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MyCityByNight on SABC 3 Expresso Morning Show Tomorrow


As you all already know, the boys over here at MyCityByNight have never been shy of a little bit of self-promotion… Hence our excitement when we got the news that we’d be making our TV debut on a little morning show called Expresso tomorrow morning.

Expresso is a brand new morning show, brought to you by the same people behind the – “if you are on here you are really famous in South Africa”- Thursday evening classic Top Billing. The show is beamed out to South Africa every morning from 05:30 to 07:30 and is presented by the King of Corny one liners- Top Billing’s Michael Mol, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Ewan Strydom and Katlego Maboe.

The show is more lifestyle orientated than the likes of SABC 2’s Morning Live and offers a refreshing take on morning entertainment television through mixing in elements of whats trendy and stylish right now into the normal traffic and weather update vibe (hence us being on there, hehe).

The time of our slot hasnt been confirmed as yet, but our call time has… 04:30am- yes thats right- we’ve gotta be in studio at that ungodly hour- so please excuse us if we look just a touch haggered. MyCityByNight will be chatting about the website in general and then also what is happening in the likes of Cape Town and Jozi this weekend.

So tune in to SABC3 tomorrow morning to catch your favourite boys on TV, or alternatively just PVR that shit- it is rather early 🙂


  1. See how many times you can ‘meouw’ on TV. I dare you.

    • Everbody is coming up with ridiculous things for us to say on tv, it’s almost as if you guys think we’re a bunch of semi-silly guys who write blogs and party for fun… hehe 🙂

  2. I second that… It would be brilliant.

  3. hahahaha… *thinks about it*

    Might just be a plan hehehe

  4. or everytime you say something wink at the camera

  5. How exciting guys!!! What time do I need to set my alarm clock for!!

  6. You guys could never look haggared and they don’t need to put make up on you, you hot just the way you are!!

  7. @Maureen: We’ll be on at about 6 30 or so, I think… will let you know the official time asap!

  8. ill be up and waiting to see the Ginger…
    go go MCBM (morning) 😀

  9. You guys were sooo cool on TV. Seemed to me you’ll did’nt sleep at all. Sounding and looking all hot and chirpy. Keep up the good work and remember Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Hey Ricky how about an actor job now????? You seem to be a

  10. So I woke up at 5.30am this morning as I didn’t want to miss out on seeing the MyCityByNight crew on the Expresso Morning Show. Big ups to Ricky by Night, Craig Stack and the green hosting guy (forgotten his name) for making it to the studio bright and early and being live on tv at 5.50am. I never knew you guys have a green hosting company. That is uber cool just like all of you!

    Wish they had interviewed you longer, went so quick, awwww!!

  11. At 5.50 am this morning I saw two very cool dudes on Expresso. Well done guys – you were gr8. Viva MCBN!!!

  12. Thanks Sandy and everyone else, was so much fun. Big ups to the guys at Expresso, was a good morning… Now a long day ahead before the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKEND!!

  13. does any1 have a copy of this moment of greatness, 530am was too early to wake up…

  14. Definately got this all PVR’d would not have missed it for the world. Brag rights you know!!! Well done guys sooooo proud. Now looking for a follow up on Top Billing!!!

    • @Mum Bynight!!!!- Aaaah my mum’s on my blog!!! 🙂 Yup we’re waiting for that call and a couple of one liners from Michael Moll on Top Billing- maybe we’ll get Jeannie D to guide us through building a pot plant of some sort 😉

  15. hi love the show

  16. You recently had a guy from popular mechanics on your show telling us about an eco charger for all your batteries. I can’t find them any where can you help me please.

  17. @Duncan: We were just on the show, we are not the show itself…

  18. trying to forward email to the Hannon make over competition cant seem to find it on here thanks


    • Hey Hellen, you’re probably struggling because this site doesnt actually have anything to do with the Expresso show. We’re just a blog that was invited and featured. Also the Expresso online team is clearly not very good at their job if we come up higher on Google than their own site. +1 for MyCityByNight…

      Hope that you’ll come back and keep browsing the awesomeness that is MCBN- you’ll probably live longer too.


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