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Competition| Win Tickets To RAMfest 2012


The RAMfest 2012 lineup has been finalised and it really is looking like one of the best festivals to come to South Africa EVER… Here is all of the vital info that you need:

5 cities! 5 days! 7 stages! Local and international artists! The main acts have been extended to include the likes of AWOLNATION (USA) alongside greats like In Flames (Sweden), Infected Mushroom (Israel) and drum and bass master NETSKY ft. MC Darrison (Belgium and UK).


Friday 02 March 2012: Port Elizabeth, Hume Park

Saturday 03 March 2012: Bloemfontein, Mystic Boer

Friday 09 March 2012: Durban, Origin Night Club

Saturday 10 March 2012: Johannesburg, Riversands Farm

Sunday 11 March 2012: Cape Town Ostrich Ranch, N7

*Please note that the international acts will only be performing at RAMfest in Joburg and Cape Town and Netsky will also be in Durban.

Audiomatik Events and Hilltop Live would like to thank Ramfest 2012 Sponsors: Red Heart Rum; Monster Energy; MK; Olmeca Tequila, Hunters; Black Label; Music Connection;; Rolling Stone

Click here to buy tickets via Facebook or click here to buy tickets via Ticketbreak.

Line up details: (Please note that the line up changes from city to city.)

10 March 2012: Johannesburg, Riversands Farm

The RAM is back! Taking place at the Riversands Farm in Johannesburg for the second year running, the festival once again promises to bring Jozi the best time of their life. This time round there is also an option for camping. Camping tickets are R50 pp for 2 nights (Fri and Sat) and R30 pp for 1 night (Sat). No camping tickets available for only Friday. Space is limited so book asap. Buy your camping tickets here.

Please note: Camping ticket does not include festival ticket and does not allow you entry to the festival arena. You will also not be allowed into the campsite without a valid festival ticket.

RAMfest JHB Party Bus from Pretoria:

After the success of Railway to RAMfest in 2010 & 2011, Hotbox Express has decided to organize a party bus from Pretoria to Ramfest JHB.

Tickets will go on sale on Monday 5 February 2012. There are only 60 tickets available.

For more info mail us at or contact us on 074 143 7471.

Line Up:

Red Heart Main Stage:

In Flames (Sweden), Infected Mushroom (Israel), AWOLNATION (USA), The Narrow, Pestroy, Fokofpolisiekar, Chromium, Shadowclub, Newtown Knife Gang.

Olmeca Electronic Stage:

NETSKY ft. MC Darrison (Belgium & UK), Niskerone, Double Adaptor, RudeOne, Tasha Baxter, Deeziak, Benson, Cutkeylow, Ambush.

JHB Tickets: R350

11 March 2012: Cape Town Ostrich Ranch, N7

That’s right folks; RAMfest is back in Cape Town to unleash its 1 day festival to bring you the best we have to offer. Having travelled to other countries to observe the world’s most acclaimed festivals, the organisers have amped up the volume in line with international standards – so get ready for some explosive performances. The Cape Town Ostrich Ranch is located only 20 minutes’ drive from Cape Town along the N7, towards the West Coast.

For those of you that love camping, we`ve got you sorted. Camping opens on Saturday morning 10h00; camping tickets are R50 pp for 2 nights (Sat & Sun) and R30 pp for 1 night (Sun). Please note: Camping ticket does not include festival ticket and will not allow you entry to the festival arena. You will also not be allowed into the campsite without a valid festival ticket. No camping tickets available for only Saturday. Camping tickets limited so organise asap! Buy your camping tickets here.

RAMfest CT Party Buses brought to you by Easy Company:

Why wait till you get to RAMFest to start the party!? Hop aboard the action-packed RAMfest bus in collaboration with Easy Company and get rock ‘n rolling before you’ve even arrived. Busses will be transporting eager festival-goers to the Ostrich Ranch and back again, saving you the hassle of appointing a designated driver, or the risk of drinking and driving!

Line Up:

Red Heart Main Stage:

In Flames (Sweden), Infected Mushroom (Israel), AWOLNATION (USA), The Narrow, Fokofpolisiekar, Taxi Violence, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Newtown Knife Gang, Sabretooth.

Olmeca Electronic Stage:

NETSKY ft. MC Darrison (Belgium & UK), Niskerone, Haezer, P.H.Fat, Dub Vader, B-Team, Das Kapital, Audiophile, Hyphen vs SFR.

