Technology — April 6, 2017 at 09:00

The Mexican Tourism Board Just Invented Clouds That Rain Tequila


This is by far the coolest bit of marketing we’ve seen in a long while! In a bid to attract droves of tourists to their country to spend some cash and uplift the economy, the Mexican Tourist Board decided to enlist the help of a digital tech agency to create a cloud that rains tequila. We kid you not, the “rain” from these clouds is actually alcoholic.

The cloud made it’s debut at an art gallery in Berlin earlier this week and will soon be installed across Mexico as a means of generating a little bit of excitement around visiting the country. The cloud making system uses ultrasonic humidifiers, which vibrate tequila at a frequency that transforms it into a mist of sorts which collects in a plastic container where it forms a cloud, which periodically rains tequila.

Any visitors to the installations are then able to collect tequila shots from the cloud (just don’t get it in your eyes). I know where we’re going on our next holiday.

So this was a cloud of tequila. I'm sold. #tequilacloud #urbanspree

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