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Man Opens Fire On Intruders In His Garage [Video]


South Africa Shooting

Yesterday, a video was released onto the internet of a man unloading his gun into a couple of intruders who snuck into his garage as he was parking. The following information on the shooting was reported by News24 below.

What a crazy way to get out of an attempted hi-jacking. Well done to the guy who stood up to these intruders. News24 claims it be in South Africa but after a lengthy debate yesterday and a couple of comments on our fan page today, it seems it happened in Brazil.


CCTV footage has been uploaded online of a man opening fire on would-be robbers in his Johannesburg home’s garage. Watch.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Caxton Joburg North Local Newspapers.

According to a Sandton Chronicle report the suspects returned fire when fleeing the scene.

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