing weekend 🙂

  46. Imma spit the truth. I just graduated from AAA, three long enjoyable years. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Now i’m done, finally! I think i deserve a bells, in Layman’s terms a Synergy ticket. P.S. i’ve never been to Synergy before and i really deserve a reward!

  47. I am brave enough to live creatively. The creative is a place where no one else has been. I will leave the city of my comfort and go into the wilderness of my intuition. No bus or train can show me the way and I may never quite know what I am doing. What I will discover will be wonderful. What I discover will be SYNERGY!!!

  48. Ive been a long time Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fan, they are EASILY one of my most influencial bands. I cant count the amount of nights where id be working alone and just have them playing back to me on repeat. The worst thing that could happen with these tickets would be that they end up in the hands of people who dont care about them.

    I feel as a mega fan of BRMC that your ticket would not just be appreciated but you’d be making a long time fan really really happy.




  50. Wow how am I gonna put this but yeah on the real I have never ever been to an outdoor music festival in my life(yes very sad I know)Now to be able to experience SYNERGY as my first outdoor festival would be Flippen siiiiiick!!!Plus hav you seen the line up the best dj’s ever like Funafuji, Blotchy, Ish, Rebel Clef, Hyphen+SFR and the most banging DNB DJ’s in AFRICA The Dreadlock NISKERONE HIMSELF..It would be the best ever for me to hear these talented people all play at one place…also The Best thing to happen to rock music in South Afirca for a long time THE MYSTICCS who like no one really knows about have been added to the list and I will Rock the Fack out hearing them live again…Plus I just started a radio show with the dankish on bush radio on dubstep and dnb and this would help me understand everything so much more….All my friends are going please help me out..I will take some awesome pictures of the event and I will Skank Till Death!!!

  51. my boyfriend is going to thailand on tuesday the 29th of November. I can’t think of a better last weekend together.

    • I deserve it because I just finished my FINAL 4th year of study @ UCT and am in great need of a massive party like SYNERGY to celebrate a long and hard 4 years of study!! I am finally qualified 😀 Also because my car recently got written off, so cash has been a major issue, probably more so then any1 else 😉

      There would be no better place in the whole wide world that I could think of to let loose and go wild like SYNERGY! Ive been every year & would hate to miss it this year, so please make my day!

      Thanks guys!

    • then why dont you go have dinner somewhere nice

  52. because if i dont go to synergy, a whole flock of fire breathing dragons being ridden by gnomes with pick axes and shiny Armour will come to my house and turn me and my family into mixtures of farm animals, for example chorses (chicken and horse) and shonkeys (sheep and donkeys)this transformation that the gnomes perform is irreversible and cannot be stopped without the almighty power of a 3 day synergy ticket…

    so basically its your choice… let my innocent family be mutilated and undergo horrific transformations… OR you could give me the ticket and have peace of mind that you not only saved a family but you sent a delightful young man down a path of happiness and joy to a festival with his friends…

    P.S. no pressure

    • and its me and my lovely girlfriends 2 year anniversary (25th) as well as her 18th birthday (27th) that weekend

      so besides all the dragons and gnomes… that would make it super special for me and her 🙂


  53. Ok so two years ago I like totally fell in love with synergy! I was at Boschendal for my dads birthday the day before it began and could hear all the sound checks etc etc and I totally nearly died! Super incredible! I am the biggest bandit you shall ever meet, bandit meaning love of all bands, music, live performers and sick tuned running through my veins. I should be the spokes person for south african music! How incredible are we, we can hold our own and get the rest of the worlds feet moving and jiving!! The perfect venue is just the cherry on top! Sun, blue skies and mountains all around 🙂 amped much!

    So I don’t want to sound like I’m ass kissing or anything but really I am, synergy is going to be frikken rad and I cannot wait to move my feet to the funky tunes and whhhap whaaap!!!

    It will absolutely be the perfect end to one of the worst years of my life! I’m pretty darn sure that it will be the perfect start to the summer!

    So please, I hope I haven’t bored you to death but I would really love you the world over if i could win tickets!!!!! 😀 peace love beats!!!

  54. Hmm, why do I deserve to go to Synergy 2011?

    I feel like a naughty kid who’s telling Santa why she deserves nice presents this year! Ha ha

    I deserve these tickets because I have been a good girl all year round, well – since Synergy 2010 anyway. 😉

    But for reals: I feel I do as much charitable work as possible throughout the year to help out the fellow man / woman – I teach Science Fun to underprivileged children across Cape Town on weekends and for my during the week (day) job – I work extremely hard to pay them bills that pile-up.

    Also, because I am a mommy to my 7-year old Offspring, I don’t really get to go out much, so I have to save my ‘going out nights’ for major AWESOME events like these 🙂

    ROCK ON SYNERGY 2011! 😀

  55. its my bestest best friend (and partner in crime)’s birthday on the saturday of synergy! we party hard, so synergy will DEFINITELY be better off with us there. i promise you that.

  56. Hi there. My reason is that I’ve been a huge fan of both Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Franschoek Valley (I live in Stellenbosch) for most of my life. To have both come together would be nothing short of a dream come true to me. That, and I’m a rock festival addict (and musician), and I’ve been meaning to check out Synergy for ages (never been). Think that’s enough good reasons? Please please please! 😉

  57. Hi :)) im Tracey and i love to parrrrrtyyy!!!(Ohhhweeeeeeeee 🙂 ) You ask why i deserve to go to SYNERGY this year?? well okay i have a true story here for you,

    I have so much to celebrate for!!!
    1st reason is its my 20th birthday the 25th November no more teen babyyyyy :))
    and second reason its my last day of college ever( big wide scarey world awaits :'( )!!! Worked so hard this year with only one holiday i think im in need of a serious incredible crazy filthy jol 🙂 and Synergy would ultimately be the best place to experience it!!!

    Gona be a party to remember( i hope that is ;p )!!

    MyCityByNight make my year!! :p SYNERGY 2011 yes please!!!

