Competition | Belvedere Vodka Hamper

Here is a nice little comp for all you vodka lovers!

We giving away 2 bottles of Belvedere Vodka and ice bucket.

What do you need to do you ask…

Simple (as we like to keep it), finish this sentence in a funny way in less than 20 words: Belvedere & …..

NB: You have to “like” the Belvedere SA page on FB

Winner announced on Friday at 3pm.

Good Luck!

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  1. matt says:

    Belvedere & coke is better then the shit bergie bombs I’m forced to drink!

  2. Mina Vigliotti says:

    Belvedere & I are the perfect mix, he helps me let my hair down and get loose like a goose on the dance floor!

  3. Calan says:

    Belvedere & ice in a tumbler sprinkled with a few drops of lime make for the sexiest most elegant drink during a night out on the town, a girl’s fav…

  4. chris says:

    Belvedere & ice makes all things nice!

  5. Claire says:

    Belvedere and Claire went up the hill to fetch a shot of vodka,
    Claire fell down and lost her name and the empty Belvedere came rolling after

  6. LadyAshChi says:

    Belvedere & LadyAshChi sittin in a tree
    first comes giggles
    then comes huggles
    then comes inappropriate behaviour due to vodka goggles!

  7. victor says:

    Belveder& Orange juice makes the doorman asks for your I.D. just to see how long it’ll take you to find your pants.

  8. Rhyan rocking rolling rudman says:

    Belvedere & swagger is all you need to get your Rock ON.

  9. Asaphiwe Mfuku says:

    Belvedere & I go together like Juju and controversial statements.

  10. Nita says:

    Belvedere & ice. It’s smooth, it’s pure and it’s Polish. There can’t be good living where there ain’t good drinking ;)

  11. Levona says:

    Belvedere and Beer makes me want to Cheer so lets make this clear I don’t have to Fear!!!

  12. Nawal says:

    Belvedere & ice is my version of paradise <3 There cannot be too much vodka…there can only be not enough vodka.

  13. Levona says:

    Belvedere and Pepsi makes me feel SEXY:-)

  14. Keenan says:

    Belvedere & ice in my pants!

  15. Bianca Moksha says:

    Belvedere&I create magical&messy moments together. Also makes me put my *flirt face* on when out :P

  16. Brent says:

    Belvedere & I will save water by drinking vodka;)

  17. Neil Basson says:

    Belvedere & Ice…it is
    B old
    E legant
    L uxurious
    V elvety
    E nigmatic
    D esired
    E xotic
    R evered
    E ffortlessly Chic

  18. Jonathan says:

    Belvedere & I put banners and flashing signs on the N1 saying “Checkpoint! – Time Extended”

  19. Dean J says:

    Belvedere & Rick James or Smirnoff & Justin Bieber? I don’t b-grade vodka, bitch!

  20. Dean J says:

    Belvedere & Rick James or Smirnoff & Justin Bieber? I don’t do b-grade vodka, bitch!

  21. Simone says:

    Belvedere & Bananas in Pajamas

  22. face says:

    Belvedere and Sheen, ie. Charlie, make me believe i am a russian genius with a pencil in space.

  23. face says:

    even tho Belvederve and Hitler remind me my surname is Something-ski. boots and ice bra!

  24. Mary says:

    Shot of Frozen Belvedere…bite into a half slice of lemon with caster sugar on…perfect Lemon Drop!! Amazing

  25. The BELieVER says:

    Belvedere & ice is the correct way to drink it,
    because its distillation process is so dam perfect.
    They use their own Polish spring water,
    which makes my Belvedere erection even taughter.

  26. Stephen says:

    Belvedere & we all know that a vodka of this quality is a perfect whiskey replacement in the cigar bars of the bourgeoisie

  27. Daniella says:

    Belvedere and I NEVER drink water…that is the stuff that rusts pipes you know…DRINK VODKA INSTEAD! ;)

  28. Daniella says:

    Belvedere and I = two absolutes in life, friends and vodka! :)

  29. cass tulleken says:

    Belvedere & only one other thing go together…. more belvedere

  30. Arthi says:

    Belvedere & I, It’s what makes certain things Illegal in some countries.

  31. Sherwin Somur says:

    Belvedere & I, Making Good Friends and not so good friend Dance like no on e is watching

  32. Ingo says:

    belvedere & rum put a wiggle in my bum!

  33. Onaj says:

    A bottle of the belvedere, #mooiness & i, make the perfect mix between the sheets, nohing like a mooiness and a bottle to battle the babalass…

  34. Michelle Sharp says:

    Belvedere and me… sitting in a tree… now i need to pee… coz the belvederes in me…. ;)

  35. Dawn Wallenkamp says:

    Belvedere and I go together like a horse and carriage, like ice-cream and chocolate sauce, like leather and lace, like silk and satin, a great match made in heaven.

  36. Levona says:

    Belvedere and I will never die,
    So take a BIG shot and give it a TRY,
    My oh my it makes you look FLY!

  37. Jenny says:

    Belvedere and Jen Loucas are in a relationship

  38. Nawal Sadeq says:

    Belvedere & the Series of Fortunate Drunken Events.

  39. N. Hamed says:

    Belvedere & the Polish invasion over Germany and THE WORLD!

  40. Caroline says:

    Belvedere and ice. Act single, see double, drink triple ;)

  41. LadyAshChi says:

    Belvedere and LadyAshChi were walkin thru the street
    In the stinking sweltering blistering heat
    they came across a man with a bucket of ice
    And they made themselves a cocktail that was verrrrry nice

  42. mark says:

    Belveder & lime > Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch costume, the winning Mayweather punch, Paradise … Combined

  43. Belvedere & I, we’re awesome. We run into things, We make people trip, We spill food, We say stupid things. But that’s just us.

  44. Belvedere & I, we’re awesome. We run into things, We fall, We spill, We say stupid things. But that’s just us.

  45. Nita Sequeira says:

    Belvedere & the heavenly swallows…not as tragic but still full of magic.

  46. Stacky says:

    Aaaaand the winner is…

    The BELieVER!

    Congrats, you will be mailed!

  47. Jean-Marc says:

    Belvedere & ice, in and around my mouth…thats what she said

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