Cape Town, Competitions, Events — August 18, 2011 at 13:41

Jack Parow & PHFat At The Assembly


Main Stage:


The Annex:

– DJ Iron Leyden and DJ Chopper (Wedding DJs) from RAM JAM.

Visuals by Contraband

R50 Presale (
R60 Door

Doors open at 8PM



We have got 2 double tickets to give away for this sick event…

All you have to do is comment below & we’ll announce the winners Friday evening.



  1. ph fat AND jack parow on the same night with a sexy dash of dj sideshow? hells yeah!


  2. Any even at The Assembly is amaaaaaazingly sick, the venue,the sound,the ppl are always great and the fact that PHFat and Jack Parow are playing …wow!!!! please can I win these tickets to this epic party:)

  3. We all know that phfat can bring the house DOWN (like animals – duh) so we were super stoked to see them at The Used. Due to fail queue’s we missed Dinosaur Blood, our favourite song. SO. We need to make up for that. What better time or place than Saturday at Assembly??! ;]

  4. pick meeee!
    i love assembly and p.h fat but not loving the price :/ i know its worth the money, which makes me even more sad that i can’t afford it.
    there’s a big jar of marmite (marmite > bovril. ask p.h fat) sitting on my desk reminding me of saturday’s show. come on, make it happen!

  5. Oh what I would not give to see CT’s hip hop boy in action..

  6. Dying to see this, missed Ph last time, just too many people. Would smaak a colab. Will be either way but the tickets would be sweet. Month end and all. DISCO BIZKIT!

  7. I’ve never been to The Assembly and I therefore think that this is the perfect time for me to break my ‘virginity’ here with these amazing performers 🙂

  8. Ok, so I’ve just bought a sh*t load of new stuff at the Country Road sale, and bankrupted myself in the process. So what better opportunity for me to put on my new dancing shoes and break loose than PH Phat and Jack Parow? Pick me – I’ve been financially crippled by fashion.

  9. Firstly: Jack Parow last i heard lives in the Tampon Towers which is too legit. And if you don’t know what the Tampon Towers are what are you doing in Cape Town?
    Secondly: Amongst all the goths and emos at The Used i was the only one jumping around and singing all the lyrics to PH.FAT. I think that deserves a little bit of Pronutro.

  10. Pick me teacher, I’m ever so smart!

  11. Ek soek kaffien, ek soek nikotien, ek soek my steak gaar, ek soek twee kaartjies na Jack parow sodat ek saam kan party daar!

  12. Vat my saam!!neeed a place to walk to on sat!

  13. Wow ph-fat would go down so good on a saturday evening 😀 jump mother fucker jump, jump mother fucker jump. Classic tune 🙂

  14. Winner will be announce via email fb inbox or on here???

  15. We have announced two winners for tonight.


    You will added to the guestlist.

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