  58. I have a dream… That dream is to become the Synergy-virginity* breaker (kind of has a nice ring to it, hey). Let me tell you the story of how that came to be. I fucking LOVE Live music festivals, I always try to go to as many as I can, and always rant and rave about them to my beloved sister and best friend (yes, one person). So last year i decide to give her an early Christmas gift, I took her to her first ever music festival, SYNERGY!! It was the most fun i have ever had at a music festival, I’m not sure if that is because of the festival, or the company, but one thing I know is that I want to do it again!

    But this time I am breaking my non-related best friend’s Synergy-virginity*. And next time I will find another Synergy-Virgin*, and I shall carry on with this every year, until the entire Cape Town is as addicted as I am. And then… The WORLD! [insert evil laugh]

    *No actual breaking of virginity will occur… Well at least not in my tent.


    thats all the motivation needed;)

  60. 1. because i graduate honours this year && its been a BITCH of a year, so unbelivably keen to celebrate at synergy
    2. Because MyCityByNight rocks my socks
    3. errm…..slops instead of socks in light of summer


  61. So like. China. Bru. I got me a lekker new hair cut and a kief waaf-beater. I was laak klapping gym in my radicool gym shorts and I noticed these chicks checking my guns out ey. So I tune them, “Ey, what are you sexy chicks doing next weekend ey?”. The hottest blonde chicky of the lot licks her lips (while I’m imagining licking her lips), looks me up and down, gets me up while I try keep it down, and tunes me, “Hopefully I’ll have two tickets to your gun show – you, benching me, while jolling like okes at Synergy Live Music Festival.” Geez laak china, I kid you not. I was laak… Nawt brah. Now I need to get her a ticket… Help a brewski out!

  62. Ok, so I’m gonna tell you a secret, but you have to promise NOT to judge….

    I’m a VIRGIN….a Synergy virgin…and in fact a trance party virgin too. Be it that I’ve not had the right people to go with, or that I was simply always working or studying etc, some how this year everything has come together, I don’t have to work, have AWESOME friends going, everythings in line other than the fact that I DON’T have a ticket 🙁

    Please please please help a girl make a long time dream come true and send me off to Synergy to experience the greatness that is SYNERGY!!

    My City By Night-u guys rock and always have my eyes peeled for ur awesome posts, stories, competitions etc! I KNOW u wanna help out this newly single, ready to mingle girl!!!!

    Desperado Girl

  63. I’m not a creative writer,
    I do need a ticket though and anyway, you know everyones stories are boring and unoriginal. I just hate missing out on parties.
    I’ll buy you all a shot at the bar if I can have a ticket!!!


    Mike Jones

  64. Ok seriously, enough sucking up guys! This is getting quite sad! First of all, who wants to take their silly boyfriend / girlfriend along? Synergy is not the time or the place to be tied down (unless your into that… Hmmm) or to be babysitting that other half who says: “babe I’m tired” or “babe let’s go home”. Secondly, that guy who has the obsession with gnomes and farm animals-that is some sick shit! And guys with “waaf beaters”??? You should be arrested for public indecency. So Ricky, Craig & Kreg, I’m not going to tell you how hard I’ve worked or what a good girl I’ve been this year, in fact, I’ve been quite bad, an absolute hooligan, pretty sure Santa is not going to give me any prezzies! All I can say is that I would go to have a fucking AWESOME, AMAZING time! Pick me, I dare you! Synergy will never be the same again…

  65. Four reasons why you should give me Synergy tickets:

    1.) Mad mutha plucking tent putting up skills. Lets not let these talents go to waste my friend. I talking really impressive, drink and a slice of pizza in one hand, simultaneously pumping up my mattress with my one foot, skills.
    2.) I learnt a new dance move while standing in the line at home affairs. Best done on dust.
    3.) I can juggle. Ok…no I can’t. But I’m trying to teach myself and I hear Boschendal has more than enough space for something like this.
    4.) Because most things usually come in threes, I’m breaking the mould and jam packing this list with a bonus track. The ultimate reason you should give me those tickets is because I will have the time of my life and make sure I sponge every last bit of fun out the event. Give-away well spent.

    So please pick me for tickets to Synergy

  66. I deserve to go cause’ wow this year has been full on madness and I’m finally done with college just in time for synergy! I went last year, stage dived then fainted and then worked 12 hours the next day… And, bam! It was over. I needa go an experience the vibe in full force this year. No working and no stage diving! Just some serious jollin’ on the d floorrr- c’monn mycitybynight. Let me have a few dops with you whilst listening to the tunes at synergy! Can’t wait!! Make my day 🙂

  67. This is just another little cry/beg/plead from me to MCBN for Synergy tickets. The anticipation and excitement is not just growing but it is reaching levels of epic proportions now! I have already told you my story, you know it, have read it, BUT please read it again. I am dying for these tickets, frothing for these tickets, basically on my hands and knees for these tickets. I promise you that if I am able to go to synergy I will make the absolute most out of it beyond anyone else. Please MyCityByNight, I need to get to Synergy! I have even booked my trip back Natal around this weekend, that is how prepared I am. I will go to any lengths! Your biggest fan xxx

  68. Hah! I remember my first beer!

  69. Well I sold my ticket a while ago to buy alchohol. I thought, well I will have some cash closer to the time so I can get another ticket. If only I knew that I’d be broke by this time. This means I like to party. Alot. Im one of those festival goers who think sleep is for the faint hearted, at a festival you have to make every second count because before you know it, it will be over and you will be on that looong drive home, tired and hungry and craving bed. If you have that feeling, you know you have partied hard. I try to spice up everyone else festival by sharing whatever party treats I have.. weather its alchohol, cigarettes, food or suncream.. So really its an asset to have me at any festival, but my dream is to go to Synergy this year. Please make this happen my city by night!

