REMANUFACTURE presents IndepenDANCE ft Dapanji & Class A! [Win Tickets to ALL Beartrap Events]


Since it’s inception in 2007, Remanufactures has garnered a reputation as one of Cape Towns leading psy-trance events.

The intention to deliver a fresh, unique experience, which remains true to the essence of psy, cape town style, has become the core of the events ethos and one that the dance floor embraced with open hearts and minds.

Now, more than half a decade in the making, this event is proud to announce the return of one the most loved international producers:

★ Dapanji ★



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DapAnji (phantasm rec, Israel)

This dynamic duo have both been making music since their preteen years but once they discovered psyculture and it’s music, they were hooked.  Both broke into the scene in their individual capacities as DJs and spent a great deal of time playing all over Israel. At a very young age, Daniel was fortunate to play alongside a multitude of artists like Absolum, CPU, Bliss and Exaile, among others.  At the end of 2006 the two joined forces. The combined result of this energetic and bold partnership is Dapanj.

After spending an intense amount of time in the studio, refining their talent and defining their unique sound, they released their debut album – Born To Break (2009), on the well known Phantasm Records label – this fiercely well received release is full of crazy breaks and phat earth shattering bass lines, colored with funky psychedelics and the occasional unexpected groove. Many of the tracks off this album (such as Cracking Skulls and Attention Please!) are still played on trance floors all over the world.

They really are taking full on to the next level and as Phantasm Records said, “they are set to raise the bar of what’s expected from innovative studio producers” – we agree…. !

A place for your IndepenDANCE

★ 34° 04’44.64″ S 19° 17′ 07.57″ E

From Cape Town:
♦ Take the N2 over Sir Lowry’s Pass.
♦ At the Peregrine Farm Stall turn left onto R321 to Elgin/Grabouw (second Grabouw turnoff).
♦ At the first right turn onto R321 (direction Villiersdorp).
♦ Just before Villiersdorp turn right onto the R43 (towards Hermanus – this is not a dirt road).
♦ Follow the signs from there.
♦ Entrance to the venue is on your left, just past the water works.
♦ Avoid the dirt road which goes to Hermanus.
♦ In the event that you find yourself on this road, turn left when you reach the T-Junction which intersects the tar road.

There’s not much that can be done to improve this venue, but a few enhancements to this stunning space will make it a little more comfortable

new “pods” will be cleared for shaded camping long the road leading to dance floor

more space will be allocated & levelled to accommodate our growing parking needs

in order to make the scout for a prime camping pod easier, drivers can make use of the drop of zone. Drop your gear and posse off there before making your way to the parking areas

〈〈〈◄ T.I.C.K.E.T.S ►〉〉〉

►〉〉〉 GATE :: R270

►〉〉〉 PRESALE :: R240

►〉〉〉 :: R245 (until Thursday 14 Nov)

►〉〉〉 SUNDAY TICKETS :: R180 from 9am


♦ Canal Walk: Shop 454, Surf Centre 021 -555 4970
♦ Somerset West: Old Skool Tattoos: 071 -345 5096
♦ Stellenbosch: Gypsy 021 – 886 7157
♦ Subway: 87 Buitengracht st 021 – 422 4974
♦ Kalk Bay: Gypsy 021 – 7886802
♦ Observatory: Revolution Records – 0836236071
♦ Sea Point: Call-a-Pizza (after 5pm) 021 – 434 0818
[booking fee at outlets discretion]

〉〉〉 Traders welcome:


■ Massive Turbosound Flex Array Rig manufactured by@ RP SOUND and engineered by Dale Byl

■ Dance floor on the river
■ Food and craft market
■ More shaded camping
■ More secure parking
■ Specialised event safety & security teams incl medics, fire & water safety crews & event security specialists
■ Fully licensed bar
■ Remanufacture signature decor
■ Mind bending visuals
■ Custom manufacture intelligent lighting spectacle
■ Beautiful people
■ Great vibes
■ The best full on beats


■ NOT a Gas cooker
■ tent & padlock
■ swimming gear
■ sunscreen
■ citronella oil
■ torch and extra batteries
■ car charger for your mobile
■ comfy stomping shoes

〈〈〈◄ CONSTITUTION ★ of ★ IndepenDANCE ►〉〉〉

REMANUFACTURE supports and promotes a responsible party environment.

