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South Africa’s got talent Cape Town auditions


If any of you have had the opportunity to watch America’s Got Talent on the Series channel you will know that this shows provides the viewer with endless hours of entertainment watching people display such amazing talents as “setting themselves alight while juggling”.

Thankfully SABC has been kind enough to give us a second season of the show and Round two of the theatre auditions will take place in Cape Town on Saturday 4 September and Sunday 5 September. Yay- maybe one of the knife-jugglers will impale themselves or alternatively one of the magician’s assistants will disappear forever and then the afternoon out will be almost entirely worthwhile based on that alone.

SABC 2 are inviting the public to come down to the Cape Town International Convention Centre to not only be part of the show, but to support the likes of our own local Cape Town talent.

Filming starts at 8am to 1pm and then continues from 2pm until the early evening. 

You will also have the chance to meet the three judges for this year’s competition: Ian Von Memerty, Randall Abrahams (judge slut) and Shado Twala, and to react to their comments first hand (feel free to boo and cheer at will). Presenters Anele Mdoda (hmm, we’ll see how she is on tv) and Rob Van Vuuren (from Corne and Twakkie) will be at the auditions at times making their way onto stage to challenge the judges and even participate in some of the weird, wonderful and straight up odd acts.

Cadbury Lunch Bar- the show’s sponsor, will also be giving out hampers and loads of chocolate throughout the day and much much more.

All you have to do is send an email with your name and how many people will be attending to or contact 011 348 1400 to secure your seat.

Dress: Smart – As a guest of the show you will be on national television in a prime time slot. Therefore we observe a strict no jeans, sneakers, caps, beanies or hoodies policy.

SA’s Got Talent will premiere on Thursday 16 September on SABC 2 at 19h30 and is brought to you by Cadbury Lunch Bar “Much, Much more.”

We’ll try and organize a bit of a chat with the presenters and some of the judges as I’m sure this year’s show will be filled with its fair share of controversy.

Yay for SABC getting some good local programming… Yay for SA’s Got Talent Season 2!!!


  1. gud evening south africa the show has been absolutely marvelous despite people hu fink dat dey hve talent. news flash…stick to breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but to other contestants hu hve taken part in this show u hve really shown us ur gr8 talent nd that south africa has a whole lot to offer than the big five. randal u sud stick 2 crying…..

  2. All 3 judges are great. “But” Randal you absolutely 100% sexy. you put some spicy spice into the show. just never think of quiting.

  3. Dear all…we have a car guard with a very tragic story…he has one beautiful eye and the most beautiful voice…we hear him during the day and early eveing seranading us. We looked for him at the last SAs Got talent but could not find him. he is here once again. If you are interested i will tell u how u can find him and his story.

    • Get him to enter Idols!! Auditions are coming up soon!! We arent personally involved in SA’s got talent, but would love to see a guy with a story make it 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply. He sings like Andreas Botticelli? Will this be suitable for idols. With that kind of voice what “idols” genre do you think would suit him.

        • Randall will probably have something arsey to say about Idols being a pop competition etc but being featured on tv might just be the shot this guy needs to get recognised and signed to somewhere that appreciates his talents. Maybe a Youtube video would help??! We all know how powerful youtube can be as a medium for discovering talent (and also lack thereof). Where is this guy based? Would love to hear his skills!

  4. Hope street mainly

  5. Chances are you will hear him…ask the local car guards…you’ll get a symphony 🙂

  6. I There You Guys!
    Can you guys maybe tell me when is the next SA’s got talent in 2011, can’t seem to find it on the web???

  7. I wanna be on South africa’s got talent… I’ve been searching and searching for the audition dates but i cant get hold of the,… someone please help

  8. is this audition (4th and 5th September, in Cape Town) for this year or last year???????????

  9. please please please i really dont wanna miss this year’s auditions please post this years audition dates?

  10. please please please can you send me the date of SA’S GOT TALENT 2011 to us??We really wanna join this years SA’S GOT TALENT…We’ve won many talent shows at our school,Please x 100000 can you please send the infomation to us….Our names are Thandazo,Thembeka,Lulu + Mickey…
    Thank You

  11. Good day

    I was wondering if you are going to run a SA got talent 2011 this year, you think you have seen the best of all the talent in SA? you haven’t seen me.
    I am a 27 year old female with talent in abundance and would be one of the many people begging you to re feature SA got Talen this year.
    If not for me Please do it for the millions of talented South Africans just desperately awaiting their BIG BREAK

    Karushah Mabombo

  12. My dughter want to know how can she join SA got talent she is in Cape Town her name Pear 14 years old,please reply to my e-mail address or send sms to 0849942334

  13. My daugher Pearl want to join SA got talent ,please advised how and when she is in Cape Town, reply to my e-mail or sms to 0849942334

    • Patricia, once again- we’re not actually involved in SA’s Got Talent, we just covered the competition. Your guess is as good as ours when it comes to SAGT and when its happening again. If we do hear anything, we will let everyone know.

  14. hi i just wanted to know if there is going to be a SA’s got talent for 2011?

  15. I want to join the South Africa’s got talent,please let me know about this year’s auditions.Reply on this email add. Or sms me on 076 xxxxxx,I live in pretoria

    • Hi Evodia, I removed your cell phone number- you cant just go sticking it all over the web, peeps might stalk you. Once again, we have no affiliation with SA’s Got Talent and have no idea if another season is taking place- its not our fault that our awesome SEO work makes Google send everyone here 🙂


  17. I am going to be on the show as soon as the auditions begn, n i’m from port elizbeth, so watch the space

  18. Am I too late to audition for SAs got talent I am in Cape Town


  20. Where are the contact numbers for SA got talent, I would like to cotanct them. I am in cape town

  21. im looking for a producer im from south africa. i learnd about u so late
    cause i came from austrlia.

    078 41 48 045

    im in hip hop and R&B

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