Funny — March 1, 2017 at 09:30

Passengers break out in a fight on train over a bagel in this video


Bagel fight

Now I’m not too sure how I’d react if someone randomly placed a bagel on my head while I was on my daily train commute, but I highly doubt my reaction would be the cause of a massive brawl. A guy who was riding London’s King’s Cross service went a little ballistic when a drunk woman decided to put a bagel on top of his head, slowly building up his anger as he sat there silently, before going into a full on rage. At the end of it all, police had to intervene to calm things down:

Shoowee… that’s pretty much what happens when you get bleak about someone putting a bagel on your head… How was that song though? Super catchy –

“he’s got a bagel on his head”

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