Cape Town, Style — February 7, 2011 at 11:30

Royal Vendetta Rock n Roll Boutique


At MyCityByNight we’re massive supporters of local designers and good quality fashion put together right here inside the Republic of South Africa, which is why we were rather chuffed when the crew from the ultra cool Royal Vendetta Boutique in Claremont Cape Town got hold of us to ask us what we thought of their creative skills.

As a “Rock ‘n Roll” boutique, the clothes that live on racks in store are very edgy and portray an image of effortless cool, similar to all those European/American rock ads we see selling us a plethora of things we may or may not need. All of their stock is 100% local and is either made by themselves or one of the other talented local designers that they have ok’d as cool enough to share the trendy Claremont floorspace. What MyCityByNight thinks makes these peeps extra special is that they’ve grown up right here alongside us in the creative hub of Cape Town and since the old days of dodgy haircuts and Kelloggs Frosties they’ve been endorsed (and inked) by a host of local tattoo artists, thus firmly cementing their place as one of the cool kids.

Already having collaborated with the likes of Flexfit next up is a special little creative project with… you guessed it… MyCityByNight. That’s right, soon you’ll be able to wear us, so to speak 🙂 We’re off to pick up our limited edition custom Vendetta Tees from the shop this week and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as the project progresses through to completion. We’re super excited- can you tell??!!!

For more information check out the Royal Vendetta Facebook page over HERE & their official website over HERE

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