  70. So I am currently in London town and have been here for a year. I will be fiiiiinally flying home to cape town on the 24th of Novmber in the evening, after my 22 long hour journey including a stop over in Dubai airport, I will be landing in the late afternoon at 16:25 on the 25th of November. Yes that is the day synergy starts and yes that was intentional. London is an amazing city, but there is not one single festival like synergy! And even if there was, it would be in the freezing cold not in the amazing sun that cape town has to offer! And yes, just like everyone else I am broke as hell and bumming food off my older sister who lives in London too! After a hell of a lot of sweet talking, I have organised a lift straight from cape town international to synergy! On either occasion I would be exhausted after carrying around my 30kg luggage plus10kg hand luggage plus 5 kg hand bag, but due to synergy, and that incredible line up (London music has got nothing on our SA dj’s and bands) as well as my amazing friends, I will be ready and filled with adrenalin for the weekend! The only possible thing that would make my grist weekend in cape town after a year any better than that, would be a free ticket waiting for me when I arrive!!!! I think I would probably run through London underground screamin that I won a ticket i would be so excited. In fact, I might pee a little! Please PLEASE give me the free ticket, I know you want to :):):)

  71. Cause i wanna get fucking looose for the last time before i become a working man! Help me help u brothers 🙂

  72. After the years trials and tribulations, i am considering a more pure life… that of a nun. One great weekend away could change all of this and ensure a station in pound town city central stays available for business.

  73. Missed Synergy last year(already having purchased my ticket)due to the fact that i got a rewrite which took place the monday after synergy. I have just recently finished my degree so will be cool to attend synergy for free as a graduation gift generously sponsored by you guys!!!

  74. I’m graduating from varsity this year and have never been able to scrape together the money for a ticket… It would be the perfect way to end off four years in Stellenbosch!

  75. I don’t have any long explanation, I’m just going to be honest. ITS GOING TO BE SICK, and I’m a broke student. Help a girl out. Come on, you know you want to.

  76. Because I’ve never been!!! The biggest party I’ve ever been to is Ox Braai…life of a sad Eastern Cape girly. So Mycitybynight, help me get educated in the party scene. 😉 Plus my girls from back home will be here that weekend, help me show them the mother of all parties. x

  77. 1. Firstly I have never been to synergy, each year I try to go, but exams always get in my way.

    2. This year Synergy Live is the day after my last exam, the perfect way to celebrate after a long 2months!

    3.It’s my boyfriends birthday on the Monday, it will be the perfect birthday present!

    4. I have missed every music festival this season so far.

    5. I had to sell my Kings of Leon ticket because my stepfather passed away.

    6. The pictures look amazing, I get butterflies just thinking about being there.

    7. All my friends will be there.

    8. I have never won a competition and this would be the BEST first win!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  78. Where to begin…
    Oh yes. Synergy 2009, so began my festival career. Young and Naive I ventured into unknown territory hoping for the best and expecting something entirely different to what I got. What did I get you may ask? well, besides the sunburn, intense hangovers, wordscannotdescribe music and atmosphere, I got what I thought was going to remain the best experience of my life, little did I know that exactly a year later I would return to alter that thought. 2010 synergy was exponentially better than 2009 even though involved much the same activities as the previous one except for a few small differences: – more booze,less food,no sleeping bag and not even a tent for the saturday after the occurance of an event best left untold… Suffice to say, it was to be the catalyst to one of the best all nighters yet. So after all the above evidence I have just listed, 2011 synergy should be even better right? well according to my graph, yes. yes it should.


    Winning this ticket would mean more than my sisters and dinner combined. 😀

  79. Because it is my 21st that weekend and i haven’t been to an outdoor party all year!! I need a break 😉 and so do two of my friends 😀

  80. Synergy is one of those Outdoor Parties that dont blow your mind with just TRANCE and HEAVY DROPS!!! Its abit of everything and for me thats what music is about. I would love to go to this Party not just to celebrate the ending of those terrible things called exam….but to breath in with out sighing becuase you have stuf fon your mind…..



  81. Dearest My City By Night peeps, this could end up being a ‘Cool story, bro’ moment, but humour me, will you?

    So, after a while of being awesome (single), I finally met this guy who made me think, hey, maybe being with someone could be even more awesome (shocking, I know). Little did I know he lived out in Somerset West (I stay in the good ol’ Southern Suburbs), which y’know isn’t too far; but it does eat into your petrol bill. Then I find out that he’s part of some adventure gap year programme. This means that he goes on scuba diving/hiking/cycling tours for up to two months at a time, then coming home only for about a week, which can put a damper on any romantic spark. I mean, in the past six months, I’ve seen him for a total of two weeks. (Insert sympathetic ‘Aww’-ing sounds).

    Now, his gap year programme ends oh so conveniently on the 18th (the week before Synergy!) and it would be possibly THE GREATEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN IN THE HISTORY OF MY LIFE if I could win a ticket for him 🙂 He’s wayy too proud and gentlemanly to let me even offer to buy a ticket for him, so winning one is kind of my only option here. (Oh, and he’s a Synergy virgin). Best of all, he’s not one of those lame ‘other halves’, so we’ll be that one couple who can be together at a fesival without cramping each other’s style. Heh.

    Hopefully you’re either so touched by my little story (doubt it, there are about 73452734257 similar ones) or so annoyed by my constant retweeting/sharing of your links on the interwebs (this is more likely) that you’ll give me the ticket 😀 Whoo!

    Please & thanks!

    (Is bribery allowed? ;D Cuz I’m bringing brownies and you can all have some… They don’t call me Brownie Goddess for nothing y’know. Heh).

  82. Its going to be my 21st birthday on the day of synergy live festival,and i have no i live with my grandparents and a week ago got released from my only job and have spent all my money on rent , there for cant even enjoy my own 21st,all my friends are going and would love to join them for my own birthday so please please please please give me a free ticket 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  83. I just finished 3 long grueling years at AAA school of advertising. Done and dusted, wouldn’t change it for the world. On Friday i spent R1000 on reprinting and shit for my portfolio, so currently my family are getting toilet rolls for christmas and im broke. Now just before i enter the “big world” i would like to feel like a kid again and what better way to feel like a kid again before i start a “9-5” than to go to Synergy?

  84. hmmm… caps lock time to try stand out> PICK MEEEEEEEEEE!!! I dont need a long story of why I should win, I am sure you are tired of reading those. All I know is if I get a ticket to SYNERGY LIVE, I WILL bring the HEAT!! and lot’s of it! COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF HEAT! as in, MORE HEAT THAN THE SUN! now ask yourself, can you handle that heat? double hmmmm. muchos love.

