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Richie Hawtin at Truth (WIN a hamper)



Last week we told you a little bit about Richie Hawtin playing a rather special party at Truth In Jozi later this month. This week, we’re bringing you the full line-up and a chance to win a rather rad giveaway.

The line-up is as follows:

Black Coffee, Culoe de Song, Strat3gy, Andi Dill, Digital Rockit, Guy Herhan, Brad S, Jon S, D’Ritmo, Jimmy Chronic, Euphonik, Catherine Grenfell, Vimo, Ryan Dent, Kid Fonque, Andrew The DJ, Offbeat and Dexterity (Unsound System), Benson, Dirty Herz, Iain Wylder, James Damian, Morgan & Speedy. Truth really is going all out for this one and you can expect a party that is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen at the legendary club.

Competition Time:

We’re giving away 2 hampers including: Double tickets – a freshly-designed Truth t-shirt, stickers and R150 bar tab! To win simply let us know who you’re most amped to see out of the line-up just mentioned. Winners will be annnounced on the 14th of February 2013.

Richie Hawtin + 23 top local DJs = The ultimate night out.


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  1. I’m kak excited for VIMO, Black Coffee, Guy Herman and obviously the infamous RICHIE HAWTIN….. BEST SH*t. #stompsession

  2. Definitely Jimmy Chronic,Andi Dill and Richie Hawtin most of all of course!! 😀 The king of minimal himself at the home of the underground electronic music in South Africa…what more could you possibly want?

  3. Most def Richie Hawtin because it’s one of my boyfriend’s favourite international DJ’s and I’m keen to hear his sound, plus he looks like a young David Bowie to me which is quite fascinating, lol. Other DJ’s I’m amped to see are Euphonik – his slots on the Ultimix at 5 on 5fm are awesome! Dirty Herz were off the hook at the one Cosmic Gate event I went to, Iain Wylder always plays a gr8 set, as well as James Damian, Morgan and Speedy! Those are all my top fav’s to see and support 🙂

  4. Black Coffee. Have never seen him live, it’s about time I do

  5. Obviously I’m most excited to finally see Richie Hawtin, a pioneer in EDM and Techno. Yeeeehaaa!

  6. Black Coffee, Culoe De Song and Hawtin !!!

  7. Absolutely Every Single one of these Acts Simply because Each DJ are None other but our Local Best DJ’s Feat. The Worlds Legend Richie Hawtin at SA top CLUB!! ♥ Gonna be one epic Night =D

  8. Richie Hawtin of course the pioneer of techno!

  9. Looking forward to seeing the epic Richie Hawtin – die hard minimal fan, have seen some of his proteges (Magda, Matador etc.) but never the man himself. His live plasticman shows were supposed to have been epic. Missed him in every city I have lived but sure as hell would love to catch this gig!

    Make me win!

  10. Vimo – deep house and revival sound of note !! Vimo makes people wanna get sexy !
    Richie Hawtin bringing the electro sound, always adding new elements and technology behind the dj world !!

  11. What a lineup!!!! Cant wait, ganna be the party of the year 😀

  12. Its gettin’ HAWTINHERE!! Definitely Richie! I have seen him play live and with the Minus crew a few times. It was unforgettable! Thank you TRUTH!! Oh and its my what better way to spend it and get an awesome Hamper 🙂

  13. As I am from Germany I would love to see Richie Hawtin here in Johannesburg!!!

  14. Richie Hawtin, Dirty Herz, Vimo.

  15. Euphonik

  16. I’m amped to see the main man Ritchie Hawtin perform as well as the one and only Black Coffee.Culoe de Song gonna kill it too for a fact!Gonna be a big night at truth!

  17. Richie Hawtin! Without a doubt!

  18. Richie Hawtin is definitely of my top 10 DJ’s of all time, can’t wait to hear him ripping up the decks….. Vimo and Guy Herman never dissapoint, so I’m always excited to see them play and hear their amazing sets, especially the sunrise sessions!!!!
    Can’t wait to hear the techno, minimal and deep house that is about to flow through my body! #discodamage #truthftw

  19. Richie Hawtin

  20. Richie Hawtin, Black Coffee, Guy Herman and James Damian…this my dear friends…is gonna be HUGE! Pick me Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. vimo, Guy Herman, Jimmy Chronic, and Of fucking course the man we’re all there for 😉

  22. Most amped 2 see VIMO, JON S, GUY HERMAN,DIGITAL ROCKIT n ofcourse da master himself RITCHIE HAWTIN rock SA’s best undeground club………..TRUTH!!!!!!!!