CPT Tickets: R350


02 March 2012: Port Elizabeth, Hume Park

Don’t say nothing good ever comes your way. For the first time ever, RAMfest will be visiting the windy city to cook up a big storm of rock ‘n roll awesomeness. PE, we have some more good news! Hume Park is making camping space available for those of you that would like to stay over on the evening after RAMfest.

Here is the campsite booking details:

· Camping R40

· Pre booking’s essential

· Contact number, Hume Park: 0415861518

· Email address:

Please note: Your festival ticket does NOT include camping. Camping must be booked prior to your arrival directly with Hume Park management on the contact details that’s provided above.

Line Up:

Fokofpolisiekar, Niskerone, Volume Conflict, Guns ‘n Lazers, Huis Najaar, Herotide, Hog Hoggidy Hog.

Tickets PE: R80

03 March 2012: Bloemfontein, Mystic Boer

This is what you have been waiting for, your very own huge rock ‘n roll and alternative music concert. Finally, RAMfest has decided to claw its way to Bloemfontein for what will hopefully be the first of many appearances in the City of Roses. Hear the rumble, feel the rumble, its coming.

We were forced to make a couple of last minute changes, but we stuck to our guns and will bring you a night of incredible music nonetheless. LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL!

Line Up:

Fokofpolisiekar, Niskerone, Shadowclub, No Halo`s, All Will Fall, Koldproduk.

Tickets BLOEM: R80

09 March 2012: Durban, Origin Night Club

The RAM is back on the sunny shores of the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal; a city where east meets west. This year RAMfest Durban will move to Origin Night Club, come and have a great time with us.

Line Up (local and international):

NETSKY ft. MC Darrison (Belgium & UK), Niskerone, Hyphen vs SFR, DJ Nightvision, Amigo, Veranda Panda, Ditigal Kaos, Icarus, We’ve Been Hacked, Mad Love, Slice Freddy, Leo, Bear Girls, Jay Tweak, Mark E Mark.

Tickets: DBN: R120

 Competition time:

We have been given 4 tickets( 2 single tickets for CAPE TOWN & 2 single tickets for JOZI ) to give away to you crazy party people.

WHAT you need to do?

1. Comment below and give us your ULTIMATE festival tip to surviving RAMfest this year
2. Tell us which act(s) you are most amped to check at RAMfest
3. Let us know which CITY you want to be partying… THIS IS IMPORTANT!
4. Like this post & make sure you are following @Craig_Stack & @RickyBynight on Twitter – Doing this will increase your chances

Winners will be announced on the 1st of March.

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  1. 1. Ultimate Festival Tip is Keep well hydrated! :D
    2. NETSKY!
    3. Cape Town
    4. follow

  2. 1. Comment below and give us your ULTIMATE festival tip to surviving RAMfest this year… The ultimate Festival Tip is to expect the unexpected. At the last festival we attended we accidentally walked into the weirdest act ever. I have a very rare looking tent and in a Jagermeister drunken induced stage we accidentally got into the wrong tent. Immediately I noticed something was wrong as I entered the tent but it did not deter us from having a decent look! Three kaalgat girls were very busy on an inflatable octopus and one topless girls was doing their own thing in a corner. They were out of their mind high and did not even notice us as they were VERY busy with their own well let’s just say “activities”. We sneaked out but not before toasting them all with a bottle of tequila that was under the one leg of the octopus. As for Ramfest I am not saying I don’t want to see this again but what it comes down to is that any ACT is really a great act when all of the right ingredients are in the same picture.

    2. Tell us which act(s) you are most amped to check at RAMfest. SAIL by Awolnation is going to blow stronger than the South Easter.

    3. Let us know which CITY you want to be partying… THIS IS IMPORTANT!
    Cape Town off course! Party City of South Africa.

    4. Like this post & make sure you are following @Craig_Stack & @RickyBynight on Twitter Done Done From @glanskindoptoer

  3. 1. sunscreen!
    2. NETSKY!!!!!!!!! :D
    3. Cape Town

  4. Ultimate festival tip would be: Do NOT keep calm, party harder, drink more and see more. If you’re not dead tired with no voice then you still have more energy yet :P
    Netsky is going to be amazeballs.
    Would defo love to go to the Jozi one.
    @Bernz117 – Done.

  5. The ultimate survival to any RAMfest usually involved weekend hydration pumping the morning after. I would now have to say, energy stimulus and good mates to keep going the whole night long until the sun rises :)
    I can’t wait to see infected mushroom and have pink nightmares!!
    Cape Town
    Liked and will follow

  6. I have mastered the art of securing an I.V drip of Black Label to my arm so my arms are free to jam to the pounding basslines of Infected Mushroom , Netsky & good ol Haezer all while taking the sights of majestical Cape Town’s Ostrich ranch.

