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This is not my normal type of post here and one that I pondered over for ages before deciding to do it. Why you may ask, because I was wanting it not just to be a post, wanting it to be more than that and was thinking how… Then I had an idea (below).

If you haven’t already heard of Joseph Kony or KONY2012, the video will tell you all.

I know about him as believe it or not, Africa and all the wars and why they happen and dictators interest me (I’m cultural hey โ€“ queue shocked looks), but as the movie says, many don’t know about this man specifically. As it’s OUR Africa, I feel we need to do something and be part of something too.

This for me, is that something on numerous levels, from having kids (shock horror again) to the way that this is being done in the digital and human space, for me the perfect merge of them both. No to mention the fact that this gonad is still doing what he is doing.

It incorporates all of who we are now as a global community, and inspiration of how just being one man/woman on a mission can do things that are amazingโ€ฆ Hence this post.

Watch the movie, will be worth the 30 minutes of your life, even if it just inspires you to maybe change a mood you are or were going to be in.

I placed my order (you will see at the end) and hopefully we can team up and do it all together on the 20th April (you will see again in the movie).

Here all the links you need:

The idea:

Don’t be shocked, its not a complicated one, and it doesn’t need to be.

We like to do things in numbers and groups, especially these things as doing it alone you feel like a little vandal or a chop! So i thought, why not all get together and go wild, just like the people in the video!

I have mailed the legends at KONY2012 and asked if we can get there support in having a KONY2012 – Cape Town and get some stuff shipped here in bulk for the cause and a slightly better price for us. I then would like to do a little movie (nothing fancy) that shows all of us getting involved on the given date in the video.

If you are interested in taking part, even if you order your own (dont count on us getting stuff etc) then please comment below and I will get your mail address from the backend and mail you all closer to the time.

NB!!! It takes about 6 weeks to get shipment here of your order, so make sure you do it ASAP!

Kit is $30, poster $5 for pack of 25, shipping $20. Trust me this is the best money you will spend this year!



  1. Awesome idea guys!! Kinda makes me wish I was in Cape Town… If we can get more & more people involved, I’m sure we can make a difference!!
    Nice one guys!!

  2. Love it! Was also thinking that Cape Town needs to get involved when I watched it.

  3. Oh and definitely want to get involved! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Count me in bro!!

  5. Hey Guys

    South African groups and Cape Town group:!/events/310248669039092/!/Kony2012CapeTown

    let’s get going on something BEEEEG for the 20th April 2012. get keen okes!

    rainbows and sparkles

    • Thanks Aimee.
      I just hope that they got the full buy in of the foundation.
      I have sent an official email to them and also asked if anyone is officially doing it for them here.
      Great to see that there are so many people committed though!

  6. Count me in ๐Ÿ™‚ South Africans need to get involved in this campaign and make a difference!

  7. Hi, like I asked earlier I can’t order from the net but if u can get the kit in the major cities me and a ton of us will def buy this kit and show the whole of Cpt the ugly mugg of kony and make him famous!!(Psyriss)

  8. nice one seany! im in!!

  9. Totally there! count me in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Awesome Idea, I am in!

  11. Awesome idea! I have just watched the movie and did a search to see if we would be doing it in CT! count me in ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This is a rad idea to co-ordinate everyone who wants to ‘cover the night’. I’m practically frothing at the idea of getting involved in something this momentous. Keep a brother informed please?

  13. Anybody here done their research on the NGO Invisible group? You’ll be very shocked to find out how little they actually help. only 30% of their profits actually go to helping Uganda while the rest goes to their films, traveling expenses and salaries…. I’m all about stopping Joseph Kony and people like him but I don’t want to give more money to Invisible Children who do little to help the people they pretend to help. Anyone know of more respectable NGOs?

    • Hi Charis,

      As I have been answering all day on other sites etc, I will agree with you, but even if that is the case… 30% is still more that what 99.9% of the population is giving, right? I see you mail address in the backend and I wont name it, but you know as well as i do that your organisation is not give 100% to the cause, and if it did, do you work for free and does everyone else for your global cause?

      I respect your opinion and agree, as i said above, but all the critics and so on toward something that is about a big picture which is that of kids, murder, slavery and more, just baffles me.

      I don’t give to your charity based on opinion and what i have read in the past about it, but i have kids, i have worked and spoken and seen people affect by Kony and many other war lords in the DRC and other countries, so I am happy to give some money, even if it’s to film making and putting food on his table, to them.

      Lastly, I do not know of any respectable NGO’s – was that a clever rhetorical question? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. how you not realise this a borderline scam beats.. do some research, guy.

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