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The Multiverz Present “Sacred Technology” with MAJOR7 and X-NOISE (Iboga Records)



The Multiverz is Proud to present “Sacred Technology” with MAJOR7 and X-NOISE (Iboga Records)

Physical Creation has an intelligent pattern that is set in every way by Source Energy. Each sentient being in creation whether a galaxy, a planet, a star or even you, possesses such a plan. All of them are carefully meshed together in a perfect sequence. What results is an immense whole – Welcome to the Multiverz of infinite possibility.

SACRED TECHNOLOGY is the first event in our ELEMENTAL SERIES. FIRE, EARTH, WIND and WATER are the building blocks for life as we know it and represents the earliest form of Technology – a cosmic, celestial and SACRED TECHNOLOGY. Each event will be dedicated to one of the elements, SACRED TECHNOLOGY is born through FIRE!

The Multiverz is symbolized by the concept that all possibilities can exist symbiotically as one.


                MAJOR 7 – IBOGA (ISR)

                X-NOISE  – HOMMEGA (ISR)


                GOKON RAVE – PSYNOPTICS (SA)

                HEADROOM – NANO (SA)




Major7 pic 3

 MAJOR7 is the highly acclaimed Psy=Progressive project of Nadav Bonen & Barak Argaman, the same 2 who stand behind X-noiZe (Hommega rec). 8 years after producing X-noiZe they decided to come up with a new project called MAJOR7 .

Thick chunky phat Proggresive Psy Trance with a modern progressive club beat, dancy and refreshing it integrates power and force with a moderate tempo groove incorporating fresh techno elements and futuristic atmosphere’s, characterizing the next generation of the progressive trance sound.

This duo are one of the busiest acts in the electronic music scene, performing weekly in a different part of the Multiverz. With chart topping EP’s on the biggest labels and a monster debut album (REZONANCE-IBOGA RECORDS)  under their belt you can expect to hear the most advanced cutting edge music the Multiverz has to offer.


X-noiZe are Barak Argaman & Nadav Bonen from Tel-Aviv, Israel. Always aiming high, their tracks have become massive dance floor anthems – as intelligent as it is communicative with massive techno elements, they maintain that undeniable trance sound and remain highly respected in the underground psychedelic scene.

Their nonstop global tour has left many dancers and clubbers breathless in places like Japan , Brazil , Mexico ,USA , UK , Italy, Germany, Switzerland , Russia ,Portugal, Serbia ,Australia ,Korea, Greece ,France , Portugal , Denmark, Sweden ,Austria , India , Thailand , Israel , and the list goes on …


The word Gokon was a combination of (Rob) GOnzo & EmoutiKON. Later, we discover it also comes from the Japanese words ‘konpa’ – a shin dig or get together for group members – and ‘godo’ – together, or connected. Some references state that compa (as opposed to kompa) comes from the English word, “companion”.


Headroom likes to break the realm of the expected. He strives for the best quality production in high tech trance, keeping it fun, psychedelic & a little bit twisted. He has been ‘eyes wide shut – ears wide open’ in his studio, working on a new tale to add to his offbeat sound story with a positively new chapter coming your way soon. Headroom embraces the rush of a full floor of full on fans, in full emotion.


Sad Paradise AKA Broken Toy. Yes that’s right!! James Copeland has created a mega funked out super slamming progressive project called Sad Paradise. The debut EP of Sad Paradise will be available on Iboga Records sooner than you think!







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VIP Tickets R190 – only 150 available.

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 Competition Time: 

We have been given a mega hamper from the Multiverz crew. Tickets, a Major 7 CD, Multiverz merchandise. Check this out:

Hamper details:

1 Major 7 CD

1 Multiverz Hoodie

1 Multiverz T-Shirt


 What you need to do:

To qualify for this prize you need to like the Multiverz page: (click here)

Join the event and share it: (click here)


Comment below on this blog post and finish the sentence off:

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Winners will be announced on the 29th of May! GO!

