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How to Rock the Daisies – The Final Chapter

Unfortunately, due to his relegation to vimeo, Schalk Bezuidenhout experienced chronic heart-break and tragically left this cyber-space world last week […]

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Burn Trials- Out of the Maze and onto the Playa

Quizno’s, a sandwich brand have created this incredibly funny video about the people of Burning Man. This has to be […]

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Brendon Wainwright caught the electrical storm last night and filmed the whole encounter! Watch his Cape Town time lapse right […]

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I AM CAPE TOWN [timelapse by Brendon Wainwright]

One of our favourite local photographers and all round nice guy, Brendon Wainwright, has got some incredible footage of Cape […]

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Eskom Chic: I Got Dressed In the Dark / Riordan Allen (Frieze Films)

Frieze Films’ new director, Riordan Allen, has just released Eskom Chic – I Got Dressed in the Dark, a load shedding-inspired […]

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Aussie Surfer Catches Great White Circling Him While Surfing

A video has surfaced of an Aussie surfer from Sydney who got some GoPro footage of what looked like a […]

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Cape Cobra vs Cape Coloured

There is a saying I live by on the internet – #OldButGold and this is proof as this video was […]

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AMPERSAND – A Short Freestyle Skate Film

This is the beginning of many short freestyle skateboarding films created by the Break Your Crayons Collective, a new breed […]

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Watch Three Badass Ex Cops Smoke Weed & Get High

In honour of the 20th of April aka 4 20, the guys from Cut Video went out and found 3 […]

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Music Video of the Day | GoodLuck – All The Colours [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Music Video of the Day | GoodLuck – All The Colours [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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How to win street fights in the hood!!

This is probably my favourite prank video of all time. This is definitely not the wisest prank, where the guys […]

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Vuyo Mvoko of SABC Mugged Live On Air.

There are two sides to this dramatic footage of SABC’s Vuyo Mvoko being mugged on air, and let’s get the […]

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