Funny — February 17, 2017 at 09:00

Guy Tries To Impress Girl By Sliding Down Escalator & Snaps His Arm In Two (VIDEO)


escalator broken arm

A guy doing something silly to try and impress a girl? Sure we’ve seen it a million times over before, but it’s not every time that you get to see someone absolutely obliterate their arm in the process. The video below starts off rather strangely and features a woman sliding down the railing of an escalator with her buttocks exposed (I know, totes normal). Soon after this, a random guy comes out of nowhere and tries to impress the woman by his balancing skills, lying there on the railing feet up – except he falls to the lower level and snaps his arm in two.

It honestly looks like he’s doing a dab at the end, but that’s just because his arm is bending the wrong way. Pro-tip: Don’t watch the video below if you’re at all squeamish.

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