Vodacom Durban July Afterparty (WIN)

The Vodacom Durban July is fast approaching and we all know what that means… Yup, it’s time for one of South Africa’s Biggest Afterparties – 16 DJs, 3 Dance Areas, 1 Massive Event.


The very capable crew from G&G Productions are once again in charge of making sure that this year’s Official Vodacom Durban July Afterparty, to be held at the DLI Hall on the evening of the 7th of July 2012 is even better than the last. Powered by Vodacom 4U and Samsung, this event ends off a weekend of entertainment, gambling and horseracing for Durban and its visitors.

Partygoers can expect three dance floors, with top headline DJs and performers on each. Whether you are on the supercharged main dance floor, the Enchanted Garden or in the VIP Deluxe area, you will experience something spectacular. G&G Productions is known for being Africa’s loudest brand and this year they’re following trends in the world of dance and electronic music.

The format of the event has been altered to follow a festival approach.  This means a long list of top DJs, a diversity of music styles playing on a variety of dance floors, unique décor elements and an all-round atmosphere of opulence and revelry. The event is endorsed by Gold Circle and is the official afterparty sponsored by Vodacom 4U and Samsung.

The DLI main hall will be labelled the “Supercharged Dance Floor” – this floor will have a more commercial feel, with an electronic edge.  Another highlight this year is the “Enchanted Galaxy Dance Floor”, which will feature some of the country’s most talented trance DJs.  VIP Deluxe is a twofold offering: a cosy dance floor with top local artists and a relaxed indoor/outdoor chill environment. Patrons can lounge around low top tables, enjoying hubblies whilst watching the mystical enchanted floor in the background. All beers and ciders are free to VIP Deluxe ticket holders in this area.

Official Vodacom Durban July Afterparty Featured Artists:

On the Supercharged floor: DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Roger Goode, Martin McHale, the Sp!ndoctor and Gareth Devore.


DJs in the Enchanted Garden: Dean Fuel, Protoculture, The Commercial Hippies, Niskerone and Tomorrow’s Will.


For VIP Deluxe: Kyle Worde, Veranda Panda, DJ Kent, Royal K and Justin Miller.


Regular tickets will cost R250 and VIP Deluxe tickets will cost R550- Regular tickets include access to all areas excluding VIP areas.

VIP Deluxe tickets include free beers and ciders at the VIP Deluxe bar. Tickets will be on sale through selected Vodacom 4U outlets as well as Computicket nationwide. Tickets bought through a Vodacom 4U store will offer a 15% discount off the ticket price (while stocks last).  A limited number of tickets will be reserved for sale at the door on the night at R300 for Regular and R700 for Deluxe VIP.

The event also offers safe and secure parking at the DLI Hall, which is in walking distance from the races, within the Greyville racecourse. Parking tickets can be purchased for R40. Guests will be able to park in this area from 8am on Saturday with security provided until 4am on Sunday after the close of the afterparty.

Parking tickets can also be purchased from selected Vodacom 4U stores and Computicket outlets nationwide.


Event Details:

·         Date – 7 July 2012

·         Venue – DLI Hall, Greyville, Durban

·         Time – Doors open at 19:00

·         Cost – Regular R250 presold; R300 at the door

·         VIP R550 presold


Ticket details:

Please note that entrance to The Official Vodacom Durban July Afterparty is not included with a Vodacom Durban July Ticket, and is not associated with the daytime party tents.

To get tickets delivered directly to your door contact: William 074 193 9896, Adam 072 599 4833, Jason 076 382 6454, Kevin 083 9793 822, Jordon 072 025 1116 or Devin 072 931 2713.

The following Vodacom 4U stores will stock tickets from 1 June and will offer the 15% discount:

·         Sandton City ·         Gateway ·         Pavilion·         Musgrave ·         Midlands Mall ·         Hillcrest

Information on Vodacom stores as well as a store locator please visit: www.vodacom4ulive.co.za/pages/storelocator

Event Enquiries: Gareth Devore – 0828990103

Competition Time:

We’re giving away a VIP double ticket to the event. If you’d like to win just leave a comment below letting us know who the act on the lineup is that you’re most looking forward to seeing.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 4th of July 2012.



