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Shop Owners Beat Up Robber In Cape Town


Pakistanti Store Owners
This seems to be happening a lot more in Cape Town over the past few weeks. Store owners, locals and people who have run into issues with criminal behaviour have been taking the law into their own hands and given the criminals a piece of their minds.

We, in no way, condone this sort of violence nor do we wish it upon any, mob justice is not the answer. This is an unfortunate situation & the shop owners should have held the burglar and called the police with immediate effect.

Warning: Not for sensitive viewers

Shop Owners Beat Up Robber In Cape Town


  1. A criminal trying to feed himself gets smacked up while Zuma783 sits comfortably in his Nkandla mansion.



  2. 1 Shop owner beats up a robber, many shop owners beat up a robber.

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