  85. I desirve to go to Synergy because i have just had the worst 48 hours of my life. I havent had a car this year and i have just moved to ct this year. I got my car last monday, 2 days ago i walk to the car and see a R500 ticket reason: failure to display, even though my licence disc is valid, then my car wouldnt open, i leave and come back to a man inspecting the damage he just inflicted on my car while reversing into it! I walk to a resturant to try find help, i end up flashing them ! my dress and bikini fall off. nice. then i open the car and it gets stuck at a friend, the radio gets stolen and it gets towed.R 3000 later and i now need a drink and a stomping at Synergy! please give me a ticket!!!!

  86. Shit son,how do you compete with these enteries. Cant say it’s my tenth year anniversary or something sweet like that as I’m single as. Reasons as to why I should go though
    A)I can document the shit out the party – my camera captured some special moments at rocking the daisies, groovy etc. And as most of you suffer from memory loss (kreg 😉 ) my photos are there to remind you how awesome you are.
    B) to walk around with my scarf and liters of water and wet all you okes cooking out on… I mean cooking out from the sun. 😉
    C) this will be my last party with you cape townians this year as I’m back home in dirtbin/deben/Durban till next year. Bleh.
    D) not only am I super amped on seeing FOOL, dirtyloud, Kennedy, Tommy gun etc, I am a sucker for rides. I was pretty dronk last year, but they were bloody awesome!
    Love for you mcbn

  87. Cause I’m not lame enough to write a sobby story like everyone else above me has (not that I read past the first 4 people or anything)

    But I should get the tickets so I can sum up all my competition then next year cream them all with my world peace inducing music. Also Did I mention Im not gonna write a sobby story? (with correct grammar) Well I lied (not about the grammar tho), because I lost my key ring the other day to my safe that I was keeping all my toothpicks in and Synergy is the only way I can feel better about my lame existence as a wannabe zef rock rapper/ dj / unproductive producer with a bad memory (thats good for loosing stuff)

    One thing Im good at tho cause I dont wanna get all depo about my failure to be a good human is that I can enjoy great music (and really hate but forgive crappy stuff) Plus I wanna review the festival for my wanna be blog my city by evening but I need the extra money to buy 2b pencils, paper and an eraser.

    Did I mention Im really famous in Bloem?


  88. Simple…. I lost my name name there last year and I have been very lonely without it since! Please help me find it so I can be at peace!
    I know its floating around Franschoek somewhere!

  89. Simple…. I lost my name there last year and i have been very lonely without it since! Please help me find it so i can be at peace!
    I know its floating around Franschoek somewhere!

  90. My comment still stands as the most creative ! Yeahhhhhh

  91. Ok, well to win i would have to separate myself from the rest of the entrants…. if i win i will promise to become completely obismal, and in the process drasg others down into the obismal state i will obtain…. I will use the money that i did not have to spend on the tickets on enhancing the synergy experience for others around me, 100% psychadelic electro slowrush experience. I will throw up from the top of the fairground rides, roll around in the mud, cheer for the reunited clansman of the CBD and represent our chapter with pride and power!! Come on, allow me to reach new levels of dahismal….

  92. because i will smoke tik too see BRMC live. what more must i say?

  93. Because you would not believe what happened to me 2 days ago.. I was walking home down Dorp Street after purchasing my ticket from gypsies in stellies when a group of bandits approached me, knives in hands and told be to empty my pockets. Obviously my ticket wasn’t in my pocket because I knew its value, (similar to that of a sack of diamonds), so i hid it where most drugies hide there drugs.. behind my testies. After sifting through my belongings they came up empty handed as I had just spent my life savings on the most beautiful, spectacular, gorgeous Synergy ticket. They knew something was up so the told me to drop my pants, I hesitated but then felt the cold edge of a knife on my spine so I did what they told. They saw the ticket behind my dingle berries, it shone like the rays of heaven. They tried to grab it and I shouted,” TAKE MY BALLS NOT MY SYNERGY TICKET” and to my surprise they did. I was SUPER stoked. After getting home from the hospital I reached into my pocket to gaze at my ticket, I felt nothing, my heart almost stopped, I had lost my precious! And that is why I feel I deserve the weekend pass. I might be scrotumless, don’t let me be Synergyless.. Thank you Jah bless

  94. My exams literally finish the day before Synergy!! This means I’ve been missing out on every outdoor festival with my outdoor family crew for the last few weeks!:(:( let us reunite!!! Please!!! I’ll go naked if i have to!:P And F.O.O.L!!! MyCityByNight I will forever <3 you!

  95. Synergy is fucking almost upon us yet again!!!!! Fuck yes.
    I can feel it in my fingers. I can feel it in my toes.
    I can feel it tingling in me like a virgins first molly rush! I can feel the warmth of it almost reminding me of the first warm vagina i played DJ Hero with back in High School in the gym hall under the stage!
    I am ready to party hard and not sleep all weekend. (this has been done before)
    I am ready to dance till the sun rises and till my eardrums pop from the awesomeness!
    I am ready bring smiles to people i know and strangers alike.
    I will make an effort to party for at 5 minutes with as many randoms as i can. I want people to remember me and remember how awesome i am to party with!
    I am ready to walk into random campsites sit down offer my company and walk away after sharing whatever there is to share whether it be beer, greenery or lovely nom noms! I will leave those campsites having made people go ” Wow, what a crazy random yet awesome party motherfucker!”
    I am ready to charm the socks and knickers off as many girls as i can in the effort of taking one back to my tent and finally popping my cherry at 25.
    I am ready to wait 10 minutes after my first 30 seconds is done to fuck again.
    I am ready to in this 10 minutes of waiting to make her cum multiple times by using my awesome DJ Hero skills as well as my Gene Simmons tongue skills!
    I am ready to do all this and more to make my Synergy experience that more awesome and radder for everyone else.

    This is why i deserve to win.

  96. I support Liverpool FC [havn’t won the premiership in 20 years]
    I support Western Province [havn’t won anything in a decade]
    I support Ajax CT [pretty much never won anything]
    and of course i support the Bokke [goes without saying]
    i need cheering up! and of course getting the tickets would mean ive won something

  97. I deserve it because I just finished my FINAL 4th year of study @ UCT and am in great need of a massive party like SYNERGY to celebrate a long and hard 4 years of study!! I am finally qualified Also because my car recently got written off, so cash has been a major issue, probably more so then any1 else

    There would be no better place in the whole wide world that I could think of to let loose and go wild like SYNERGY! Ive been every year & would hate to miss it this year, so please make my day!