✿ Please respect the space
Think green
Think growth
Think life

- The venue is on a living farm which sustains an entire family and a community of people.
- Trance parties are not their livelihood.
- Farming is!

The farmer has been gracious enough to allow us to return to this sacred space for another event.
We expect nothing from you, expect for the utmost respect for him and his land.

Anyone found damaging the trees, orchards, vineyards, irrigation, fencing, animals etc, will immediately be removed from the property, without negotiation.

✿ No Eco Levy
Manage your own space. Keep it clean and leave it green.
Leave no trace, just memories of a happy place

NO littering ★ NO pets ★ NO glass allowed in the venue.
NO firearms or weapons of any kind (incl fists) ★ NO illegal substances

Check your bad attitudes and negative vibes when you leave the 021 area ★ Turn your frowns upside down ★ We will not tolerate grumpiness ★ Naughty children will be relocated to the naughty corner

♣ Although the organizers of REMANUFACTURE have taken every measure to make this event safe & secure for you, remember that entry and participation is entirely at your own risk.

♣ The promoters accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even to negligence of any kind by the organisers, venue owner, contractors and other associates.


♣ Line up, times and venue are subject to change without notice.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ★ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Competition Time:

We have been given 3 tickets and R200 bartab to give away to REMANUFACTURE.


2x tickets to Celestial Beings
2x Tickets to Ground Zero

What we need you to do:

To stand of a chance of winning the hamper of tickets to Remanufacture, Celestial Beings AND Ground Zero. Comment below and let us know WHY you are the one who deserves these GOLDEN tickes and we’ll be choosing a winner on the 12th of November.

You have to be a fan of the ReManufacture page: (click here)

Make sure you share, tweet and Facebook this link to your friends.


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  1. Andrea Erasmus says:

    I deserve to win because I am a fine specimen remanufactured into a celestial being on the one and only ground zero. I’ve been sent back to Earth to make sure the trance is pumping like CRAZY!!!

  2. Bianca Moksha Boshoff says:

    I know for a fact that I deserve the Golden Ticket as I have always supported these outdoor parties and I really do have the most amazing mind blowing time! This hamper would create way to much happiness and make me giddy with excitement.

  3. NovaC says:

    The great thing about trance, when that wave of sounds flow through your Celestial being, everything slows down , life in those moments becomes slower, happiness is paused in time as you are enjoy memories of past and present all from those empowering sounds coursing through your veins… The appreciation of how these soul fulfilling Golden Tickets of trance will be myself dominating front center doing what I love and letting the beats take me away to a temporal effect in time and space of happiness.
    One Love to PsyTrance and Mycitybynight

  4. Simon says:

    I would love to win this becauz i listen to Class A and Dapanji on a daily basis! and seeing them would definitely be a tick on the bucket list!

  5. Brandom says:

    Because…You shee Mr. Powers I love gold the look of it the shmell of it the taste of it the texture, I love gold so much I even lost my genitalia in an unfortunate shmelting accident….

  6. Juan says:

    Dapanji and Class A at the same event is just killer stuff and would gladly want to see them !!! :)

  7. Julia says:

    Well sorry to pull the birthday card on this, but the winner is announced on my birthday ;) 12 November!!! So far i have Gone to every party this season and paid for each one! A free ticket or tickets would be nice :) Even if i don”t win the tickets i will still come and boogie with everyone as it falls on my birthday weekend. I deserve these tickets because I LOVE to have FUN, I NEED to have FUN, aaaaaand REMANUFACTURE will be FUN!!!!

