Song of the Day: Pharrell Williams – Happy (Cape Town Version)

Song of the Day: Pharrell Williams – Happy (Cape Town Version)

Directed by: Shamiel Soni & Tannan Woods
Produced by: Nicki Priem
D.O.P: Roscoe Vercueil
Editor: Stephen du Plessis
Colorists: Roscoe Vercueil & Stephen du Plessis


MoVi Unit: Sky-Lab Productions

Special Thanks to Nicholas Doble & the Panavision Cape Town Team.

Special Thanks to the People of Cape Town.

Inspired by Pharrell Williams
Written and Produced by Pharrell Williams



  1. Caroline says:

    Awesome job guys! Great video!

  2. Marc-Andre says:

    What a stunning place for a music video! And who says our people can’t dance — esp. our laaities; natural rhythm! Music videos like this will popularise and immortalise our city and its many faces and facets! Aaah, my city!

  3. Rainbow Nation says:

    Sans whites…. Really

  4. Brent Samaai says:

    Cape Town just made me proud! Love the work guys

  5. Why the hell was the video removed from YouTube? If someone has a link to the video or the video itself can you please e-mail the link or video to with the subject Pharell Williams – Happy (Cape Town Version)?
    From Benjamin Gordon Nell

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