    Thanks guys!

  98. I deserve these tickets waaaaay more than anyone else….the weekend of synergy will be my first weekend of living in cape town as i am moving from johannesburg that very friday whhooo what better way to celebrate my move than spend it out in the fresh air amoung the vines and sweet tunes of synergy PICK ME

  99. In the valleys of Franschoek I begin my decent
    to a world of unknown I put out my tent
    My days of Synergy are about to start
    .. i’m dreading the moment i have to depart.
    I follow the music and it’s nisker-one!!
    ..he looks down at me and said: “come up son!!”.
    I cant believe my luck, im on stage!!
    I move my arms and begin to RAGE!!
    What a concert!! what a night!!
    I wish everyday was just as bright.
    I look around me and all I see
    are girls and guys as happy as can be.
    The moon has sunk and the sun has rised
    its the beginning of another surprise.
    Chilling in the river, LOVING the rays
    I wish this could go on for the rest of my days..
    … You see theirs a problem i must face
    I don’t have a golden ticket to my favorite place
    If I had ONE wish.. and it came TRUE
    it would be SYNERGY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
    PLEASE pick me, It would make my LIFE!
    dont make me watch cricket with the wife!!! 🙁

  100. So it’s not a girlfriend, best friend, friend, or even aquaintances birthday any time around the party.
    I am not leaving the country the next week and I’m not even leaving Cape Town for a summer holiday.
    I’m also not new to the city and this definitely will not be my first Synergy or general outdoor party.
    Yes, I did finish my degree this year but so did another 1 275 496 other people and let’s be serious, their grades are probably better then mine.
    I’m also not going to make up some story about how I ‘will not be able to make it up there without a free ticket’ because even though I am broke, I will make a fucking plan…

    So I guess what I’m basically trying to say is that I deserve the ticket because I’m least deserving of the ticket, but fucking honest about it!


  101. I deserve to go to Synergy this year because I’ve never been to this Festival before. I’ve heard aboout how AWESOME it is… 😀 Weekend camping with friends to the sickst music is just what my mind and soul needs right now! I am especially excited to see Dirtyloud live in action 😀 😀 I’m so ready to party it up and these tickets would top off my year, recently turned 21 and Synergy weekend away can keep the celebrations going… I’ll take it as a delayed birthday present from MCBN or early Christmas present 😀 😀

    alllllllllll dayyyyyy allllllllllll niggggghtttttttttt 😀 😀 xxxxxx

  102. theres only one reason needed. BRMC!!!!
    but I have a few more: I haven’t had sex in please give me tickets! I need this!
    I’ve been busy with college work all year and my holidays start that weekend!
    no money is not really a reason, but having my car stolen this year and insurance almost pay out nothing I really have no money!
    please help me! I need this festival!! without these free tickets I will not get to go!

  103. No one really wants to hear a sob story about why they deserve to go to Synergy but you asked for it so I’m going to give it to you. I hope you have your tissues and a bottle or 2 of Tequila ready (remember sharing is caring).
    I deserve to go to Synergy because it will be my first outdoor party/ festival of the season… Yes, you read right my first outdoor party/ festival of the season. Sad but true 🙁 I also broke my wrist a couple of weeks ago and so the times that I would have been able to go party karate I couldn’t. Which, as tempting as it was to go anyway (believe me I considered it) I’m not so sure my Doctor nor my arm would have agreed. And lastly, NEVER EVER have I EVER been to Synergy. Everyone says that it’s AMAZE and so it would be super-duper-fantabolous to go so that I too can tell everyone including my futures future children about my tales of Synergy.
    SOOOOO PLEASEEEEEEE… pretty please pick me… I REALLY want to go play and feel like one of those cool kids you see in magazines and in Facebook photos again.
    PS. I know you said be creative but I believe in the truth because the truth will set me free… or hopefully more importantly send me to SYNERGY!!;-)

  104. I deserve this weekend pass for the following reasons;
    1. I work two jobs full time and this is the first full weekend i’ve had off in forever.
    2. Today is my birthday_ thus its my birthday month and a good time to celebrate.
    3. I freaking love synergy and i cant quiet remember last years as lets just say a bit too much alcohol was consumed which let to a small trip to the hospital.
    4. Im newly single and my new crush will be at this years synergy
    5. I love to party
    and lastly I ‘like’ and comment on all your comps and have never won- sad face- so i believe my time has come.

    Plus if you give it to me_ ill do a dare of your choice- no Chicken wings here

    PLEASE xx

  105. Hello, mycitybynight, look at your contestants, now back to me, now back at your contestants, now back to me. Sadly, they aren’t me, but if they stopped crying about their sad lives, they could party like they’re me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in the comments section with the man you wish your man could be like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing I love. Look again, the tickets are for Synergy. Anything is possible when your man smiles like me and Riaan Cruywagen. I’m on a horse.

  106. I deserve these Synergy tickets because dammit I have unfinished business there. These are the things on my to-do list:

    Carry around scorecards and rate the mo’s.
    Successfully flick a coin into a hipster’s ass crack.
    Debut my ‘Amish deejays go to hell’ shirt at the electro stage.
    Convince people they’re high with totally drug-free cookies.
    Kidnap the bassist from Peachy Keen and convince the band I’m her.
    Do Red Stag shots with the MCBN guys.
    Collapse someone’s tent while they’re shagging.
    Pair people up randomly and send them on the carnival rides.
    Find the damn shoes I lost last year (or equivalent pair).
    Come back a broken shell of a woman.
    Win tickets from MCBN.

  107. Reasons why I NEED to win a SYNERGY ticket:

    –> I’ve missed all the festivals this year so far because I’ve been either writing exams or working

    –> My camera got stolen the other week and I’m sure a SYNERGY ticket will help me feel better about that.

    –> I’m studying to be a teacher and work at a school.I get the school holidays, so while all my friends are already on holiday, I will only break up on the 12 December. A weekend away at SYNERGY is bound to make up for my lack of holidays.