    The Dance floor… I’ll see you there! :D

    • Julia says:

      This would be the perfect birthday present! and i would be able to share it with friends :) Doesn’t get better.

  8. Mea Elston says:

    I deserve to win because: on the 1st of November it will be my last university exam EVER!!! I will never have to write another darn varsity exam-this is enough reason to party it up on the dance floor for Remanufacture !!!!

  9. Tristan says:

    i deserve these tickets because a trance gathering means much more to me than being able to see the top DJ’s. its because i am able to call every single person there my family. Trance makes me feel so good and relaxed, trance music makes me feel like im in a different place all together, like im in my own world. i really deserve these tickets because i am the biggest trance gathering fan there is out there and it would be the most amazing thing ever to be able to win these tickets and most of all, i want to take my mother to her first trance party/gathering ever. send those tickets my way!

  10. Julia says:

    I reeeeeaaaalllly would love to win these tickets! I can not explain how much i would love to be gifted with them!!! and my lady friends would be just as ecstatic. That Bar tab will be perfect for my TEQUILA addiction :) PLEASE PICK ME! (Cant twitter cause i don’t have twitter, but if i did i would!!!)

  11. Max says:

    Why me? Because IndepenDANCE – is to freely express my self, my consciousness, my identity. It is the voice that comes to you through a spell, a trance.

    Not music, it is so much more than music, IndepenDANCE to me is a lifestyle, a habit – and through a state of trance…I feed this habit. My heart in sync with the beats of Trance. It has all the elements that make music desirable where moments of EUPHORIA, moments of POWER.

    IndepenDANCE is essential for my life, way of living, my identity. It is the soundtrack of my life. A magical journey of which I may only venture.

  12. Julia says:

    I will share my happiness with each and every person on that dance floor! Even while i’m sleeping i will send out my GOOD Vibes! You will only see me with a frown on my face once and that will be when the music stops!

  13. Ryan X says:

    It’s my 35th birthday on the 16th…my id number begins with 781116. What better present could a guy want? Don’t get to many parties these days (husband and father), got a really good feeling about this one.
    So go ahead My City crew, make my day…my birth day…

  14. Jen says:

    I am toooo excited for this one :) I have never done a REMANUFACTURE and will not be missing this one. It’s a friends birthday jol and we’ll be getting the ATeam together to have a quarry celebration :)

    It would be beyond amazing to win some tickets, and of course a delicious bar tab :)

  15. this will be a great way to kick off the holidays after wracking my brain for these finals. i have been listening to Dapanji and Class A for the past 3 years and i think they each have their own unique style and sound and that they produce some of the best progpsy beats ever :)

  16. mikhail says:

    I deserve to be the ticket winner to these awesomely fablous golden tickets because I will be one with the beats that drop at this great event, I will be one with the mud, and every other natural form of life will breath my air and feel the love energy and happiness flowing through them… To be one with mother nature is to be one with yourself… Life is but a party of handing out laughter smiles and love to everyone around you, fulfilling my utmost important task in this world and that is to bring joy to every little face, every little living being, and every little leaf on this earth… For the love of PSY…

  17. jarryd says:

    I want these tickets for #indepenDANCE so I can be the first one on the stomp floor as the beat drops and the last one leaving as the last beat fades. I will put the tickets to good use and make sure I use them better than anyone else will.

  18. Jessica Exsteen says:

    I leave to America next year and I won’t be able to party for a VERY LONG TIME! Please just give me this chance to party with all my friends one last time. These festivals mean more than getting smashed and partying our faces off. I go for the people and especially the music. This is a fine line up that some parties can not even compare, give me the chance to show my appreciation, you surely would be doing a girl a huge favour and giving her a really rad early Christmas present!
    Much love x

  19. Kreg says:

    Well done to:

    Bianca Moksha Boshoff
    Fareed Fakier
    Jessica Exsteen

    You have all won a ticket and a R200 bartab. Jessica is the winner of the Golden Hamper! Well done

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