  1. widaad says:

    Enchanted Galaxy Dance Floor so I shake my ka-booty! And I’ve never really spent time in durbs for long so this will give me an excuse for a holday

  2. Ayanda Sambo says:

    I’m really reaaaaaaly would love to experience the after party with great music from great DJ’s expecially DJ Fresh & Euphonic……. and really drop it low low low

  3. Brett Robson says:

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing Roger Goode. The man is a legend!!! Can’t wait!!!

  4. Tumi says:

    i would really like to be part of the party crew heading to Durbs to go party hard. DJ fresh and Euphonic holding it down with their house music and DJ Milkshake doing what he does best in the hip hop floor.

  5. Tumi says:

    I’m mostly looking forward to DJ fresh’s set. I’m a Durban July virgin so excited for my first experience :)

  6. nicole says:

    Dj Kent,hes the best dj and has really grown in this industry.
    Enjoy!durban July looks like it will be fun filled as usual,this is 1 event that cannot be missed indeed!
    Goodluck to team leaders and team and wish you success with this event!

  7. Edward says:

    It has to be Justin Miller…. Been around a while and finally getting the exposure he deserves…. legend in the making…


    I wanna see all of them, it’s soooo hard to just name one .. but if I had to, it would be : Euphonik .. Yoh .. this is the party to be at!!

  9. Refiloe khoza says:

    This is going to be an epic gig…I’m personally looking forward to seeing Roger Goode and DJ Kent. These two are arguably the best in the business!

  10. Lerato says:

    I’m personally by fletch would love to experience durban july afterparty especially to be on a superchanged dance floor with the best and matured DJ fresh and DJ euphonik. Since I’ll be celebrating my 31th birthday on the 7 July and its my first experience in durban. This is an afterparty not to be missed!

  11. Lerato says:

    I’m personally by fletch would love to experience durban july afterparty especially to be on a superchanged dance floor with the best and matured DJ fresh and DJ euphonik. Since I’ll be celebrating my 31th birthday on the 7 July and its my first experience in durban. This is an afterparty not to be missed!
    Its gonna be a night to remember, oooh I can’t wait!

  12. Natasha Geyser says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Roger Goode. What a legend!

  13. Prenisha says:


  14. preny says:

    DJ Fresh

  15. Leveen says:

    defo looking forward to seeing Freshers and Euphonik again and dancing all night…ow ow owooo ;)

  16. i wish to win the tickes because me and my disable sister love to wacht the fashion and see the horse racing on this Saturday and have snacks and relax.
    we even finish our homework early just to sit and ralax and enjoy.

  17. if i win this would been something I never forget and ohhh my friends will been so jealous.
    a party not to been mist.

  18. just to meet the celebs and famous DJ is gonna been so cool.

  19. Lethu says:

    Looking forward to seeing Fresh, Kent and Euphonik…. Last year I never made it to the afterparty cos of unforseen events. Had everything planned out but unfortunately got involved in a car accident that very night.

    This year, hopefully will leave a lasting impression in a positive way. ♥

  20. Thembi says:

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing Fresh and Euphonik

  21. sivuyile says:

    Roger goode, justin miller, dj fresh, dj kent, dj euphonic!!! Whooooopssss!!!

  22. sivuyile says:

    Roger goode, fresh, kent, euphonic, justine miller

  23. Neolicious says:

    I’m mos defnatly lukn 4ward 2 d dipn it low on d **SUPER CHARGE DANCE FLOOR**(^^,)…esp d main hotties 4rm Vacca Matta,#waaaaassshhhhhhaaa#!!!:-D

  24. Neolicious says:

    I absolutely cnt w8 2 get ma sexy ass on d **SUPER CHARGE dance floor** so I cn dip it lowwwweerrr dan LOW(^^,)-VACCA MATTA STYLE bBBBabbeeee#WWWWwaaaasssshhhaaaa#!!!!