  7. The ULTIMATE tip to surviving RAMfest this year is, as with any other outdoor festival, moderation! Party hard but know and respect your limits :)
    2. Infected Mushroom
    3. Cape Town
    4. Following!

  8. 1. Bring an open mind, an open heart and party like there’s no tomorrow!
    2. In Flames!!!! (It’s all about the metal baby!)
    3. Cape Town

  9. The #1 Festival Tip for surviving Ramfest – if you’re reading festival tips for advice on how to “survive” an amazing event like this you probably shouldn’t go. Pack some balls and get stuck in!

    I can’t wait to see Infected Mushroom live, they put on a great show.

    Cape Town is party capitol of choice :)

  10. 1. Do not swim on day 3. That yellow water is NOT mud.

    2. international acts are rad, but local is lekkerder. Taxi V / PH Fat for the win!

    3. Cape Town

  11. 1. If you’re a lady, don’t wear sandals, or heels or anything you’re actually fond of wearing again. Wear plastic boots, it will also help when people step on your toes.

    2. INFECTED MUSHROOM * I have been dreaming of this since I was 14 :)

    3. JHB (I love Riversands too!)

    4. CHECK

  12. Ultimate Party Tip: Always party with female serbian jesus.
    Act: who better to look forward to then Niskerone! (Sweet baby nipples!!!) And double adapter (always sure to melt your face, then wipe it off the floor becase they were raised right!)
    Johannesburg please tasty people x

  13. 1. Bring enough dop & friends and wear comfy shoes for jamming!!!!!!
    2. INFECTED MUSHROOM & INFLAMES (hands down tie)
    3. Jozi baby

  14. 1.Have lots of tequila red bull in hand!

    2. Infected mushroom

    3. JHB

    4. followed

  15. 1.The ultimate survival to any RAMfest is to have:

    to make this an unforgetable and mindblowing party- one for the books:)!!parttyyyyy all day and all night- go BIG or go HOME!!

    2. I am soooo amped to see NETSKY and SAIL by Awolnation!!! My 21st bday is the 6th March and this will be such an awesome and memorable way to celebrate the big “21″- I will be partying the fact that I am not a teenager anymore whooooo hooooo:):):)!!!

    3.Cape Town is the place to be!!!! The best city in SA

    4. I am following @Craig_Stack & @RickyBynight on Twitter!!!

    please let me win these tickets for my 21st bday:) my friends and i definately want to be apart of the party of the year

  16. Survival tip 1 : Wear short shorts. 2. Don’t be afraid to infiltrate groups of people and make new friends, 3. Always take whats given to you and don’t insult the follow Ramsiesian,4. Bring enough sunblock to outlast the death heat. Also bring hats wigs umbrella’s . An finally number 5 Don’t go asking people if they need to make RamsiesRushKak’s down there legs, its not that kinda party :)

    Id fucking love to see NETSKY.. BTEAM… hYPHEN & SFR. Some band would be good 2—> In Flames.

    An yeah guys at Mycitybynight id really love to party in CapeTown! Peace

  17. 1. Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your jamming vibe!
    2. NETSKY!
    3. Beautiful Cape Town

  18. Like aNy onCe
    In a lifEtime pArty,
    festiVal or Town Parade
    wE alwayS remEmber
    to looK in The
    toiIet… You dO
    noT know What
    may be hidiNg…

    • Well that was a fail! haha

      • So my advice would be…
        If you want to win tickets for an awesome festival, don’t try to make make complex text algorithms with hidden messages because they never never come out properly! haha

        I would be most amped to see Netsky! One of my dnb idols! In my home town, CT!

        But what are the chances with that stuff-up of an entry? haha

  19. Party tip – “One good thhing about music, when it hits you feel no pain” – Bob Marley. The reason I use this quote is just to say you won’t feel pain when the beat drops, wheter its metal, rock, electro or dub, party hard and if your eyes is still open on the last song of the festival, youo did something wrong, or you are Batman.

    In Flames, Fokof and Pestroy! Love the local shit!

    Johannesburg, PLEASE!!!

  20. 1.Party tip:
    The best advice I could give someone is F$#%ing pace yourself!

    Need WUB from NETSKY!!

    3.City of party:
    Cape (wubwuwub) Town


  21. 1) Don’t fight it and just go with the music and unwind!

