Mooiness — April 25, 2017 at 11:00

This One Is For The Stoners – Woman Smokes Weed In 100 Different Ways


Being of similar mind to most of the writers here at MyCityByNight, we realise that you’re all probably still high from 4/20 last week and need something to keep you in a celebratory mood. Entering from stage is quite a spectacular effort from a mooiness who decided that the best way to show her love for a very special plant was to show us 100 different ways to get blazed.

Cut Video has kindly enlisted the help of a lovely young lady with some incredible stoner stamina (is that a thing?) to take us through a fairly in depth tutorial on 100 different ways to smoke weed. Sure, it does get a little bit weird near the end with “getting high in an animal suit” being one of the ways to get ghoefed, ut to be honest there are really only so many different instruments that you can use before you start to run out along the 100 list.

Really do have to commend the mooiness in the video though – if we even had to try do a one hundred hits we’d be flat on our backs, calling out for some Pizza Hut and Mountain Dew.

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