  25. Busie says:

    I wanna be part of this wanna see dj Fresh, Euphonik and Dj Kent I must say the line up is dope wanna see all of them. This will be a night to remember I wanna be part of it.

  26. preny says:

    its sooo difficult to choose! especially with the line up that you guys have! id be going insane on that that night….partying till the break of dawn…DJ Fresh, bring it on

  27. Sands says:

    Its going to be a legen…dary night in South Africa’s Playground!! Cant wait to see the sexy Roger Goode blazing the decks on the Supercharged floor!! who’s joining me?????

  28. Abigail Glover says:

    Roger Goode :)

  29. precious majola says:

    of em all i would die n relive to see dj kent perform,io mean he does his thng n leaves u on cloud 69!!!!!!! every dj there will be killing it with em i dnt thnk ppl who enjoy music people like fresh n phonic damn im inoove with da line up……….BRING ON DA PARYT!!

  30. anastasia says:

    VERANDA PANDA…one of durban’s finest talents!
    Turned 18 on 18 march this year so this is gonna be my debut
    so winning these tickets would be thee cherry on top

  31. marc says:

    Protoculture…. Will be so sick at the DBN july

  32. Xoliswa Mpanza says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Dj Euphonik do his thing!!!!!yeh yeh. Washa!!!!!

  33. Shana says:

    Well your line up is just sick…………

    DJ Kent rocks my world he drove me to drink and I didnt even have the decency to thank him….. he is simply awesome!

    You know you want me to WIN!!!!!

  34. khetha says:

    this will be the boss for me >>>DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Roger Goode, Martin McHale, the Sp!ndoctor and Gareth Devore.hope and prays to win thank you

  35. jenna says:

    I am looking forward to seeing DJ Fresh and Veranda Panda…. OH YEAH

  36. jenna says:

    DJ FRESH….

  37. Tshegofatso says:

    I would love to hear Martin McHale, simply because I’ve heard every other artist play live and now that Martin McHale is on the line up? it’s someone new for me and what no better way to hear him live at a special event for the first time? Besides if he’s on the list, then he must be worth it

  38. Natalie says:

    DJ Kent baby, what more is there to say….

  39. Akhona says:

    Looking forward to seeing FU a.k.a Freshonic a.k.a the two hotsters keeping it real on the One’s & Two’s……… Awuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  40. i would like to hang out with DJ FRESH ,as I am also a community radio presenter a nd could learn some skills from him.
    i also dream of visit Durban one day and this is a oppertunity not to been mist.

  41. Kesh Bassdhev says:

    How can you choose just one act with a lineup like this but for the sake of the competition I choose Mr Roger Goode for there is no DJ that is as crazy or talented enough to keep a crowd the way this man can..
    I choose the SUPERCHARGED FLOOR…
    As the name suggests these DeeJays are gonna light you up with a surge of energy like no one else can provide..
    FEU, Goode and Martin = Madness

  42. Jamian Gounden says:

    supercharged floor …fresh and euphonik

  43. After party is always rocking in Durban July, i love to join Supercharged floor with DJ Fresh,

  44. Tasneem says:

    DJ Kent!!!!!

  45. khumbulani says:

    i would lov to see dj fresh,euphonic,and goods its gona be massive please pick me

  46. Kea says:

    will be rocking Durban with DJ Fresh & Euphonik…….Party of a lifetime.

  47. victor sibanda says:

    DJ KENT and FRESH and Euphonik and u know its party time

  48. Brad says:

    Royal-K is going to rock it!

  49. Arthi Singh says:

    DJ Fresh cos I want to hear his laugh and he is the best DJ in South Africa!

  50. Thina Ncube says:

    Good day

    I am absolutely inlove with house music, all thanks to Feu although individually they are amazing dj’s but together their are supersonic, thus I would love to see those two in action doing their thing on da decks making da crowd sweat and ooze with energy that will make one tweet bout da event for daaaaaaaays viva le #househead viva **, !!!!!!

