Photography, Travel — January 12, 2017 at 09:00

This Drone Footage Of The Swiss Alps Is Simply Beautiful To Watch



Drones have made it possible for videographers and photographers to capture some really amazing footage that we’d probably never been able to see until now, thanks to these little technological advancements in flight and film. In the latest effort from a Go-Pro-supporting collective that uses drones to capture footage, we’re able to go way up to the stunning mountains of Switzerland for a pretty majestic view of the Swiss Alps.

The footage captures the snow covered mountains in beautiful detail at high speed, as the music from James Bond film, Spectre provides a soundtrack for the beauty below. It’s all rather impressive stuff, considering how quickly the drone is flying and how difficult it must be to pilot from the 10km range that it comes complete with. Thankfully the end result is really something majestic, that makes the explorer in you yearn for more.

Have a look at the stunning footage from the Swiss Alps shot by drone below:

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