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REVIEW – Ultra Cape Town

“Come okes we need to go”, 5 burly men scream at each other, scantly clad with hints of lumo and […]

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Interview | Worakls (FRA)

The greatest curse to which the local dance music scene falls prey, is the constant threat that you might go […]

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9 Things To Do In Cape Town During Load Shedding

  As darkness bestows our most Southern tip, and we are thrust into an age where lighting fires for heat […]

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The Gardens Skate Park Launch

The Gardens Skate Park is officially launching on the 2nd of August 2014. The park will be open to each […]

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Interview| Siopis

For over 10 years Jannis Siopis has been bending minds and souls to his unique blend of electronically warped musical […]

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5 South Africans That Would Be a Better President Than Zuma

As a majestic 21st century sovereign state, 3 things are clear in abundance when it comes to South Africa. Firstly, […]

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Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Go To #CTEMF2014

Once a year the electronic matriarch of the Mother City casts her wing over the greater Cape Town community and […]

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Song of the Day: Flippers & DJ Slater (feat. U-Prag) – Unlocked (Original Mix)

Flippers & DJ Slater (feat. U-Prag) – Unlocked (Original Mix) [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="false" /]

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An Open Letter To Melissa Bachman!

*This is in reference to the social media outcry yesterday, when the woman in question posted a victorious photo of […]

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Stroobz’s Guide to Sex at Outdoor Parties

The outdoor music festival has historically not been one of the corner-stones of romance. Cupid’s arrow has, for many years, […]

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South African Traffic Cops: Friends or F*#tards?

A series of brutally flashing blue lights illuminate your rear view mirror one night. An overweight boy-scout adorned in uniform […]

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An Ode to the Selfie

In the all-gracious world of social media, every Shlong, Dick and Hairy can now share with the universe their deepest […]

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