Funny — May 2, 2017 at 11:45

Guy Farts While Trying To Go Heavy On A Benchpress – Mates Erupt With Laughter


Most of us guys have been in this position before – out at the gym, trying to get huge with your mates, when you start talking a big game about just how much you’re able to bench and that it’s clearly far more than literally everyone else. That’s exactly what happens in this clip, except with a rather hilarious twist.

In the video some guy bets his mates $20 that he’d be able to bench 185lbs in the gym with ease, but not only does he fail to do so, he also lets out a mega fart while doing so, which sends all his mates into raptures of uncontrollable laughter. This is a proper classic:

Even though the guy didn’t make his goal, he did provide us and his mates with a proper laugh. What a clown!

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