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Song of the Day: Pharrell Williams – Happy (Cape Town Version)


Song of the Day: Pharrell Williams – Happy (Cape Town Version)

Directed by: Shamiel Soni & Tannan Woods
Produced by: Nicki Priem
D.O.P: Roscoe Vercueil
Editor: Stephen du Plessis
Colorists: Roscoe Vercueil & Stephen du Plessis


MoVi Unit: Sky-Lab Productions

Special Thanks to Nicholas Doble & the Panavision Cape Town Team.

Special Thanks to the People of Cape Town.

Inspired by Pharrell Williams
Written and Produced by Pharrell Williams



  1. Awesome job guys! Great video!

  2. What a stunning place for a music video! And who says our people can’t dance — esp. our laaities; natural rhythm! Music videos like this will popularise and immortalise our city and its many faces and facets! Aaah, my city!

  3. Sans whites…. Really

  4. Cape Town just made me proud! Love the work guys

  5. Why the hell was the video removed from YouTube? If someone has a link to the video or the video itself can you please e-mail the link or video to with the subject Pharell Williams – Happy (Cape Town Version)?
    From Benjamin Gordon Nell

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