  51. Kemily says:

    Keen to Tomorrows Will in the enchanted garden.<3

    • Matseliso says:

      If there are DJ’s made to manhandle human beings with/without energy tis ,Euphonk,Fresh and Kent,they rock inredibly and they sholy not gona leave u with regrets ,they r the best,value 4 money neva mind your shoes

  52. Siphesihle Ngobese says:

    I’m sooo looking forward to seeing Dj Fresh, Euphonic & Sp!ndoctor ripping it up! This is going to be one unforgettable night! SUPER EXCITED :D

  53. Laiken Samuels says:

    Yoh I am super keen to see Euphonic n fresh on the decks…Roger Goode never disappoints so im just excited for the whole line up…

  54. Fikile says:

    Yho guys, this is a great DJ lineup, we goona party up a storm. looking even more forward to event because of D Fresh and Euphonik, they ar really in a league of their own. Sweet!

  55. kashan thakoordeen says:

    Fresh rocked the party last year whoooohoooo!!!!!can’t wait to be there again this year :D

  56. tumi says:

    I’m looking forward to my boys Dj kent and Dj fresh on da 1s n 2s, they gna rap it up like never before bringing us a mature experience on the dance floor! Catch me and my girls dancing *hlokoloza* from 7pm right though til da gates close! Tnx ta ta til next time

  57. Veritas says:

    Im looking forward to partying the storm with DJ Fresh, Euphonik and Roger crazzzzzzzzzzy Goode, love these guys :-)

  58. Cindy Clarke says:

    Im looking forward to seeing DJ Roger Goode . . . Need I say more this man is a Legend . . .

  59. Itumeleng says:

    The DJ that makes us ladies go gaga over him and his music has to be On the Supercharged floor: EUPHONIK…It’s gonna be a party ya’ll

  60. Adam Lenhoff says:

    Coming Up from Joburg just for this! cannot wait for protoculture to take over my mind and for Niskerone to rip my face into a million pieces with his energetic hi paced drum n bass. Gona be a large one ;)

  61. Itumeleng Dibatane says:

    i’m looking forward to King Kent himself, Aiiiiiiich!!!! for the love of house music we don’t stop dancing *puts dancing shoes on*

  62. Nicole says:

    I am looking forward to see DJ’KENT

  63. keneilwe says:

    Wow looking forward to Dj fresh, kent n euphonik.the super charged fllor
    And enchanted garden are going to be blazzzzing. Epic night whoop whoop

  64. Daniella says:

    Roger Goode has got to be the artist for the night. Always gets a good party vibing!!!

  65. Kavish Visram says:

    DJ Fresh

  66. roy says:

    Roger good is gonna rock that danclefloor, gonna be time to PARTY KARATE!!!!

  67. carrie nell says:

    What better way 2 party than with the best dj’s around! Dj kent, euphonic and dj fresh!! Durban july just wouldn be what it is without them and the amazing music they bring! Would love 2 b all up in their mix :D

  68. noza says:

    i would like to see sp!n doctor and Gareth Devore…@THE SUPERCHARGED FLOOR.

  69. yolly says:

    Dj Fresh and Euphonik….:)

  70. zamambo says:

    I will be looling foward to justin miller, euphonic n dj fresh. And its my birthday weekend!

  71. ramona says:

    Looking forward to seeing euphonic! Roger Goode!! Veranda panda!!! Omg I can go on n on!!! Cnt wait!!!

  72. Mosa says:

    Roger goode

  73. Purity says:

    Would love to see DJ Kent, DJ Fresh and Roger Goode as iv never seen them playing live.

  74. sisa says:

    What better way 2 party than with the best dj’s around! Dj kent, euphonic and dj fresh!!Would love 2 b all up in their mix

  75. Gugulethu says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting DJ Kent, he is my all time favourite DJ

  76. Rhona says:

    Looking forward to DJ Kent on the VIP space on my very first Durban July experience *twill be the best Bday present ever* lol>>>>>>>>>>>>………………….

