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MyCityByNight vs Discotheque THIS FRIDAY at Assembly! [WIN STUFF]


MyCityByNight has teamed up with the legendary Friday night event Discotheque to bring you ONE NIGHT OF MAYHEM!

Do you want to hear good music?

You want to hear the DJ’s MyCityByNight think have been making noise on the production and DJing front?

Want to be a part of a series of #DSCTHQ x #MCBN events?


 You want to know the DJ Line Up?

9 till 10:30 – Digitall
10:30 till 11:30 – Grimehouse
11:30 till 12:30 – SFR
12:30 till 1:30 – Riot Squad
1:30 till 2:30 – Deep Filth
2:30 till close - Phaze


The Assembly

61 Harrington Street, Cape Town.


Free for girls before 10, R30 for guys.

R40 till 11pm and R50 there after.

 Competition time:

Listen up carefully all you legends, cause we have got something different this time around: Like this post.

WE HAVE GOT 100 SPOTS ON THE GUESTLIST FOR FRIDAY. YES, 100!! (There is no other guest list available for the event.)

*** Simply comment below with your FULL NAME and you will stand a chance of getting on the guestlist.
(ONLY ONE NAME PER ENTRY, so tell your friends to enter if they want a space on the list)

Two lucky people will also win a R250 bar tab!!

Winners will be announced on Friday midday! GO GO GO!


  1. Super keen for the event! Friday can’t come quick enough!!!
    Pick me, pick me!

  2. All I’m saying is that if I win that bar tab I will definitely buy you all a drink. And possibly a shooter. ;) Drinks on Jess! (Body shots)

  3. Paula Marcelino


  5. Lets get ASSEMBLED for some MAYHEM! party party, drinky drinky, dancey dancey DUUUUSH!

  6. Gerald wants tickets

  7. Nice one team! Keen. Courtney Reece

  8. My Assembly By Night

  9. Mayhem? I like the sound of that! :)
    Defo one for the books!

  10. Mark Elkin – Awesomeness :D

  11. Justin Jeffrey aka Val mother fucking Kilmer!!!! :-)

  12. Paul Greeff was here

  13. Grant Ceronio Steyn

  14. Casey Curtis

    Hell yeah!!

  15. Elan Schnider

  16. Excited for the Mayhem :)

  17. Yesh Pleash!!!!!

  18. Amy Taylor… Cannot wait :)

  19. Amber Gleeson

    Halleluja! Assembly needs some of MCBN in it’s life…

  20. amped!

  21. James Oosterbaan :D

  22. EXCITE!!! gonna be a sick party, cant wait :) :)

  23. Pure filth!

  24. :)

  25. EXCITE :)

  26. Urm… Get me in fo free prrrease :)


  28. :)

  29. Jess Tasker.

  30. I can only imagine the state of that Orange oke at this event

  31. Kimberly Lardner-Burke :)

  32. G list asseblief for the Jewish Bird Bat. Beezy: “get ur fukin pump on!!”

  33. Dominic Fucking Irla.

  34. Pick meeeee! ;)

  35. Britt Adami – Yay! Amped for some discoteque as usual! Please may I have a bar tab it’s my friends Birthdaaaay x

  36. Jason De Andrade

  37. Amy Kritzinger


  38. Frances Hone :)

  39. sounds shit but i’ll come anyway.. but only if it’s free.. haha!

  40. To party or not to party…is a STUPID question! Let’s get F*cked up! Partay Karate!!! Hell yes! :)

  41. Tiffany Miller

  42. Zac Liell-Cock

  43. Stef likes to party!

  44. Matty Wise

  45. Dominic Michael Boner for short.

  46. Robyn Britz


  47. Sacha Allie, lank amped!

  48. Matt Litkie wants guest list bar tab would be a bonus!

  49. Darwin Petersen, will be attending!

  50. Too amped for this party :-)#myassemblybynight

  51. Kate Clohessy. Give me guest list please MCBN!!!! I can’t wait for Friday.

  52. Craig Whitfield. Amped!

  53. Ok, so never been to Assembly and I figure if I go it might as well be to one of the most anticipated events of the year! YEAH BOYIE!


  55. My name is alotta, alotta vagina.

    That’s what this party gon’ be gettin me :D


  57. Awe!!!!

  58. Partying at assembly this friday for my b-day. Its gonna be awesome

  59. Craig Stack.

    Shit just got awkward.

  60. looking forward to it!

  61. Can’t wait for Friday! :)

  62. Looking forward to Friday! Daniels bday

  63. Word to your mother

  64. Tasty night out

  65. marc stack – lets play

  66. keen for a smut session of frit skit

  67. Tracey Miller and Alana Kriel please :)

  68. Alana Kriel :)

  69. Tracey Miller

  70. Alana Kriel

  71. dusty h aka big whincy aka the big brown aka h bomb… give me that tab, brutha:)

  72. Isabel du Toit- asb. its going to be a killer of a night.

  73. Fiona du Toit

  74. Isabel du Toit- yes please will be too good.

  75. Scott Hayward

  76. Gerard Walsh

  77. Claire Carey Daly

  78. Calley Hayward

  79. Jane Charlton

  80. Peta Daniel

  81. Jen Searle – have I commented already? don’t know.

  82. Andrew Kent, please choose me!

  83. Rachel Cummins. pick me pick me!! :D

  84. Sarah Holtshousen :)

  85. Dylan Skye Heard.

    i think i did right? Yez.

  86. Lily Bovim

  87. Andrew Kent chose me please!!

  88. Michelle Dickman

  89. Keagan Macpherson

  90. Shayne Walker

  91. @CapeTown_Bru is dying to win this one. Swing it my way. Would already make a planned trip to Assembly even better. Keep It CapeTonian !

  92. Bevan Prophet

  93. Fred Fismer!

  94. Matt Niemann.

    I need some Bass Music in my face!

  95. Everyone who entered their name above will be added to the guestlist.

    The winners of the bar tab are:

    Clemens Van Der Walt
    Kim Overton

    Well done all, see you later

    Get ready for a MAD night out!!!!!!!!

  96. Thanks mycbn!

  97. Gianni

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