Random — October 8, 2012 at 09:00

The Japanese have got weirder- Introducing: Bagel Heads


Japanese people have come up with plenty of cool stuff that has made the world better for the rest of us- Dragonball Z, Asimo, the Honda Civic Type R etc. Unfortunately along the way they’ve also given us a couple of very very bad ideas… Cue the Bagel Heads.

Normally a piercing here or there can add to the general allure of an individual but you always get that one dude who pushes it too far and gets everything barring his penis decorated with a really cool bolt through it. Bagel Heads are those people. In Japan these crazies inject saline into their foreheads and push down on its center to produce a shape akin to a bagel. I kid you not.

The effects last about a day and the process looks unbelievably gross. I don’t know, it’s not for me but maybe I’m just not in the know. Here’s the video from the episode of the Nat Geo series Taboo where the crazy was first exposed to the rest of the world. Wowzers.

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