  23. The Worlds Legend Richie Hawtin at South Africa’s top CLUB!!! ♥WE going to have a good time♥WE going to PARTY♥ Gonna be one epic Night!!! =D

    *TRUTH* will set you FREE baybee

    *Peace ‘n Love * Niloo Popzz*

    Anxiously awaiting the night

  24. Richie Hawtin, Ryan Dent, Kid Fonque, Euphonik. I’ve been awaiting this epic night for quite some time. So looking forward to THIS party

  25. Need a real party to relax were looking after my sisters 3 kids wile they were away over sees for 2 weeks.

  26. Without a doubt Richie Hawtin, Pioneer of techno!!!!

    What more can i ask for a post birthday party at one of my favourite underground clubs, with top SA artists as well as the one and only techno legend Richie.

    This will make my birthday one to remember!

  27. Everybody could use a little Rehab now and again in South Africa
    So lets be honest to ourselves, with the love for music and dance…

    THIS party is going to be one of the most memorable underground events for 2013 with such amazing lineups that include the most electrifying dj’s collaborating around:
    1)Richie Hawtin, 2) Black Coffee, 3)Euphonic, 4)Speedy 5)PhatJack and 6) James Damian

  28. Firstly the celtic music transports one onto another plane.
    The beauty of the harp and the exquisite dance send one to the celtic highlands.The beauty of the female dances and the sounds of 1)Richie Hawtin, 2) Black Coffee, 3)Euphonic, 4)Speedy 5)PhatJack and 6) James Damian, leaves nothing to the imagination.

  29. I would love to express my love for techno by witnessing the masterful performance I’m certain Richie Hawtin has in store for us! What a wonderful Valentine’s gift that would be! This one deserves getting dressed up to the tilt for!!! Whoohoo! Did someone say quality party?

  30. Definitely Vimo and Ryan Dent! Maybe Richie Hawtin

  31. Vimo and Ryan Dent for sure! Maybe Richie Hawtin:p

  32. Euphonik, Jon S, Unsound System, James Damian and last but not least RICHIE HAWTIN!!!

  33. Hallo! With a Line up like that its hard to choose, but i must say i am definitely excited to see Jimmy Chronic, Black coffee and obviously Richie Hawtin

    Let Me Haaave ITTT!

  34. Sooooper excited to see Richie…think it’s going to be extremely awesome way to see him live for the first time ever!!!

  35. Most def D’Ritmo, Euphonik, Vimo and maybe that guy Richie Hawtin!!!! 😉

    I am rather EXCITED!!

  36. Richie Hawtin -_- I don’t understand how that question can be asked,as talented as all the local djs are Richie Hawtin is the master. So make my year and help me be the guy in the front of the crowd losing his mind to some of the best beats this world has to offer…or don’t but either way I’ll still be that guy just not with as much money in my pocket 🙁 so help a brother out 😀

  37. Richie Hawtin & Digital Rockit

  38. Richie Hawtin, is arguably one of the greatest electronic pioneers known to man!! Not only that, but he shares a similar background to me, being half-British and Canadian! I have been wanting to see this man in action for years from his beat dropping base to his ear-gasmic sounds this guy has a serious influence on my love for the techno scene! I have never been to Truth, and if you did this for me I would represent all the peeps from cape town and most importantly the ou’s from MYCITYBYNIGHT! Im pretty broke and need these tickets so i can take my party to the next level!! HOOK A CHINA UP!!!

  39. Andi Dill – for the minimal vibes and Richie Hawtin for the eruptions. Lets have it!

  40. I’m amped for D’Ritmo!!….(and Richie of course!) whoop!!

  41. Richie Hawtin hands down!!!would be so lucky to see him in action:)

  42. Congrats to Philippe Roux & Bianca Meyer – You’ll be ripping it up with Mr Hawtin this weekend. You should get a mail soon with all the deets 🙂

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