Funny — March 9, 2017 at 10:00

George Bush Finally Explained Why He Struggled To Put On A Rain Poncho



Watching ex United States president George Bush struggle with putting on a rain poncho during the Donald Trump Inauguration was probably one of the greatest things ever broadcast, giving us all hope that we too, could be a president even if we struggled to do the everyday mundane task.

His struggle with the rain poncho turned into a piece of internet gold with, basically everyone destroying him with memes. Check this out for a little refresher on just how ridiculous it was:

The former US president appeared on the Ellen Show in order to clear things up and provide some insight around why he struggled so much:

What a laugh – I had no idea that he was such a funny dude (even though he was directly responsible for one of the most drawn out wars causing a massive loss of life).

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