  77. Seean says:

    So keen for Kent and Veranda Panda…..Get in my life!!!

  78. Unathi says:

    I would do A LOT to get down to DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s set Im such a stan for them lol.

  79. kapil says:

    Euphonik Euphonik Euphonik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Ntando says:

    i’m looking foward to Dj Kent and Gareth Devore set this would be my first Durban July events hope they have a good set.

  81. Zoey says:

    Lukin 4ward on gettin down nd dirtty wit Euphonick,Fresh nd Kent… 2 tha beat ya’ll!!!

  82. lucky says:

    Dj fresh and euphonik

  83. this is my bigges dream to win and be part of this event.
    I always trus my vodacom contract and advise people to get vodacom.
    so as a biigest user I should get the tickets.

  84. Syborn Kubayi says:

    I m looking forward to see Euphonik i always listen to his house session on Five FM sunday night,DJ Kent and Gareth Devore

  85. denisha pillay says:

    dj martain mcale!!!!!!!!!and euphonik!!!!!!

  86. zinhle sithole says:

    Wuld lyk 2 see Dj Fresh nd Euphonik.iv nvr being in d Durban July Afterparty..*crossing figerz*

  87. MICHELLE says:

    Dj Kent and Euphonik

  88. Senzo says:

    EUPHONIK & FRESH our very own “Timon & Pumbaa ever ready to TAKE OVER THE NIGHT” with their killer music

  89. Duduzile says:

    *screaming*…Dj Kent… I love this man can’t wait to flash @ him when he starts his magic… Hope u*Kent* ready 2 play ur 1ns n 2s on this hot babe LOL… Euphonik cute nyana mara ul hav 2 settle 4 Kent’s left overs *i bow*…LOL come on Durban let’s do this… THIS IS GONNA BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST ROCKING PARTY S.A has ever experienced #so excited

  90. charlotte says:

    Dj Fresh and Euphonik…. *big smile and happy dance*

  91. tebza says:

    Dj Fresh and Roger Goode so looking forward to dance until they call the cops to shut the music down.

  92. nosipho says:


  93. Nelisha Hoopraj says:

    Roggggggger Goode BAYBEH!!! And we love Fressssh and Euphonik !!!! gotta see them Pick meeeeee pleeeease!!!!



  95. sogan naiker says:

    Cant want to see DJ KENT AND EUPHONIK , live in the mix!!!!

  96. Sabelo Mthembu says:

    DJ Kent, He never disappoints, always a good set

  97. Siphilile Mkhwanazi says:

    Dj Fresh and Euphonik

  98. rumeshka pillay says:

    Local is lekker! All the djs r just filled wid awsumess but roger goode never dissapoints. Every year just gets better!!!

  99. rishav thakur says:

    Roger goooooodeeeee!!!!!! I met the love of my life 3 years ago on mr goodes set at dli and every year since he allows me to re-live that moment and fall in love with her all over again. One of the best moments in my life…

  100. Omphile says:

    I can’t wait 4 Dj Fresh & Euphonic; I knw for sure they are going to turn the dance floor on fire; it’s going 2 go down for sure

  101. Hengs says:

    Euphonik bringing the house down!!!!

  102. Sabelo Dlamini says:

    I’m looking forward to see Justin Miller together with DJ Kent. I hope they wont disapoint.


    Sabelo Dlamini

  103. Babongile says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing DJ Kent oooooooweeeee!

  104. Rendani says:

    Euphonik. The last time I watched him on stage, he was ohhhhh

  105. Lauren Mc Master says:

    Euphonik is gonna be MAADDDDDDDDD :D
    Can’t wait to party it up!