    –> I’m studying to be a teacher. ie. bank account running on empty. always.

    –> ALL of my friends are going and I’m far too jealous!

    –> Write my last exam next week and I’ll definitely NEED to party up a storm at SYNERGY and SYNERGY only.

    –> I’m generally quite a nice person and totes NEED to win something.

    –> I’ve already gotten excited about going to SYNERGY this year so yeah- gimme a ticket pleeeease and THANK YOU 🙂

  108. S is for Sakitumi (Mister)
    Y is for Yeaah buddy
    N is for No to drugs
    E is for Excited
    R is for Reeeally excited
    G is for Gimme a ticket please
    Y is for You wont regret it 🙂

  109. Hey guys,

    Dying to go, almost literally! I have the worst case of FOMO in South Africa (won’t be so melodramatic as to say the world ) and missing out is a big deal to me. What this usually means is that I party non-stop, firmly believe in sleeping when I’m dead, love doing shots, dance like a maniac, and usually end up doing things which I will firmly and vehemently deny the next morning. As I haven’t had an opportunity to show off these awesome skills at Synergy before, and as you will simultaneously assist me in getting a handle on my FOMO for that weekend, I firmly believe that an email from MCBN with the subject “Winner Wena” should pop up shortly in my inbox…

    If not, give the tickets to Ans – her reasons are almost as good as mine and she gave me some good ideas there!

  110. I really want to win these tickets to Synergy Live, I have a great passion for local music, both electro and rock. I am a huge supporter and own the C.D.s of many local artist, however I have not seen some of them live, like Zebra & Giraffe and GoodLuck etc. I could ramble on about how much I want and need these tickets but instead I will be honest with you.

    Like some of the previous posts I could say that I don’t have money for tickets to Synergy, but I won’t. Instead I will tell you that if you give me free tickets I will have more money to spend on food, drinks and curio shops. Why should someone who has never spent any money on a festival have the opportunity to go over me? I have spent thousands of Rands on attending music festivals and concerts so I feel that a freebie is very much deserved.

    I could lie and tell you it is my birthday over Synergy weekend and that this would be the best gift ever, but then I would just be lying. And I want to win these tickets fair and square.

    I could tell you that I have never been to Synergy before, but I have and I try and go to as many music festivals as possible. I save for months on end just so that I can stand in front of that huge stage and listen to some of the best music SA has to offer. People who have never gone to a music festival should save up for it like I always do.

    I could tell you that I love MCBN just so that I can win this competition but I have already been shearing my love for your blog long before I knew about this competition. I mention MCBN on a constant basis in my #FF and I retweet and share many of your post on the beloved twitter and facebook. If this is still not creative enough I have even designed a poster for Syngery/MCBN and did a blog post about music festivals:

    So if anyone deserves these tickets, its me 🙂 and if this isn’t good enough I will even become a Chelsea Supporter 😉 okay I am joking there 🙂

  111. I can give you 100 reasons:
    Because I am amazing
    Because I am free the weekend of the 25,26 and 27th November 2011.
    Because I drink sor SYNERGY EVERY DAY
    Because I have 1 ticket from last year under my belt and i need another one.
    Because I want to win
    Because I have never won anything ever
    Because I need a reason to impress my friends
    Because You’re awesome
    Because I took the time to post this many reasons
    Because I have good Grammar
    Because I have 3 sexy bikinis to show off
    Because You love me
    Because if I don’t, I will be unhappy
    Because I want some Synergy Music
    Because it would be cool
    Because I am fully able-bodied
    Because Synergy is the best Place ever.
    Because if I won more than one Ticket, I would take my Boyfriend
    Because I am funny
    Because I have not puked in years
    Because deep down, you know you want to
    Because as soon as I saw the competition, I got writing
    Because I knew you couldn’t fit 100 reasons on a facebook page, so I got clever
    Because I am clever
    Because I can recite pi to 22 places off by heart
    Because, admit it, you were impressed
    Because I didn’t cheat
    Because I have good fashion sense
    Because If you don’t I will lose all faith in SYNERGY and start drinking other at other places… LIKE ….. not sure of yet!
    Because you don’t want me to do that
    Because my friends read this and will think I am sad otherwise
    Because my friends are probably reading this now thinking: “oh, cool, can I come?”
    Because I am prompt
    Because I have manners; Thank you for reading all this
    Because I know you won’t read all of them
    Because I am now sh*tting myself thinking that you will read all of them
    Because I am sorry
    Because It’s damn hard to think up a hundred reasons to win
    Because I can
    Because I love you
    Because I have not repeated myself
    Because I know you checked
    Because Crash car burn is my favourite band
    Because I have good personal hygiene
    Because winning something from Rockstar would mean a lot to me
    Because one day, I want to BE a Rockstar
    Because It would be educational
    Because there will be babes there… Oh yeah.
    Because I need a trip
    Because I can do really good impressions and accents and stuff
    Because I am talented
    Because I am Sexy
    Because I am modest
    Because I’m not the most mature person in the world, but I have just the right amount of maturity to be responsible
    Because I can roll my tongue
    Because I have perfect headbang hair
    Because I did all these reasons in one sitting
    Because I didn’t run out of reasons so far
    Because If I don’t win, this will be a huge waste of time
    Because time is money
    Because money doesn’t grow on trees
    Because I will plant a tree if I win
    Because If I don’t win, I will kill a tree
    Because some of these reasons are lies
    Because LOL 69
    Because I am truthful
    Because I am competitive
    Because winning is awesome
    Because you didn’t actually make any terms and conditions
    Because I have weird feet, so shoes that fit me are hard to find, but vans fit me perfectly
    Because I am wearing blue underwear
    Because my mom probably won’t let me
    Because that’s a good thing
    Because I think I am the first person to post 100 reasons to win
    Because I am so amazing, I can go one better and post 101 reasons
    Because I like to put in the extra effort
    Because that didn’t sound dodgy
    Because you laughed… Cyam aaan! You laughed!
    Because I can read your mind
    Because you touch yourself at night
    Because I HAVE PIE
    Because you are jealous of me and my pie
    Because I can’t bribe you
    Because I just realised I have been typing “Because” all this time when I could have just pasted it
    Because I can dance like a b*tch
    Because I just burned my mouth on this pie
    Because I wish I could be drinking and dancing at synergy right now
    Because if I win, I will give you a cookie
    Because I actually will, I will buy a cookie, not your regular one, but a good one from a bakers or something, hunt you down and give you that cookie
    Because you want that cookie
    Because my reasons are numbered, so you don’t lose count
    Because I am thoughtful
    Because I earned those tickets
    Because I will write a song about synergy if I win
    Because I already have my hopes up
    Because your kind deeds will be repayed in the afterlife
    Because…. i have runn out!! i really want these tickets.. 🙂

