Sport — April 19, 2017 at 09:00

What A Legend – This Dude Completes A Beer Half Marathon With Style


We know that a whole bunch of you are quite into running and keeping fit, however we think that this chap has finally got it right with his beer half marathon. Emmet Farnan, a student at Notre Dame University in America decided that he would change things up and make them more difficult (enjoyable), by necking 13 beers while he ran a full half marathon.

Yeah, this wasn’t just a young 5km on Saturday but rather a proper marathon, that probably required hours of training (in terms of beer drinking ability and running) to complete without dying. It’s a properly impressive feat, that had Emmet absolutely plastered and knackered after.

Watch all the way to the end of the video so you can see just how bloody shattered he is:

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