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  1. “I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because…” I am 100% behind the people who have started MultiVerz and what they stand for and value in the trance scene. I would like to see them prosper, revolutionizing the South African scene for the better and hope to work with them in the future myself – in whichever form possible. Bless. 🙂

  2. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because I am a true major 7 fan since their set at rezonance! I have literally been begging every party-planner I know to bring major 7 back to CT and they finally are! I blast their music whenever I can and a pre-drinks just isn’t a pre-drinks until major 7 has played… My friends are sick of them already with me blasting their tunes at every opportunity and I can’t get enough! Hands down I’ll be THAT girl front right when they play 🙂

  3. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because I had a great time during both their sets at Rezonance 2013. Their sunday set is possibly one of the best outdoor day set ive witnessed. So seing them play at an indoor party should be super interesting 😉

  4. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because my friends and I had a great time during both of Major 7s sets at Rezonance. Their sunday set is possibly one of the best and heaviest outdoor stomps ive had. So seeing them play at an indoor should be quite interesting to say the least. 😉 I’ll def go to this event regardless of if I win the this comp or not. But it would be nice see what the “VIP” during a trancie entails.

  5. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because … Do I really really have to give a reason ? Oh okay – if I really really have to ! Because it’s AWESOME, SUPERCOOL and MULTIVERZ ! Hat should be more than enough reason !

  6. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because… I am flying down from Johannesblah to CPT for the MAJOR 7 & X-NOISE – SACRED TECHNOLOGY – presented by MULTIVERZ Productions event. With winter coming up fast, the MULTIVERZ hoody would keep a brother or his vrou lekker warm mos. OH and not even to speak about the Major 7 CD, my ears are begging all ready 😀 juss!

  7. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because, honestly, this event looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! I can not wait to be jolling on the dance floor, losing my mind to the thumping beats that I KNOW all of the DJs will be dropping.

    In South Africa we are so privileged to have awesome international acts such as Major 7 and X-Noise coming out here to play. Not only that, but our locals know how to tear shit up and Headroom, Gokon Rave and Sad Paradise (Broken Toy) are some of the best examples of this. Whenever even ONE of these DJs is listed on a lineup, I am itching to go to the event. Now, they’re all playing at the SAME party?!!?!? Seriously?! I cannot miss this!

    Now, winning tickets AND winning the incredible merchandise that’s up for grabs? Like I said – too good to be true. Hoodies are super legit and I’d be so proud to represent MULTIVERZ by wearing their kickass hoodie. Major-7 CD you say? Well now, I don’t see that ever being ejected from the CD drive in the car after it goes in 😀

    Guys, please make me the happiest girl in Cape Town by choosing me as the winner of this awesome competition! 😀 One Love

  8. “I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because…”they Rock

  9. “I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because, i want to party like a rock star 🙂

  10. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because… something so spectacular has not occurred for my birthday in like EVER (still can’t believe Major 7 ON my birthday – well done guys for organizing such a great party for me, oh you shouldn’t have), so please make this earth-day extra special and let me have these splendid goods. Major 7 has become part of my life ever since those mind-shattering sets at Rezonance and to top it off, I seriously want to experience Sad Paradise (and the rest of the sick line-up) in full swing. Come on you sexy beasts at Multiverz, make this my best party to date, I know you can. Love & light x

  11. “I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because then i can be a certified proud ambassador of the brand , promoting all over S.A

  12. i want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because it puts the AWE in AWESOME and I’ll represent in a Multivers hoodie at the last parties of the outdoor season and u know it can get leke cold this time of year ;).

  13. I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because its a great way to start our winter skudskud! Major7 makes me loose like a goose!

  14. i want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because…my tailfeathers need one last ruffle-ruffle-wiggle-wiggle, and my feet one last stomp-stomp to Major 7 and co.’s super sexy scrumptious beats before I set off into hiberation…

  15. “I want to win this AWESOME Multiverz hamper because, well firstly Multiverz are, excuse my german, but fucking awesome!! What you guys are doing is way too good, and I shall stay an avid supporter. And secondly…… um, well have you noticed the line up???! 🙂 🙂 🙂 And I finish exams on the Friday, what a way to celebrate! 🙂

  16. Well done to Shuabe Jacobs

    You will be emailed shortly!

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