  112. HELLO mycitybynight 🙂

    i think i SHOULD, nay, DESERVE these tickets for the following reasons, which shall be listed below:

    1. my birthday is on the 28th november – partying into my birthday much? this is legit information, im a cool Sagittarius like that – can you imagine THAT as a birthday prezzie? my debt would be unto you 🙂
    2. BECAUSE shadowclub + sixgun gospel + crimson house blues + the sleepers <3 cape town bands FTW 🙂
    3. i TOTES started following you guys twitter in order to seem cooler for this competition, you know, JUST in case you check 🙂
    4. i think my BFF and roomie may just love me forever if i win these tickets, as she would be the super coolkid that would accompany me. her quote of the year, "why call them one night stands? they're auditions" 🙂 i love her to pieces.
    5. BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB. omg. makes me too happy to know i may just see 'em live :)and their song 'red eyes and tears'. as i think about this i orgasm little music babies 🙂
    6. TEQUILAAA especially the bubblegum and coffee kind. it warms my stomach just thinking about it 🙂
    7. my name fits into the ‘barbara streisand’ song. legit. try it out: kate leigh cooper (na na na naaa na na naa na na naa naa)
    8. this would be my synergy virginity 🙂 CAN YOU IMAGINE? ive never been? too ridiculous.
    9. my hair is red, my nails are lumo pink, my earrings are green. im THAT girl 🙂
    10. i solidly follow your guys blog posts 🙂 pretty freaking cool site.

    “As a great man once said, ‘Wait till they get a load of me’.” – KICK ASS

    PS. pleeeeeeeeeeease

  113. I don’t always go to music festivals, but when I do, I go to Synergy. I am the most interesting woman in the world… I won’t tell you why I deserve to go to Synergy (because that is obvious) I will tell you why synergy deserves to have me there.

    My personality is so magnetic; I’m unable to carry credit cards.
    I speak fluent English, in Afrikaans.
    I don’t get addicted to smoking, cigarettes get addicted to me.
    I once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
    Even my enemies list me as their emergency contact.
    I calculated π to the last digit…. It’s a 2.”
    I know the only word in English that rhymes with ‘Orange’, but I’m not telling…
    My legendary awesomeness precedes me, the way lightning precedes thunder.
    5 out of 5 doctors recommend a daily dose of me.
    I once found the fountain of youth, but did not drink from it because it was non-alcoholic.
    I convinced BRMC to come to Synergy by just winking at Robert Levon Been.

    And I don’t always enter competitions, but when I do… I win.

  114. I deserve to go to Synergy this year because the last time I went was two years ago and I missed it last year 🙁 If I win tickets this year i can afford buying an awesome tent to rock out with at Synergy 2011.


  115. Because i’ve never been to a festival. in my life. i think that speaks for itself. START ME OFF WITH SYNERGYYYYYYY!!

  116. Because i’ve never been to a festival. EVER.

  117. Because I have epilepsy. But I just got that shit under control and the doc said I could totes hit up a festival! So let’s roll! 😀 😀 😀

  118. S – singing on the top of my lungs like no-one can hear is my thing and although my friends cringe with embarrassment, with this line-up I think I deserve to do so at Synergy this year 😉
    Y – year after year, I’ve never failed to attend this festival, no matter what it takes… last year I saved up with a coin jar, no joke – sad but true. lol
    N – never has anyone beat me to my challenge of out-partying me, I can sustain through any party for days on end and I feel that this skill deserves recognition… two years ago at Synergy, I fell through one of the metal ramps on one of the rides and sprained my knee, but carried on partying anyway – my ENTIRE leg was colourful – red, blue, purple, black, yellow. That’s stamina!
    E – entertainment is my line of studies, and I love entertaining others, but I think it’s about time for ME to BE entertained.
    R – reward for the past year I’ve been working on producing a short film for the love of creating and sharing. Synergy would be the most ideal way of celebrating and rewarding myself.
    G – graduation is this year for me, I think I deserve the fun and freedom before facing the big world of work.
    Y – yearning to accompany all of my friends who are all attending the festival without having to work magic and pull extensive tricks to make it to Synergy this year! FOMO

    The things I’m most looking forward to at Synergy 2011:

    S – Sing, smile, sun, sunsets, stars, songs, snacks, swims, sovereignty, summer, scenery
    Y – yummy food!
    N – Niskerone!
    E – electro, entertainment, excitement
    R – rock ‘n roll, relax, Reburn, Rob van Vuuren
    G – giggles, girlfriends, Goodluck
    Y – yacking, youth

    …My coin jar isn’t quite full enough yet this year :/

  119. I deserve tickets to Synergy just like Craig and Ricky deserve tickets to the first mansion pool party at our house in December. Hot girls, awesome food (even the jello shots are gourmet), tunes spun by three in-house deejays, and some yet-to-be-copyrighted awesomeness I can’t describe on a public forum just yet.

    Who wants to win? YOU want to win. Let’s all win together:-)

  120. If I win these tickets I promise to out party and out stomp everyone… I shall be the one who is jumping around at the sun rise session…. I shall be the one in the funky pants and colourful hat… I shall be the one smiling ear to ear because I won a sick competition… 2011 will be just that much more better if I could attend Synergy… Super duper excited about getting it on this weekend!!! Please can I have it!! P.S Boyfriend is in PE so I am sad and need to join my friends at Synergy!!!!