  106. Sabelo Ntamane says:

    Im looking forward to see DJ Kent
    Cant wait, that will be nice

  107. emelia jugdav says:

    Euphonik, Martin McHale, the Sp!ndoctor, Gareth Devore, Tomorrow`s Will, G-Funk, Roger Goode, Dean Fuel, Protoculture, DJ Fresh, Kyle Worde, Chris Jack, Veranda Panda, Funky G, Royal K and Justin Miller . . . ALL :) :)

  108. Tamara Brocco says:

    Niskerone Niskerone Niskerone Niskerone Niskerone Niskerone Niskerone

  109. Talia says:

    Roger Goode

  110. Talia says:

    Dj Fresh

  111. Serisha says:

    DJ KENT woohhoo i looove him

  112. Nyiko says:

    Dj Fresh and Euphonik WooooooooooHoooooooo………

  113. bavisha says:

    dj FRESH ! FO SHO

  114. Maxine Moodley says:

    Really looking forward to seen these guys DJ Fresh, Euphonik & Roger Goode play some SICK tunes! These guys are totally epic! NEVER SEEM TO DISAPPOINT!

  115. ahveshan says:

    DJ FRESH all the way !!!!!!!!!

  116. Sinethemba Mthalane says:

    Dj Fresh.
    really loking forward to seeing that guy.

  117. Yugan Rajah says:

    All hail Mchale!!Cranking to see him play live!I love dirty filthy beats that make me wanna dance and Martin Mchale delivers!

  118. Nivasha Ramsaran says:

    Really looking forward to seeing DJ Fresh simply love him

  119. Jessica van Tonder says:

    Would love to introduce my mom to The Commercial Hippies and Niskerone. Almost sure to bring her straight back to her youth :)

  120. raeesa says:

    i would love to see dj Fresh with Roger Goode -pure south african talent first as i have not seen them live there after Dj Kent with Justin Miller lol my early 21st gift if i do win

  121. shaun says:

    roger goode n dj fresh

  122. keegan chettiar says:


  123. jermaine chettiar says:


  124. ow wow thankx for this opportunity, I am looking forward to meet up with Dj Uephoniks,he is damn good in the 1s and 2s..I look up to him as I am d upcoming Dj,always follow him, I wish I could win this VIP ticket to see him play, I know he will ROCK Durban. I admire him VERY much

  125. Luvelle says:

    DJ Kent ! :)

  126. F-U!! Dj Fresh & Euphonik

  127. Candice Poulsen says:

    I am keen to see Roger Goode.

  128. Liana says:

    Euphonik!!!!! :)

  129. Simone Brocco says:

    Dean Fuel! woohoo yay, Raise the Roof

  130. Neo says:

    Euphonik, Dj Kent and Roger Goode( have not heard him live in a while)

  131. Nosiphiwo says:

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing DJ Fresh play, i’ve never been to an event with DJ Fresh on the line-up. So experiencing Fresh’s set for the 1st time at the Durban July would be Super Amazing!

  132. unathi says:

    I’m looking forward to Euphonik we all knw his a ledge for a killing the dance floor and Dj fresh is amazimg can wait for him and Rodger Good no party is complete with out these guys I ll be on that dance floor dancing the night away this after part will be the mother of all party whoop whooooop oh yeah

  133. evan says:

    the man that is “the dj” kent he has been the leader in sa for the last 5 years not many can compare but thers always euphonik,fresh and u can’t forget the goode doctor!

  134. Gugu Nkosi says:

    I’m looking forward to all the Djs actually. No party is complete without the 5fm crew especially ‘The Big Dawg’ Dj Fresh. They know how to bring the house down. Looking forward to the great exprience #Team5fm #TeamVodacom

  135. Xolelwa says:

    Im looking forward to the after party and what it has to offer but my high light will be Dj Fresh and Euphonik

  136. Mosa says:

    Im looking foward to seeing dj fresh and kent woza! Siyabagena!

  137. Prishanthi says:

    DJ Fresh… Ahwooooooooo!!!!!!

  138. Prish says:

    Martin McHale… 330 lives onnnnn!!!!