    2)Netsky and Haezer

    3)Cape Town

  22. 1. Under no circumstances try and get laid after the first night. I suppose this year its only one night, but you don’t have a tent. Hmm.. ok, here we go: get a bakkie with a mattress, gooi some curtains on the window and hope you get lucky, otherwise you’re driving a douche-mobile.

    2. Tunes… Newtown Knife Gang, Taxi Violence,occassional wub-wub/doof-doof – depends on if I’m going to use my douche-mobile bakkie or not.

    3. Cape Town… where’s its ok to be a douche, no seriously.

    4. Not just following, stalking.

  23. 1. PARTY TIP for RAMFEST 2012: You’re going to get a large collection of metal heads in one spot. Create a magnet costume and not only will you be able to treat screams of “METAL!!!” with “MAGNET!!!” marco polo style but you’re guaranteed a host of free drinks with metal heads who are “attracted to you.” Disclaimer: This works better if you’re a girl.

    2. Ramfest may be over just one day but by nosferatu that is a lineup to put a curl in even the devils horns. Every single musician involved in this festival is truly beyond awesome. Honestly though, there’s one band that dwarfs all others in comparison. Their very name sent shivers down the back of every parent who ever had a kid who owned a CD with their name on. TEN albums and over TWENTY years experience of making ears simultaneously bleed AND twist in ecstacy. I throw myself on the altar of metal for the EPICNESS that is IN FLAMES.

    3. CAPE TOWN

    4. Done.

  24. 1. Ramfest survival tip 101, be schooled rookies…
    Proceed to document your telephone number on your friends arm and viceversa, no need to be loosing sh*t and this is the perfect way to contact the owner of the person passed out in the drain :)
    2. So amed to rock and stomp to…
    Awolnation!!!!!! and Infected mushrooms :)
    3. City for debauchery….
    Cape Town yo babyyyyyyyy…only way to go!
    4. Following….


  25. 1) best tip you say??? Harden up and get ready for some METAL! :-)
    2) definitely inflames :-) all about the rock at ramfest.
    3) cape town :-)

  26. 1. Ramfest Survial tip: Dont hate. Just love. oh, and have a meeting spot.

    2. NETSKY will absolutely blow my mind.

    3. Cape Town of course…

    4. Done and done.

  27. 1. Instead of giving you 1 ultimate tip,
    heres my top 8:
    DON’T take a phone
    DON’T forget swimming trunks
    DO wear fancy dress with caution
    DON’T try and see everything
    DO see something new
    DO bring a hat
    DON’T go with the kids
    DO get some sleep

    2. Infected Mushroom

    3. Cape town

    4. Done!


  29. 1) RAMfest survival tipS: a) Dont stop drinking. b) Laugh a lot. c) Be nice. c) Be ready to get loose. I dont find i absolutely need any item to survive an outdoor party. All you need is yourself, a couple of mates & a good attitude :) With these you’ll have a good time, actually, a GREAT time :) “Got our friends, got the night, we’ll be alright!”

    2) I am without a doubt most keen to see NETSKY. It is, in a nutshell, a once in a life time opportunity to jam to one of the best international DJs LIVE, in South Africa.

    3)(The most important of them all) CAPE TOWN. Best city & best parties :D

    siiiick. see you there MYCN :)

  30. 1.Make sure you have excessive amounts of booze, cigerettes and food for to cure your hangover the next morning and just to have the most MAD time and let go!!! :) 2. NETSKY and Infected mushroom!!! 3. Cape Town. 4. Don’t have twitter, but will get just for this special occasion :)

  31. 1)
    Be open minded and non judgemental! Have the biggest jol and let your hair down or watver down :) (also kids mom says keep water bottles and sunscreen on hand!)
    2) Netsky- there is no other! This kid is fo shizzle
    3) Cape town the best place to be!

    Okay I have a jingle too- ramfest is where its at, thousands of kids and the jol is phat, from netsky to heazer to niskerone, let’s party and drink and have some fun! This lineup is a winner, this event is tight, give me a ticket MY CITY BY NIGHT. K cool

    • netsky, haezer, niskerone, cape towns where its at, its bound to be fun! sunscreen, alcohol, alot of mates, i want cape town, 11 march thats the date… mycitybynight, its in your hands, hope u like my rhymes, i am the biggest fan!

  32. 1. put ALL the people in the InFlames moshpit!

    2. InFlames hands down. it’s the fist time a metal band of this caliber decided to come to Cape Town and i know it will be incredible, i just wish i had a real people job so i could afford it!

