Underground Wednesday @ Trinity



El Gordo
Dean Fuel
Pascal and Pearce
Sedge Warbler


Trinity, 15 Bennett Street,

More Info:


Guestlist closes at 11pm. Get there early to avoid the que.

For guestlist, COMMENT ON THIS POST before 2pm and we will sort you out (Name + Surname + email address/cell number)

Go on, lets get messy with El Gordo before he goes away!

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  1. Daniela Panzeri says:

    #TheGirlsAtDesignIndaba :)

  2. Kyle Stroebel says:

    Add me please

  3. David Stack says:

    Keen to see EL Gordo rip it

  4. Jeffrey Kmelisch says:

    Wouldnt mind foaming at the mouth to El Gordo and PnP!

    How come they playing Zef Warbler with all the electro acts? What time is going to play? Hope first!

    Peace homies

  5. Gideon says:

    Gideon Schneider

  6. Justin says:

    Add me too please…

  7. Justin Michell says:

    Add me too please!!

  8. carmin says:


  9. carmin says:

    Oya and add me too please!

  10. Oliver Schubach says:

    Add me too plz,cant wait to watch El Gordo and Dean pump the jams!

  11. Claire Baleson says:

    #TheGirlsAtDesignIndaba ;) pretty pls

  12. Lisa Bella says:

    Hellooo!! Hi :))

    Would it be possible for me to mail thru some names fo g.list fo tonite pls ????

    Mmmmm super keen :)
    If not can u pls add me :))
    Lisa Bella
    074 700 8035

    Dankie xx

  13. Nicci van Lingen says:

    #TheGirlsAtDesignIndada are ready to razzle. Tnx MyCityByNighy ;0x

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