  139. yannis says:

    Euphonik BABYYYYY !!!!

  140. ahvie says:


  141. Shari-Lee says:

    Roger Goode Wow wow we wa……… SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Molefe Mkhalali says:

    Dj vinny davinci


    wow looks like a fantastic event. Would love to see DJ Fresh

  144. S'YANDER says:

    Im looking foward to seeing Roger goode killing the dance floor on his 1′ns and 2′s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go! Roger Go!

  145. Lutchmi Govender says:

    Euphonik, simply love dat guy.

  146. Milah says:

    I’m so lookin forward to dancing to DJ Euphonic and DJ Kent!Hope they rock I aint sleepin!!!!!

  147. Shivendra says:

    Dj fresh!!! The BEST dj there is!

  148. Shivendra says:

    Dj fresh!!! The best club mixes around!

  149. emelia jugdav says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing dJ FRESH – ‘The Big Dawg’
    God I really need 2 compose myself for that because
    I always wanted 2 see him live in action, doing what
    he does best. So experiencing HIS set for the 1st time
    (OFCOZ AS A VIP \(•ˆ⌣ˆ•)/ ) would be Super Amazing!

    Cnt wait for this awesome event, Durban is going to ROCK…

    I would like to thank my city by night for this awesome, unforgetable
    experience of a lifetime that u have put together.

    ♥♥♥Should I win The memories of this event will remain with me forever♥♥♥

  150. Zandile Miya says:

    Wud lyk 2 meet Dj Kent. Dj Fresh or Euphonik! It seems lyk Dbn will b on fire ths wknd. Go Dbn go! As a Durbanite, using Vodacom & also a no.1 fan of Hunters Dry, all I can say is, All wl b well!

  151. Lindiwe Shibindi says:

    wow i cant wait see Dj Fresh, Euphonik and Kent on the ones and two’s! aziwe strong we ain’t sleeping this is the mother of all parties!

  152. kreesan pillay says:

    Waaaaat, can’t wait to see everyone… Party up the entire night!!! The entire line up looks amaze!!!

  153. Nolita says:

    OMG …..Dj Fresh , Euphonik & Dj Kent can’t wait to see you guyz on Saturday , the actual battle from my favorite Dj’s .CANT WAIT yeeeeeeeey

  154. Lindiwe Shibindi says:

    count down has began 3 days to go. I can’t wait to see my favourite 5fm deejays Fresh and Euphonik on deks! If u wanna dance come to Durban!!!!!!!!

  155. Always wanted to b at Vodacom Durban July Afterparty but cannot afford,I am so looking forward to D best Dj Euphonics. I admire him big time

  156. Nangamso says:

    The people im looking foward to seeing most arethe FeU crew!!!!! Fresh and Euphonic>>> you know Kul Kids Want Elecrto!!!

  157. Atish Hooblal says:

    Would love to see FRESH!

  158. Congrats to Kavish Visram… the VIP jol is yours! Thanks so much for the entries guys and girls!

  159. christie says:

    I cant wait to see DJ KENT and DJ Euphonik just love THEM :-)

  160. christie says:


  161. Ayanda Sikolo says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing DJ Kent he is ma favorite DJ eva he is the Bomb,and i just want to say this is going to be an afta party of afta parties by just looking at the line up.I just wanna say big up to the organizers job well done guys looking forward to meeting you also.I’m really excited

  162. Nolwazi Magwaza says:

    Believe or not, I am looking to forward to seeing all artists on stage….Euphonik, Martin McHale, the Sp!ndoctor, Gareth Devore, Tomorrow’s Will and G – Funk, Roger Goode, Dean Fuel, Protoculture, DJ Fresh and Kyle Worde, Chris Jack, Veranda Panda, Funky G, Royal K and Justin Miller, To an awsum nght in drbn.

  163. Babongile Nhlapo says:

    I’m looking forward to having blast with Euphonik and DJ Kent. My dancing shoes are ready. Let goooooooo!

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