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MyCityByNight vs Discotheque: Round 6… Fight! [Win Tickets & Bar Tab]


This Friday sees the sixth battle between MyCityByNight and the legendary Assembly. This time around we’re bringing a fully loaded line up with an international that will blow you away.

Dexel hails from Spain and will be gracing the Discotheque decks for the very first time, though not a stranger to the decks down in South Africa. He’ll be supported by local legends, Plaigarhythm, Riot Squad, Deep Filth and A33 vs Tehsynes. You can expect a night of madness.


- Dexel (ESP)
- Riot Squad
- Deep Filth
- Plaigarhythm
- A33 vs TehSynes


The Assembly – Harrington Street, Cape Town

DEXEL Soundcloud: (click here)


Ladies free before 10pm/guys – R30.

R40 before 11pm/ R50 there after.


 Competition Time:

As usual we have 100 spots to give away on the MyCityByNight guestlist.

We are also giving away a R250 bar tab for the night to one lucky winner. There might even be a bottle of Eristoff thrown in for good measure.


Comment with your FULL NAME in the comment box below.
Click attending and share the event: (click here)

Guestlist closes as soon as the 100 spaces have been reserved.

ONE PERSON, ONE NAME – so make sure all your friends comment!



  1. Jen Searle – Ready for round 6 :D

  2. Kaylee Skarupke – Round 6, Let’s go :D

  3. Bianca Boshoff :)

  4. Shaldene Wissing

  5. Ash Berks

  6. Daniel Lourie

  7. David Stack amped to jol this friday! DEXEL!

  8. Amy Taylor :D

  9. Dominique Rollino

  10. Stefanie Marent

  11. Keagan Exsteen – why not ey!

  12. Thomas Maree – twisting for round 6! :D

  13. Matty Wise

  14. Raven Swart – Assemble!

  15. Jason Wright

  16. Kaylee Wheeler

  17. Lindy Taylor ;)

  18. Claire van Rooyen

  19. Charlie Thornton – So excited for round 6! Ding ding ding

  20. Jibreel Adam – DEEP FILTH!

  21. Louken Poggenpoel

  22. Francesca Annenberg!
    Rad line-up!

  23. Adam Heynes, Bring iiiiiiiiiiiit!

  24. Sean Moncrieff
    Yes please..

  25. Robyn Adams

  26. Kate Kempen

  27. Rachael Kruyer. Assembly is the place to be and is my fav. club ever. i love to hang out with all my friends there and just have an amazing time, every time!! Holidays in April and The Assembly is where i’ll be spending all of my time … so pick me!!! you wont be disappointed! :)

  28. Nicole Loubser . First time at The Assembly with my friend Rachael Kruyer. Excited! :)

  29. KELSEY FOURIE. Would be such a rad way to kick off my weekend, please and thank you:)

  30. annika brokmann. oh yes please:)

  31. KELSEY FOURIE. what a rad way to kick off the weekend, please and thank you:)

  32. Azarudeen Tolker

  33. Georgie Cole

  34. james mac

  35. james mac. shot

  36. Jacob Muller – Time for Round 6!

  37. Skye Renauld

  38. Sash Nortier

  39. Aviwe Sikele

  40. Pick me ! Megan Korber, yay !

  41. Pick me ! Megan Korber, yay!

  42. Duncan Marwick — F#$%**% amped!!

  43. A wild King is in a dire need for a place to accommodate himself and his loyal entourage after months of questing. He also expects to be entertained accordingly with fine ale and an abundance of women.

    MyCityByNight – please grant me this wish.

  44. Robert Koletka

  45. Barry Botha

  46. Ian morgan

  47. Lets party Bitches!

  48. What Adam said…

    …Except I’m an afrikaaner.

  49. Warren Ferreira

  50. Daniel Jake-the-hake Sher! :)

  51. Daniella Bossenger

  52. Ashley Gracie :)

  53. Kyle Stroebel

  54. Claire Markwell

  55. Bonnie Robertson

  56. Shayne Walker

  57. Bryce Raizenberg ;)

  58. Lynette de Vries

  59. Lynette de Vries

  60. Bryce Raizenberg :)

  61. Bryce Raizenberg.

    DJA33 and Tehsynes taking to the stage and going back to back?

    Soundclash inna venue, come witness dem a flex!!

  62. PS Really not trying to win more spots/votes, my PC bugged out, ouch, sorry :P

    Please only consider my last post :)

  63. Blair Smith

  64. aaron may the big red

  65. Simone Tredoux :)

  66. Matthew Niemann

  67. andrew gregory

  68. Josh Riley

  69. Yanick Bathfield


  71. Kevin Kok.
    Aaaaah yeah


  73. Vera-Mae Mabuza. its gonna be craaaaaaaaazeeeeee! ^_^

  74. Thebe Tlhoaele. cant wait

  75. Vera-Mae Mabuza. It’s gonna be crazy

  76. Lawrence Jaeger

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