  121. Aye, I need to do me river dance but all I’m missing is a river and a dance.
    I’ll swop ya me pot o gold.

  122. Fuck hey after reading some of these posts my chances seem slim but these are the reasons why id love some free tickets to synergy ticket:

    1) Id love to make my mates happy with some free tickets
    2) free tickets = more money for other activities
    3) keen for a new experience

  123. Either I win these tickets or have to sell myself for some extra cash :)and I’m not to keen on the latter 😛

    Good luck all and hope one of those tickets are mine 🙂

  124. Because Im a Cape Tonian and know how to party Cape Town Style! Peace, Love and Rockin Roll baby!!!

  125. The winners have been chosen and each winner has been chosen purely out of the effort they made for these tickets.

    Well done to the following:

    Steve Morland
    Bettina Kerber
    Kimberley Roos

    & we got had a suprise ticket for the person who made the most effort and that goes to Anushcka.

    Well done to all the entries and thanks to these 4 for going out of your way to take the extra step for these tickets.


    MyCityByNight will be sending you an email shortly.

  126. Too me it has always always always been about trance, eat live and breathe trance, i hardly ever listen to anything but trance and after i heard about your guys party i decided that this party could change my life aand my view on commercial music…i deserve this ticket because i need to escape my TRANCE BOX and see what i have been missing out on all my life! time to squeek some takkies and have the biggest jol of my life because when the words arent there, the music speaks!!! SYNERGY 2011 please change my life :)PLEASSSEEEEEE 🙂

  127. i think i deserve to win..because im desperate. My story began after last years was so good i decided there and then that i wanted to be part of the year afters event..I decided to do all i can to save up some money..but i lost my flat, and had to quit my studies..and move back home..But that wasnt the worst part.. a few months back i started to get really worried that i wont be able to go.. so i decided to google a bit, WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FAST.. i saw that i could go to a student hospital and they would pay me to cut off and re-attach my small toe for a mere i did it..only to find that they lost my toe, by re-attaching it to someone else’s foot, whom ran of to join the olympics squad named, PEOPLE WHO RUN FAST WITH TOES.. i then decided while im there,i could sell one of my organs.. or a few.. but for some reason, they told me i have to die first..pfft, who wouldve guessed..i want to go to synergy very much alive..i then saw a gap in the wig industry, so i stalked people in clubs, supermarkets etc to collect their hair.. i even shave off my great grandmothers hair, that what she still had.. and i stole her false teeth..but the goldfish that told me he would buy it, declined cos he got some paranah al that was left was my body hair..which i have none of now..yes, pubic hair and all..gone..As i wanted to sell the hair to a leading wig making company, i went into a bar for one drink..i lost it for a bit, but i was in the mood for i stacked a hubbly..oh no! a russian ventriloquist asked me with his jamiacan puppet if he could have a drag..i thought this guy wants to inspect my i jumped up, took out the pipe from the hubbly, and tried to strangle the evil jamaican puppet..while i was doing this, cross my heart, Gandalf came swooping in, and took my hair bag.. he said he needed it, the elves had gone bald, stupid head and shoulders! so there you have it..i tried my best..and i please help me..NO ONE deserves this have to own it..and i do!

  128. I deserve to go to Synergy this year because I am a poor student. A poor poor poor student. Is that not enough?!

  129. I think I deserve some tickets because this comming Sunday will be my girlfriend and mines’ 2 year anniversary. Over the past 2 years one of the things that has really binded us, was music, as we have the exact same taste. To the both of us it has become a custom to attend music festivals arround Cape Town, such as Ramfest, Rocking The Daisies etc.

    As we started going out, she was on her way to Synergy Live 2009 with a bunch of friends, and that friday, I was on my way home (George) to the visit the family for the holiday (As it was the start of summer holiday). The Saterday afternoon I got a phonecall from her and she said that she decided to go home (Bredaasdorp). Surprised at her decission, she said that her friends had bailed on her and missioned on by themselves. All this after they used her tents and other camping gear and not even saved her a space to pitch up her own tent close to them. This caused her to have a negative experience on Synergy. I’ve have not yet had the privillage of going to Synergy, but when my girlfriend tells me about it she always states that it is the most beautiful festival of all, with great scenery, great bands, and great food, but she always ends off by saying how bad it was due to the fact the her friends ditched her.

    Unfortunately lastyear we could not go, but I am amped to go with her this year and give her such a nice time that it will swoop the old memory away. The fact that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is the International act is even a added bonus as it is one of both our favourite bands. Therefore this weekend would be a rememberance for the both of us regarding music, each other and a really great time.

    That is why I think we deserve to win tickets, and might I add we are a pretty cool couple.

  130. BECAUSE MY MOM GOES TO COLLEGE. That’s why! (I really want to give them to some rad dudes I met at Rafikis last night.

  131. My name is Nick de Klerk, im an engineer.

    Please consider me for these tickets as I have spent the last 3 YEARS behind my desk studying advanced vector calculus while all my friends are out partying. I have no girlfriend, I haven’t had sex in years, I have no social life and no money what so ever.

    I would really like to put my pencil and glasses down at the end of my final exams and have a proper party. Synergy is going to be awesome and my 2 friends are going. Please can I have a ticket!

    Nick de Klerk (hard working student)

  132. Because I went to Synergy last year for the first time and instantly became addicted. I fear if I do not make it to Synergy this year, I might harm myself. Please do not let this rest on your conscious.

  133. I know you know were all Broke, But ….

    I’m so poor, I was kicking a can down the street and when someone asked me what I was doing, I said, “Moving”.
    I’m so poor that I make jokes about people at their expense
    I’m so poor a robber tried to rob me and he left 50 bucks
    I’m so broke me and my boyfriend got married for the rice
    I’m so broke that I just went into McDonald’s and put a small fry on layaway
    If I stopped on a dime, I’d probably owe it to someone
    I’m so broke that someone once saw me walking down the street with one shoe, they said, “Hey, you lost a shoe.” and I said, “No, I found one.”

    Some might be slightly exaggerated but after all the current outdoor parties I’m almost at that point.

    Me and my Boyfriend have FAR to travel on our own dime. We will not miss this party, I’ve wanted to go since before Prodigy announced and them being there too is the ultimate mind blow! I will scream like a monkey, have your website tattooed on my forehead (Henna only), crawl through fire, mow your lawn & other negotiable things. Please don not let us do something criminal top get there 🙂

    I hope you will consider me for the position!!

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