    3. Cape Town!

    4. I like, but cannot tweet on the twitter for twits! (twitter scares me)

  33. 1. survival tip #1 to survive RAMfest is forget your stinky attitude at home

    2. Netsky ofcourse

    3.Cape Town

    4. Followed

  34. 1. You need an Amp-Up mix for the drive to the festival. Festivals are for good vibes and good times and when you are stuck in traffic and the mood is starting to stale get your Amp-Up mix on! The pre-party is just as important as the party!

    2. Infected and Netsky!

    3. The beautiful Cape Town!

  35. 1) My tip…. Get a TICKET to the festival! (which you could do for me *hint hint*) Because if you don’t have one, you cannot party party at all :(

    2) Ooh ooh – INFECTED MUSHROOM, Netsky!! and In Flames /\/\/\/\
    3) CAPE TOWNJ!
    4) Followed both of you :)

  36. 1. My tip….Bring packed Coolbox and alot of GEES!!
    2. Infected Mushrooms
    3. Cape Town

  37. My RAMfest survival tip is: drink water! I’d love to dance to Niskerone in Cape Town!

  38. Ultimate Tip: Go with a group of great friends, a bottle of your choice and you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience!

    I’m most excited to see Infected Mushroom and hear their song, ‘Becoming Insane’ live. WOW!!!!!!!!! :)

    I shall be partying it up in the lovely city of Cape Town :)


  39. 1) Down a couple of red Bulls beforehand, and potentially some coffee too in the morning, just to get you pumping for the day ahead :)! You will get the most awesome caffeine high, and you will have energy that will probably last for the next 3 days! :) And just bring a completely awesome attitude, to just party hard and rock out like you never have before!! :)

    2) I am pretty amped for most of the headliners- I am the biggest, craziest Netsky fan! I will literally start crying of pure joy if i saw them live! Infected mushrooms and AWOLNATION is gonna be rad too!

    3} I am from Cape Town

  40. 1:Dont forget your tent at home.
    2: NETSKY
    3:Cape town
    4:just created a twitter acount just so i could follow you guys.

  41. 1: Leave your stress & issues at home.. Please don’t bother about technology like Tablets & Ipads thinking you’re going to get some work done in the rest period (It doesn’t exist) There’s no need either for a Black Berry or any other phone. At Ramfest (Jozi) we do nothing but detox (in absolute style)from the pressures of life, as we tune into the awesomeness exuded by the acts we all LOVE SO MUCH!!

    2: Can’t wait to lose my mind (in this case a GR8 thing) to the rocking sounds of Infected Mushroom

    3: I reign as the officially unofficial party-starter in JOZI!!

  42. 1: Leave your stress & issues at home.. PLEASE DON”T bother about technology like Tablets & Ipads thinking you’re going to get some work done in the rest period (It doesn’t exist) There’s no need either for a Black Berry or any other phone. At Ramfest (Jozi) we do nothing but detox (in absolute style)from the pressures of life, as we tune into the awesomeness exuded by the acts we all LOVE SO MUCH!!

    2: Can’t wait to lose my mind (in this case a GR8 thing) to the rocking sounds of Infected Mushroom

    3: I reign as the officially unofficial party-starter in JOZI!!

  43. 1. Well I have never been 2 RAMfest before but if I could imagine what you would need 2 survive the one crazy experience, I would say alot of non stop energy and adventure.

    2. The lineup is just way toooo good to even single out one act :D

    3. Cape Town is where the insanity is going to be :)

  44. 1. Lets be honest. Bring/have alcohol! It can only be alcohol. Have you ever heard someone say “this one time me and my friends drank water and…”? No, and theres a reason for that.

    2. It’s a toss up between AWOLNATION and Netsky but im going to go with Netsky because I just know that his performance is going to be next level crazy. Crazy than Yo-Landi Visser rat coat.

    3. Cape Town. Why? Because i live here and we’re awesome!


    2. Netsky, Infected, Awolnation!

    3. Cape Town!

    4. Done

  46. ive said it before and il say it once more, this party is called ramfest, its where i need to be, my body is craving to dance to netsky. here are a few of my tips to survive, sunscreen and your best friends to keep you alive, i want to see netsky , he comes from afar, his sets are insane and totally on par, id dig to see heazer and niskerone, i wana get this free ticket and have some fun, id like it for cape town, its the place to be, so MCBN, read this poem thingy and let me go for freeeeeeeee :)

  47. 1.Ultimate survival… a good music mix to get you into the mood for the drive there, wet-wipes to give you that “just showered look”, old comfy shoes that will not fail you whilst jamming, sunny’s and sunscreen to keep you safe from the sun, amazing friends to share the experience with (make new once as well, their vibe is even better sometimes), even more amazing dj’s and bands to jam to, give your body a good rest the day before so you can jam as hard, long and as crazy as you want to and to go with no expectations cause it can only go up from there!! and a beverage in hand wont do any harm either.

