SYNW x CAPE AUDIO COLLEGE [Win An Awesome Hamper]

Cape Audio College celebrate the end of term with a special takeover of SYNW – featuring some of their most talented alumni past and present!

- Grimehouse
- Enough Weapons
- Mezzanine
- Blitzkrieg
- Kay Faith

9PM / R30

Competition time:

The legends over at SYNW & Cape Audio College have hooked us up a pretty sick hamper for all of you party animals hitting SYNW this Wednesday!

We have the following to give away:

Sennheiser 205′s, 6 pack of monster and 4 guestlist. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Simply comment below with your full name and why you love SYNW.


Winners announced Wednesday afternoon!

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  1. Jess says:

    Wednesday is a good night to party!~

  2. Elan Schnider says:

    Wednesday is the greatest day of the week because of SYNW. SYNW always has the freshest acts to showcase at the greatest venue.

  3. Tess Minnaar says:

    Cause Wednesday is HUMP day!!!!!! Best day of the damn week!

  4. Matthew Moss says:

    Why I love SYNW? Thursday is the new Sunday followed by the awesomeness of Friday. Mid week madness for those majors ups.

  5. Mark Cyrus says:

    For one thing it always comes around once a week.. and what better way to get over the daily grind blues than a good skop at the Assembly halfway though the week !!!

  6. Callum Bugler says:

    Sometimes you just can’t wait for the weekend, sometimes you want it now, sometimes you just need to lose your shit midweek, SYNW is ALWAYS there for you! Week in, week out the lineups are crazy! And when Grimehouse is destroying a set or when Enough Weapons are dropping it hard there’s no way you’re keeping me and my friends from the madness!!

  7. Jarryd Kellett says:

    SYNW showcases and provides a platform for present and upcoming talent which some may not have recognized yet but definitely do once they on stage

  8. Daron Avinir says:

    Wednesday’s the new Thursday, great artists every SYNW!

  9. jp Swartskaap says:

    I love SYNW because it usually showcases new talent. So many of the big artist in the CT scene played their first live show at SYNW. And its at assembly, so its always filled with some lekker people, good music and one hell of a rawkus party

  10. Devin Cyrus says:

    Because it makes those Wednesday ‘hump-day’ blues go away!

  11. Kyle Etsebeth says:

    SYNW is the original mid-week party that is yet to disapoint! Not only does it provide reason to have an unproductive Thursday but it has helped many students to forget harsh realities of work, budgets, and rules of society. The cheapest party on the wallet, with awesone people, in an awesome venue SYNW is legend. The music is pretty fantadtic too ;) Great memories and an even better vibes…..for this is why I love SYNW!!

    PS.Cape Audio College parties are always a hi light on the SYNW calendar, im sure tonight will be no different! Need some respite from the exam I would have just written! :P

  12. Dorin Braun says:

    I love SYNW because its the perfect way to get away from the books during an intense week of work.

  13. Michael Wilson says:

    SYNW always an excuse to take a mid week break, THIS IS WHY I LOVE WEDNESDAY, EVENTS LIKE THIS!

  14. Kreg says:

    Well done to Kyle Etsebeth. Please check your mail!

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