    Secondly. Ah Netsky the drum n base master, Bteam, Das Capital, Niskerone, Haezer, Hyphen vs SRF, in flames, New Town knife gang… well Id pretty much like to be everywhere at the same time so I don’t miss a thing.

    C.The Beautiful Cape Town

    Cuatro. Following and mentioned!

  48. 1. BE ready. hydrate and when the party starts you feet should not be touching the ground no more!!!

    2. In FLAMES… Infected Mushroom… and all the drum & bass my brain can take…

    3.Cape Town baby

    4.Bloues1 done

  49. 1. my ULTIMATE survival tip? Leave money, drinks and food for the last day. Oh! Ramfest is just one day? Then make sure you spend it ALL!!
    2. Netsky, taxi violence, fokof, infected…list goes on and on
    3. Cape Town!!
    4. Follow, share and everything else ;-)

  50. 1) water, sunscreen nd some cash :)
    2) nettttssskkkkyyyyyy
    3) cape town
    4) been there done that

    wait for it, another ryhme- my brain is in extra motion, looking for another rhyme, im trying my best to get you to see by entering quite a few times, i dont have 350 just lying round, so im leaning on MCBN to let me hear some sick electronic sound, all my mates want to go, bt i say whats the point if im a no-show.. its a once in a lifetime opportunity, mcbn make me happy

  51. 1. Make friends with your camping neighbours- they often turn out to be some of the coolest people at the festival and its fun to have tea parties together.
    2. Jam as much as you can- sleep is for the weak.
    3. JHB
    4. Following.

  52. 1) Sunscreen, keep hydrated and your best mates
    3) Cape town
    4) Been there done that :)

  53. 1) pocket torch attached to your pants, home-made bedouin tent for shade during day, water and sunscreen
    2) In Flames
    4)on it

  54. 1. Douglas Adams is a legend – it is a towel!!!
    2. Fokofpolisiekar and In Flames
    3. Jozi – please :)
    4. Wait for it….

  55. Ultimate Ramfest Survival Tips by Taco:
    1. Booze
    2. Sunscreen (unless you’re mexican like me)
    3. Tent (if you plan on sleeping I don’t)
    4. Tent (useful for bushwacking ;)
    5. Poppers ( for use with above tip)
    6. More Booze
    7. Water (in case you dont like drinking hehehehe ;)
    8. An Explorer 200 (for crowdsurfing)
    9. A cool helmet (for epic crowdsurfing or for moshpit Survival)
    10. A jean shorts. (ramfest attire)
    11. Dave Da Stack. (the best party partner ever.)

    Netksy! Netsky and more Netksy. Drum and Bass in my face!!!! yeah boiii!!!
    Cape Town. The original home of Ramfest. Fuck everywhere else.

  56. No need to make numbered lists!!!———————————————– A festival like Ramfest is all about breaking the rules!!!! ;)
    IN FLAMES is going to rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if i win a ticket of course!)
    As for tips don’t ever get hung up on what this friend / that friend wants to go do / is worrying about – you can’t be worrying about the crowd – in the end its just you and the music baby!!!. true muso style.
    Oh, and this girl is Cape Town born and bred :)

  57. Leave your bedroom eyes @home, sleep and you shall miss out!!

    IN FLAMES & Infected Mushroom


  58. Well done to everyone and thanks for all the awesome entries… We have chosen two winners from Cape Town and Jozi:

    Cape Town:

    Morne Stevens


    Tayla Henshall

    Check your emails guys and girls!

  59. Dont let your mate convince you its a good idea to sleep in the car because it has aircon, instead of tents, cause its 40 degrees outside.

    Then dont listen to your mate to turn music louder when driving home from RAM fest, esp when ur engines making a funny noise.
    Resulted in a ceased engine & a R45k bill. Most expensive RAM fest EVER.

    Result sitting on N1 for 4 hours, with the craziest hangover

  60. Ultimate festival tip is by far drink some water before you pass out

    Inflames !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jhb !!!!

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